precious babies are precious


160829 Donghae at Myeongdong Tourist Police Station


When we said “Please don’t be sick ><”, Hae vowed his head and said “ok” ㅠㅠ

A fan went to take the leaflet, and asked Donghae in Korean “Can I have one in Chinese?” Donghae used his biggest effort and said to the fan “We… we Chinese no no… only Japanese..” (Why Donghae answered in English while he asked in Korean? ><)

I asked Hae “ls ur hand okay?” he said 네 이제 괜찮습니다ㅎㅎ / yeah it’s alright. Hae looks like he lost weight >< 

Hae told me “Don’t forget to eat lunch after this ^^” (but it’s you who should eat more ㅠㅠ)     

When Hae gave me tour pamphlet, my friend asked what’s this? then hae showed us one page and said “umm.. this is.. subway line map…” lolol

A Turkish fan asked Hae if he had been to Turkey, Hae said “Ofc! I went there 3 years ago, and I’ll go again!” All in English! 

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the-time-lord-victrious  asked:

Favourite David and Billie characters. (This is @quite-right-too, btw.)

The favorites out of all my children? Sure. XD  

Excusing the Doctor and Rose, which I lump together as a favorite, there are two that tend to stand out above the rest. 

This precious, precious baby. I adore Holly to pieces and I’d protect her to my last day. She deserves all the happiness in the galaxy, and someone that’ll be kind to her tender heart. 

I don’t think it’s a secret that I’ve got a soft spot for the blonde drama queen. He’s a wolverine in a suit and tie. But what can I say? He’s the one non-villainous Tennant that needs the most defending. And there’s just something about him. 

It’s worth noting that despite how much I adore these two that they should never ever ever ever be put together in a relationship. 

Thank you for asking! 


Happy Wednesday! I brought you a cartoon to celebrate babies!

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