precious bambi

deathbot5000  asked:

AAAAAA YES U NOTICED LOLAS NEW WATCH!! robotgirl lives with lola & theyre best friends its canon idc. robotgirl comes to their soccer game along with ro to cheer their friends on! bambi provides some spare pom poms so they can further show their support! ahhhGHGHHGHG n yes kurt & stu hav spare stim toys if mookie forgets his! or kurts sometimes just like Here squish my hat. its not a bowling ball but its soft

YES IT IS 100000% CANON NO ONE CAN SAY OTHERWISE!!! With how the writers made them instant friends in ‘The Return of Robotgirl’ I am fairly certain that this is what they were going for and would have touched more upon if the show didn’t get cancelled!!!

AAAAHHHH!!! CHEER ROBOTS!!! AALSKHF!!!! CHEERING ON THEIR PALS!!! Also making sure they stay hydrated and have snacks for them!!! ASLdkh they also love the swishy noises pom-poms make so they’re swishing them all around everywhere! <3 alsdks Kurt rarely is seen without his hat and would be the type to be protective of it, but he’d gladly give it up to help one of his besties!!! <3 <3 <3