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Part 2: Task: 12 Days of lesser known animated show/film recommendations

Hey, guys! I’ve been a bit down lately, so in order to give myself something to do, I decided to share with you all the lesser known, underrated or entirely hidden gems of the animated world (as far as I know), be it show or film.


-The animation must be traditional (no CGI unless it’s minor and in the background; i’ll do an all CGI list later).

-The recommended work must have soothing, inspiring or otherwise admirable leads with realistic emotional connections.

-The plot of the story must be intriguing if not wholly believable and the artwork must meet certain aesthetic standards.

-The characters must have emotionally realistic interactions with one another in ratio to the time allowed for them to interact.

-The animation in question may be from anywhere in the world.

Also, feel free to clue me in on any that I don’t list, because I would really appreciate a new animated find!  

As a matter of course, a great deal of the listed shows/films will be ‘anime’, simply because japanimation has the monopoly on the most unique and varied story lines, and Japan (and sometimes France) are the only ones making mostly traditionally drawn animated features still.

Alright, here we go … …

Day Two: Fairy Tale Films :)

The Day of the Crows

I absolutely adore this film. Not only is The Day of the Crows a superbly animated feast for the eyes, but the characters, lessons and honest interactions take it a level above most children’s films. Not only that, but the dialogue is wonderfully translated from the French to the English subtitles. As a matter of course, I prefer watching films in their original language unless the dub has some inventive dialogue or more adequate voice acting, but this little known gem isn’t likely to pick up a dub any time soon anyway, so all of you who only watch dubs should make an exception for this one. 

It is the story of a young boy who has been raised by an ogre in the woods, until one day he must leave the protection of the trees for the nearby village in order to save someone precious to him. While there, he meets a young girl and begins to learn the touching history of his family. It’s a delightfully nuanced film. Really, don’t miss it!

Note: The title is mildly misleading, as any crow characters are showcased near the end of the film and don’t get much screen time. But why should that bother anyone?


Fusé: Teppō Musume no Torimonochō 

Is there any anime lover who would pass up a film with adorable characters and animal transformations? Well, I actually would pass up the ‘animal transformations’ part, but that may just be me. Fusé is a touching fairy tale centring around a young huntress who befriends a dog-like humanoid named Shino. What puts this movie a pitch above the other films out there with a similar premise is it’s refusal to give the characters more slack than any real person would get. People die…there’s a surprising amount of gore which I feel is somehow toned up despite the soft animation. It’s the sort of film that makes you laugh less because it’s funny and more because you know your window to find things humorous is rapidly disappearing. You want the characters to be happy….you think they should be because the film is so cute…but it’s the bitter-sweet trick of the story. 

It’s based on the Hakkenden, an old Japanese novel series that details the exploits of the ‘Dog Warriors’, beings reincarnated from the slaughtered spawn of a princess and her dog lover. This is part of why I can forgive the dog-creature theme, because the characters within the story on a few separate occasions refer to the story as a ‘counterfeit’ or parody of the Hakkenden


Snow Maiden

An old Russian animation about a young woman who is the child of Spring and Winter, stepping into a village for the first time and learning that she does not have the capacity to love as other humans do. It’s very touching, very whimsical, and in the end bitter-sweet. I’d recommend it for the beautiful artwork alone, but the characters are given a surprising amount of life considering how old the film is. It’s clearly a labour of love.


The Dead Princess and the Seven Knights

An old Russian film based on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The most fantastic thing about this film is that from start to finish the entirety of the script is one looong poem, complete with rhymes. I believe this film, Snow Maiden and The Twelve Months are all apart of the same collection, but these three are not dubbed into English, like some of the better known in the series, such as The Snow Queen. 


The Twelve Months

If you are familiar with this film, it may be because you’ve watched the anime incarnation. I’d advise you to watch this one instead. Not only are the characters a bit more vital, but the art is a step above the anime and the humour is a bit more fluid. It is a Cinderella-like tale about a girl who wanders into the woods after being forced to preform an impossible task, and receives guidance from the Twelve Months, who are portrayed as a band of merry males of various ages having a meeting around a camp fire in the dead of winter.


Kirikou and the Sorceress

Kirikou and the Sorceress is a fascinating film about a young boy who, from the moment he is born, is able to talk and think like an adult. But he is still only a baby, and is very small because of it, which causes troubles between him and the towns people, and eventually gets the attention of a wicked sorceress that finds him a nuisance as he starts to use his size for unusual heroic feats. 

Every character is fun, the dialogue is insightful and the resolution is terribly sweet.


Tales of the Night

A series of re-worked fairy tales told through ‘shadow puppet’ visuals. Beautiful stories, really. All of the interactions between the characters are unique and admirable, and every tale has a satisfying conclusion. You may think the shadow puppet look takes away from it, but, really, it only gives you a bit more emotion to savour since every character looks pretty much the same, allowing their intentions to nakedly drive the stories, rather than their looks.


The Last Unicorn

Based on the book of the same name, and with a screen play by the author, this film is one of the better known ‘hidden gems’. The story follows the ‘last unicorn’, as she searches for others of her kind, who are being held captive in a barren land that is very far away from her gentle forest. She gathers loyal and endearing companions along the way, and eventually looses a bit of herself in the throws of a pseudo-romance with a prince. 

It’s a classic. The animation is unique and whimsical, and the pacing, characters and eventual resolution are all wonderful. It was my favourite film as a child.


The Princess and the Pilot

The Princess and the Pilot is a touching tale about the blooming tenderness and self-awareness between a pilot and the princess he is tasked with transporting across the ocean. There is political intrigue, bold decisions and the rude awakenings of reality in a war torn country. Both the leads are relatable and worth the care you inevitably develop toward them. And though the ending is a little frustrating, it is handled in a realistic and tentative manner that shows the meaning of personal feelings, even if physical circumstances can’t reflect them.


Miss Hokusai

Miss Hokusai is the fictional and slightly sensationalised biography of an actual historical figure from the Japanese artistic past. The story is told in a series of self-contained artistic episodes that explore the philosophy needed to produce vital art, by teaching the characters emotional lessons through supernatural interactions. It’s very unique and telling, and every character has a degree of believably that is pleasantly attention grabbing. Some might complain that the formatting leaves a bit to be desired, but I’m pretty sure this is all intentional. 


Princess Arete

Princess Arete is one of those rare princess films that is all about a princess and her character building, and not at all about romance. 

Little Princess Arete is kept in a tower where she grows increasingly depressed, despite her night time slips into the town bellow her window. By a bitter sort of luck, she is kidnapped by a wizard, and from here able to experience the world, albeit under a curse. The film has a very charmed and truthful grasp on the meanings in minor interactions and it never betrays the passionate heart of it’s female lead.

It’s a bit slow, but if you watch movies for the enrichment they provide and not for the face paced thrills, this one may be for you.


Magic Boy

An old Japanese feature from the ‘60′s about a young boy who must do battle with a wicked witch to protect his home and family. The characters are enjoyable, the battles are pretty neat and the animation is a proto-perfect anime film suite. Honestly, if you’ve seen Kubo and the Two Strings and then you see this, you may feel, as I have, that it is like the spiritual grandfather to Kubo


The Life of Guskou Budori

If you’ve ever seen Night on the Galactic Railroad, these two may look familiar to you. As you watch Guskou, you may develop the suspicion that the characters are an alternate incarnation or perhaps even a canon reincarnation of Giovanni and Campanella. 

The Life of Guskou Budori is about said titular character as he navigates life after the death (otherworldly kidnapping?) of his younger sister during a great famine. The animation is simply gorgeous, and if you can forgive the incredibly vague narrative, you may just find yourself walking along a very enchanted dream.

Like Galactic Railroad, all of the characters are anthropomorphised cats. I’m unsure why that is, but it’s cute and inventive. It too, is based on a book. If you haven’t seen Night on the Galactic Railroad, I would also recommend that one, as it is very touching and poetic, but it is very slow. If you happen to like both of them, the anime Spring and Chaos, another anthropomorphic cat tale, may be for you, as it is about the guy who wrote the two aforementioned stories.


Tales from Earthsea

If you are a studio Ghibli fan, you may be in for a treat. This is a loose adaptation of Ursula K. LeGuin’s seminal work the Earthsea series. It wraps into one film the characters and issues of four books, and so it doesn’t do the books much justice as it has bit off a bit more than it can chew. But if you accept it as an entirely different story that happens to have similar magical rules and the same names as the Earthsea series character’s have, the film is quite good. 

Young Arren is a disturbed young man who runs away from his posh life and is picked up by the Arch-mage Ged. After making a special friend and fighting a deranged wizard, Arren learns how to own up to his fears and find peace despite his crimes. I recommend watching the original Japanese dub, as it is a bit more insightful about the Earthsea world.

It is directed by Miyazaki’s son Goro. If you like this film, you may like his other, more well rounded film From Up On Poppy Hill (my favourite Ghibli film), and Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle, which is an adaptation of Diana Wynne Jones’s book of the same name (and a far more skillfully crafted adaptation than Tales from Earthsea. The perks of being a seasoned animator, I guess).

If you like the films, or even if you don’t, I recommend reading the Earthsea series and the Howl’s Moving Castle series. I prefer the latter. 

A by itself, B-/C+ if compared to the books.

Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice is one of those barbarian films from the early 80′s. It’s got action and romance and wild prehistoric beasts, an obvious bad guy that’s still pretty well rounded despite his minor screen time and a bit of sorcery that you can laugh at if your mind is dirty enough to catch the innuendos. In a nutshell, Fire and Ice is a great late night blast from the past that every child of the 90′s should see at least once.

With art overseen by the legendary Frank Frazetta, I think any serious artist could find this film pretty rad as well. 


The Cat Returns

The Cat Returns is a fascinating continuum of Shizuku’s story from Whisper of the Heart (another Ghibli film). It’s a fairy tale to the max, complete with a dapper cat ‘prince’ and woefully silly damsel-in-distress. It’s a lesser known Ghibli film, which is why it’s on the list, and if you do watch it, I recommend pairing it with Whisper of the Heart, a high school drama about a young girl’s blossoming romance and her attempt to write a novel, since it’s only right to see the little strings that connect the two tales. 

It’s funny, charming and the Baron has a British accent ;) Mmm-mm delish!



Whew! What a long list!

Next time: Best Comedy Supernatural animated shows/films.

The day they almost lost you - Batfam x Batsis (reader)

This is the PERFECT exemple of a request I received only a few days ago and will write before others I have received months ago purely because it inspires me a lot <3. Sorry if you send a requests like, six months ago and I still haven’t written it…Again, I really work on things that inspires me the most so it totally depends on the day and mood…Like for example right now, I miss my little 3 years old nephew and I could definitely write a story with a toddler in it ! So here we go, hope you guys will like it :  

My masterlist blog :


-Remember that time you lost me in the biggest mall in Gotham ?

-Oh my God (Y/N), how many times are you gonna remind that to us ?! Besides, you weren’t even two, you don’t actually remember it yourself…

You smile as you look at your older brother, Damian, mumbling something else you didn’t understand but that looked a lot like “and we found you anyway so…”, and shake your head.

You had heard that story a billion times, and you never really got tired of it.

Your brothers were suppose to keep an eye on you while your father was busy, and they had lost you in one of the busiest place in the entire city…Oh yes, how could you be tired of that ?

Whenever your four older brothers would annoy you, or be overprotective (which, not very surprisingly, happened a lot), like right now, as they were bitching about your boyfriend, Conner (Superman’s clone, and also your brother Tim’s best friend…needless to say, when your family heard you were dating him, they were a bit taken aback, arguing he was too old for you but…technically, you were actually a bit older than him, as when he was “born”, you were already four months old, and besides, you did whatever the Hell you wanted anyway), you would re-tell them the story as you heard it so many times (from Alfred mainly), and they’d instantly leave you alone, still feeling guilty about the all ordeal.

Sometimes though, you felt that maybe, it was that episode that made them so damn overprotective of you…Damian was right, you weren’t even two years old when everything happened, and you didn’t remember a thing but, even so, you still knew it was a big deal.

Because that day…Well, that day, you almost died.

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Ivar Headcanons: Ivar with only Daughters

@whenimaunicorn and I were discussing the other day how adorable it would be if Ivar ended up with only daughters. So I decided to write up a few headcanons of our ideas! Thanks for your input, love! I plan on writing a little imagine about this scenario eventually, but for now have some fluffy headcanons :)

-For the first two births, no one thinks much of it. But by the time the fifth child comes around, people are starting to whisper. “Why have the gods not granted Ivar Ragnarsson a son?”

-Ivar does not give two shits, and he tells his somewhat distraught wife so (she’s slightly worried he’ll blame her). “I don’t need sons. I have strong, healthy, capable daughters. It is more than I ever thought I would be allowed.” It’s true, he never thought he’d find love or marriage or children, so he’s over the moon, even if others find it shameful.

- As babies, he loves to rock them and let them play with his strong fingers. He is so gentle with them, a stark contrast to the fierce face he shows the rest of the world. In the private of his chambers, he is not afraid to let his daughters see his softer side.

