autocephaly-deactivated20150314 asked:

even though i understand how it feels to be surrounded with people but still feel alone, know that things get better. if you need to talk i am always here for you. keep your head up high and don't take the people who love you/who you love for granted; they are in your life for a reason. let them in and you will feel much better. <3

This message made me smile :) Thanks so much girl…And it’s hard for me to let people in because of my trust issues i’m really trying to put aside, and I’m just too fucking busy to be going out and shit like that. And almost every friendship i’ve come across so far has fucked me over in some sort of way, so blehh. But you know what, messages like these remind me that there are non-shitty people around and I’m just unlucky and haven’t crossed paths with wonderful people like yourself.