precious bbys

there are two types of AUs: the “Happy Ending every precious bby is protected lots of hugs and smooches” AU or the “time to fuck shit up and drop kick our asses to angst hell” AU, there is no in between

I don’t talk much about my own fandom in this blog, but I’ll just list my roleplay wishlist here.

From Naruto, I’d like to roleplay this boar-lady.. She’s my favorite back in junior high and I still love her tbh. Precious bby. I’m glad she ended up with Sai in the epilogue.

I’ve roleplayed as Koumei in Magi, but this young lady right here is right on my wishlist! Kougyoku is an amazing character (& her personality is easy for me to play as, lol) who is sadly overlooked. I wish to dig more on her personality depths and give love to this bby <3