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The GOP could cut NASA funding for climate change in favor of space exploration

  • The GOP is bringing its fight against climate science to a new battleground: NASA. 
  • According to a report from E&E News, congressional Republicans have called for a “rebalancing” of the program’s budget, which could allocate much of the roughly $2 billion that currently goes toward NASA’s Earth Sciences Division to space missions.
  • Under President Donald Trump, however, the fate of agencies focused on climate change research feels precarious at best. 
  • Himself a climate change doubter, Trump has spent his first month in office fast-tracking policies that worry environmental activists. Read more. (2/19/2017 3:00 PM)

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Ok so I loved the jonsa scenes I'm literally still screaming on the inside but one thing that bothers me... Jon is king yes but Sansa is still lady of winterfell, yes? Why can't she say her piece like the other lords and ladies without being accused of undermining him? Btw I'm convinced jonsa is endgame.

Yes, she is still the Lady of Winterfell. 

I’m going to look at this from Jon’s POV. 

So he’s the newly crowned King of the North, a position that he knows full well is precarious at best. They barely wanted him to be king because of bastard upbringing, but if not for the shaming of a ten-year-old, he might not have this position at all. Right now, he’s under intense scrutiny from the Northern lords, and Jon can’t afford to fight among his own bannermen when there are bigger problems beyond the Wall. Jon has always had a very single-minded focus. He has one goal and he goes above and beyond to achieve it. It’s admirable, really, but it means he can’t deal with anything outside of gathering men and women for the war coming. 

Sansa speaking up against him would appear as if she was questioning his authority. He can’t afford people doubting him. This is something they should discuss in private (but honestly, this is Jon’s fault as well for not discussing his decisions with Sansa - yes he is king but Sansa and him are also a team). Also, while Sansa has very good points, he needs the numbers. That’s what it all comes down to and Jon’s single-handed focus means he can’t see Sansa’s good points. He only cares about the war up north, not what is a politically better move for his ruling as king. Fortunately, because the war up north is looming near and everyone knows it, his decision is met with approval. 

That would be why Jon accuses her of undermining him. They’re both wrong imo in this. But the good thing about Jonsa is that they talked about it immediately afterwards instead of letting any resentment fester between them. This is huge and so unbelievably refreshing in Game of Thrones when everyone’s a liar in one way or another. Come what may, endgame or not, Jonsa are a team first and foremost. 

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Hi! I love your drarry fic recs and i was wondering if you could do one for wolfstar too?

You’ve come to the right person my friend, here are some of my favorites;

A Cure For Nightmares by Picascribit (36k)
1976-78: There’s a mysterious new boy at St Godric’s boarding school, and Sirius can’t stop thinking about him, but the secret Remus is keeping might break Sirius’s heart.

Very Bad Things by Freudian Fuckup (58k)
On the list of Very Bad Things Sirius Black has done, Snogging Moony In a Bathroom is really only eighth or ninth.

A Wolf’s Heart by @severus-snape-is-a-butt-trumpet (87k)
Remus Lupin has a congenital heart defect, and is awaiting an available heart for transplant. Sirius Black is an immature twenty-something, living with a couple other immature twenty-somethings. Both are obsessed with the same obscure book, which becomes their coping mechanism for navigating their instant and torrid love affair. Life, they discover, is precarious at best, but from each other, they learn how to make it something that’s worth living.

Text Talk by Merlywhirls (141k)
Sirius is in boarding school, Remus is in hospital, and they don’t know each other until Sirius texts the wrong number.

That Old Black Magic by Fallovermelikestars (36k)
AU in which Remus, being as he is a werewolf and all, is homeschooled til he is 16. Hogwarts is something of an experience, not least because there’s this boy called Sirius Black.

This is You and Me by Children_of_the_Shadows (81k)
The first time Charlus Potter met Remus Lupin, he was reminded of a past he was trying to forget.
The first time Dorea Potter met Remus Lupin, she was reminded of her own limitation.
The first time James Potter met Remus Lupin, he was indifferent.
The first time Sirius Black met Remus Lupin, he threw a punch to his face.

Dating Remus Lupin by Children_of_the_Shadows (83k)
Remus Lupin is a mystery to the whole school; the boy who’s quiet, aloof, and cold. He also happens to be queer, which is enough to gain Sirius’s interest. What Sirius never realised that dating Remus Lupin wasn’t quite as easy as it looked.

The Lines We Cross by REwrites (102k)
He knew that what they were doing was wrong, but found, with every kiss, he cared less and less. AU student-teacher relations set in Sirius’s seventh year.

Momentum by Children_of_the_Shadows (259k)
An epic tale of Remus and Sirius’s lives, starting from the very beginning. A love that carries on through trials, tribulations, and war. AU towards the end, just before October 31st.