- He is grateful to the gods that none inherit his brittle bones. Months and months and months of fervent prayer and sacrifice are well paid off.

- He loves his girls, and they love him. When they grow old enough, they follow him around constantly. Someone makes the comment they look like baby ducks following their mother. From then on, they are his “ducklings”. He lets them follow him to training, to council meetings, anywhere basically.

- They are trained in every weapon, every style of combat, from an early age. Ivar knows a woman needs to be able to defend herself and her family, and he will not see his little girls fall prey to the sword. He pushes them hard, and sometimes they cry for it.

- But afterwards, when he has cleaned every cut and wiped every tear, he lets them weave him flower crowns (he tried to say no a few times; the tears nearly crushed him) and braid his hair while he tells them stories. He loves seeing their wide eyes gaze at him in wonder as he recounts tales of Odin, Thor and Loki.

- He develops quite the knack for hairstyling. 5 heads is a lot of hair for his wife to do every morning, and he loves to see their happy faces and hear their little voices trill “thank you, Papa!” too much to let the servants do it instead.

- He teaches them love and respect for the gods. He does not hold back from showing them sacrifices, and lets them participate where they can. They are not scared of steel or blood, and he is proud when they do not look away.

- He is firm with them, but at the same time a huge pushover. They know that if they really really want something, all it takes is a few bats of long eyelashes and a few “please, please, Papa?” and he’s caving.

- He takes them for chariot rides, all at once, all of them shrieking and laughing and fighting over who gets to “help” him drive.

- When his third daughter begins showing signs of his Mother’s gift, he searches for the best seer to teach her about the foresight. He lets her crawl into bed with him and her mother when her strange dreams scare her in the night.

- He teaches his eldest how to rule, how to run a kingdom and command an army. He teaches her to be strong, to not bend beneath adversity, that women can be rulers with the men. “Your grandmother was a great Queen, and even the one who killed her was a formidable woman. You are strong, capable, smart. You will show the world what a Queen and shieldmaiden can do.”

- He is not adverse to his daughters finding husbands of course, but he is wary of every man that shows interest. If one so much even looks at one of his girl wrong, he is in for a world of pain. He is surly and grumpy to any man they bring home to meet him. Sometimes, he even forbids them to see the man again (even if he likes him, he isn’t quite ready to give up on of his precious little ducks).

- His daughters have to get creative to see their beaus then, and work together to keep each other’s secrets. He often knows exactly what they are doing, but he lets them think he’s clueless. He likes to watch them think and plan and strategize; all signs of good leaders.

- He challenges them with games and puzzles, to hone their minds and keep them sharp. They in turn, try to find riddles and puzzles to stump him with. He’ll never admit it, but his youngest did once and he’s never been prouder.

- All in all, they are his little girls no matter what, and he loves them more fiercely than anything. They know Papa is always there for them, through everything, and they have never cared that he cannot walk without help. He is their hero, their champion.

- When his wife gives birth for the sixth time, him and his ducklings huddle around the birthing bed, waiting for the midwife to bring back their new little addition. When she finally does, she lays the new babe in his arms and smiles with a twinkle in her eye. “Congratulations, my King. She is beautiful.”
His daughters shriek with joy. His wife gives him a sheepish smile. He simply holds the precious little bundle tighter, and gives thanks once again to the gods.

anonymous asked:

You: I want to protect Deku from all the harm in the world!! / Also you: *ships him with the very person who caused him suffering for 10 years*... huh, okay

I actually kind of want to thank you for being cordial about this instead of just… insulting me anonymously like others. 

Granted, I just ignore them/delete them, but still. It’s appreciated.

Since you honestly seem a little bit curious and confused, I want to answer this with a more specific response! So thank you for being reasonable about it. 

There are some things I want to clear up first.

You’re completely entitled to your opinion on a ship, my anonymous friend, and I also respect and understand why people hate the ship and even Bakugou as a character. 

Do I share the same feelings? No, not at all, but I definitely understand it. 

It would be dreadfully boring if every human who experienced the same artistic medium had the same exact opinions and points of views on a character/ship, no? 

At least, I would think so. I love the variety in opinion and watching different people fall in love with anime/books/movies, whatever, in totally different ways and coming out of them with multiple conclusions is wonderful to witness. 

It… almost feels similar to getting angry with someone for picking green as their favorite color, and because it’s not your favorite color you argue about how the different shades don’t make sense and shouldn’t be acknowledged as a favorite.

(Not you, specifically, Anon, but more of a general “you,” if that makes sense.)

Alright. So.

What draws me to the the Bakugou Katsuki / Izuku Midoriya ship, and the two characters individually (as well as their canon dynamic) is based on the concept of healing, forgiveness, growth, redemption, understanding, mutual respect, and genuine deep-rooted pain and realistic acknowledgement of the gratuitous and toxic elements of their relationship

And this only scratches the surface, believe it or not.

Yes, Bakugou Katsuki treated Izuku horribly while growing up (hell, he’s still an egotistical asshole). The infamous line in the manga/anime with Katsuki suggesting Izuku “find a Quirk in the next life” is inexcusable, and he should be held accountable for this. 

We’ve been allowed glimpses of their dismantled friendship at Katsuki’s doing, and Izuku’s equally flawed and dangerous perspective in placing Katsuki on a pedestal for his admiration. 

Before I go further with this, I want to touch on things about how I view Izuku as a character, since something in your anonymous message struck me, with the quote you had written: 

“You: I want to protect Deku from all the harm in the world!!”

The thing is, when it comes to characters, and Izuku in particular… I don’t think I’ve ever adopted the mindset of “must protect the precious baby,” because I personally view Izuku as a very relatable and human character. 

I know that this doesn’t cancel one idea out from the other, since many wonderful authors/readers/viewers/consumers, whatever, who like BNHA have this same viewpoint. Clearing this up so that nothing is miscommunicated.


This may seem strange, and a bit… actually yeah this is a little weird, but as a viewer, I see him as someone who strives for an incredible goal, is very determined, much stronger than he appears (and believes) both emotionally and physically, and it’s slowly becoming a surprise to both himself and everyone around him. 

But I see him as not just a character, per say, but a definite reflection of the other side to his dynamic to Bakugou Katsuki. 

(Will touch more on this later.)

He’s been acknowledged as a beloved presence, and I actually don’t like viewing Izuku as a “precious cinnamon roll,” because he’s so much more than that. 

QUICK NOTE HERE: I do not think it’s wrong to think of him this way. This is how I personally think, and how I want to hopefully portray the character in fics I write, or just in a general acknowledgement of him. 

He’s a character that thrives on a complex personality and series of motivations that make sense for a character his age, with his history, and with his flaws and strengths as a protagonist. 

Izuku being “adorable” falls to the very bottom of my list of reasons why I love and relate to him as a character, and when he engages in horrible situations that challenge him, I live for those moments. 

(I know I’m not alone in this. Bear with me.)

I love seeing characters like this suffer and get thrashed and struggle in the face of their darkest times. It shows depth, and a sense of darkness that defies the overly comfortable image that comes across in an anime that is, quite objectively, a bit less of a risk-taker in the earlier arcs in comparison to others.

So, with that in mind… it makes sense why people can’t stand Bakugou Katsuki as a character for treating Izuku like he does, and it also makes sense why Izuku is shipped with just about anyone who can grant him that feeling of “must protect.” 

Again, there is nothing wrong with this. 

In fact, I want to point out, for the sake of people who can’t stand BakuDeku and enjoy other ships, that I see, respect, and completely understand why you feel the way you feel. 

There’s even a strong sense of admiration for it, because you wonderful people are coming from a place that wants Izuku Midoriya to have a stable dynamic. 

This is an incredible, awesome, respectful thing, and shows so much love for Izuku as a character. 

So at this point, it may seem that I’m arguing against myself. That I’m shoving my own argument into the ground for why BakuDeku is my Number Two OTP, and how I’m arguing for its validity.

But, this is where I want to put some light onto the perspective that I have for this ship, and I don’t think I’ve ever gone this deep before on Tumblr.

I mentioned a little bit earlier that part of what makes Izuku shine as a character is how he affects other people. He brings out elements of characters that they won’t even realize themselves. (Todoroki Shouto, Shinsou Hitoshi, and All Might are both huge, and popular, examples of this, even though they’re not the only ones). 

His drive and his motivations are directed towards an incredible goal that is founded in the roots of his passion. And this aspect of Izuku? This passion, this drive, this embodiment of equal strengths and flaws balancing and cancelling each other out as he grows and learns? 

They are reflected in none other than Bakugou Katsuki.

I’m in love with the depth to this dynamic, with the potential that’s built on what they could accomplish together. 

Izuku cares deeply for Katsuki, and admires him and respects him, but even with that in mind he knows that Katsuki is an asshole. It’s important to acknowledge this, that Izuku will not let Katsuki take advantage of him in any way. 

And Katsuki, quite evidently, hasn’t attempted to take advantage of Izuku at all; in fact, he’s been only focused on what he wants to accomplish, and is overly obsessed with Izuku potentially surpassing him and “looking down on him” (as confirmed in the story.)

Katsuki is dreadfully immature in a lot of ways, but the fact that they contain so many similar ambitions, balanced on top of a quite impressive tower of flaws that parallel each other perfectly… this, is what draws me to them. 

Izuku and Katsuki are both incredibly ambitious and determined. They both work exceptionally hard. 

I wrote a list awhile back that needs to be updated again anyway, so…

Here are some general contrasts/parallels to them:

  • Izuku is humble, while Katsuki is egotistical.  
  • Katsuki is prodigiously talented, while Izuku had to go the extra mile, despite them both being hard workers.
  • Izuku lacks self-preservation, and Katsuki looks out for himself, first and foremost, and how he will accomplish his goal.
  • Katsuki exhibits elements of both an intense superiority/inferiority complex, while Izuku… doesn’t. 
  • Katsuki is more instinctive with his actions, while Izuku is analytical and a definite planner. 
  • Izuku’s Quirk is more focused on the all-embodying element, like a supercharged mechanism that can both protect and damage in spurts. Katsuki’s Quirk is designed as more of a shield for himself only, and can release constant bursts of power. The more they develop, the more similar their Quirks can become in terms of balance.
  • Katsuki is exaggeratedly egotistical and lacking humility, pushing others away and immediately accepting himself as the greatest priority. Izuku is the exact opposite, but with a quality just as exaggerated and vast: his anxious hesitation and lack of confidence in himself and only believing that he can succeed with others. 
  • Izuku’s struggles in confidence is mostly internal and how he thinks of himself. Katsuki’s confidence is both too bloated for him to handle and in the exact same plane as Izuku’s.
  • Izuku admires All-Might for being the ultimate protector and savior of lives with a smile on his face. Katsuki is focused on the idea of winning, and how heroes always prevail in the end. 

I could go on and on with this… but yeah.

Something I noticed, as well, while writing this, is that Katsuki and Izuku’s contrasts, while very prevalent, are often rooted in similar, if not the same, bedrock of emotions that affect them differently because of their personalities. 

Sometimes their points of views and emotions are so balanced and imbalanced at the same time that it takes awhile to look back and think through all of those individual moments.

And so, before this gets too unbearably wrong, I’m going to bring this home with emphasizing the main point of why I love writing this ship: it’s a challenge

A huge. Fucking. Challenge.

It begs the question: how can you make this ship work? How can you make their potential dynamic come together and brush through those layers of misunderstandings and reckless emotions? 

How can Bakugou Katsuki pull his head out of his ass and realistically come into his own while learning to appreciate the person who’s respected and admired him for so long? 

How can Izuku Midoriya learn to stick up for himself when it comes to Katsuki and allow them both to be on equal ground, rather than Izuku always chasing the other? 

How can they get over their differences, and develop something beautiful and, dare I say it, healthy, after a possible length of years and years of mending?

For me, this ship demonstrates the gray areas of relationships, and the possibility of redemption for even the vilest people. 

For me, this ship revels in the depths of Izuku’s character as well as Katsuki’s, and how their dynamic can develop into something founded on equal respect, grounding, and healing. 

For me, this ship focuses on the damaged elements to both characters and embraces the toxicity to their current circumstance, as well as the awful and wonderful elements of their relationship down the line. 

For me, BakuDeku | KatsuDeku focuses on drama, realism, emotion, and the ultimate idea behind rebuilding, protecting, forgiving, and learning to pick up the pieces from one person to another.

There are no excuses for the damage done between these two. 

But there is something really beautiful, and tragic, about the potential in the horizon. 

So those are my thoughts. 

Thank you for inboxing, Anon.

