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ykoriana replied to your chatSteve: *Becomes young and attractive again in the…

YAY REPLIES ARE BACK :D So how did Steve get rejuvenated this time? Did they find a batch of Super Soldier Serum hidden away in S.H.I.E.L.D. storage?

Okay so the whole issue was pretty sweet, especially that story. We had Steve at first saying that he was going to die, because he was being hella beat up by crossbones. 

You also see how things actually went wrong in Pleasant Hill (the super-prison) and how Zemo held everyone hostage etc. Stuff goes down long story short, they find Eric Selvig (Kobiks handler) - Selvig says that after all this time, Kobik would be probably hiding in the bowling alley while the place is being terrorised, so while Selvig stays and helps Hill, Steve goes in search for her. Turns out Father Patrick who was helping them earlier, was actually the Pleasant Hill mask for the Red Skull. [something tells me that’ll be the topic of his solo!] 

Meanwhile, Steve goes back to the bowling alley to find Kobik (who he’d met in the previous issue of Assault on Pleasant Hill). 

Okay so Kobik is essentially the cosmic cube, Steve explains it here [she’s been in Pleasant Hill all this time];

And boom, Crossbones comes in and ruins the moment. Thats where we’re back to the start where Steve’s being beat up, thinking about his past as Cap; the battles he fought, the wars he faced - he reminds himself of all of those things to give him the strength to fight. 

You see some really cool parallels being drawn too. Of course, beautiful montage of the significant events in Steve’s life. 

He’s just about accepting death, ready for it when he hears a voice, Kobik, saying he doesn’t have to accept it. Saying ‘You don’t have to go. You can stay if you like. I can make you strong again, I can make you a hero again.’ And she reaches out his hand to him. 

Then a FLASH of bright light and he’s fighting Crossbones, feeling the strength come back to him. 

And then he forces Crossbones to stay down. Bucky and Sam rush in, in a panic assuming the worst, and then they see Steve young again, all thanks to the Cosmic Cube! 

Me too Bucky, me too. 

So it as OFFICIALLY been 1 year, 9 months and 27 days  (aka 666 days) that Steve has been old  and now he’s back to good health again! Thanks Cosmic Cube!