precious angels

anyone else almost cry when the makeup artist tried to give her $$$ to jimmy like what kind of precious selfless angel. a true cinnamon roll to be protected. and he wouldn’t take it from her even though he’s desperate. like he has zero problem swindling other people but he wouldn’t take it from her because she’s like a kind, goodhearted person and just a college kid helping him out and doing a good job and it makes me want to DIE. 


lgbthollywood ‪"Harry, dance for us✨There it is!“ ‬
‪The perfect spin on the @glaad red carpet.

  • Jimin : "I'm not cute"
  • Also jimin : literally the cutest bean to walk the earth deserves the world, pls protect, 11/10 cuteness, natural aegyo is unreal, eyesmile for days, we are blessed by his smile, legit real life angel, baby mochi pls cherish, most caring member, hugs are out of this world, can make the sun appear by smiling