I’ve been really wanting to make a wolf FNAF OC for awhile now and I finally did it ^////^ Thank to @thorathekitsune she helped me figure out his name which is Waylon (like from Outlast Whistleblower~)

Now he can join my original crew ^w^ 
I hope you like him~

Art © Me
OC © Me
FNAF © Scott Cawthon/Games


The Audio is not the best, but it´s still beautiful. 

Just hearing it and made cry.

Tmw it looks like Danny is singing to My Darkest Days ‘ Sick & Twisted Affair ‘. This is coming from someone who cant read lips well but istg when i put this gif in my video, i put it at a good point to where the lyrics seemed to match up with what golden boi is saying. Hnng its weird and cool at the same time cause i did a thing…unexpectedly! Le gasps. This is now one of my fav gifs of this lion because of what i found out. Not to mention that particular MDD song has been my eargasm lately. Danny here looks precious singing along to it. What a cutie. x3  ღ