9.5.16 | 7:08 PM // I finally get time to myself to do some more precal revision. I cooked the dinner for later tonight and baked some lemon cupcakes the cupcakes smelled so good oh my god


11:29 PM // January 9, 2016 | Here’s a ‘Magic’ Trig Hexagon trick I found a while back when I really needed help learning my trig identities! Hopefully this helps you guys memorize them a bit better and add a trick up your sleeve for exams! 

How To Study For a Math Test

Honestly, most people don’t study for a math test. Mostly because there’s almost no actual information to study for. And there’s no way you’re going to give yourself any extra work by giving yourself more problems right? Well I myself am not really an all-night study person (yet) and I will share how I study and other methods of studying for a high school math test.

1. NOTES: (Most common) Listen, I take notes for in-class purposes but I don’t really use them otherwise. Some people worship their notes. It really just depends on how you learn. If your notes are full of helpful tips and examples, then definitely read over those.
2. ASKING: Don’t ever be afraid to ask a teacher for help on a certain problem. They’re there to teach you obviously. Even if you’re socially awkward like me, you can still ask them. It’s preferred to ask a teacher sometime before or after class.
3. PROBLEMS: Although it may come off as extra work, this CAN help you, especially if it’s the night before the test. Find some problems in the book and try to work them out. You don’t necessarily have to take out paper and work them all out if you don’t want to. You can simply just think about how to solve the particular type of problem.
4. SKIMMING: (My personal way of studying) Open your textbook and flip through the chapter you are currently studying in class. Skim the information and take note of any key concepts or examples. Look and see how each example is worked out and why. You can also skim your homework to see how problems were solved earlier.
5. FLASHCARDS: This really depends on the type of class you’re taking and how you learn. If you’re a more English/Foreign Language oriented learner, this could help. Make some flashcards on chapter vocab and formulas and study them.
6. GROUPS: Why not make math fun (If not already)? Do some problems with friends and you can definitely stick in some information into your brain. Friends can also help you with problems if a teacher is unavailable.

You CAN study for a math test, believe it or not. Remember to ask questions if you’re confused so you can pass that test!

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Hi! do you have any advice on how to succeed in precalculus?

Overall Tips:

As with any math class, practice the material a lot and complete all homework you’re assigned. If you get the wrong answer, don’t just accept it–figure out what you did wrong and how to solve the problem right next time. (And don’t be scared to ask for help when needed!)

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~I had a lot of fun in this class and I hope you do to!~

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I’m in love with this song tbh. Good shit.
Anyways, here’s some precalc notes from last night with friends on Skype chillin. I’m really proud of a lot of my precalc notes so far so I’ll be posting more in the future. Until then, have a good night everyone!