Casting Moonshadows by Moonsign (379k)
Lonely and outcast by his classmates, Remus wishes on a moonshadow for a friend who understands him. To his amazement his wish is answered not once, but three times, by his former enemies, the Marauders. SBRL and some JPLE as well, of course.*
*WIP, not abandoned but doesn’t update regularly, doesn’t end in a cliffhanger and worth a read.

Werewolves and Magic and Dreams, Oh My! by Glitterfics (50k)
The three Marauders are not friends with their other roommate. They think he’s quiet and weird and they are uncomfortable around him, especially when they discover he’s a werewolf. But then the dreams start and everything changes.

No Mum, He Really Is My Boyfriend by Showmeyourtardis (27k)
If Remus has to go on one more date set up by his mother, he will maul his own face off. It was nothing against the boys, they were… Well, they were horribly dull, but it was mostly the werewolf thing. So when an escape plan, in the form of Sirius Black, presents itself, Remus is more than happy to take it.

All Hail the Outlaws by @lala-lady-elena (29k)
One of Remus Lupin’s three jobs happens to be working maintenance for their flat building. He gets to meet all sorts, most of whom he would rather have nothing to do with. Until James Potter and Sirius Black move in across the hall. Engineering students and self-proclaimed geniuses, the pair set out to make their neighbours new best friends, and everyone’s life is turned upside down, but in the best way possible.

Aesthetic: Trash Boys by Emaly and Merlywhirls (89k)
A story that starts with dick pics but is really about friendship, falling in love, and summer hols fun.*
*WIP, not abandoned.

Fractured Skies by @lala-lady-elena (18k)
Two worlds collide. Deaf artist Sirius Black works at his best mate’s cafe. Remus Lupin is an epileptic student from France who is just looking to get by unnoticed. But the artist sees something he wants in the shy boy, and makes it his mission to see what makes Remus tick.

Paper Swans by @lala-lady-elena (27k)
The Sequel to Fractured Skies-Remus and Sirius are happy together. But they never envisioned a life where they’d lose their two best friends and have to fight for their godson. And yet things somehow work out, just not in the way they expected. With Harry off to Hogwarts Academy for his first year, Remus and Sirius deal with an empty nest and more importantly, feeling like their family is not yet complete.

I feel like i should rec entire AO3 profile of @angry-space-ravenclaw bc i literally read all her fics and this list would need to have all of them??

Before anyone accuses me of maliciously using what’s clearly intended to be pro sasusaku for an anti post, I should make it clear that I needed the material as a reference to clarify the antithetical nature of my arguments. I refrained from reblogging the same so that I won’t be charged with deliberate cross-tagging. 

With that out of the way, let the dissection commence! 

1. According to the post being scrutinised, Sakura stopping to see Sasuke in a romantic light is synonymous with “giving him up”. Now the love we are talking about is that of an adolescent girl. Undeniably, Sakura’s relationship with sasuke evolves from infatuation to genuine love and affection. But that doesn’t mean it's that kind of love, the cessation of which amounts to betrayal. Surely there’s an element of attraction, but it doesn’t get to solidify into something of a sacred covenant. We are talking here about a girl in her early teens whose object of affection goes absent for a long period of time, a time that’s critical in the formation of her core personality. Growing out of what’s essentially a puppy love, especially when said love isn’t exactly growing up together with her except being a constant shadow that’s nonetheless significant for its disembodied presence. 

Sasuke DOES inhabit her mind all the time when he’s gone. So how does it exactly translate into “abandoning” Sasuke? Since when did fading of a teenage love(a barely infrequent phenomenon) become grounds for accusations of infidelity? How does emotional maturity become equivalent with a contemptible fickleness of character? Unless you resent Sakura actually growing up and changing in ways that are only natural. 

2.Moving on to the next incriminating statement. When does exactly Sakura falter in her conviction regarding Sasuke as things become immensely problematic? The blatant lies she utters before Naruto spring from a conscience overburdened with guilt about rescuing one teammate at the expense of another. Particularly because she feels herself responsible for exacting such a dangerous promise, one that turns out to be Sisyphean in its execution. Sakura already suffers from terrible guilt for being unable to prevent Sasuke’s defection: add to that the fear of perilously endangering Naruto’s life when Sasuke’s retrieval remains precarious at best. Does this constitute “running away from Sasuke”, as it has been phrased above? 

3. Proceeding to the next line of indictment, which implies that the hypothetical scenario of Sakura falling in love with “the cheerful, kind and handsome hero”, thus “forgetting Sasuke” in the process, would have been a heinous, despicable crime. So Sakura growing up to fall in love with someone else in the absence of Sasuke counts as something worthy of condemnation. Because gradually falling in love with one who is your constant companion, one who shares your dreams and fears, one who loves you unconditionally is inconceivable. Nay, not merely inconceivable, but downright cruel and opportunistic. How dare one renege on her vow of eternal love made during the inchoate age of adolescence? Blasphemy!!! Right? 