I list of seriously under-rated animated movies that Tumblr needs to scream about as much as The Big Four but don’t for some reason:


Reason: It had an openly gay charector. And did not make him into a stereotype, they made him the complete opposite of a “gay stereotype”.They also taught very important lessons about not sinking down to other peoples’ levels, how scarey it can be to be different, why adults have such a big problem with people who are different, ghosts, witches, zombies, the antagonist is literally the ghost of a little girl who was KILLED FOR BEING A WITCH IN SALEM TIMES AND ALL SHE WANTED WAS A FREIND Tumblr you scream about these themes in movies you want and here they are

External image


Reason: Johnny Depp plays a pet chameleon who is terribly lonely and doesn’t know who he is as a person who ends up stuck in a desert pretending to be a sheriff battling a sharp-shooter snake, that should be reason enough, but it includes Beans, who has a type of panic disorder (yes she’s a lizard and alot of lizards do but the way they made a big deal of it sort of made me think of it more in this term) and the entire story is really centered on finding yourself and that’s precious, plus Johnny Depp plays a lonely lizard do I really need to say anything else?

External image

Ice Age

Reason: Well to begin with Scrat is the living embodiment of someone from Tumblr, as is Sid, it has Dodo Birds who have a fighting style called “Tai Kwan Dodo”, the first movie is about a mammoth, a sloth, and a Sabertooth Tiger taking care of a human baby, it also deals with alot of dark points like the food chain, betrayal, family genocide, neglect/abandonment on Sid’s part, the death of a mother trying to save her baby (well let’s be honest most animated movies have that for some reason) and these themes tend to persist (although not as heavily) in the other three films, paticuarly, the theme of loneliness and forming your own family out of odds and ends because your blood family isn’t healthy (abusive like Deigo’s, neglectfull like Sid’s, dead like Manny’s oops) Deigo is the king of sarcasm and is somehow charming, let’s be honest Ice Age is gold

External image


Reason: Shrek DOES appear on Tumblr more than anything else but mostly as a joke and I don’t understand that because Shrek has all the themes Tumblr cries about wanting in movies/kids movies, non-traditional princesses, non-traditional female leads, non-traditional romances, a princess not conforming to beauty standards and a male-lead her loves her not “despite that” but FOR that, he doesn’t “accept her”, he LOVES her, Shrek himself is the definition of a charector Tumblr should love, anti-social, sarcastic, awkward, passionate about food, and Donkey, the sarcasm machine who had hybrid babies with a dragon (again laughing in the face of traditional gender roles y the way) a cross-dressing wolf, a prince who’s actually a selfish mama’s boy, Puss In Boots- and if you don’t love him I just want to know, WHY?- who has his own spinoff movie with another BAMF, non-traditional female-lead who, instead of having to be a loyal princess, is more of a “I love you but let’s not make a big deal of it so I’ll come around when I come around” bandit in her own right, and although I honestly think the hay-day was the first two movies, the latest one DOES have Fiona as the leader of a rebellion war group…

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The Croods

Reason: Besides the explosive humor and adorable animals, it has an amazing female lead, the male lead isn’t just some pretty-boy love interest, he’s actually USEFULL, but I think what I love the most is actually the father role, because he isn’t presented as a clueless push-over, nor a stereotypical “No daughter of mine will __!” type, he actually represents a very accurate portrayal of the difficult to walk line between “I need to protect my family” and “I need to loosen up and let my kids make their own decisions”, he doesn’t do anything out of the “power of being a man” or just wanting his family to do what he says because he’s the leader, he very genuienly is afraid of losing his family because as the days pass the population IS getting thinner and thinner, and like most people, especially most parents, he doesn’t know how to handle that fear without going overboard, it also represents the fear of change without making that in it’s self a joke

The Secret World Of Arrietty

Reason: No animated movie list would be complete without a Ghibli film, but I’m really surprised that Arrietty doesn’t get the same love on Tumblr that Holw’s Moving Castle, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Ponyo, Spirited Away, and other Ghibli films get, it was almost swept under the rug, besides having a common thread on this list with the female lead being strong and independant and having a great family dynamic, I’m mostly impressed with the male lead, who doesn’t take the typical role of a male protagonist by using strength to overcome his obstacles as much as he uses cleverness, Sho (Shawn in the English dub) has a very strong since of compassion and moral values that isn’t usually there in the beginning of the movie for male protagonists, it’s usually a learned trait, but he’s very understanding to start with of Arrietty’s compromising position and only wants a freind, he also has a heart condition that plays a part in his loneliness in the movie, Arrietty, like many Ghibli movies, also ends with the leads remaining only close freinds and not love interests, as well as with going their own ways but hoping to see eachother again, they do so in a way that leaves the ending still sweet, rather than the usual bitter-sweet feel of these sorts of things, not to mention the breath-taking animation is enough to keep your eyes on the screen even if the sweet story doesn’t interest you

Hotel Transylvania

Reason: With Monster High being the sensation it is, paticuarly on Tumblr, I’m increasingly shocked that Hotel Transylvania hasn’t made a splash, besides the absolutely adorable personality of Mavis- and Dracula makes it easy to see where she got that from- most of the charectors that so much as have speaking roles have some level of amusement to them, Mr. Wolf’s family on it’s own could be a movie as far as I’m concerned, but what really makes me love the movie is the plot, it’s more than the typical vampire/human soul mate romance (although the quirkiness of this one and the awkwardness of Johnathan) it’s more than anything about Dracula, like The Croods it shows the father role as more than the typical “I don’t want my daughter to date because of reasons” thing, it depicts a very justified fear of humans and how the death of his wife pushed his already astoundingly strong love for his daughter into a hyper-drive of overprotectiveness, and it shows that, although he is willing to go to any length to protect her, he very often has a hard time justifying his extreme actions to himself, and unlike most fathers in this sort of plot, he doesn’t just “accept” his daughter’s decisions, he actively seeks to help her get what she wants from them, and if nothing else I’d have thought that the references to cosplayers and Twilight would make Tumblr giggle, but really Dracula wins the Best Dad Ever award


Reason: Following the trends of strong female leads, we have this peice of gold, I would think Beyonce playing a Faery Queen would have put Epic on Tumblr’s radar but apparently not, the animation is stunning, by far one of, if not the, best movie on this list in terms of the animation quality, the charectors are all clever and unique, with a familiar sense of searching for where “home” is and what’s really important in life, it also puts a new spin on the faery/human relationships that we so often see repeats of, it isn’t the classic “Humans hunt faeries but learn their lesson” movie, nor is it quite as innocent as Arrietty, not to mention that the concept of the Queen and the Leaf Men are very unique in their construction

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Tinkerbell and Disney Fairies movies

Reason: All I ever see of Tinkerbell (this one atleast) on Tumblr is hate about wishing she was the same amount of sassy and bad attitude that she was in Peter Pan’s world, but two things aren’t being taken into consideration here (and I think the reason for that is that most people on Tumblr don’t bother to see the movies) and those are 1. Tinkerbell DID have alot more attitude in the first two movies, paticuarly the second, and she was very easily riled and very easily frustrated, traits shown in Peter Pan (although I have honestly not watched Peter Pan in yeaaaaars so I don’t remember her from there very well) in Tinkerbell’s second solo movie it was highlighted the most and she also saw just how strong those traits were in her and she decided to change, 2. This PRECEEDS Peter Pan, if I’m not mistaken Pan’s Tinkerbell had been cast out of Pixie Hollow, it would be understandable that Tinkerbell, who already had these qualities in a lower dose, would only increase in frustration and jealousy if she had been an outcast, the thing is, people change, something obviously happened for Tinkerbell to decide to join Peter and leave Pixie Hollow, the Disney Fairy movies don’t demonstrate that, they show her adventures from before she joined Pan, they may eventually show a flittering relationship/meeting between the two but I doubt it, the Fairy movies have alot of classic Disney qualities and speak out most against following rules and conformity, from the first movie when she found herself put down for being a Tinker fairy and wanting to change her talent, to Secret Of The Wings when she meets her fraternal twin sister Periwinkle against the rules of Pixie Hollow, to The Pirate Fairy when the story centers not on Tinkerbell, but on Zerena, who was constantly spoken down to and made to feel unwelcomed just for wanting to experiment with the laws of Pixie Dust, it has a carefully strung balence between “The rules are in place for a reason” and “Sometimes you need to break them and that’s ok” and it’s done quite nicely

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Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron

Reason: If I had to pick ONE movie that is the most underrated from this list, it would be Spirit, although it may look like a cute little movie about horses and rebellion, that really isn’t the case, the theme is very strong throughout the movie that the white men fighting against the Lakota tribe were in essence trying to break/imprison them just as much as they were the horses, Spirit is the only movie I know of that shows just how wrong the attack from Europeans on Native Americans was without it being a documentry of some sort, and although I think Disney’s version of Pocahontas TRIED to give off this vibe, I think it did poorly with it and gave a little too much (ok, alot too much) credit to the white men who came in and took everything the native people had,Spirit had none of that, I myself am white, but with some strong Native roots, I may be missing something that someone who’s purely/mostly Native American would find offensive, but as far as I can tell, Spirit does very well at representing the severely underrepresented group of people, and very accurately represented the cruelty of the Europeans, especially during that horrible war, even more than that though, it gave, in my opinion, a representation of Spirit and Little Creek’s relationship without making it corny or stereotyped, honestly, if I get pick any animated movie to get as much reckognition as Frozen does, Spirit would be it, because it isn’t JUST a good movie, JUST gorgeous animation, JUST a cute story… it’s all of those things, but more than anything, it’s a message that DESPERATELY needs to be heard in America, that just keeps getting shushed: Native representation, white power and how wrong it is- and was most especially when the Europeans took over- treating ALL people, as well as animals, with respect, free will, and I could just go on and on…

As much as I love the popular animation on Tumblr, Disney Princesses, Frozen,Rise Of The Guardians, How To Train Your Dragon, Finding Nemo, etc, these movies REALLY need to get out there, they have some important things to say

Sleepy Skyping (Seungcheol)


Hey!! Could I request a scenario where you’re in a long distance relationship with Seungcheol and on the rare times you skype due to your busy schedules, you both struggle to stay awake and one watches the other sleep? Thank you and I really love your blog ahhh!!!

Being in a long-distance relationship with Seungcheol had, in all honesty, proven out to be easier than you had feared, as you both managed to keep in touch regularly and clearly thought about each other a lot. The only downside you could name was the rare Skype calls, which you would’ve loved to have more of, but that only made you treasure each and every call all the more.

That evening, you were a bit sad to notice that you were yawning before even managing to press the button to video call Seungcheol. It had been a month since your last Skype call, and now that you finally got to have one, you were so tired that you knew you’d fall asleep if you kept your eyes shut for a second too long.

It was unfair.

Within a few seconds, you saw your computer’s screen be filled with what you loved the most - your boyfriend, wearing an oversized hoodie and a wide smile on his face. A smile spread to your lips in an instant, too, and your heart felt full with love, although it also ached because you would’ve done anything to be able to hug and cuddle him. Your voice was almost dreamy when you spoke. “Hey.”

“Hey,” Seungcheol said with a lazy yet happy smile, and yawned right after. You snorted.

“Tired?” you asked, although it was fairly obvious, and he nodded.

“We’ve been practicing nonstop,” he said, his voice groggy as though he had just woken up, which you could easily tell he hadn’t, “which means… two or three hours of sleep a night.”

Your heart sank a little, and your lips formed an involuntary pout. “Will you be okay? How do you even live on that little sleep?”

“I’ll be fine, we’ve got a few days off coming up,” he said with a smile, but it was a slightly pained one. Sighing, he opened his eyes up a bit better and looked at you warmly, taking in your features that he had only been able to adore in photos lately. “I’ve really missed you, baby. How are things for you?”

“I’ve missed you, too,” you mumbled, fiddling with your fingers, and bit back a yawn. Seungcheol snorted and commented on how funny you looked, and you chuckled while rolling your eyes. “But I’m fine, there’s just been so much to do, so many events to attend, things to study, people to meet… Sometimes I feel like I should be in two places at once.”

“I get that,” Seungcheol said, and you watched him lean down better, which was when you realized he was on his bed. He was now resting his cheek on his arms that were crossed in front of him. “If I was there, I could do half of the things you need to do.”

Chuckling softly, you shook your head and leaned your head into your hand, your elbow resting on your desk. “If only. How would you excuse your absence?”

“I’m sure I’d find a look-a-like or something,” he snorted jokingly and let his eyes fall shut for a moment.

You smiled fondly, although your heart felt on the heavier side, so full of longing that it almost hurt while also bursting with love you felt for the man showing on your computer screen. “If you want to sleep, we can end the call, you know.”

Seungcheol’s eyes shot open in an instant, and he hurried to shake his head. “No way, we haven’t gotten to Skype in ages.”

“I know, but…” you began, but he cut you off and insisted on continuing. Sighing, you looked at his tired features; as much as you wanted to continue the call, too, you could tell he needed the sleep, and you were starting to feel drowsy as well. “Alright. So, how are your knees?”

“They’re better,” Seungcheol smiled, glad that you remembered, and you couldn’t help but smile, too: he was just that cute. “I promised to treat Soonyoung for some fried chicken if he made the choreography so that I don’t need to get on my knees, and he came through.”

