precious baby i miss you


unforgotten kindness

ok but imagine this

  • yachi, hinata, and kageyama as best friends
  • yachi and kageyama both developing a crush on hinata
  • both confessing to hinata on the same day
  • hinata loving both of them
  • awkward trio fumbling as they try to figure out their dynamic
  • yachi and kageyama fallin in love with not just hinata, but each other as their relationship progresses
  • a love triangle full of real love instead of jealousy and fake drama
  • all of them wearing matching outfits like the losers they are
  • hinata and kageyama so effortlessly doing small little pda stuff and yachi being super embarrassed by small kisses and hand holding in public
  • yachi attempting to tutor her two morons ever exam season
  • them living together after college: yachi and hinata going out for the day to shop and coming back to a complete mess because kageyama thought he’d try making dinner
  • yachi being absolutely horrible at volleyball, but hinata and kageyama keep trying to teach her
  • kageyama not being able to openly communicate his feelings and hinata oversharing all the time and yachi just trying to make sure hinata doesn’t push kageyama too far beyond his comfort zone



Jeff Buckley at the Electric Lounge, Austin.

“There was so many people telling him that he was the greatest thing on earth. Sometimes i’d see him get real quite and introverted. New York magazine wanted to do a cover story about him, New York’s next big thing. He was really upset because he felt, ‘What have i done to deserve this?’. He felt he hadn’t done anything yet and that his reputation was getting ahead of itself. Why did he have this big reputation? It’s because people saw the talent. But he wasn’t convinced because he hadn’t sold any records yet. He was getting uptight about that. ”
-George Stein


After putting away the groceries inside the Impala, Dean reached for his phone and started dialling. He had finally found the moment to make this call without being interrupted or silently judged by Sam.

Dean”, the voice at the other end greeted affectionately.

“Hey, Benny”, Dean replied, “It’s been a while since you last called, man. How you doing?”

Yeah, sorry about that, brother”, Benny said, “I’ve never been better. I’m beginning to see things differently, Dean. Purgatory seems like a memory now, a faraway dream

“Wow. What’s in the blood you’re drinking, man?”, Dean joked, “If I didn’t know better, I’d say you’ve met someone”

Benny’s deep laughter resonated on the phone, carefree and joyous; even Dean could not help but join Benny, too.

Am I that obvious?”, he chuckled, “Her name is Y/N”, Benny said. The name fell from his friend’s lips like a blessing. Who knew that one single word could carry some much love?

“Y/N, huh? I bet she’s awesome”, Dean said.

She is, brother. I wish you could meet her.”,

“I could drop by next week, if you want. I’d be happy to see you and Y/N”,

Thanks, Dean. It’d mean a lot to me. See you next week, then”,

“Adios, Benny”, Dean said, ending the call.