You are not only eliminating the possibility of change, you are branding it as something toxic, something that deserves recrimination. You denounce a girl if she doesn’t desire a guy who has previously endangered her life without compunction(the curse of Uchihas notwithstanding, Sasuke hadn’t gone delirious with rage as to lose control over his actions). You criticise her as terribly shallow and conceited, to be precise the the ultimate fangirl, because she grew out of her obsessive tendencies to cultivate in herself sincere affection. I can’t even begin to describe how utterly sexist and misogynist these presumptions are. These kind of expectations from a woman plainly reveal the mentality that engenders them: a thoroughbred specimen of a patriarchal culture. 

The most ironic thing is that such a perspective not only vilifies women who undergo some form of personal evolution, it also commodifies men as objects of acquisition in the business of love. Objects, as it were, with quantifiable aspects such as accessibility, sustainability and desirability. What else would one mean by “jumping from one popular guy to another”? You may not realise it but it does injustice to the both of them. 

Even if one disregards the tenuous foundation of Sakura’s “first love”, is it so reprehensible if one grows out of love? And falls in love with someone else? To not remain married to one’s past such that it darkens one’s present: is it in any manner a transgression, a taboo? There’s something known as moving on, looking forward instead of clinging onto ghosts. Once again, the expectation of a woman pledging love to one and only one man, irrespective of irrevocable circumstances and inescapable vicissitudes of life, betrays the ideological undertones of a patriarchal culture. 

You want Sakura to hold onto Sasuke as an inalienable part of her self. She already does. But you want it to conform to the traditional narrative where the heroine is defined in relation to the hero, where she is undeniably an other. Sakura indeed grows strong because of Sasuke. But Sakura also grows strong in spite of Sasuke. There’s the common anti-feminist barb of strong women either demonising love or relegating it to an inferior position. It’s not like that at all. It is only about a woman who can be one half of a heart just as well as a complete whole by itself.

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Hello I have a question. So in midcin it seems pretty easy to just get married but like, if MC actually married Al, or that archduke, or Nico, but not Byron, in what ways would that unify the kingdoms? Like since it's between countries do they have to ask Byron? And then, if one goes to war do they technically both? What happens when their is an heir? Since Byron is still king? And what about when he isn't anymore? I assume they all leave post and move to Wysteria right? Any other details?

Hi, Precious!

I can certainly answer your questions, but it will require a bit of explanation first, including some of the game’s canon and historical context.

Be prepared to look at the Stein trio in a whole new way. 

If you don’t mind spoilers, come get nerdy with me!

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The Terminal, Ch. IX

No grave can hold my body down
I’ll crawl home to her.

There exists a certain coldness in the air that arrives in early November. It was bitter and dry, chaffing skin and almost freezing puddles from dripping mufflers or spigots in backyard sidewalks. Buildings huffed clouds of yawns into the dusk throughout the city, filling the skyline with cloud factories, while trees shivered and leaves became carpets that bunched in the gutters and were meticulously crunched in morning commutes.

The sky went out like a candle, snuffed in the breeze, and the thick wool of the clouds hid the freckles of stars on the night’s skin, while the moon was nothing more than a nightlight under the afghan of the future condensation. While cars burst to ovens with heaters kicked higher and windows fought the constant battle of hot and cold, scarves were pulled tighter around necks and even over ears to stave off the chill that really raised a raucous after quitting time.

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What is your Sorting for the Animorphs?

Tobias gets transferred into Hogwarts during his third year after Ilvermorny discovers that not only is his aunt months behind on tuition, she is also not taking care of him.  Three days after showing up at the house of some distant British uncle, he boards a train in London with dozens of other teenagers and gets shipped off to a castle up north somewhere.  Once he gets there, Professor Robbinette gives him a private sorting ceremony in a back room.  The Sorting Hat spends quite a while telling Tobias that he has a lot of the qualities of a good Ravenclaw before admitting that he would probably fit best in Hufflepuff, and Tobias thinks whatever you want.  In response to that answer, the Hat of course puts him in Hufflepuff.

Cassie is already on the short track to becoming a prefect for Hufflepuff, so she’s the one that Professor Chapman sends to show the transfer student around.  She chats with Tobias about how her favorite subject is Care of Magical Creatures and his is Astronomy, and assures him that there are more students like the two of them—raised as muggles—than there are purebloods like Rachel and Jake and their siblings.  After leaving his things on a bed off the Hufflepuff common room and stopping in the kitchens to introduce him to the house-elves, she brings him upstairs to introduce him to her friends.  And to Jake, who might just think of her as more than a friend, if Rachel is to be believed.  