You snorted: of course there was food involved. “That’s good. But still, be careful while dancing, I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“Oh, look at you worrying about me,” Seungcheol laughed teasingly and cooed when you tried to defend yourself. “But really, I will. I’ll send you proof shots every now and then, yeah?”

“Sure,” you smiled and yawned, allowing your eyes to fall shut for a moment. The corners of Seungcheol’s mouth tugged upwards as he looked at you, and a big part of him wished he could be there with you. Soon you opened your eyes, your smile widening a little. “I really don’t want to read reports about you twisting your ankle or hurting your knee again, you know.”

“I’ll be careful,” he grinned and got a bit cozier with his oversized hoodie, the hood of which he had on. Yawning, he shifted a little into a more comfortable position, too. “Then again, if I get hurt, I guess you could come take care of me.”

“Please, you’d just make all the Carats worried,” you said softly and amusedly noted how Seungcheol’s facial features were starting to relax. A soft yawn left your lips again, and you leaned down on your desk.

“At least I’d have you here,” he mumbled, his voice so faint that you could barely hear it. “It’s all I want.”

Your gaze softened even more when you noticed that he was finally starting to fall asleep, and your heart felt full with love at the realization. As much as you would’ve loved to continue talking, there was something incredibly precious about seeing him asleep, especially considering the fact that you were in a long-distance relationship. It was a sight you probably wouldn’t see again for a long, long time, and also one that you hadn’t seen before.

For a good while, you just sat there with a small yet happy smile on your face as you watched Seungcheol sleep. You could tell he needed it, and it made your heart feel all nice and warm to see how adorable he looked while sleeping, his plump lips a bit pouty and facial features relaxed altogether. You were unable to hold in a quiet snort when you saw him scrunch his nose a little while sleeping.

If only you could’ve been there to pet his hair and sleep next to him, everything would’ve been perfect.

“Good night, Seungcheol,” you whispered happily and crossed your arms on your desk before allowing your head to rest on top of them.

Since you couldn’t physically sleep next to each other, sleeping together through a Skype call would do, especially since you got to wake up to Seungcheol calling your name and laughing at the long duration of the call.

You decided that one day you’d actually get to wake up next to him.

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anonymous asked:

For the Four Score AU; do Tony or Clint ever want kids/ get pregnant with Steve and Bucky?

I have been thinking about this ask forever and have finally decided how I want this AU to go.

Tony doesn’t have a lot of friends from his childhood (more enemies than anything, unfortunately), but he does have Janet Van Dyne. They grew up together and she stood by him even when he went through his “roaring twenties” and was drunk or high every night. Tony never forgets her stalwart loyalty during one of the worst periods of his life.

So when she has a baby and texts him, “Come say hello to your goddaughter,” Tony is helpless to resist. Hope is precious, with a little brown fuzz on her head and beautiful eyes just like her mama’s. “She’ll have better than we did,” Janet says quietly, and Tony knows she doesn’t mean wealth or prestige or knowledge–Hope’s gonna have parents that are there for her and listen to her. And Tony will be the best godfather he can be to her. “You can’t give her cannoli until she’s old enough to understand the reference,” Janet insists. “Janet why the fuck would I wait for your daughter to be old enough to watch The Godfather oh my God.”

Tony comes home and he’s quiet, thoughtful. His boyfriends respect this. Sometimes Tony is mulling over the next breakthrough in technology or puzzling out something teasing his brain, not to mention seeing friends from his childhood always leaves him a little out of sorts. Steve and Bucky are making dinner (they’ve taken over meals ever since they saw Tony and Clint eat nothing but pizza for three days) and Clint has his arms wrapped around Tony as he plays something on the Playstation while Tony snuggles against his chest and thinks.

Finally, Tony says, “I want a baby.”

Clint nearly flings the controller through the TV screen. Bucky nearly slices his finger off. Steve–breaks a plate in half. “I can replace it,” he says hurriedly when Bucky turns to stare at him. “Steve you literally picked up a plate just to break it in half.” “I PANICKED.” “…So we can never leave Steve alone with the hypothetical baby, okay,” Clint says after a moment. Steve looks miserable at the thought but he does say, “That’s fair.”

They discuss it. There’s always the concern that it’s just Tony’s hormones after being around a newborn. But the more Tony thinks about it, the more his resolve firms. He wants a baby. He’s aware that it could also be his biological clock ticking (he’s not getting any younger, after all), but he decides that even if it is just his biological clock, all the more reason to have one; he’d hate to get too old to have one and regret it. He wants a baby. He wants someone to dote on and spoil and show the world to. He wants someone to take care of–someone who needs him to take care of them, not just enjoys it, like Steve and Bucky and Clint. Steve and Bucky and Clint take this all in and ask for a few days to mull it over. Tony agrees.

And then he shows up to their next talk loaded down with rolls and stacks of paper. “Are these my medical records?” Steve asks, bewildered. “Of course,” Tony tells him seriously. “I had to see if there was any family history of illness. I don’t want my baby to get cancer.” Steve does not remember giving his doctors permission to give his medical information out and he sighs tiredly when he realizes Tony probably hacked everything. “You could have just asked. I would have filled out a release form for you.” “They had a picture of you when you were scrawny too and I’m keeping that because you were adorable.” “Tony.” It’s probably a good thing that the three of them discussed it and decided that yeah, they wanted a baby, too.

(“Or we could have two babies,” Tony says, and Clint laughs. “Tony, oh my God, why do you want them to have two pregnant omegas? You’re already going to be a handful. We’d give them ulcers.” Tony pouts, but he concedes. He already knows he’s probably going to be the worst pregnant person they’ll ever deal with–he’s needy and whiny and mulish already even without morning sickness and outrageous cravings at midnight. Honestly if they come out of this still loving him as much as they do, he’s going to be impressed, because he’s aware that he’s going to be kind of annoying during his pregnancy. “No you’re not what the fuck,” Bucky says, pained, as Steve just lays his head on the table and sighs.)

((He’s planted the seed, though. Clint finds himself fiddling with his birth control after Tony happily dumps his in the trash. What if they did have two babies? Tony had said he wanted two, because growing up an only child had been so lonely, and he knows that Clint and his brother don’t get along but at least they had each other growing up. Tony had had boarding schools and classmates that were intimidated by him and Janet. Clint likes Janet but he knows she has her own set of issues as big as Tony’s. She’d still been kind of stuck-up when Clint had met her, hadn’t met her future husband who mellowed her out.

Maybe it would be different, if the babies were closer in age. Maybe things would have been different for him if he and Barney had been closer in age. Clint looks at himself in the mirror and tilts his head. He… wouldn’t look bad pregnant. Sure, he won’t be as beautiful as Tony will be (is anyone ever, though?), but he’d still look pretty okay. And he was sort of getting up there, too. He would need to make that decision eventually, too.))

(((When Clint haltingly mentions yeah, a baby sounds nice, Bucky looks at both of their omegas and says, “You want us to have ulcers. I’m sure of it. It’s a good thing I like milk I guess.” Tony and Clint look at Steve, who has been silent for quite some time, and are horrified when they see tears running down his cheeks. They try to backpedal–if Steve isn’t ready for two, that’s okay–they can wait–

Bucky sighs and elbows him gently. “Tell ‘em why you’re cryin’, you big baby.” “You wanna have babies with me!” Steve wails, pulling them in for hugs, and oh, oh God, how were they supposed to know that this was something Steve had worried about before his growth spurt, before the doctors had finally found medication that worked for him, because who would want a scrawny alpha like him to make babies with? Clint and Tony pat at him frantically, trying to soothe him, but Steve is just so happy that he cries on and off for an hour. Bucky loves all of these idiots.)))

Three in the bed.

On drizzly nights when the kids are all off doing their own things, watching television, doing homework, or playing with each other, you and Harry tend to unwind in the bedroom, the two of you sprawled out on the kind size bed, cuddled with each other while you talk about random things, from ridiculous stories of the day, to how suddenly the kids are growing up. 

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Jonerys - Sleepover

Also on [AO3]

Jon stirred when he heard the door of the chamber open – one could never be too cautious at the Red Keep even with Unsullied patrolling – but relaxed when he heard soft steps and whispered words. Apparently, he and his wife would have some visitors that night.

Careful not to wake his Queen, Jon let go of her to seat on the bed and just as he figured, he found two culprits of waking him in the small hours of morning.

“What are you two doing up?” Jon asked, trying to sound stern and the children looked up to him with wide eyes to be get caught. Jaehaerys, the little boys of two, seemed to sigh in relief to have seen his father and, as fast as his small legs could carry him, ran towards the bed. Rhaena was older and hesitated to follow her little brother – she insisted she was no longer a little girl most of the time.

“Father!” Jaehaerys walked to Jon’s side of the bed and raised his arms to be picked up and Jon got up and he did just that with a sigh while Rhaena climbed up from the end of the bed to lie on Jon’s side of the bed. Jon nested Jaehaerys in his arms.

“What is wrong?” He kissed the top of his son’s mess of silver blonde curls. “Did you have a bad dream?” The little boy nodded and hid his face on the crook of Jon’s neck. “Did your sister tell you scary stories before you slept?” Jon eyed his oldest child, who was now hiding underneath the furs and pretending to be innocent while Jaehaerys nodded again.

Sighing, Jon caressed his son’s back. “Jae, you know Rhaena only does this to tease you. Everything is alright now.”

“Father!” Rhaena said from the bed in a loud whisper and Jon couldn’t shake the stirring in his heart whenever he looked at her. She looked like Daenerys probably did when at that age, big lilac eyes, silver curls and the most beautiful smile. “The Night King…”

“Is gone.” Daenerys said, turning on the bed to look at them and Jon flinched when he saw her huff while turning around slowly because of her growing stomach; she needed the rest. “You know that, darling.”

“I thought you were sleeping.” Jon told her.

“You and two children talking? Hard do sleep, my love.” Daenerys chuckled sleepily.

Rhaena snuggled close to her mother, careful not to put too much weight on her stomach – she had learned that from when Daenerys was pregnant with Jaehaerys and Rhaena was just three years old.

“Mama!” Jaehaerys raised his arms in the direction of the bed and Jon rolled his eyes good-heartedly, knowing he was old news now that their mother was awake.

“Come here, my little prince.” Even tired, Daenerys never turned any of the children away whenever they wanted her as Jon did as well – they were too precious to both of them.

Jon placed their son on the bed and with no finesse at all, like all toddlers, he moved to stay between his sister and his mother. “Jae, careful. Your mother can’t get hurt, remember?”

Jaehaerys didn’t answer but he became gentler and thanks the gods Rhaena let him get between her and their mother. Jon went to lie back down on the bed, knowing for sure neither children would return to the nursery for the night.

Rhaena turned to hug her father and let her brother enjoy their mother for the moment while Daenerys whispered assurances to their son on how they were safe from monster. Jon hugged the little Princess, their first-born and kissed her on the forehead. “What did I tell you about telling scary stories to your brother?”

“No to?” Rhaena smiled sweetly, like she always did when she knew she had done something she wasn’t supposed to.

“And why did you do it?” He asked.

“He was annoying me.” Rhaena pouted and Jon had to bite down a laugh. She was too adorable for her own good. His father was right, daughters were difficult.

“He’s a little more than a baby, princess.” Jon told her. “He wants to follow you around. You are his big sister, he loves you and wants to be like you.”

Rhaena’s pout because more prominent. “But-”

“Bigger sisters take care of their younger brothers.” He reprimanded her gently. “You shouldn’t tell scary stories to him especially when you were supposed to be sleeping.”

“Sorry, papa.” Rhaena always knew she melted his heart when she called him that.

“Alright, princess, time to sleep now since you seem to have come to stay.” Jon chuckled and Rhaena snuggled into his chest and when Jon looked at his wife and son, she saw the little boy already drifting to sleep, a hand over his mother’s stomach and Daenerys caressing his back while humming a song.

“We are spoiling them.” Jon said in a whisper, looking at the children between them, Rhaena’s eyes were closing. “We shouldn’t.”

“They had a nightmare.” Daenerys told her husband and kissed the top of Jaehaerys’ head. “Besides, we should spoil them and give them what we didn’t have while growing up.”

Much as Jon nodded; even though Ned Stark loved him and always thought of him as any of his true born children, but Jon never could climb into bed with him when he had a nightmare, not with Lady Stark next to him. Meanwhile Daenerys never had someone to hold her and protect her against monsters while growing up. And there had been a number of monsters after her.

His children would grow up differently, they would grow up knowing their parents loved them with all they had in them even if it meant waking them up in the middle of the night to climb in bed with them.

“Perhaps this next one will be more considerate and not climb on bed with us?” Jon stretched his arm to touch Daenerys’ stomach and the Queen chuckled.

“I don’t think so. I am pretty sure this one is a Stark and you Starks can be very stubborn.” She teased him.

“Oh yes, that’s just a Stark trait, Dragon Queen.” Jon chuckled when she hit her shoulder playfully and kissed his wife, careful not to wake the little prince and princess. “Sleep, my Queen. In no time the little ones will be up and bringing havoc.”

