precious bambi


Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x reader
Word Count: 3,006ish 
T/W: Smut! (Daddy kink, of course)
A/N: For Stormy Anon’s request: “Alex x Reader where you guys are like out to dinner with the hamilsquad or something and you tease him by like rubbing his inner thigh and you’re just non-stop™ the whole night with the teasing and Alex is all flustered so he takes you home and- well, I’m pretty sure you know what happens next…;)”  I live for Alex smut! Okay, so I imagine Alex as a Sugar Daddy in this one, you don’t have to, but I do, of course.
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Not that you didn’t love fancy dinners or meeting with Mr. Washington, aka Alex’s boss, but sometimes you just wanted to stay in. Together, not waiting on him to come back from an event, or stay home by yourself while he was on a business trip. You meant not going anywhere for one day, enjoying each others company, talking, cuddling, and maybe some other things. But you weren’t happy with the current situation as you were left to listen to George, Laf, a co-worker, and Alex talk sales. Martha couldn’t come this time so you were left to stay quiet and smile. Glancing at Alex’s watch you had almost been at the restaurant for three hours. 

Silently sighing to yourself you got an idea. George and Laf were across the table from you, so they wouldn’t notice if you had some fun. You scooched a bit closer to Alex. Both his hands rested on the table, you crossed your legs and slowly placed a hand on his thigh. He looked over to check on you, you flashed an innocent smile, batting your eyelashes, he gave a smirk, before returning to the conversation. You lightly grazed your fingertips against him, as you moved your hand to the inside of his thigh. Keeping your gaze on Laf as to not be completely suspicious. Alex adjusted in his seat a bit, feeling you press harder, rubbing up and down. He managed to answer the question George had asked him, but faked a cough to cover a moan when you added your palm. 

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Astray -Part 14-

*It’s weird. Today’s the 14th and this is the 14th chapter*

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You missed the ocean breeze, the smell of salt water clearing your nose as Jimin drove you away from the beach and back to Seoul. Nobody spoke of what happened on the beach, at least you weren`t going to be the one to talk about it. Your hair was blowing along with the wind and you still watched the moon as if it was following you whenever you went. You found appreciation for the radio, its static sound filling the silent void and you prayed it would stay like this until you heard him clear his throat.

“Y/N. We need to talk about what happened and I..”

“Can we just not, at least not tonight, Jimin?”

“Understood.” He turned back to the road, reaching your apartment building and you got out, Jimin not following.

“I’ll see you later. Goodnight, Jimin.”

“Goodnight, Y/N.” You waved as he drove off, speeding far away from you as possible and you walked up to Jeongguk’s door.

“Hey, Bambi. The bastard couldn’t walk you up here.” You simply smiled at him, receiving a confusing look in return and you walked past him.

“What happened to you? You’re not bickering with me.” Images of Jimin’s rosy lips on yours, the soft whispering that followed, his hands pressing against your back…

“It’s nothing, Jeongguk.”

“Okay, when a girl says it’s nothing, it’s something. What, did he kiss you? He did, didn’t he? That fucking squid ink-haired bastard.”

“Squid ink-haired bastard?”

“Don’t mock me, woman.”

“How much did you miss me?”

“Hmm,” he stepped in front of you while you looked up at him and he put his finger on his cheek, “not one bit.”

“You’re soulless.”

“How could I miss you when I knew you would come right back?”


“I’m just kidding, Bambi.”

“Sure.” You went to change into a shirt and sweatpants and Jeongguk was standing right outside the door.

“Sweet baby Jesus- I need to put a bell on you or something; you’re going to give me a heart attack one day.”


“I should have stayed with Jimin.”

“What does that bastard have that I don’t?”

“Dancing skills, a soul, maybe a heart?”

“I have dancing skills, souls don’t exist and I’m pretty sure I have a heart or I wouldn’t be here.”

“Show me.”

“Fine, choose a song.” You played a simple hip-hop song and he put on his hood, starting to move in the weirdest way possible. He had the stupidest look on his face possible and you couldn’t help but laugh at how ridiculous he looked. He stopped in the middle of the song with you uncontrollably laughing and he smiled before walking over to hold you.

“Finally, my precious Bambi is so happy.”

“That was the worse dance I’ve ever seen.”

“Come on, you’ll never see better than that.”

“You’re delusional and cute.”

“I am cute, aren’t I?” You rolled your eyes and he squeezed you, you whining for him to let go but he would tighten his grip.


“Man, I love it when you scream my name.”

“You’re such a pervert.”

“Only for you.”

“Do you think about things other than sex?”

“Do you want the truth or a lie?”

“It’s better if you don’t answer, then.”

“But what happened?”

“Yah,” you hit him with a pillow before continuing, “why do you want to know so badly?”

He hit you back before speaking, “I don’t want him put moves on you.”

“He’s not like you.”

“I know he’s not nearly as handsome as I am but he has one thing over me. He knows you. He knows you in ways that I want to know. Something as simple as your favourite colour to why you can only sleep on the left side of the bed or why you never tie your hair up or where that little scar on your leg is from.” He made eye contact with you, making it feel more serious and you were nervous. You knew he was right, Jimin knew everything about you, from your height to your favourite finger.


“Woah, that got serious. Look, it’s a bunny on a pogo stick. Look at it go.”


“You ate, right?”

“Jeongguk, look at me.”

“Bambi, you know you’re really bossy.” You grabbed his face, making him look at you and leaned in. He tasted like the sugarplums you got at Christmas, sugary sweet and you couldn’t let him go yet. He caressed your cheeks, only pulling away when you were both out of breath.

“I don’t have a favourite colour, sleeping my right side hurt my sides, I don’t look good with my hair tied up and the scar is from climbing a school fence to get a soccer ball when I was younger.”

“You played soccer?”

“Yeah.” You left sports behind because you found it harder to juggle a job, school and friends.

“I played it too. Although I wouldn’t mind seeing you in a soccer uniform.”

“Jeongguk.” The moment he gets serious with you, he turns into a lewd conversation.

“You have a talent. You make everything into something dirty.”

“Oh, come on. You like it, I mean you like me, right?” You turned away from him and he tried to get your attention, poking your cheek, playing with your hair, making animal noises which you particularly disliked, but he sighed before trying one more time.

“I love you.”

“What?” You snapped your head in his direction and he had that grin on his face again. Dammit, you fell off it again.

“You looked at me, finally.”

“That’s because you said something weird!”

“What, saying I love you is weird? Oh, your cheeks are burning up.” He put his hand on your cheek and you pushed him away. You cursed at him, his response just laughter and that silly grin before you rush off to bed. Sometimes it felt like he was 12, not 20.


“What do you want, you weirdo?” He opened the door and you lied on the bed with your back turned to him. He climbed in beside you, spooning you and his lips were close to your ear.

“I really do love you.” He placed a kiss in your hair before resting his head in the pillow, your heartbeat sped up and you turned to look at him.

“J-Jeongguk.” You turned around somehow and he was out like a light, he wouldn’t admit he was tired until you found him fast asleep. You pet his hair and he moved a bit, resulting in his beanie coming off.

His beanie came off.

Things just got interesting~

~Admin Blake