Jake is distracted while meeting the new student, less concerned with some American transfer than he is with the fact that he didn’t make Gryffindor’s Quidditch team.  It’s not just that he got cut.  It’s that when he admitted to Tom that he didn’t make the team, Tom just shrugged and said there were more important things than Quidditch, which was why he’d quit being captain himself.  Tom has been acting strangely for weeks now, ever since he made Head Boy, and it’s just bizarre that he would quit the team when their entire family lives for Quidditch.  Still, Jake makes an effort to be nice to Tobias, even if he doesn’t know what to make of the way that Rachel is looking at the new kid.  

Rachel spends the first five minutes with Tobias coaxing one of those shy, dreamy smiles out of him, and grins so broadly in return she thinks she startles him.  It’s a shame that Tobias is not in Gryffindor, she thinks, because not only did a certain cousin of hers—she glares at Tom down the table and debates the merits of hexing him—decide to quit the team, but Tobias also shyly admits when asked that he’s pretty good at flying himself.  Proud Gryffindor or no, Rachel is also not about to try out for the team herself.  She barely has enough balance to stay on a broom, much less fly around swatting at bludgers the way Tom does.  The team is going to get slaughtered this year without him, though, so she gets as far as pulling out her wand before Jake grabs her arm and whispers “If you get detention for jinxing the Head Boy two days before a full moon…” and she reluctantly sits back down.  When she glances over at Tobias, he’s watching them both with clear curiosity.

Marco is, as always, reluctant to be seen hanging around with the Berensons since they’re the most Gryffindor family in the history of Hogwarts and his own position in Slytherin tends to be precarious at best.  Sure, Marco knows how to make the whole common room laugh, and he can talk circles around most of their professors enough to impress the younger students, but everyone knows about his family history.  His mother might have been a pureblood witch famous for her beauty as well as her skill with potions, but she married a muggle man who stumbled upon magic accidentally by way of science and then she died ten years later.  Marco’s dad has been Obliviated so many times that nowadays he barely functions, and some of the more meatheaded older students in Slytherin think that that makes Marco no better than a muggle-born.  Jake doesn’t really get it—not only is he as pureblooded as they come, but he also got sorted into Gryffindor in ten seconds flat with no questions asked—but he’s also been there for Marco since before they even started at Hogwarts, so Marco lets himself get dragged over to meet the new Hufflepuff since he’s such a good friend and all.  

Ax floats across the Great Hall from the Ravenclaw table, oblivious to all the heads he turns with his casual beauty, to ask Cassie if she’s finished with the bouillabaisse.  He introduces himself to Tobias and explains he’s a transfer student as well, “From the Ivory Coast” [Cassie coughs loudly] “…of Canada.”  Tobias frowns at this explanation like maybe Ax said something wrong, but then Marco distracts them all by teasing Ax for being able to say “bouillabaisse” without hesitation and yet giggling every time someone says the word “potato.”  Ax cringes in remembered sympathy when Professor Chapman (who as the Deputy Headmaster gets stuck with these responsibilities a lot) stands Tobias up in front of the whole school to introduce him, before going into the usual announcements about how students are not allowed to enter the Forbidden Forest even though the rumors of werewolves and strangely intelligent animals hiding in its depths are unfounded gossip.  (Rachel and Marco grin knowingly at each other at this last one, and Jake shoots Ax a sympathetic look as the first years all start whispering about werewolves.)  

Jake and Rachel are having a whispered argument in their usual spot above the Owlery where Cassie’s dad works—Rachel thinks they should tell Tobias everything and make him an Animagus, whereas Jake is firmly against it out of fear of repeating the David Incident—when Marco comes stalking in, so quickly that Ax looks up from his spell practice and Cassie sets aside the owl treat she’s holding.  Marco slams an enormous book on Imperius Curses down on the table between them, and says, “Loop him in, I say, because it looks like we have one hell of a problem on our hands.”  

For garnetquyen, who wanted: 

Erik and Charles met at a party, it was love at first sight, but they never met again after that. With only Charles’s name in mind, Erik chased after Charles from city to city, collecting Charles’s info on the journey. How would Erik react the moment he finally met Charles again unexpectedly (like if he was about to give up his hopeless chase)

 This was supposed to be a postcard fic, but then it got a little too long to fit on a postcard haha. Thanks to ike for sort of suggesting Charles’ profession.


The last memory Erik has of Charles is helping the shorter, slighter man climb up into the back of a U-Haul, his gloved hand warm in Erik’s and his black clothes helping him blend into the dark shadows. His peacock mask, complete with a frill of sparkling blue-and-green feathers hid all of his face except for his eyes, which hadn’t left Erik’s face for even a second.