Daenerys groaned. “Don’t remind me.” She chuckled and after giving Rhaena a kiss, she held on to Jae tighter and closed her eyes.

Jon took a few minutes to look at his family before he tried to fall asleep again. That was a perfect moment he could have in his memory forever.

Yes Sir Part 16

Part 16: His and Hers

John Winchester x Reader

John and his girl make new memories as they adjust to living together.

Warnings: Fluff. Double dose of NSFW Mature Smut, including rough sex, restraints, spanking, masturbation, and voyeurism. Alcohol, drunkenness, language, dirty talk, biting!kink. Hopefully this one won’t let you down. None of the gifs are mine; thanks to the creators WC: 7277 AO3  SERIES MASTERLIST

A/N: Thanks to all of you who love and support this story, your feedback means the world to me! 

Moving in with John was wonderful. I never had to leave for a change of clothes or pay a separate set of bills. We spent hours learning more about each other’s lives, and he was always asleep next to me each night. I belonged with him, and him with me. What was his became mine, and mine his.

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The Chris Evans Mini Series (One Shots)

Imagine spending the day at Disneyland with Chris and your children.

A/N: I won’t be writing the mini-series with plots anymore, there will just be the occasional one shots with cutesy family stuff and romantic moments between Y/N and Chris. This one was inspired by the adorable family I met in line at Disneyland. I wanted their life so much. 😭😍

*Fair warning- the word count’s like 3,253. I just couldn’t stop writing? I literally started last night and just finished it in this train ride. So settle in and get ready to die from the fluff.

One of the best things about having jobs in the Hollywood industry- something both you and Chris agreed on- was having to constantly travel to Los Angeles. There were a million reasons why you both loved LA as much as you did, one of the biggest ones being it was how the two of you met. It was also where you experienced and celebrated some of your relationship’s biggest milestones: the first date, the first kiss, the first fight, your first anniversary, and your engagement. Los Angeles was where everything started for you and Chris, which was why you had such a special place in your heart for it and why Chris kept the house in Los Angeles despite settling in Boston. That and Disneyland was there; to have a house where Disneyland was, made for easier and more frequent family holidays.

“God, she looks so beautiful.” Chris commented as he watched your daughter, Charlotte, walk alongside her brother in her little Cinderella outfit. You’d taken her to Fantasy Land where she was transformed into her favorite princess, and as for your son, Jack- he wore an outfit put together by you to make him look like Mickey Mouse. “How did I get so lucky with my girls?” He smiled at his baby girl before turning to you, feeling his smile widen at the sight of his perfect wife.

“I ask myself the same question when I look at my boys,” you shot him a wink and he laughed, following your lead as you turned you attention back on your children. “Lola,” you called when you saw her redirect her attention on the churro cart; she turned to you with innocent eyes, pointing at the sugary fried dough stick that another little girl was holding. “We’ll get one later, okay? We’re going to go see Mickey Mouse first,” you reminded her and her face lit up. “You want to see Mickey, don’t you?”

“Yeah,” she nodded, grinning. You looked over at Chris when you heard him chuckle, and you smiled at the look of adoration he gave Lola. She returned her attention to her original destination, Mickey Mouse’s House in Toon Town. “Mickey!” She gasped when she saw the huge Mickey Mouse sign. “Jack!” She tapped her big brother’s shoulder excitedly. “Mickey!”

“Mama,” Jack glanced back at you and Chris, his blue eyes asking for permission to run ahead with his sister. You both nodded without hesitation because you’d already briefed them on ground rules and what to do if they got lost, not that they could with yours and Chris’ vigilance. “Let’s go, Lala!” Jack announced and ran ahead with Lola right on his heel.

You and Chris both smiled at Jack’s use of your daughter’s nickname; he had been the one to give it to her. ‘Lala’ was a cuter version of ‘Lola’, which was one of the many, many variations you’d pulled from her name. The many others included: Charlie, Lottie, Lola Rose, and Rosie. Your girl answered to any and all of them; she oddly enjoyed having more than one name and actually preferred if you used more than one name on her.

The story of how Jack gave her the nickname, 'Lala’, was pretty sweet. It was in reference to the fact that your daughter had actually done what you did when you were a child; singing before speaking. Your mom used to sing to you all the time, and you’d somehow picked up the lyrics of lullaby she sang you faster than the words she said to you. Now Lola was the same, thanks to Jack. Since you brought Lola home, Jack had been spending every night by his little sister’s side singing the 'Winnie The Pooh’ theme song to her as a lullaby. You and Chris loved sitting in the hallway, listening to him put his baby sister to bed. You’d look over at Chris and smile and he’d smile back, and the two of you would just sit and appreciate how perfect your lives were.

“Bud!” Chris called out and Jack stopped, looking over his shoulder at his dad. “Hold her hand, please.” Your adorable Mickey Mouse nodded and ran after your precious Cinderella, who did not stop at the sound of her dad’s voice. “And you,” Chris looked over at you, smiling as he took your hand in his. “Hold my hand, please.”

You chuckled and entwined your fingers with his. He smiled and pressed a kiss to the side of your head before returning his attention to your children and the stroller he was pushing. It seemed a lot harder to maneuver now that he was only using one hand, but it didn’t stop him from holding your hand. You leaned in and kissed his cheek, pulling a smile from him. You chuckled softly and adjusted your backpack straps before refocusing your attention on your children; both of which were happily skipping towards Mickey’s House.

While it was nice to be able to come to Disneyland with your adorable children, you’d both missed the simplicity of coming to the park as a couple. You’d remember the good old days when you could come empty handed, and now you had to haul half your house along with you just in case your little ones needed something in the spur of the moment. You didn’t know why Lola would need her Winnie the Pooh bathrobe at Disneyland, but you brought it anyway because you didn’t want to deal with her “I told you so, Mama.” Chris also had to give up some of his favorite rides- like Space Mountain- because both kids were too young for it and he couldn’t leave you to watch them alone. As much as the two of you reminisced about the good old days, you couldn’t imagine a better way to enjoy Disneyland than with your darling children.

“We’re waiting for Daddy and Mama, Lala,” Jack tugged onto Lola’s hand, preventing her from joining the queue. She pouted, but stayed by her brother’s side. “There they are!” Jack waved at the both of you then pointed at the line. “Do we go in now?” He asked you and Chris.

“Yeah,” you nodded and pulled your hand from Chris’ to move closer and usher them into the queue; Chris followed behind, tugging at his hat and gesturing for you to do the same. That was the downside of doing Disneyland as a famous couple, people pounced when they spotted you in lines because you couldn’t really go anywhere, now could you? “It’s going to be a while, do either of you want to sit in the stroller or be carried?” You asked your two and they both shook their heads.

“Thank God,” you heard Chris murmured under his breath and you chuckled. “What?” He looked up at you, laughing. “I’m all for them sitting in the stroller, but I’m not going to carry either of them while waiting half an hour in this line. It’s going to kill my back,” he said as he stretched, making you laugh. “What now?” He chuckled, playfully nudging you with the stroller.

“We’re not that old, Evans.”

“You’re not, but I’m older than you.” He smiled when you laughed. “You married an old man,” he teased, reaching over the stroller to poke your arm. You chuckled and playfully slapped his hand away. “I’m just going to be like this gray heap and you’re going to still look drop dead gorgeous, aren’t you?”

“Okay, calm down,” you laughed. “You’re only six years older than me, you dork. And please,” you walked to join his side; he put an arm around you. “You couldn’t be a gray heap even if you tried,” you said and he chuckled. “You’re like a fine wine,” you pecked his jawline, “better with age.”

“Aren’t you sweet?” He squeezed you into him, making you chuckle as you wrapped an arm around his waist. You both let your gaze fall onto your children, who were being just as sweet as their parents; Jack was helping Lola adjust the tiara on her head. “We’re really nailing the whole parenting thing, aren’t we?” Chris whispered into your ear.

“I’d like to think so,” you nodded, smiling.

“Do you want to know why things turned out so well with us though?” He asked and you nodded, meeting his gaze. “It’s because I love you,” he told you and you smiled. “I always say that a family only works if it’s built off the extension of the love you feel for a person, and clearly- we feel a lot of that love for each other. I’ve never, ever thought once that my life wouldn’t be complete without a child in it because I have you. Darling,” he smiled, “you- this relationship, it’s always going to be the thing I want more than anything in the world.”

“Aw, stop it you.” You couldn’t help your smile as he kissed your forehead. When he pulled back and looked at you, the adoration he had in his eyes- made you feel like the writer girl on that first date with actor Chris Evans all over again. “You’re going to make me swoon,” you joked and he laughed, pressing another kiss to your forehead.

“Mama, look.” Lola called for your attention and you both turned to her, smiling. She grinned as she twirled, making her blue ball gown puff up before gracefully settling around her. “I love this dress, I want to wear it everyday!” You and Chris chuckled as she jumped up and down, and did a little happy dance; the other people in the line were watching her too, smiling because she was a total doll. She started to sing as she continued to jump,

“Winnie The Pooh,
Winnie The Pooh!
Chubby, little cubby, all stuffed with fluff.”

“Lala,” Jack giggled, taking her hands to stop her from jumping. She looked at him with curious eyes, wondering why her brother stopped her. “You can’t sing Winnie The Pooh now, we’re going to see Mickey Mouse. You have to sing the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song with me!”

“Jack,” Chris laughed. “Let her sing whatever she wants to sing.”

“But we’re waiting to see Mickey, Daddy!” Jack giggled. “We have to sing his song.”

“Yeah!” Lola agreed, like she always did with her brother. They both jumped up and down with her brother as they began to sing the Mickey Mouse song. They knew that one by heart too because other than Disney, they didn’t watch much of anything else. But that was because of you and Chris, you didn’t trust any other company to inspire and shape your children.

“He’s too much like you, you know that right?”

“Perfectionism is not a bad trait to have,” you retorted with a smile.

“That’s not perfectionism,” Chris chuckled, “that’s called being a control freak.”

“Control freak or not, I found someone amazing to love me,” you said and he laughed, leaning forward to press his lips against your hair. “So I think I can let him do him,” you giggled when Chris tickled your sides. “Stop,” you laughed and squirmed away from him as the queue continued to move forward. “Sweetheart, where are you going?” You laughed and reached for Lola as she walked under the ropes; you missed her by an inch. “Baby, come back here please.”

“But it’s Prince Charming,” she pointed at a boy about her age who was dressed as Prince Charming. You looked over at Chris and you both chuckled softly. “Hi!” She smiled at him and he smiled back; the boy’s parents smiled at her then at the both of you. “I’m Cinderella.” She curtsied which earned her a bow from him; everyone who was watching their interaction felt their heart melt.

“Could we take a picture of her with your son?” Chris asked, reaching into his back pocket for his phone. The parents nodded, taking out their phones to do the same. “Stand next to him, bug.” Lola nodded and got into position, wrapping an arm around the boy who wrapped an arm around her. “Oh my God, our moms are going to die at this picture.”

“Yeah, I know right?” You chuckled as Chris took the picture. “Thank you so much,” you told the boy’s parents and they nodded, smiling at Lola who was giving their son a hug. “Your boy is so sweet, very handsome too.”

“Thank you,” the mom smiled. “Your daughter is very sweet and beautiful too, a real Disney Princess.” You and Chris smiled and nodded in acknowledgement. The line started to move as Lola made her way back to you, grinning happily. “We’ll see you,” she said as it was their turn to enter Mickey’s House.

“Daddy,” Lola tugged at his pants and Chris looked down. “Can I see?” She asked and he nodded, descending to his knees to show her the photo he’d just taken. “Awwww,” she cooed at the photograph. “I’m so cute, Daddy.” She looked up at you when she heard you laugh, grinning.

“Yes you are,” Chris hugged her with one arm, nuzzling her with his face and giving her cheek playfully loud kisses. “You’re the cutest bug around.” She giggled, wrapping her arms around his neck as he scooped her up into his arms. “You’re my little princess, aren’t you?”

“Mm hm,” she nodded.

You looked over at Jack, who was patiently waiting in line while his baby sister got all the attention. You felt bad even though he didn’t show any sign of jealousy or annoyance. “Bud,” you called and he looked over, smiling. “C'mere sweetheart,” you beckoned him over with your head. “Are you having fun?” You asked him, adjusting his Mickey Mouse cap.

“So much fun, Mama,” he grinned. “I can’t wait to see Mickey Mouse again. Do you think he’ll remember me?”

“Of course, baby. You’re too special to forget,” you booped his nose and he giggled. “Where do you want to go after this?” You asked him. “Do you want to go eat some food first, or do you want to continue visiting the houses, or…” You trailed off, hoping he’d chime in with a decision.

“I want churros!” Lola chimed before Jack could, and Jack nodded at that suggestion without hesitation. You and Chris chuckled softly at how easy your children were and how willing they were to compromise with the other’s request. “Do you want churros, Daddy?”

