precious angels

scott’s dog dying when he was a kid is the most unjust thing that has ever happened in human history. firstly, all dogs deserve to live forever, and secondly, scott mccall is a precious angel cupcake who doesn’t deserve to feel pain ever, especially not when he was a little bub. i am not happy about this. jeff davis can expect a strongly worded letter. 

Today (as in 28th July) is my 17th birthday, I want to share with you all since you are all precious angels that makes my life 1000x better than it was. So to show how thankful I am to reach year of adulthood, I present you a follow forever by me to you.

**note: the movie mulan was also in the theaters seventeen ago and I adore Mulan very much that’s why shes’s in the graphics.

the real mvp

I probably wouldn’t know what I would do in life without you guys, I’m serious. You have seen my ups and downs also, made me want to stab my own heart or eat a person when plotting. I can’t say this enough but I fucking love you all please don’t ever leave me alone or i‘ll cry.

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mvp part 2.0

Hey I just met you and this is crazy (?) because I literally just met you and you guys are amazing. You guys light up my dash(and day). Though we just met and I think that this is crazy but I think you guys are real rad friends!

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the starlights

Let me state this once, you guys are the coolest ever. Look, I know that we may haven’t talked in quite a period or we’ve just known each other well but I love talking to you. I hope we can catch up again and I’m sorry for being a shy bump that I am because I am so scared that you may feel bothered if I messaged you. This is also an invitation to invade my privacy. You’re more welcome to do so.

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rp partners

Let’s be real here, you guys are the bomb! You’re literally very awesome & also very patient with the slow me which is real rad. I wish I can be faster on replying and i’m really sorry about that, I really am. For being such an awesome partners, I’d like to reward you with this.

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dash movers

this message is for everyone who follow my blog (or my mutuals basically). Thank you for following my trash blog. Without you guys, my dash won’t be as amazing as it is now. I’d like to mention you one by one but it turns out i’m lazy af but feel free to reblog if you’re a mutual. Anyways here’s my blogroll in case I missed some of you (I’m deeply sorry if I missed you).


zektheterrible replied to your post “i feel like i’m dying someone is legitimately breaking my back as we…”

It’s normal my precious angel. You’re just growing so fast that your muscles are mad about it. Andrew had the worst back and knee pain. You’re doing great!

zektheterrible whew ok !! i thougth i was just .. dyin g… ??/ i’m lowkey always in pain but no amount of stretching was making it better .. i also feel rly scrunched up ?? like i constantly have to stretch out rly long but i still feel like i’m all squished ?? did andrew have that ? or is it bc i am a wee babe and potentially still growing? 

anonymous asked:

YES THANK YOU!!! Onion may be autistic but he's also super creepy!!!! I was not okay with the oh he's just creepy BECAUSE he's autistic posts..... No.

i really don’t feel comfortable with posts essentially being like ‘ur ableist for thinking that, bc being scary in the ways onion is is just part of autism’. because autistic kids get a lot of shit abt this, abt this ~can’t help being violent OOH SCARY~ thing ppl think of autistic kids even though it’s not adequately supported by research or whatever

like i rly dont mind people thinking onion is a precious angel or whatever, i dont personally find him creepy per se, but like, ‘ur gut reaction to this character’s questionable and violent behaviour makes u an ableist twat’ just seems really icky. like, it doesn’t just propagate the invalid n unhelpful stereotype of autistic kids being inherently violent, it also contributes to a culture of like, ‘he can’t help it (apparently) so it doesn’t matter how he makes other people feel!’ - which is almost invariably male-focused (bee-tee-dubs).

anyway thank you for taking the time to say this to me! im glad it’s not just me who thinks there’s something iffy abt that whole thing