“Good luck,” Charles had told him, and for a moment Erik’s voice had gotten caught in his throat.

Will I ever see you again is what he wants to say, but what comes out instead is a croaked, “You too.”

Charles smiles behind his mask. Erik can’t see his mouth and those sinfully red lips he’d been taking advantage of only fifteen minutes before, but he can see the smile in Charles’ eyes. Then Charles had slapped the side of the U-Haul in signal and the truck had roared to life, taking off down the long driveway of the mansion at Erik’s back, disappearing off into the night. All he knows is Charles’ first name, and that he might be a little bit in love.

Erik doesn’t know it yet, but this is the last time he’ll see Charles in two years.

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Arrow fic: Cabin in the Woods (Oliver/Felicity, Team Arrow, Humor, 1/1)

Oliver/Felicity, Team Arrow. Rated Teen (just to be safe). 2888 words.

So, this is super ridiculous. But writing it made me happy.

Not sure on the time setting for this - between seasons 2 and 3, I guess? That everyone is happy here is all you need to know, really. Cross-posted to AO3. @machawicket​, @jsevick​, @bethanyactually​, because I think you’ll all get a kick out of it.


8:20 pm

The stakeout had been Felicity’s idea, but the cabin had been Oliver’s.

And, really, she could see his reasoning. If they were going to stake out suspected arms dealers deep in the forests north of Starling City, having an inconspicuous cover was certainly a good idea. The location made for an excellent vantage point over the alleged drop sites, and Felicity had become quite adept at setting up a mobile system through which she could eavesdrop on any nearby electronics.

So it wasn’t the idea of the cabin that she took issue with so much as the execution of the cabin.

Which, as they all discovered upon arrival, was exceedingly poor.

“Oh my god, Oliver, what is this place?” Felicity asked, instinctively taking a step back and colliding with Roy’s shoulder.

To begin with, the power situation was obviously precarious at best. There was exposed wiring in what Felicity assumed was the kitchen (a cabinet, a dirty sink, and an unplugged mini fridge does not a kitchen make), and the lights flickered and dimmed unpredictably in the main room.

Then there was the bathroom, which was just barely above horrifying, with a shower head that hung down from the ceiling by a hose and a plate with one screw, and a tiny toilet in the corner. It didn’t even have a door, just a sickly green shower curtain hanging by a rod in the doorway.

Oliver didn’t seem to understand the question. “It’s a cabin.”

“No, Oliver, this is a Saw movie waiting to happen.” She clutched her light overnight bag to her front, afraid to set it down on the dingy floor. She turned to Diggle and sent him a look, silently asking him to intervene.

He shrugged as if to say we’re here now, what do you want me to do? “Where did you say you found this place?”

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Imagine #47 Chris [Requested]

A/N: I got so carried away with this because it was my first Chris Argent request, lol. I hope you enjoy it! :)

Allison’s death demolished you; dismantling the remnants of your life in a heap of chaotic devastation, the unfathomable loss left your soul crippled and beaten. Allison was your best friend; the sole person to perceive the past that made you the cautious hardened person you were. She may have been two years your minor, but the age difference never wedged hindrance in the friendship. Allison Argent was family; the brunette huntress was the absolute final person dear to your heart and she was torn from your crimson stained hands. Scott McCall’s pack held a unique dwelling in your heart after her passing, extending their condolences and establishing the reality that you no longer needed to be alone. You’d aided in countless strategic feuds throughout the years, mainly due to the tightknit relationship with Allison, and the teenagers had grown on you. You were guarded in trust; keeping reserved impressions of their character until their actions proved honorable. Despite this fact, the darkness inflicted upon your allegiant heart was paralyzing. The sadness forcing you to confide in the unlikeliest of confidants; Chris Argent.

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“oh no,” she murmurs softly, voice pitched low enough not to be overheard while she fiddles with her hair. she had known this would happen – the intricate arrangement mariposa had meticulously styled for her was precarious at best. of course it would fall out with just one improper touch. rory can feel long locks of hair escaping their designated place on her head and even without sight, she knows she looks a mess. it isn’t that her appearance is all that important to her – it’d be hard to justify caring when she can’t visualize the results – but she knows her friend had her looking put together and poised; it seems rude to let that work go to waste. at the sound of what she presumes to be footsteps of someone approaching, rory pushes aside her embarrassment and gets to her feet, cane in hand. she hopes she’s talking to someone but it wouldn’t be the first time she’s addressed the air, either. “tell me – does my hair look as bad as it feels?”


Erik Jan Hanussen — The Man Who Taught Hitler How to Speak.

External image

A good movie to watch is The Kings Speech, the story of how a speech therapist named Lionel Logue helped King George VI, a man who was a lifelong stutterer, speak in public.  At the same time King George suffered from his speech impediments, Adolf Hitler had his own public speaking man who taught him how to speak in front of large crowds.

