precious baby look how cute you are

Dragon Age Romances in one sentence

Alistair: Here’s a rose, I love you, be my queen please!

Leliana: Let me sing you a song, then you can fight my ex.

Morrigan: Up for an Old God baby?

Zevran: Evil assassin is actually precious cinnamon roll.

Anders: *coughs nervously* …My bad?

Fenris: Teach the grumpy lyrium elf how to read and get dumped for several years.

Isabela: Totally no feelings at all *has all the feelings*

Merrill: Demon befriending blood mage is hella cute.

Sebastian: I love you, but I love Andraste more.

Blackwall: Big bearded puppy turns into big bearded puppy with tortured past.

Cassandra: Fluffiest fluff that ever fluffed.

Cullen: Oh look a dog, marry me please.

Dorian: Snark and sarcasm to hide lots and lots of fluff.

Iron Bull: Lots of sex, followed by the funniest scene in the whole game, which in turn is followed by cutest scene in entire game.

Josephine: Precious cinnamon roll.

Sera: Bees, cookies, pranks and adorable nicknames, also epic wedding.

Solas: Watch your heart being ripped into tiny shreds and cast into oblivion.

You ever notice how PLAYING overwatch ruins overwatch characters for you?

Before: Awe, she’s chubby and cute

Before: He’s so dopey looking and cute! what a precious dirt boy!

Before: So strong and dignified!

Before: Oh she’s so cool! she’s like the flash!

Before: The best baby boy! he’s just an innocent bot!

Before: Cunning, looks unassuming but has an edge.

i love baby diana she’s so cute going and seeing a sword and talking about how beautiful it is so precious 

like look at this face when hippolyta tells her she won’t be the one to use the sword 

this baby gonna steal a sword and fuck shit up and she aint gonna let anybody stop her 

why is no one talking about Soma’s cute little smile like

look at him, he’s so small, and it gets better

I mean how can you look at this small baby and not smile yourself? and he’s so affectionate

and even when he’s tired


and literally one step away from bursting in tears

even in these situations he manages to look like a small pretty baby who just needs to be hugged all day. Soma is so precious, please protect this boy

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morning fluff + seungkwan

….I’m working on the Minghao daddy smut and I need to momentarily cleanse my soul before I get back to SIN

You had been the first one to wake up that morning, and half an hour into being awake, you were still there, hugging Seungkwan as you spooned him. He was still dozing off, breathing evenly and looking breathtakingly beautiful, which you had confirmed on multiple occasions that morning alone. How could someone look so beautiful while sleeping, you’d never understand - the shape of his eyes, the slight pout on his lips and the messy hair and all.

Had it been you, it would’ve looked ridiculous, in your opinion anyway. Like always, Seungkwan disagreed with you on that, and whenever the topic resurfaced he’d dig up several secret photos of you sleeping. While showing those, he’d always get a soft smile on his face, although his voice would be teasing as he went, “Look at my cute baby, sleeping so innocently, so precious - look at that drool!”

You chuckled quietly at the memory and pressed a soft kiss to his bare shoulder, holding him a bit tighter against yourself.

“What time is it?” Seungkwan asked suddenly, his voice low and almost amusingly groggy. A quick look at the digital clock behind you told you that it was 11:46, which you told him as well. He groaned weakly. “Why didn’t you wake me up earlier?”

“You were sleeping so peacefully,” you pouted and lifted your head a little, right on time with Seungkwan turning his head. A soft smile climbed to his lips, and with an equally soft smile on your own, you tucked some of your hair behind your ear and leaned down to kiss him. “Good morning.”

“Morning,” he said quietly after you had pulled away. He turned around so that he was on his back and got his arm around you, his eyes aimed at the ceiling. A weak chuckle reached your ears. “I have practice today… Do you think they’ll figure it out if I fake myself sick?”

You giggled and trailed your fingers on his chest and stomach. “With that sexy morning rasp of yours? Probably not.”

Squeezing you against himself, Seungkwan chuckled. “Good. I’ll call Jihoon soon.”

You hummed and snuggled closer to your boyfriend before draping one of your legs over his, tangling them. Seungkwan sighed.

“I’m thirsty.”

“You gotta go get water,” you mumbled and closed your eyes as you relaxed, your head resting on Seungkwan’s chest. He pouted.

