Today me and Rachel accidentally slept in when we wanted to go to Hollywood Studios early lol oops! We did stay up till 3am after all.
Sierra met up with us and we went to HS, drew Pooh, met Sulley and Mike, and then Rachel had to go to work.
Me and Sierra went to 50’s prime time to see if they had reservations and they got us in right away!
Then we went on The Great Movie Ride and went on Rockin’ and by then it was time for Sierra to go to work.
I went back to my hotel and relaxed for an hour and met my friend Bryan at MK with his other 5 friends!
Someone had paper fast passes and we used them on Space, Mine Train, and Haunted Mansion.
We ate Nutella waffles and went to the Dance party in Tomorrowland and finished our night off with Wishes :)
By the end of the night we had about 12 people in our group and they were all so amazing.