Erik Jan Hanussen was an early 20th century magician, actor, occultist, astrologer, hypnotist, and supposed telepath/clairvoyant.  In the early days of the National Socialist Party, Erik Jan Hanussen was among Hitler’s inner circle, who would do astrology readings and fortunetelling for der Fuhrer.  However, Jan Hanussen had a more important skill than mere fortunetelling.  He was a showman and actor with years of experience in front of crowds.  In the early days of Hitler’s rise as leader of the Nazi Party, Hitler was actually a very shy man, not the bold, passionate, fiery leader that many know him as.  Jan Hanussen essentially taught Hitler to become an effective public speaker.  He taught Hitler how to use the intonation of his voice to woo crowds, he taught him how to use body language to enhance his speaking skills, and most importantly he taught Hitler how to be confident and charismatic while speaking.  Exercises included the mock presentation of speeches, acting lessons, and the practicing of dramatic poses (pictured above). In essence, Erik Jan Hanussen was Adolf Hitler’s Lionel Logue, he was the anti-Logue.

External image

By the 1930’s, Hitler was delivering fiery speeches to crowds that numbered in the tens of thousands.  In 1933, Hitler was made Chancellor of Germany, a position which he would use to become dictator of Germany very quickly.  Despite his success, Jan Hanussen’s position within the new Third Reich was precarious at best.  He often attracted jealousy and scorn from other party members, such as Heinrich Himmler and Hermann Goring.  Then, to enhance his image as a clairvoyant, Jan Hanussen released top secret party information to the public which he presented as predictions of the future.  People were amazed when he made the “prediction” that the Reichstag would be burned down.  Other party members were not so impressed.  The final straw came when it was revealed that Jan Hanussen was secretly a Jew named Hermann Steinschneider.

On March 25th, 1933 Erik Jan Hanussen was ambushed by a group of SA men and murdered.


A Reylo drabble.

Thanks so much to @jinxkatkazama for the prompt!

Rey scowled at the top shelf where the last ream of bond paper was. She never did understand why anyone would store the papers so high up. She looked around the office, looking for something she could use to boost herself up other than her chair. Seeing nothing, she sighed and rolled the chair over.

She was probably going to break her neck, and for what? A measly office supply just so she could print out the worksheet her class was going to use the next period.

She climbed on her chair, her knees shaking because it wasn’t the least bit stable. As she tried to straighten, the chair moved, causing her to crouch back down and grip the backrest.

A snicker alerted her to someone else’s presence in the faculty room. Rey looked over to see her boyfriend and co-teacher, Ben, leaning against the doorframe.

“Don’t let me stop you,” he said, clearly amused at her current situation.

“You could help, you know,” she scowled, trying to stand on the chair again.

“Ah, but you’d call me out for helping when you wanted to do it by yourself.”

Rey didn’t respond, he had a point. There had been several instances when he assisted her and she’d get mad at him for it. Rey was used to getting things done on her own. Not that she didn’t appreciate the help, it just took some getting used to.

“Be careful,” he warned, moving closer to her in order to catch her if she fell.

“I can do this,” she insisted.

She was standing upright on the chair now. It was wobbly, but she had a semblance of balance. All she had to do was reach up and get the paper so she could hop off the chair and be on safe, stable ground once more.

The only problem was, even though she was already on the chair, she still couldn’t reach the paper.

She exhaled and estimated the distance between her hands and her prize. She could reach it if she stood on tip toe. Then again, her balance was already shaky.

“Rey?” Ben asked, his voice filled with concern.

“I can do this Ben,” she replied.

Rey raised herself up to the tips of her toes. Her balance was precarious at best. Still, she was stubborn, she was so close. She could already grasp the ream.

Then the chair slipped.

Rey felt the air rush out of her lungs. She squeezed her eyes shut, so sure that she would fall on the ground. She braced herself for impact.

But it didn’t come.

Instead she felt two hands on her hips, bracing her, holding her up. She slowly opened her eyes.

Ben had caught her. Sometimes it amazed her at how strong he was. She was tiny compared to him, but she wasn’t skin and bones either. But he lifted her like she weighed nothing.

He set her down, and frowned at her.

“Next time,” he said, no longer amused. “Just ask for help. I would have gone and gotten you a step ladder if it was so important that you had to be the one to get that.”

He glared at the ream of paper that she had in her arms.

“Ben,” she softly whispered.

“What am I saying?” Ben shook his head, his agitation building. “Of course you won’t ask for help. Sometimes I don’t know what to do.”

“Ben,” Rey said once more.

“Is it so hard to admit that you can’t do everything on your own?” he continued.

“Oh Ben,” she said, setting the paper down on her desk.

