precious baby snowflake

list of things i’ve seen people call bellamy blake:

  • mother hen, dad, pack papa, momma bell, mama blake, perfect angel, mom, actual cupcake, actual angel, fearless leader, momma, precious baby, precious special snowflake, big brother of all the kids, dad with league of children in tow, darling child, mother duck, nerd supreme, earth dad, little baby asshat, sunshine, sweet child o mine, bellayummy, papa bellamy, light of my life/love of my life, my rebel puppy, goddamn prince, sunshine, papa bear, mama bear, the bae, my trash baby, hot dad bellamy blake, league of puppies in disguise

Talking about my friends’ ocs: such perfect precious babies. Beautiful snowflake. Protect at all costs.

Talking about my own ocs: what is this trash lord.

DISCLAIMER: ship what you ship yo do what you do!

Man I don’t care, as a general rule, about shipping in Total Drama, like what you like, etc. I mean I like Scourtney and look how that turned out, so who am I to judge.

But I super do not like Doey. Not particularly organized hate under the cut!

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