precious bby uwu

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I'm a gay 17 year old and I think Sh1ro is hot af. When I was 14 (which is younger than the precious "uwu bby p1dge"'s age) I started reading hardcore s@sun@ru smut yo like minors aren't angels???? antis probs gonna accuse me of being a 30 year old predator pretending to be a 17 year old or smth

The thing I find funny abt antis is they claim that minors are all innocent and need to be protected etc when the antis themselves tend to be like 14 years old and regularly read smut and look at nsfw fan art like you are literally contradicting your whole statement 

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I hate that tumblr 'loves' breaking gender roles, but the minute a dude wears a dress he's a 'precious bby trans girl uwu' Like headcanon what you want, but if he is constantly referring himself to being a dude, correcting others, and stuff then that seems pretty transphobic to say he's trans based off clothing

Yeah, if clothing isn’t gendered then why are you gendering people based on their clothing? That doesn’t look good on you after all. Don’t go talking about breaking gender roles and then enforce them.