“What?” he asked, sitting down on her chair.

“Yes it’s hard,” she admitted, standing in front of him so she could cup his face. “I’ve been so used to doing things by myself that I forget that I can ask for help.”

She leaned down and let their foreheads touch.

“But I’ll try next time,” Rey promised, giving him a quick peck on the lips. “Thank you.”

Although Rey still found it hard to ask for help from time to time, she got better at it. After all, Ben, more often than not, offered before she could even ask.

I had to do an AU bc I think Rey would use the Force to pull anything to her. I hope you liked it!

On this day in history…

1 September 1532: Anne Boleyn is made Marquess of Pembroke.

By 1532, “The King’s Great Matter” - Henry VIII’s attempts to divorce Catherine of Aragon and marry Anne Boleyn - had remained unresolved for at least five years. Throughout this period, Anne Boleyn, her family, and her supporters had acquired a significant amount of influence. In 1531, the king sent Queen Catherine to live at the More, and Anne became the first woman at court. Despite Henry VIII’s attentions and his continual promises of marriage, Anne’s position was still precarious at best. The papacy refused to grant an annulment of the king’s first marriage. Henry was, however, beginning to entertain alternative options, the most important of which was the idea of bypassing the Catholic Church altogether. By 1532, he was anxious to garner further support for his marriage and to make Anne seem worthy of queenship. In anticipation of their meeting with Francis I of France in Calais, the king decided to ennoble Anne. On 1 September 1532, he created her Marquess of Pembroke suo jure (in her own right) with an elaborate ceremony at Windsor. Anne wore red velvet and ermine, and her long hair loose (she would also do this at her coronation less than a year later.) Through this title, Anne immediately became one of the wealthiest and most influential individuals in England. Marquesses ranked only below dukes (of which there were three - the Dukes of Norfolk, Suffolk, and Richmond), and as a suo jure peeress, she ranked above all other noblewomen. The king was now intending to marry a noblewoman, rather than a commoner. The newly-created marquess thus accompanied Henry VIII to Calais, and she was treated for all intents and purposes as a future queen. Some historians argue that Henry ennobled Anne merely in case she produced an illegitimate son, as the patent merely stated that the title would pass to her male heirs (without specifying whether they should be legitimate.) If she did produce an illegitimate son, the child would thus be provided for. If this was a motive, the king soon changed his plans, however, for Henry and Anne did in fact conceive a child that winter. Anxious to legitimize the pregnancy, the couple were immediately married (though some argue that marriage occurred first.) Anne was therefore Queen of England when she gave birth to her daughter, Elizabeth, in 1533.

You Could Be Happy - 1/10

Sequel for Bonfire Heart which can be found here

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Thanks to my amazing beta sevendeadlyfun for just being generally awesome - love you! 

Part One

Doors slammed throughout the house, and shouts and pleas could be heard from two houses down the street. The air was thick with misery and heartbreak. He didn’t know why she was crying, or why this was happening, but he cried all the same. It all ended when she opened the front door and left.

Everything seemed fine. They’d been enjoying a nice, comfortable evening in together when suddenly she’d snapped. Started rushing through the house, grabbing at her things saying that she couldn’t do it anymore. He’d pleaded with her to tell him what was up, what he’d said to make her think this. But, instead, she’d ignored his desperate questions and stormed out of the house.

“Rae” Finn shouted. He flung the front door, which had just been slammed in his face, wide open.

 She had made her way half way down the drive now, past his car and he watched helplessly as she chucked her bits in the backseat of her car.  Before he could stop her, she briskly made her way to the driver’s seat, shutting the door and locking it. Quickly rushing after in an attempt to stop her, his arms came down heavy on the bonnet as hot tears continued to pour down his cheeks.

“Rae!” He pleaded again. The engine began to vibrate against his palms as she turned the key in the ignition. Their eyes locked for a second. His breath caught in his throat as he whispered one word. He knew she couldn’t hear him, but from the softening expression on her face, he could tell that she understood him.


Her face fell for a moment, and he felt triumph rip through his body as it did so. The feeling of victory cut short as her face hardened again. She pulled out of the drive, sliding right out from under him and leaving him staring after her as she drove away.


The ball hit the back of the net, signalling the fifth goal to be scored that half. Finn scowled as his arms lifted above his head, clipboard teetering loosely between two fingers.

“Come on Connor!” He shouted at a boy who was standing near the goal, looking a little bit lost. “You’re supposed to be DEFENDING” Connor’s eyes drifted to meet Finn’s. Finn regretted it as soon as he saw the boy jog off, pretending to get back into the game. It’d been two months since Rae stormed out of his life and his temper was precarious at best. Certainly not cool enough to deal with the bullshit of a bunch of teenaged wankers

“Finn, calm down a bit mate.” He felt the hand of his assistant coach on his shoulder, trying to soothe him. “It’s alright – they’re only kids.”