“But I don’t want to get up,” he said, a slight whine audible in his voice, and rubbed your foot with his toes, which made a grin spread to your lips.

Poking his feet with your toes back, you giggled. “Then stop whining.”

Seungkwan shook his head and was about to whine some more, but you effectively shut him up with a long, sweet kiss and your hand sliding down his stomach slowly. When his breathing got heavier and he let out a whole other kind of a whine, you pulled away.

“Kidding,” you said and stuck out your tongue when Seungkwan threw you a poisonous glare.

“Come on, you know how sensitive I am in the morning,” he muttered, lips once again in the cute pout you loved seeing. You rolled your eyes in amusement and brought your head back to his chest, only for him to sit up all of a sudden, denying you of your favorite pillow (after his butt, of course). “Two can play this game. I’m getting up.”

Groaning, you let your head hit your own pillow while Seungkwan sprung up and laughed heartily. He grabbed his phone from his nightstand before leaving the bedroom and ducking from the pillow you threw at him. He went to call Jihoon, and you laughed a little at the forced coughs that you could hear. Needless to say, you were a little more than surprised when Seungkwan appeared by the door again, a smug grin on his face. “I’m free today.”

“I can’t believe he bought that,” you said in amazement while shaking your head disbelievingly. Seungkwan shrugged, still visibly smug, and snorted when you reached towards him with your right hand, naturally to no avail considering you were on the bed and he was by the door some meters away from you. “Help me up.”

“You’re so lazy,” he said while rolling his eyes, but put his phone down on the bed and sat down on the edge nevertheless. “Alright, get on my back.”

Smiling cheerfully, you sat up and climbed on his back, your arms around his neck and your lips pressed to the top of his head. “Thank you, Boo.”

“The things I do for you…” he muttered so quietly that you couldn’t hear him, and whistled nonchalantly when you asked him what he had said. You squinted your eyes but let it slide and just relaxed on Seungkwan’s back as he stood up and brought you to the kitchen.

He put some music on and hugged you loosely, swaying from side to side with his eyes closed. “How does breakfast sound?”

Sighing contently in his embrace, you nodded. “Brilliant.”

“We’ve got to stop doing this.”

“Doing what?”

“Faking ourselves sick when we just don’t want to leave the bed, and… you know, having a three-course brunch in the bed.”

Seungkwan huffed while stuffing his mouth with French toast. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

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Relationship Headcannons


-goth daddy graves

-makes a mean cuppa tea

-doesn’t really know how dating works

-tries really hard tho

-reads to you all the time

-helps you with your magic

-will force you to listen to MCR with him

-sings you to sleep with his creepy-ass lyrics


-feeds you all the time

-will get super offended if you eat somewhere else

-you have sunday dinners at her grandpa’s apartment

-she teaches you how to cook

-Lets you frost pastries with her

-gets jealous easily

-always has an arm around your shoulder- staring down anyone who looks at you

-all your dates end up in the kitchen

-food fights


-cute coffee dates

-loves to pamper you

-never forgets dates- remembers your birthday, the day you met, your anniversary-etc.

- the type to make you breakfast in bed

-you adopt a cat together and that’s your ‘baby’

-wants you to hold him at all costs

-shield the precious bby

-asks mason for advice on dating

-she doesn’t fucking know

-makes you cute homemade presents



-gushes over you on social media

-you do the girlfriend tag on her youtube channel

-lots of cheek kisses

-forgetful AF

- (S/O’s birthday) ”what day is it?”, “tuesday?”

-will eat so many sweets with you

-you need pepto

-has lots of cute nicknames for you

-will destroy you at any video game


-Will make out ANYWHERE

-PDA king

-shows you off to all his co-workers

-treats you like royalty

-fusses over everything

-will gossip with you

-likes long walks in the park

-gets you a puppy

-puts the toilet seat down god bless him


-Got that superiority complex

-actually really insecure

-tries really hard

- “i picked you flowers” “those are poisonous reese.”

-terrible at romance

-”i like your face”

-takes you on late night mcdonalds runs

GET IT????? 

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that precious laugh

Imagine getting a puppy with Damon

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“Y/N!” Damon exclaims, causing you to turn around. “Come here quick!”

