precious bbys

Bad Dreams(Villain!AU)
  • *Saitama watches TV while Kin is curled up on his stomach sleeping*
  • Kin:*Starts to stir in their sleep, face tightening into a scared expression as small beads of oily tears start in the corners of their eyes*
  • Saitama:Hm? *Looks down as he hears a small whimper come from Kin. He cradles the little sleeping Genos in the bend of his one arm as he brings them up closer and whispers to the sleeping bot* If any monsters are trying to hurt my little moon flower, you better start running now because if I catch you there won't be anything left.
  • Kin:* Scared expression slowly fades, a few soft sniffles coming from the little one as Kin smiles lightly in their sleep*
  • Saitama:*smiles and nuzzles the side of Kin's face* That's it, watch 'em run, beautiful. *Goes back to watching tv as Kin sleeps peacefully in his arms*

anonymous asked:

Hey,hey~ ⌒(o^▽^o)ノ I hope you feel better soon~ I shall send you these magical healing asks to give you magical healing thoughts! How will the Sai and Genos care for the precious bbys when they are sick (experiencing an error of sort)? Will Hellhound be Uncle-dog-to-the-rescue and bring them all sorts of treats? Straying away from Villain!AU, will Sonic care for the brunette marshmallow? Would he be like "you need to sweat that fever out *grins*~Aquarii-Beta

*Soaks in healing ask magic* Ah yes, I feel it working already! Thank you!

I think if any of the Tiny ones got sick or glitched Saitama would most likely go crazy with worry. Running around the house gathering blankets, pillows, soup (His phone charger cord because maybe that will do something) While Genos calmly comforts the little ones and tries to solve the problem. It would usually end up with a visit to Grandpa Kuseno for help.

Hellhound would be a mix of worried and confused but he would try to stay as calm as possible while figuring it out. He’d offer things he had (Like his coat for them to curl up in) and try to cheer them up by doing his tail trick. He knows they like ice cream so he’d probably get a fair amount of that to try and coax the sick out of the kids with the reward of ice cream when they are better.

Sonic would do his best to be compassionate when Rider is sick but he would do it in a very aggressive way. So I think he would still scold Mumen Rider to an extent for being sick but also yell at him to stop going on patrol and locking him in the bathroom to soak in the tub. I think he would also know some secret ninja remedies to help cause he’s a ninja nerd. But, Mumen Rider doesn’t mind because he knows Sonic has trouble expressing ways of helping.

Little Haikyuu Things That Make Me Happy
  • The height differences 
  • The outrageous hairstyles 
  • Kuroo and Oikawa’s necks 
  • The way Yamaguchi says “Tsukki” 
  • Yachi’s gayness 
  • Siblings 
  • The other teams backstories 
  • girls are respected 
  • The sounds of OOOOooooooOOO AAaaaaaaHhh when Oikawa serves 
  • Ennoshita Chikara 
  • Asahi’s changing hairstyles 
  • The way everyone says Lev’s name 
  • When Bokuto says “Hey hey hey” 
  • such pretty, pretty setters 
  • Hinata not understanding volleyball terms so he says “Swoosh”, “Slash” and “Whack”
  • when characters with gravity defying hair let their hair down
  • all the different themes of each team 
  • the symbolic meaning behind their names 
  • Bokuto’s emo/dejected mode
  • The Mom Squad 
  • their legs omg
  • Hinata’s magical bathroom adventures 
  • How Kageyama has other sports anime versions of himself 
  • Oikawa’s yaoi hands 
  • Terushima’s piercings 
  • the adorable managers 
  • sugawara’s beauty mole
  • Hinata and Nishinoya jumping in the air when they’re happy
  • how Bokuto says “Akaashi”
  • the freaking meme team
  • don’t anger papa and mama crow 
  • characters wearing casual clothes 
  • the bro ships 
  • Tanaka Ryuunosuke 
  • the hilarious facial expressions 
  • how you can’t hate anyone 
  • Bokuto’s leggings omFG 
  • Kenma’s roots showing 
  • the captains 
  • how when someone is going to spike they look like they’re doing the Naruto ninja run 
  • Iwaizumi’s god arms 
  • Bokuto’s owl eyes and and Kenma’s cat eyes 
  • Tsukishima’s smirk 
  • Oya oya oya 
  • everyone must be protected at all costs