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The Best Time to Wear A Striped Scarf is Never: An Ode to Henry Mills’ Favorite Piece of Apparel

hi there. my name is kate. i’m here to talk about an issue that is near and dear to my heart. let’s start at the beginning. 

this is an eleven year old Henry Mills circa 2011. look at his face. he is a precious smol bean. an angel, sent to save the savior. to set into motion events that would lead us to the epic saga that is Once Upon A Time. We know Henry, we love him (except when we’re eyerolling at him). but we’re not here to talk about henry. 

we’re here to talk about his scarf. 





now don’t get me wrong. i appreciated the scarf during it’s heyday. Henry was an adorable little child in his little striped scarf. but then he got a little older…

and still the scarf remained. 

it traveled with him to the enchanted forest…

(and back again because of fucking course it did)

he even took it to the underworld…

 (that harrowing ordeal still wasn’t enough to make Henry lose his scarf)

here he is in the S5 finale wearing his scarf…. it also traveled to New York because this scarf has seen more realms and lived more lives than 95% of the characters in this stupid show. 

here he is having his first kiss with violet…

what’s that i see? 


now i want you to look closely at these next two photos… really look at them

can you tell me which one was taking roughly 5 years ago. no. BECAUSE HE’S WEARING LITERALLY THE SAME OUTFIT DON’T TELL ME OTHERWISE 

now i know what you all are going to say to me. but kate, this scarf has been here since day 1. it’s the OG scarf. it’s part of henry’s essence. 

well i say to you dear friend that you are wrong. emma’s red leather jacket is part of her essence. killian’s hook is part of his essence. regina’s boobs (damn mom) are part of her essence. henry’s scarf is not part of his essence. it’s not even that functional. don’t tell me it provides him with warmth cause it doesn’t. don’t tell me it’s fashionable cause it’s not. the amount of times henry mills mixes stripes and plaid is a tragedy worse than any we’ve seen on OUAT.

the most unrealistic part of this show about magic and fairies and prophecies is that a teenage boy is wearing the same scarf he’s had since he was eleven

now i’m not proposing we get rid of the scarf completely. but in a show where the Evil Queen has 17.2 elaborate, intricate outfits an episode can we at least get henry a new scarf. perhaps something with polka dots?


he looks so worried. AN ACTUAL ANGEL 😭😇

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anonymous asked:

Ok but in SoS when they are on the world tree and they have to split up because they run into Ratatosk and Blitz drags Magnus to safety and then Magnus is all "How did you do that? What did you hear?" And Blitz says "nothing I don't tell myself all the time, kid." Like whAT DOES HE TELL HIMSELF MY PRECIOUS ANGEL HE IS TOO PERFECT TO BE USED TO HATING HIMSELF I CANT HANDLE THIS. I'm sure Hearth knows Blitz's deepest insecurities. I just want to see him comfort Blitz when they all met up again.

BOIII I KNOW IT KILLS ME SO MUCH LIKE STRIKE ME DEAD. i can’t handle this empty cup family :’( 


Can we just take a moment to appreciate how they’re all looking at each other

Axton’s sizing Zero up in the back there ‘cause wow freakin tall

Z’s like pretending he’s not paying attention but you know he’s silently judging everyone

And then Maya and Sal kind of just 

eye contact

I mean look at Sal’s little awkward shuffle and then he’s staring at the ground

I just don’t even know what to do with this