“I’m coming.” you get to your feet and walk over to where your fiance is standing. “Yes sweetie?”

“Y/N, we need to get this puppy!” he says, holding up a tiny bulldog puppy. “Look how cute it is!”

“Aww!” you squeal, taking a step towards them with your hands out, but Damon quickly pulls the pup back. “What, you’re seriously not going to let me hold it?”

“Not a chance.” Damon says, cradling it close to his chest. “I’m never putting this precious baby down. Never.”

“Babe, let me see the puppy.” you say, extending your hands. He turns away from you and lifts the puppy to eye level and places a kiss on it’s head. “Damon, really.”

“Okay fine, you can hold it, but be careful!” he says, slowly handing it over to you. “Watch it’s head!”

“I know!” you exclaim, rolling your eyes. “Hey puppy,” It squirms and licks your cheek. “Oh aren’t you just the cutest thing ever.”

“Can we keep it, please please please?” Damon pleads, and you nod. “Excuse me! We’ll take this one.”


I’m surround by people who are supposed to guide me and some of them have and others haven’t. They pressure me. There’s so much pressure.You gotta be sexy, cute, you gotta be nice, you gotta be all these things. And I’m sure you all can relate. You all have pressure that you have to deal with everyday I’m sure with school, with work, with friends, with parents, with family, with parents – I know, sometimes with mine. They tell me what to wear. How to look. What I should say. How I should be until recently I had given in to that pressure. I lost sight of who I was. I listened to opinions of people and I tried to change who I am because I thought the others would accept me for it. And I realized that I don’t know how to be anything but myself.

I love our fandom, because our reaction to literally anything Ed does is just to love him more:
  • Seriously though, examples.
  • Ed *has long hair*: oh God it's so sexy and rough and dear God he just looks so wild and untamed.
  • Ed *has short hair*: aww, he looks so little and I just wanna ruffle it, it looks so fuzzy and cute!
  • Ed *loses weight*: aww baby, we're so proud you look so good oh my God how you're so amazing!
  • Ed *gains weight*: aww precious Teddy Bear don't be sad, you're so beautiful and cuddly and everyone loves you so much aww I just wanna hug you!
  • Ed *has loads of tattoos*: God, they look so good and so colourful I just wanna touch them wow!
  • Ed *posts old pic with no tattoos*: oh my God, such foetus feels, he's such a baby aww!
  • Ed *tries to be cute*: AWWW you're literally the most adorable creature in creation I want to hug you so much!
  • Ed *tries to be sexy*: dear sweet Jesus Christ don't do this to me you're literally the God of sex stop, I can't!
  • Ed *makes millions of snap chats*: wow guys look at this Ed's so cool and he loves us so much, look at him talking to us!
  • Ed *goes on long hiatus*: aww Ed, we're so proud of you, you deserve this so much, we're all here for you we love you Ed!
  • So if Edward Christopher Sheeran thinks for one second we're not going to be here when he gets back then by God he's got another thing coming!
  • Keep being amazing, fandom : 3
BTS when you get flustered by something they did

Unnieeeeee Can you do bts reacting to you getting flustered by something they did pweaseeeeeee :3

For my precious little one ^^ You know who you are <3

Jin: “AAAAh baby, you are so cute when you get all flustered like that!!”

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Jimin: *this little shit proceeds to make you more and more flustered on purpose*

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J-Hope: *fangirls because you look completely adorable with your cheeks tinted a slight rose colour*

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Jungkook: “Oh? I have that power?” *Suddenly, this little maknae feels a lot more powerful*

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Rap Monster: *cannot handle how cute you look so this happens:*

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V: “Oh really now? All of that just because I did this?” *Tae is a tease and we know it*

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Me when one of my co-workers shows me their new baby:

Co-worker: [proud] Look at my new baby!
Me: [tries to act interested but couldn’t care any less] Aww, how cute.

Me when my OTP’s baby is revealed:

Me: [screams and falls to hands and knees with gross crying] OHHHH MYYY GAAAWD [x10] Oh my sweet BEAUTIFUL BABY! My sweet, beautiful SON! Look at this beautiful masterpiece PRECIOUS gift from above with a gene pool full of absolute PERFECTION oh my dear GOD his eyes he has his daddy’s eyes oh my sweet JESUS