Finn’s arm came down by his side, and he sent a sarcastic grimace in the direction of the assistant coach, before drawing his eyes to the clipboard which detailed the plan for the match. The game, however, was not following the plan at all. His eyes lifted up again as he saw the football hurtling past Connor and straight into the goal.

“Fucks sake!” Finn shouted loudly as the final whistle blew, bringing the game to an end with a score of 15-2. The match gone to a school from the other side of the town, one with a really shitty reputation at that. He spun around, anger rushing through his veins and he began to shake with the fury.

He brought the clipboard in his hand down heavy on the chair behind him. Bits of plastic flung back towards him as he continued to batter it down on the chair, and he could feel a wet sensation on his cheek as he did so. Two strong arms wrapped around his waist, pulling him away from the chair and causing him to drop the destroyed clipboard to the floor.

“That’s it” said the assistant coach in his ear as he dragged Finn away, unprotesting. “You’re going to see Giles.”


Giles Harrison was the head-teacher of St Marys Catholic School for Boys. He was a bit of a prick, and an even shittier head-teacher. He was known to stand up at the front of assembly and pick his teeth with a cocktail stick as he stared the students down. Finn ended up hating assemblies; it always reminded him of times with Rae, even at his new school. He always remembered back to when he would seek her out at the beginning of the assembly, standing next to her and trying to make her laugh at the most inappropriate moments. Finn shook his head, trying to spare himself from the pain of those very distant memories.

“Mr Nelson – can I call you Finn?” Giles didn’t wait for a response, but stood up from his desk and looked down at Finn. His fingers curled around a cocktail stick and he brought it up to his teeth, making Finn wanting to vomit a little as he heard the scraping of the stick as it came into contact with Giles’ teeth. “Finn, I think you need to take some time out. We can’t be having the scandal of a teacher smashing stuff up going into the news.”

“I don’t think that’s necessary sir.” Finn responded, rolling his eyes a little as he leaned further back into his chair. He had never really rolled his eyes until he’d started seeing Rae, and the memories of her sarcastic rolls brought fresh pangs of longing back into his stomach.

“No – it’s not a request.” Giles said, bringing his fists down onto his desk and leaning over it, positioning himself so that he was on level with Finn, staring at him cruelly. “I am issuing you with a two week suspension. When you get back – you’d better be on your best behaviour otherwise I’ll make sure that you don’t get a job around here again.” Finn swallowed hard, his brooding eyes cold as he nodded in agreement with his boss.


After leaving the school grounds, he knew that there was one person who would understand - one person who would be there for him no matter what. He was at the lowest that he’d been in a while. Finn could hear the footsteps approaching the door and, after a moment’s pause, the door was open wide to welcome Finn in.

“Finn?” Archie said. His eyes fell to the bag in Finn’s left hand, before darting to the sorrowful expression written into Finn’s face. Archie groaned inwardly, turning and indicating with one arm that Finn was permitted to enter.

 “Can’t stay at home.” Finn mumbled as he walked past his best friend, duffle bag brushing against his leg. “Too many memories, y’know?”

“Yeah” Archie replied with a reassuring smile. “Well, you know you’re always welcome here. My place is your place.”

Finn set himself down into an armchair, and tapped his fingers against the arm rests unconsciously.

“Cheers Arch. You’re a true-en” He smiled, before it faded from his face and his lips formed themselves into a little frown, taking in everything that had happened over the last couple of months. 

Fic: Untouchable

I promised smut, so here is smut.

This is a long-mooted follow-up to On the Nature of Lady Justice. If you haven’t read that, all you really need to know is that Belle escaped the asylum, but on her way back to the town, she was hit by a van and ended up in a coma in hospital. Gold read their story from Henry’s book to her every day until she woke up and remembered him. 

It was already half-written so I dusted it off and finished it up. Enjoy!

Rated NC-17, natch.


Belle is already in her bed when Gold comes in from the shop, and he can’t say he’s surprised. She’s spent the day down at the library, beginning the steady process of restoring and reclaiming it. She rang at lunchtime to say that she was both incredibly excited and incredibly exhausted. She’s regained her strength now, since her accident, but she still tires quicker than before; she goes to bed early and sleeps in late. He opens her bedroom door a fraction to check on her, like he always does, and he has to suppress a groan of desire in the back of his throat. Her nightdress is hanging off one shoulder, exposing her breast, and it takes every ounce of his self-control not to go over and kiss the pale, creamy skin.

No, he reminds himself crossly. Belle is fragile, breakable – the scars up and down her the left side of her chest and shoulder are testament enough to that. She is to be loved, cherished, kissed tenderly, but she is not to be touched.

Keep reading