“I’d rather a Mickey ice-cream bar,” he answered with a shake of his head and laughed when he saw you roll your eyes; you still didn’t understand how he could pass up a churro. “You three can grab a churro though, we’ll go get some before we make our way to Minnie’s House.”

“Yay!” Jack and Lola cheered.

The line continued to move and soon it was your turn to enter Mickey’s House. You took photos of your children as they made their way through the house, interacting with the furniture and items in the house. Despite having visited the house numerous times, they were still just as excited as the first time. You turned to Chris who was already smiling at you, you smiled when you saw him mouth “thank you for this.” You felt your eyes well at that simple sentence, nodding in acknowledgment.

It was a few more stops and a little bit more of waiting before you could all finally meet Mickey Mouse. The staff member who brought you into the room seemed to recognize you, Chris, and your children- all of which were constantly under the eye of the media. But she remained professional and said nothing, just smiled excitedly. She was definitely more interested in how adorable your children were than the two of you.

“Mickey!” Jack and Lola screamed the second they saw him. Mickey Mouse looked over and gave them an excited wave before reacting to their outfits; whoever was under the suit was doing a fantastic job. “Mickey, Mickey, Mickey!” They chanted, jumping up and down.

“They’re as dorky as us,” you whispered into Chris’ ear and you both laughed. “Uh oh,” you chuckled softly when you noticed a group of girls in their twenties looking your way and whispering among themselves. “I think we’ve been spotted.”

“I’m not surprised, we’re quite an attractive family.” He joked and you laughed, slapping his arm playfully. “It’s fine, I don’t think they’ll approach us.”

You nodded in agreement, looking over at them. You smiled and gave them a quick wave to acknowledge them. You and Chris chuckled when their excitement increased. They smiled and waved back, taking a few photos with their phones but keeping their distance. Usually you and Chris didn’t like people taking pap-like shots of you and your children, but you didn’t mind this time. They were polite enough to keep their distance, you could give them a few photos.

“Would you like to get in position?” The staff asked you and Chris, gesturing you towards Mickey. Your children were already by his side, hugging him tightly. “Do you want a few shots on your phone as well, or do you just want us to take it on our camera?”

“Both, please.” Chris told her and passed her his phone as you joined Mickey’s side. Mickey looked at you with a nod and wrapped an arm around you, giving you a one arm hug. “Thank you,” Chris nodded at the cameraman then walked over to join Mickey’s other side; Mickey gave him a one arm hug too.

“Yay!” Jack and Lola cheered then grinned excitedly as they hugged onto Mickey tightly, smiling at the camera. They were clearly very used to being photographed after attending all those red carpet events with the both of you while you were on the press tour for your movie, 'Charlotte Rose’.

“Okay, are we ready?” The cameraman asked and you all nodded, smiling for the photo. “One, two, three.” The flash went off once, then again, and once more. “And now for your phone.” He stepped out of the way so his co-worker could use Chris’ phone to take photos for you.

“Perfect,” the woman with Chris’ phone nodded after taking the photos. “Thank you,” she passed it back to Chris and he thanked her before turning his attention to where yours was.

Your little ones were still interacting with Mickey, hugging him as many times as they could. Mickey looked up at both of you; the person under the suit could not stop smiling at how adorable your children were. Everyone who was in the room with you felt incredibly lucky to have been able to witness your family’s photo shoot. Most of them were fans, so to see you and Chris was like a dream come true, but to be able to see the both of you with your kids- as parents, was an experience out of their imagination.

“I always thought that Disneyland was the happiest place on earth,” Chris wrapped an arm around you and whispered into your ear. “I was wrong.” Your eyes narrowed and you turned to him so quickly that you might’ve pulled a muscle in your neck. “Hear me out,” he laughed at your reaction and you chuckled softly, leaning into him. “I was wrong because I see now that anywhere with you, and our kids, is the happiest place on earth.”

“Aw,” you cooed and pecked his lips. “The feeling’s mutual, Evans.”

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Bon’s Midnight Screechings: 3x06 ‘A Malcolm’ (2 of ?)
  • TOUCHING THEIR RING—”I never took it off” 

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Don’t be afraid 

There’s the two of us now 

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  • AAAAAAAAND enter the season 3 winner of best cockblocker, my iodine deficient pal, GEORDIE WHATHISNAME!!!


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  • Oh man the exchange about the spectacles and the hair dye was so lovely and honest. Showing both of their insecurities—Jamie admitting his aging OH so wonderful. 
  • “Time doesna matter, Sassenach. You’ll always be beautiful to me” 
  • THE PICTURE OF CLAIRE HOLDING WEE BREE. I AUDIBLY MOANED “Oh!!” ((the first of many such instances tbh))) 


  • I LOVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEE that they had Jamie tell Claire immediately about William. Oh my god I gasped and windmilled my arms around like CUHRAZY. 
  • I LOVED the honesty of the moments between Jamie and Claire, where Claire asked if he loved Willie’s mother. Those moments were wonderful, and it felt so true to character, much more so than Jamie keeping it to himself for months 


  • God, I really do feel like this took away from the impact of learning about Bree. 
  • We didn’t get the falling over onto Claire’s shoulder and weeping/completely overcome, which is one of my favorite things about that scene in Voyager
  • We didn’t get that sense of AWE and THUNDERSTRUCKness from the photographs themselves 
  • I really don’t like that they brought the bikini conversation up to this scene. I loved in the book how it was just about Bree’s childhood and the longing for those lost years, without caveat. 
  • We saw Jamie light up about Willie more than Bree. And….WOW that really throws me for a loop, because as William-positive as I am, this should be about his child with Claire above all. 

So…. REALLY MIXED BAG HERE. REALLY REALLY REALLY mixed. Probably the one thing I would say was a letdown for me in the episode. 

And trust me, I do NOT say that lightly


“You’ll….you’ll come with me? “ 
“Wild horses couldn’t keep me away” 

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next installments under the tag: A Malcolm Screechings

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Inheritance prompt 10 with the Uzumaki clan. >=)

Of course.

“Yeah, but it’s not a literal marriage, right? That’s insane, and probably illegal,” Sakura asked over the speakerphone while lining her eyes with black liquid until they were perfect wings.

“You’ll have to clear that up with the family in question. Those were the only lines pertaining to you in the will,” Kakashi droned on, likely reading something while he also spoke over speaker phone. “You’re meeting with them today, correct?”

“As soon as I hang up I’m heading on over there.”

Sakura pulled away from the mirror and blinked a few times. She liked the ritual of painting herself up if it was before something that made her nervous. A test was less stressful with the right lipstick. A job interview turned into a cakewalk with enough mascara. It was at times like these she missed Ino most.

“You need an escort?”

“You think I need one?” she laughed.

She looked like a princess but she knew no amount of make up would make her right hook any less lethal. Her phone slipped off the side of the vanity and started to fall. Before it could fall halfway she grabbed it also pinned the wet rollers that were starting to tip over the ledge. Her speed wasn’t anything to sneer at either. If she was one of Kakashi’s top students that should count for enough.

She heard his sigh on the other end and set her phone back down, making sure it was flat on the table top this time. “You’ll call after your meeting, otherwise I’ll show up on my own and make sure my favorite student’s not being forced into a literal child bride contract.”

“I’m hardly a child anymore.”

“Same difference to me.”

She changed out her studs for dangling earrings, almost finished. “Hey, you never know. I might end up taking advantage of the inheritance if they are cute.”

“You don’t even know who they are, or what they are.”

Sakura checked her hair once more in the mirror. It looked light and fluffy, perfect for a night in sock rolls. “Doesn’t matter to me. I’m heading out now. I’ll text you when I get more information.”

Kakashi sounded like he wanted to say more but she cut off the call and dumped her phone into her purse, keys already in hand.

The Uzumaki clan’s compound was actually pretty far north, up in the mountains where the hot springs were famous and roads were thin. The clan was pretty traditional from the sounds of it. They ran an inn famed for its own private hot springs that made it a local jewel for the village.

It took her over an hour to make it driving the way she did. Halfway there she knew she could never move so far north, she was too used to multi lane highways and plenty of space to speed on straight roadways.

She pushed her sunglasses up onto her head, pinning back her hair. She whistled low at the sight of the sprawling manor. Not bad if this was what she got to marry into. The idea still made her laugh. All her friends thought it was laughable as well, but a few had been concerned, taking it seriously.

If they’re really traditional they may stick to it,’ Hinata told her, speaking from personal experience.

Sakura’s plan had been to look as prissy as possible and be her usual self. That was sure to scare them off and make them want out of the deal as much as her. She wasn’t this old and still single without a reason.

On the first level there were stairs down to the restaurant part of the inn and stairs up to the rooms. A hallway led back to the springs. Sakura stopped at the receptionists desk and waved to the girl impeccably dressed like a woman straight out of history. ‘Cute.’

“Hello,” Sakura greeted, still cheerful and excited to see more of the inn before going back. “I’m Sakura Haruno. I have an appointment here I believe with Kushina Uzumaki.”

The woman nodded, wordless and opened the book to scan the list of names. She found one and glanced up at Sakura before reading whatever note had been beside the name. Sakura watched the girl swallow and stiffly raise her eyes again. “One moment, madam. I shall phone them now.”

Sakura grinned when she saw the old fashioned rotary phone that looked like it belonged back at the turn of the century. It was perfectly elegant, like so much of the inn.  Sakura took a step back and entertained herself with the wall art to give the girl the feeling of privacy while on the phone.

“Yes….yes, she is….is she-oh, um….yes, I think so. Of course. Yes.”

Sakura heard the ending of the call as the hand piece was returned to the cradle with a click. Sakura turned back around and waited to be addressed, noting a vein of nervousness in the woman’s posture now.

“Kushina Uzumaki is expecting you in the gardens. Follow this hallway out and turn left away from the springs.” The girl gave further instructs and Sakura thanked her for them before going off.

The hall seemed to go on forever. Sakura swore she saw that same ink painting on the wall before. It was so odd, because she knew she hadn’t turned left or right. There was something off about the hall.

She forced herself to stop and concentrate on her breathing. She felt her mental spirit mount with the determination to break through any spiritual barrier or illusion and opened her eyes again. She could see the end of the hallway but didn’t walk towards it. Cautiously, she turned on her heel and saw behind her a red fox.

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❧ | moon and sun

seungcheol/ s.coups x reader

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word count : 1004 words.
genre : fluff (im developing mother)
synopsis : you are his moonlight, and he dreams of being in your light forever. he is your sun, and you want to feel his warmth forever.

✐ from the prompt list “things you said” my boy cheol gets the first one, forever a king y’all. this is inspired from the prompt “things you said at 1am” !!! enjoy kids, it is a cute one :^))

He had never felt more at peace.

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AU where Steve still gets frozen, but Bucky eventually makes his own way out of Hydra’s hands (probably with Natasha, not out of liking her, but out of paranoia that they’ll use her to make more super soldiers) and gets back to New York.

Howard and him never got along, but Howard begrudgingly accepts him into his home and helps him get unbrainwashed cause it’s what Steve would have wanted. He’s fine as long as he doesn’t have to deal with Bucky more than once a week and Bucky goes out of his way never to be in the same room as him.

Then Bucky finds out Maria is pregnant. And then the birth that Howard was too drunk to get to, and little Tony almost got kidnapped in the hospital before Bucky probably kicked the guys ass and came back with the baby.

Bucky knit him a baby blanket that he gives to Tony a week later and is consistently Tony’s favorite blanket all through his life.

By the time Tony is two, he’s very confused on why they keep calling Howard his dad and Maria his mom. They never spend any time with him wtf Bucky and Jarvis are his main caregivers, sometimes Aunties Ana and Peggy and Angie, but never them??? Bucky is his nanny by age three. Howard has long since given up separating them.

Hell, Bucky even went all the way to MIT with him so it wouldn’t end up with a 14 year old living in a dorm with strangers because That Is Bad. (And Tony probably convinced him to take some classes on okay he’s very good at convincing people.) Bucky loves Rhodey though and is almost a little sad that he didn’t want Tony in the dorms cause they would have been great roommates but fuck it Tony convinces Rhodey to move in with them and Tony Always gets his way (spoiled boy) and so Bucky knits Rhodey a sweater for Christmas too this year. He’s basically Molly Weasley.

The fact that the two of them have a crush on each other is literally so adorable and precious that Bucky has already accepted Rhodey as his second child.

But then one day years and years from then, a frozen plane is found in the ocean. The body thawed out. It’s Steve.

Things are tough in the future, but Bucky is used to that too, he remembers how hard it was to adjust to everything himself, how it too nearly 20 years before he was comfortable enough to tell a therapist what happened in the Red Room. So he goes to Steve to make sure he knows what’s happened and that everything is fine now.

Steve is amused that Bucky basically stole Howard’s son, but also, Bucky is all grown up with a kid so many things are different. Then begins the dysfunctional story of Tony setting up his dad with Captain America. Because you know he would. (‘Don’t worry, he likes your butt and fancy hair. I read it in his diary.’ 'He thinks my hair is fancy?’)

