Hey guys! So I decided to put a complete math masterpost (algebra 1, geometry, algebra 2, trigonometry, pre-calculus, and calculus) together for all of you kids in high school like me! 


cheat sheet here

free online textbook

resources to go along with a textbook

some practice problems

another algebra cheat sheet

one more cheat sheet


online textbook for free here (hover to see the table of contents)

resources to go with the textbook

khan academy

cheat sheet

and another cheat sheet

some video lessons

practice problems

amazingly helpful post by @etudiance here!!!

tips and tricks

test practice

general tips

multiple choice practice

standardized test practice

the textbook I used when I took geometry last year + the username is ILOVEMATH9 and the password is ILOVEMATH


my recent post on algebra 2 here


free online trig textbooks

trig cheat sheet

sheet with trig functions and definitions

learn how to do trig

trig problem solver

another trig problem solver

trig problems with solutions

more trig practice

standardized trig practice


practice problems

pre calc cheat sheet

resources for students

free online textbook

another free online textbook

this post by @attackonstudying

this post by @etudiance

this post by @productivityjunction

this post by @themathblrs

another post by @etudiance

precalc tips

khan academy precalc youtube channel

another precalc youtube channel

and another precalc youtube channel


free online textbook

another free online textbook

this post by @angestudies

this post by @cherrypikkins

this post by @munirastudies

this post by @studygene

some tips

calculus cheat sheet here

more calculus tips

how to ace calculus

tips for success in calculus

calculus exam tips


a post on success in any math class by @humanlties

a post on math tips in general by @thepoisonivyleague

post with helpful sites for math by @mathbrain

a post with general math tips plus resources for algebra 1, algebra 2, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus by @studybuzz​

and that’s all! I hope this was helpful to someone! Good luck with all your classes and see you next time! hugs, mel

hello! precalculus is a pretty interesting class if you put your mind to it, and i found some great resources for it so i thought i would share! also, since trigonometry is part of this subject, that’s included too!

+ trig specific

more masterposts!!

i hope this was of help to you! keep shining like the star you are and remember to be awesome today!!

- Aza


11:29 PM // January 9, 2016 | Here’s a ‘Magic’ Trig Hexagon trick I found a while back when I really needed help learning my trig identities! Hopefully this helps you guys memorize them a bit better and add a trick up your sleeve for exams! 

Trig Review #1: Basic Trig & Graphing

Here is some useful information that I’ve created about the basics of trigonometry as well as the graphs. Part 2 is out. You can find it here.

All graphs come from Wolfram Alpha (very cool resource).

Degrees & Radians; Six Trig Functions

Coterminal Angles, Arc Length, and Signs

The All Important Unit Circle (sorry, it’s a bit hard to see)

Those Pesky Trig Graphs

I have to know more graphs???

I hope this has helped you get closer to being a master at trig. More to come regarding trig identities and equations! (:

Because understanding MatheMATTERS, bro.

Here’s the deal: I work for an online class, and I want you to take it. It’s free. It’s precalculus topics. It’s built on an Inquiry-Based Learning philosophy. I’m going to tell you a really long-winded story, because I really, really care about this thing and it’s hard to be short-winded when I care this much. 

I have two causes in life. Two things I really care about. One is really solid puns. The other is good math education. The latter is significantly more meaningful to me that the first, and it needs and deserves better advocacy. 

Here’s me. I’m so in love with math I can’t handle it. I never stop talking about it. What most people don’t expect is that my love of math began in 9th grade when I failed high school Algebra I. It didn’t feel like love at the time, I’ll tell you that. In fact, it felt like summer school (it was summer school). Like Han Solo and Princess Leia in the earlier days, I mistook my love for abject disdain and made it a mission to avoid math for as long as I was able. I’m a pretty resolute gal, so I made it all the way through college and into the professional world with that summer school Algebra I serving as the extent of my mathematical know-how. It killed my love of science. It limited the way I was able to think. 

I made it to the age of 23 before I decided I didn’t wan’t to be limited anymore. I wanted to truly know the natural world, and math was the stoic gatekeeper of that knowledge. After three years in a law career, I decided the toll was worth paying. I was surprised when I got a perfect score on my first trig test (yeah, I took trig at the age of 23. Wanna fight?). I was shocked when I reapplied to the University of Texas and got an A in an accelerated section of calculus. I was dumbstruck when I first learned about proofs. I’m still dumbstruck when I think about abstract algebra proofs. They’re the best I mean it’s just so it’s it’s… Ah, I give up. There ain’t words for love like that.  

I was surprised because the topics I took were NOTHING LIKE the math I failed back in high school. I had thought, for a decade of my life, that I was bad at math because I’m a crummy arithmetician. Well, guess what’s got two thumbs and is STILL a really crummy arithmetician? Yep, this girl. The day I learned that math \not= arithmetic was a big day for me. I get real cranky when I think about all the brilliant people who stopped learning math because they were led to believe that math and arithmetic are same thing. There are wonderful abstract thinkers out there who have been told they can’t be mathematicians, and that makes me wanna throw things. The reason for my existence is to make sure that stops happening.  

So, here’s the deal: I work for people who are working hard every second of the day to change the way that math is taught. One of them has worked real hard to develop and staff an online class. The topics are familiar, but the method of delivery is entirely different. There are no answers to the explorations, just a lot of thinking and caring about understanding the material on a whole new level. It’s the way I had to teach myself when I first dedicated myself to understanding this stuff, and my mentor has developed a wonderful class and made it free because he thinks well-taught math is a basic human right. He’s a big shot math educator at the University of Texas at Austin, and he’s built some incredible material into a whole new way to teach Precalculus topics, and that is something worth writing a three-page blog entry over. 

You’ll hear more about this from me, but for now, check out the link here:

or the Twitter here: (It’s just getting started, so look for more to come). 


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this morning i volunteered at the adoption center and got to see two tiny newborn possums. i’ve now finished the last of my homework for the weekend, some precalculus, a pretty easy review of permutations and combinations. i also got this new burt’s bees candle in the scent ‘farm fresh apple’ and i love it! my mildliners that I ordered should be coming in tomorrow or tuesday and i’m really excited! have a great day!

10 Day Study Challenge and Motivate Me Monday

8:54 am I November 24th, 2014

Just organized and cleaned up my “study area”. In reality, it is a dining room table since I am visiting family for Thanksgiving. About to start making a Pre-Cal study guide as finals are coming up in exactly 4 weeks.