Anyways, give Tony two dad’s and also Rhodey also conspiring against them to get them married. It’s fate.

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Did you like the Greys 300? Best part? Worst part? I'm waiting anxiously that I can watch it next week in Finland lol 😁

I liked it very much. The whole episode was worth to be number 300. They did an incredible job, especially with the writing and providing all the feels in the greys world.

There was no worst part, there was nothing I would complain about and every character had her/his moment to shine. Everyone had something, even the little interns.

On to the best part(s) (spoiler-alert!)

  • Meredith Grey finally got what she so desperately wanted. She won a Harper Avery Award and everyone was there for her in the moment, like literally everyone, seeing even Zola cheer her on is too much to handle. It melted my heart that the first person to congratulate Meredith was Richard Webber. These two share such a long and complicated relationship through Ellis Grey, who also was in Meredith’s imagination there. I think that was one the moments that made me cry the most. After all these years, it’s not Derek she sees up there in the gallery, but her own mother. And that’s really a core element of the show, especially in the early seasons.

  • Speaking of the early seasons, I was wary of the patients, who looked like Christina, Goerge, and Izzie, but they served such a nice story and made me miss Christina a lot. Did you all catch the easter-egg with the injury? Doesn’t it remind you a certain icicle? And how funny was it that Owen didn’t see any resemblance?
    Don’t get me started on Bailey’s O’Malley tears. That tight bond between George and her will always hold a special place in my heart.
    And the Izzie patient brought back all my Alex-Izzie-feelings. I still ship them, probably too much, and for a moment I was certain Alex was still in contact with her. He made me believe this was how Izzie’s life was atm, but I’m glad it’s just in his mind. That way I can hope, even though I feel like the discussions of babies for Alex and Jo will come up soon.
  • Arizona is finally a mom with a daughter again. She was living the dating life and I was fine to watch, but seeing her with Sofia gives me more life. I liked how she imitated Mark’s voice and I choked when I saw the picture of Callie, Mark, Arizona, and Sofia hanging in her house. It was such a throwback to the episode of Mark’s death. Also, Calzona is still strong because Arizona misses Callie too, just saying.
  • Zola is the new Meredith. She knows about the human body, she admires her mother, she wants to be a surgeon like her mom, her dad, and her two aunties. She’s the most precious little girl, who has been through a lot at her age, but still is very strong. I mean, she supported her own auntie through her grief. I love how tight Maggie and Zola’s bond is, especially through the loss of a parent. That moment was the most emotional one, I cried so hard.
  • APRIL KEPNER YOU ARE NOT AVERAGE. Someone needed to say this. Thank you.  But at the same time, thank you, April, for calling Meredith out for not going to that ceremony. I wanted her to have that moment on the stage, giving her own speech. I wanted to see it, but at the same time, Jackson did such a lovely job too. And hearing those words out of his mouth was probably more emotional and meaningful than hearing them from Meredith.

  • Last but not least, Amelia Shepherd becomes a better neurosurgeon every day because of her brother. The look between Amelia and Meredith when Jackson mentioned Derek in his speech. Derek left a big void, but also helped her be even better.

I think it’s fair to say that this episode did the show justice. 300 episodes of Grey’s, I’m ready for more. It may be hurtful at times. Some characters may have died, but the ones, who live will tell their story.

How Rick Riordan's Potential Roman Demigod Series Will Lead Directly to my Death and the Imprisonment of my Child: A Helpful Guide.

Okay, guys, this is going to be incredibly long but please just hear me out on this.

First, let’s start with some background information

  • I first discovered Riordan’s work in 8th grade after my best friend Rachel accidentally stole a copy of “The Lightning Thief” and talked me into reading it.
  • I quickly let my life become consumed.
  • I read all five books in the series in like under two months.
  • I made blue cookies and wore an orange shirt to the premiere of the movie, only to end up booing it.
  • “The Lost Hero” came out in 9th grade, and my already intense love for the past books and the awful year I had at that school caused me to cling desperately to the characters, making my whimsical love of the past to grow into more of a full blown obsession.
  • I’ve bought every single Riordan book the exact day they came out. Seriously, for Blood of Olympus I literally had to sneak off my college campus, call a cab, and I just barely made it back in time for my class that day.
  • I was more than a little sad that the story ended, but I was in college so it seemed serendipitous almost; My childhood was ending.
  • I found out about the upcoming Magnus Chase trilogy, and even though I know absolutely nothing about Norse mythology, I was prepared to read it. Three more years of Riordan owning my soul, it could hurt, right?

Okay now this is where things are going to get serious. rrriordan, you might want to pay attention omfg.

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emilijabaranacs  asked:

STORYTELLING TIME (bc the riverdale hiatus is boring): tell me about 2 of your fav riverdale ships, 2 of your fav characters, 2 of your favorite scenes out of all 7 episodes, and tell me about the pairing you last shipped/just started shipping. a detailed analysis, 10 paragraphs, i don't care. just tell me.



2 fave riverdale ships

  • let me tell you about BETTY AND VERONICA

listen, okay

l i s t e n

i was not going to watch this show.

(and then i saw josie mccoy’s face and was like BUT BUT BUT and a friend had to tell me she’s barely in the pilot and to calm down, and then i didn’t plan to watch it anymore)

and then i saw it

the world’s fucking tenderest kiss to maybe ever be on television, which is JUST UNFAIR FOR EVERYONE DON’T YOU THINK??

camila mendes has a talent, is what i am saying, and that talent deserves so much appreciation that it actually got me to watch this show


anyway. my favorite thing about the beronica kiss is that it has absolutely nothing to do with how much i ship it. it’s just a weird fever dream bonus to everything about them that i love.

VERONICA IS JUST SO INCREDIBLY IN LOVE WITH BETTY. FROM MOMENT ONE. the train to the rest of my life speech is legit some of the gayest shit i have heard in my damn life.

i love how dedicated they are to one another. i love how they balance each other out. i love that riverdale took the classic “naughty and nice” dichotomy they had from the comics and turned it upside down and shook it, and this is what fell out

they just so clearly thrive off of each other’s energy. i love that.

but you know what i also love?

  • let me tell you about VERONICA AND CHERYL

i honestly thought for a hot minute there that i wouldn’t have interest in this show beyond beronica

and then 1x05 blessed me and watered my crops and cleared my skin and SHOWED ME THE LIGHT

it turns out, veronica directing her attentions at literally anyone is kind of all i need, and cheryl’s my GOTHIC HOT MESS OF PURE EXTRA and i adore her, and i hope one day they move into a new mansion that has a name and adopt war orphans or something.

2 fave characters

obviously you can tell i have a lot of feelings about veronica lodge, so maybe this doesn’t need saying but sorry too bad buckle up because


ironically, i spent most of my life solidly team betty.

“but Leah,” you say, “you love poor little rich girls who are POPULAR but SAD ABOUT IT and SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT. cordelia chase! quinn fabray! glinda upland! summer roberts! you very clearly Have A Type!”

i know. i know i do. but i was BLINDSIDED man

i would die on a battlefield for veronica lodge.

because not only did this show give me “REGRETS HER MEAN GIRL PAST” veronica lodge. it over corrected so hard it gave me the bounty of MOM FRIEND VERONICA LODGE






the one thing i am weaker for than a sad popular girl is a girl who dances on the edge of the selfish/selfless line, who has such a big heart that she loves EVERYONE but maybe not quite as much as she loves herself. the rose tylers and rachel berrys of this world

oh wait there’s another thing i’m weak for and that is TINY BRUNETTES

veronica lodge was engineered in a science lab to hit every single one of my buttons, is what i am saying

now. i want to be very clear. i adore betty cooper, and no one on this show is more entertaining than cheryl blossom, and kevin keller is the most represented i have ever felt on television, but there was really only one other person i could say is my fave:

  • let me tell you about MY HOMELESS ASEXUAL SON, JUGHEAD JONES

“but Leah,” you say, “Jughead’s not canon ace in this show”

to which i say they can pry jughead’s lack of libido from my cold dead hands, until he says aloud on screen “i, forsythe pendleton jones the third, love doing the sex and it is my preferred method of having intimacy with my romantic partner” he can date whomever the heck he wants because, ASTONISHINGLY, ace people date! and kiss!

besides the point but aNYHOW

this kid is a fucking trainwreck and i love every inch of him

i love his ridiculous dedication to his aesthetic, i love his shitty novel, i love how much he loves his sister, i love his fwoopy bangs, i love how his reaction to being told his best friend is fucking their teacher is “wow dude sounds like you’re the victim of a sexual predator, do you need help?” rather than a high five, i love the way he delivers one-liners like he’s kind of trying not to laugh at his own jokes

riverdale isn’t riverdale without juggie

2 fave scenes out of all seven episodes


honestly, and i truly have no excuse for this, you said “what is your favorite scene” and the VERY FIRST THING that popped into my head were these moments with ronnie and kev in the back of his father’s truck, which is ridiculous, mostly because they’re not even really a scene

but it’s just. it is so fucking satisfying, man. look at these precious babies. look at how many blankets they’re under. not only is her head on his shoulder (HERE’S ANOTHER LOOK FROM THAT ANGLE) but EVERY PART OF HER is touching EVERY PART OF HIM. he is SITTING on her CAPE. do you have any idea how much trust that entails?

what strikes me about this moment is that Riverdale is succeeding at convincing me that these kids–any of these kids, really, not just kevin and veronica–are friends. that they all enjoy spending time together, that if there weren’t a murder going on they would still see each other, and that they care about each other. ironically, on a lot of teen soaps the friendships are the first thing to be ignored or cut for time, because they’re not juicy and “don’t lead to conflict” (untrue). kevin isn’t even in the core four, and yet, here he is: taking out his best girl because there’s no other out kids except veronica at his school and this show cares about kevin and what kevin does! they could have had veronica suspiciously follow hermione to the drive in and start her conflict with her mom over fred andrews early, but no. they wanted her to have a night out with her gay husband buddy.

kevin and veronica are the kind of friends who made a marriage pact two days into knowing each other. kevin and veronica are the kinds of friends who meet each other’s eyes when they find the same things funny but it would be impolite to laugh. MY KINGDOM FOR AU WHERE KEVIN AND VERONICA BEARD FOR EACH OTHER BUT THEN, WHILE FAKE DATING, BECOME BEST FRIENDS. 

and like yes, unless veronica is actually queer (which she is) her calling kevin her best gay and–more than that–interrupting his interruption to be like “GAY THANK GOD LET’S BE BEST FRIENDS” is a little bit abhorrent. but looking past the ridiculous stereotyping, what strikes me most is that when veronica says let’s be best friends she means it. she’s team kevin now, ride or die. 

this moment shows riverdale at its best: taking a shit ton of cliched tropes but blending them in a new way and showing them with a lens of kind of delightfully unexpected compassion.


it occurs to me that, despite finding my way back to it at the end, this is much less a rant about an actual scene and much more a rant about how much i love the friendship between veronica and kevin, but i’m sorry i love it that much. 

so i’m gonna try harder now on the next one

there are a lot of one-liners and moments i almost picked, even though, once again, those are not scenes (when jughead narrated that there were really only three kids in that booth and we all went IS JUGHEAD A GHOST, “slut shaming is when SLUTS get SHAMED,” “train to the rest of my life,” veronica’s face when betty comes out in the dominatrix gear, “that doesn’t SOUND like complete freedom,” PUSSYCAT RONNIE, fp jones saying he doesn’t want jughead to look at him like he’s garbage anymore….)

but then a dark horse candidate emerged:

  • let me tell you about the moment i realized ONE DAY I WILL BE ABLE TO LOVE ARCHIE

this show has an archie problem. so dedicated were they to proving that they weren’t going to do the classic love triangle, they made it so that archie barely interacts with half his friend group at all. isolating archie from everyone else with the grundy plot set this show back ages, and made archie almost totally irrelevant to the ensemble he ostensibly leads

but then we got this moment of hope:

“okay Leah yes we get it you like it when these idiot teens are friends”



this was the first hint that this show would succeed at gaining my love beyond betty and veronica. and i didn’t appreciate it at the time aside from OH LOOK ARCHIE HAS A PERSONALITY I LIKE TODAY, THAT’S NICE, but in hindsight it really is quite significant. archie and jughead are supposed to be the heart of this show; it’s good to see them act like it.

and jughead is also a sarcastic little shit and he’s my son and i love him


third place goes to the scene with betty, jughead and kevin rebuilding the murder wall and then trev shows up, which hilariously of all three of these might ACTUALLY be my real favorite scene of the whole show, for all the reasons i listed about a) the other two above and b) what i’m about to say below. sadly, though, this makes my love for it redundant and i’ve already repeated myself so much, so i’ll move on to…

the pairing i last shipped/just started shipping

  • well, let me tell you about BETTY AND JUGHEAD

i’m gonna be real with you i adore these two. i’m not fandom-y about them at all, because right now what the show is giving me is JUST RIGHT: two kids with chemistry who care about each other! we’re watching them take it slow and feel it out!

i dig the gentle vibe between them, and how they are interested in each other but mostly because they are both interested in JUSTICE and THE TRUTH and MYSTERIES

bless these idiot teen sleuths! i hope they get married and betty becomes a lawyer-slash-journalist and jughead becomes a private-eye-slash-novelist and together they start a firm called COOPER JONES INVESTIGATIONS and they solve crimes and are married, like Hart to Hart

anyway the point of this ask is that a few months ago i made a viral post about hatewatching riverdale because it’s trash but now i’m legitimately in love with it on every level so the joke is on me i guess

Daddy A-Z: Taeil

Originally posted by mauloveskpop

Disclaimer: I couldn’t find the original poster this came from, but I got this from philanddanxreader, I didn’t come up with this.

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A = Announcement.- How do you tell him and the world that you’re expecting?
Gotta love the old man. Taeil is more on the quieter side, he’s not one to want to have some grand announcement. Telling him is just that; telling him. Nothing spectacular, just ‘hey babe, I’m pregnant! Have a nice day at work~!’ type of thing. Telling family and friends is likely just during a huge get together, and he just drops the ball. “Ha, lame jokes as always Johnny. Did I tell you we’re expecting? Oh, well I did now.”

B = Books.- Did he read the books?
Taeil’s a smart ass guy, don’t try and act like he isn’t. If he doesn’t have a strong grasp on the concept of raising kids already, he’s 100% going to be on Google 24/7 and renting out the parenthood section at the library. 

C = Cuddles.- Who cuddles the baby more? 
Taeil is such a cuddly dad, he’s attached to his baby front bay one. 9/10 if you look at Taeil after the birth of his baby, he’s cuddling the little bundle of joy. Takes a lot of bribing to get him to hand over the babe willingly. 

D = Daddy.- His reaction to being called Daddy and it setting in. 

I can imagine Taeil being kind of really shy and bashful the first thime he’s called Daddy and it fully setting in that he really is going to be a dad. Taeil’s going to get so blushy and hide his face or brush off whoever said it, telling them to shut up while his cheeks are flaming and he can’t hide the smile on his face. It’s a moment of shy happiness. 

E = Empty.- Who goes to the store when you guys run out of supplies?
I can imagine Taeil being one of the dads that’s determined to make his spouse completely comfortable; he’s firm on that he’ll do all the work, just rest. So, Taeil probably detaches himself from the babe and sprints to the store when supplies are low.

F = Feeding time- Who does feeding time?

Taeil usually leaves feeding time to you, letting you have your bonding time with the babe but he’s always present. He’s standing by with a rag for burping time, he fixes the bottles, or cleans up the spills.

G = Grumpy baby. - Who is better at dealing with a grumpy baby? 

While he’s clingy with the baby, I imagine Taeil being a bit more clueless with emotions involving the baby. He can bathe, dress, and feed the baby, but when it comes to a fussy baby, Taeil is lost. He’ll probably get frustrated when he can’t get the baby to calm down. Might even cry himself, lol. Fussy baby is your job, he’s getting an F in that department.

H = How?- how many kids does he want?
I can see Taeil being pretty content with two, and probably strives for two. I feel like he’d secretly be hoping for twins, or have another kids soon after the first, so Taeil’s kids are pretty close in age. 

J = Jokes.- best dad joke? 

“Why do crabs never give to charity?
Because they’re shellfish.”

K = Kisses.- His favorite place to kiss the baby.
Taeil is such a raspberry kind of dad, always blowing kisses on his baby’s tummy to make them giggle and wiggle like a worm. It’s just so cute and adorable and makes Taeil all giggly to see his child giggly. Just a bunch of giggles. So precious ugh. 

L = Little.- How he feels when he holds the baby for the first time.

That’s a moment that slaps Taeil across the face like no other. “Holy shit…this is actually happening, I have a kid, it’s in my arms, it’s so small. Fuck.” It’s so surreal for him, and he totally ends up crying. Baby sobs. He’s just standing in the middle of the hospital room with silent tears and staring at the most beautiful thing he’s every seen; his child.

M = Mommy.- what does he call you? 

Taeil’s a ‘mama’ kind of dad. Mama and Dada kind of route. So much easier to teach a baby too, instead of some wild ‘mother/father’ alternate. 

N = Nappies.- who deals with the really bad ones? 

Listen, Taeil will help with almost everything but when it comes to poopie diapers, he’s noping out. He’s standing in the door, handing you baby powder, but actually doing the do, nah. Ain’t happening. 

O = Onesies- Who likes to dress the baby in ridiculous outfits? 
Taeil wears some…not ugly, but just dumb looking clothes sometimes. He’s totally the one to find the ‘cutest onesie you’ll ever see!’ and it just looking like it was found in a trash can from 1896. Keep him away from the baby’s clothes.

P = Pet names- names he calls the baby. 

I feel like Taeil’s a classic dad, and probably calls his babies something almost typical. Like his sunshine, or little angel, or something along those lines. Nothing to wild that makes you need to know the backstory to the nickname or anything.

Q = Questions.- How many questions does he ask the nurse? 

At that time, Taeil is way to focused on you that any question he could possibly have has completely slipped his mind so that’s no help. He probably doesn’t ask the nurse anything, more like he’ll just Google it when he gets home, sort of thing.

R = Rely- what is the biggest thing you rely on each other for? 

The biggest thing you rely on each other for is probably relaxing each other. The moral support every parent needs that hey, you’re fine. The baby’s fine. You’re not a terrible parent. You’re doing perfect, stop doubting yourself. Little words of encouragement here and there are definitely something that happens constantly when the baby comes. Just calms you both down and takes a lot of the ‘holy fuck i’m the worst parent ever’ nerves off.

S = Sleep duty. - who gets up when it’s really late at night? 

Am I the only one that imagines Taeil being the dad that stays up later/wakes up so he can make the next day’s meals? Like meal prep and shiz, since it’s a lot easier to have everything set and ready when you have a kid, instead of trying to cook for both you and him, while feeding the baby? So typically, Taeil is up later than you/gets up regardless, so 9/10 he’s on sleep duty.

T = Trepidation.- fears as a new parent. 
Back to Rely, it’s just the basic new parent fear that everything Taeil’s doing is 100% wrong. Even though he’s literally on the phone every 5 minutes, calling his mom for advice, or on Google non stop, he’s just terrified he’s flopping as a dad. But by baby two, he’s calmed down. 

U = Ultra sounds.- His reactions to the ultrasounds.
I really imagine Taeil being that ugly, choking kind of crier when he sees the legit proof that fuck….there’s actually something growing. it’s a cute moment, but he’s a blubbering mess lmao.

V = Values.- what is the most important value he wants to teach your child.

“Don’t eat ice! Daddy almost died once!” Nah I’m kidding. I think with Taeil, with how he had to choose between college or SM, he’d teach the kids the importance of choices and following your heart, to do what you think feels right. 

W = Water.- Who gives the babe the baths? 
Taeil is always on bath duty. It’s a fun bonding moment with daddy and baby. He’s totally the dad that got a dozen bath toys for a baby that literally gets bathed in, since it’s like….a new born….don’t put new borns in a tub, okay. It’s definitely the opportune moment to get cute dad pics and videos with him and the bub.

X = X-mas- what do you guys plan for the holidays? 

I think Taeil would have a pretty chill family, holidays aren’t really insane. I think he’d be another one that has holidays with the extended family and friends at an earlier or later date, and the actually holiday is reserved just for his little family. Break out the camera, and watch a toddler take 15 minutes of open a present. #FamilyMemories

Y = Yelling.- How many fights do the two of you get in? 

I really don’t see Taeil being an angry guy? Not to the point of actually fighting. I think he’s the kind of guy, let alone husband/father than just stews in frowning silence and the ‘fight’ just consists of his calm, snarky comments in reply to you. 

Z = Zoo- How crazy is the house after the birth?
I’d like to say I think the house would be fine…but realistically with mr. chokes on ice here, it’d be a hellhole. With everything set out for the day, there’s literally no room to walk, someone will always scream when they step on a leggo, where did the pacifier go? idk babe, lemme just run a buy a new one. Save them.

Scenario/Reaction: Showing Him Your Childhood Videos Pt 2 Request by Anonymous


~I take requests~


 You’d end up showing him videos on the night of a storm after the electricity went out. You two decide to watch a movie on your laptop to pass the time, but you choose to show him something else instead. “Look what my mom sent me for my birthday.” You show him the DVD that was entitled ‘Y/N’s Best Moments.’ He immediately takes if from your hands and puts it into the player. He fanboys the entire time. “Look at my Y/N.” He cutely pokes your cheeks. “I think you were a cuter kid than Kookie was. I didn’t know that was possible. Wait… Hold on.” He gets up and runs around the house in search of something. “Tae. Baby? What are you looking for?” He comes sliding in the room almost falling ontop of you. “Look. Jagiya.” He pulls out a picture from his wallet. “I was a decent looking kid too.” He puts it beside your picture on the screen. “Can you imagine how cute our babies would be? I hope they look like you, but maybe a little like me.”

He’d go on for hours talking about your children. Ages, godparents, etc. “Oh my. How indecent of me.” “What is it Tae?” “We should plan our wedding before we plan our children.” You can’t help but smile at your boyfriend’s innocence and preciousness. “Tae, baby. We have plenty of time to worry about that later.” He looks at you and tries to act serious. “Indoor or outdoor wedding?” “Shouldn’t you propose before we plan a wedding?” He leans in and give you a warm kiss. “I have no ring to give at this time, but I’d be very lucky to have you as my wife one day. You will be the best mommy to Tae’s babies.” “I love you Tae.” “I love you too. Can we watch more little Y/N videos.” “Of course, Tae.” You fall asleep on the living room floor cuddled up to your loving boyfriend.

After that night, Tae often brings up the topic of kids, practically every other day. Even though he’s still young himself, he loves thinking about your future children. He know how precious childhood videos and pictures are, so he will plan to make memories of every little moment in your childrens’ lives.


 He is doing what he does best. Snooping. Just kidding. Jimin is helping you get things packed up to move into your new apartment when he comes across a box with the name ‘Jimin’ on it. He sits it aside and continues moving other boxes into the living room, but every time he walks back into the bedroom it’s as if that box is staring him down and calling his name. His curiosity finally gets the best of him, and he opens the box to find a bunch of DVDs just sitting there. He knows you won’t be home from work for a few more hours, so he decides to have a sneak peek. Probably assuming it was sexy videos. You walk in way earlier than expected, and he was caught in the act.

 “What ya doing sweet cheeks?” He pauses the video and begins frantically getting up trying to block the screen. “Wasn’t what you were expecting, was it?” “Not quite.” He murmurs a little embarrassed. “But this was even better… Why are these cute videos in a box marked with my name?” You smile at your precious boyfriend and go wrap your arms around his waist. “You’re important to me, and I wanted to share parts of my childhood with you. I love you, Park Jimin.” “I love you too.” He says tightening the hug and placing a kiss on your forehead. “Do you really think I would leave the sexy videos where you could find them so easily?” “So there are sexy videos?” He gets excited. “You’ll just have to wait and see.” You run off into the bedroom. “If you want to find out, you need to help me with the rest of these boxes.” “Be right there!” He says running. 


You and Jungkook have been arguing for weeks about who was the cutest kid. You had contacted your mom back home to get her to send some homemade video clips, but unfortunately, she didn’t know how to send them via email, so you had to wait awhile for them to arrive in person. You planned it all out- a viewing party for your closest friends to vote on who was the cutest kid. It might be a little overboard, but others don’t know your boyfriend like you do. This was a serious matter. 

The night of the party has arrived. You prepared snacks, drinks, a music playlist, and a great guest list - everything a good party needs. You and your guests sit around the living room waiting for the video/slideshow to begin. Your boyfriend walks up to the TV and begins talking. “Thanks for joining us for this special event. We all know who will win the cutest kid award, but we needed to have this on official record.” He looks at you and gives you a sexy wink. “Sit down already,” you tease back. Throughout both videos, you could hear several awws and how cute. You don’t want to admit it, but Jungkook’s childhood pictures are so precious. If you had a vote, he’d get yours. 

After you and Jungkook tally the votes. You walk up to announce the winner. “Well, I can honestly say I’m a bit surprised by this, but it looks like Kookie is the winner.” You say only a little annoyed. Jungkook walks up and accepts the little certificate you had prepared for the winner. Jungkook wraps his arm around you and begins his winning speech. “I might have won the cutest kid certificate, but my dear Y/N has one the best and most beautiful girlfriend award.” You look up and smile at your amazing boyfriend. “And… There is something I have to admit… Y/N, you were a really adorable kid. I think we should just say it was a tie.” All of the guests just laugh and begin tease the two of you. The BTS members say, “What was the point? We knew it was going to be a tie anyways.” 

 The next time you are at the BTS house, you walk into Jungkook’s room to see a pictures of you and Jungkook as kids on the wall with the certificate above it that he altered to say ‘Cutest Kids’. How precious is that.