Request : Sasuke sees an old s/o that he left because he thought feelings got in the way but she’s walking around with a child that he KNOWS is his.

I gave Sasuke a daughter because I just don’t see Sasuke having a son? Anyway. I didn’t want to use Sarada for this scenario, also, I think I may have accidentally wrote this story in a modern AU… so I hope you don’t mind. - Aidyn (back from the dead)

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Sasuke had to double-check just to make sure he wasn’t hallucinating – that kid he just saw walking past looked exactly like a young version of his late mother. Unfortunately, the little girl vanished in the crowded streets full of tourists coming to enjoy the summer solstice festival.

Confused, Sasuke turned towards Naruto, who was busy trying to get his children to stay in the line of the dango shop they had been waiting in for about ten minutes already – which proved very difficult as Boruto was screaming about being hungry and kicking around in his arms and Himawari was constantly crying about wanting to see her mom.

Between two failed escape attempts from Boruto, Naruto looked back at Sasuke to ask him for help and noticed the apparent shock in his best friend’s eyes. “You look like you’ve just seen a ghost,” Naruto joked before having to dodge Boruto’s fist going straight for his head.

“I just might have,” Sasuke mumbled under his breath, looking back in the direction he saw the little run in. “Did you–” Sasuke stopped mid-sentence when he realised Naruto wasn’t listening to him anymore. “Nevermind.”

The Uchiha buried his hands in his pockets and shook his head. He was definitely having visions. Or, at least, that’s what he kept telling himself, but that wasn’t enough to convince him. He could’ve sworn that this little girl was the spitting imagine of his mother.

Sasuke sighed, pondering about whether or not he should try to find her again or give up. The choice didn’t prove itself to be very difficult. He had to see her again, or else he would start going crazy.

“I’m going to the bathroom,” he announced, leaving the line right after without letting Naruto respond.

Sasuke scanned around the streets and the shops, paying attention to every face he came across, until his eyes landed on a familiar face: yours. His ex-girlfriend he left five years ago – a mistake he regrets today – because he thought she was getting in the way of his ambition of becoming a captain in the police forces just like his father was.

And then he saw her. That little girl he saw earlier. And he was right: she had Mikoto’s facial features, her eyes, her straight black hair framing her face. He heard her call you mama… and everything came clear in his mind. He had to talk to you. He needed answers.

After taking a deep breath to muster his courage, Sasuke crossed the busy street and caught up to you right as you were preapring to leave the mask shop you were in.

“(Y/N)?” he called from behind you, placing his left hand on your shoulder.

You jumped and quickly spun around. It took you a moment to recognise him – his hair was longer and his job seemed to have taken a toll on him as evidenced from the bags under his dark eyes – but when you did, you couldn’t help but frown. It had been five years since he left for some stupid reason… what could he possibly want from you?

“Ah. It’s you. I thought it was someone I actually care about. I’m disappointed.” Your words came out sharper than you anticipated: even after all this time, you still weren’t completely over him, and it hurt to see him again.

“You know what, I probably deserve it,” he began. “I didn’t expect to meet with you today, but I think you know why I came to you.” To put emphasis on his words, Sasuke looked down at your daughter, who scooted closer to you, visibly intimidated by the presence of this stranger.

“Not at all,” you shook your head.

“She’s mine, isn’t she?”

His question, which sounded more like a statement than anything else, startled you. You wondered if you should tell him the truth.

“Who told you?”

“No one told me. I saw her running past me earlier. She’s the spitting image of my mother… did you seriously think I wouldn’t notice?”

You pretended to reflect on his question. “Actually, I did. I thought I would never have to cross your path again. I guess I was wrong.” You paused, and a heavy, uncomfortable silence fell upon your shoulders. “Well, I guess we don’t have to prolong this unpleasant conversation any longer. You got what you wanted, afterall.” You picked your daughter up, preparing to leave, but Sasuke stopped you once again.

“(Y/N), wait!”

You let out an annoyed sigh. He wasn’t going to give up, was he?


“Just… please, give me one chance to make it back to you.”

You started laughing.

“What makes you think that I– that we want you in our lives after all this time?”

“I’m not asking you to forgive me. I know I was an idiot for leaving you that day–”

“You were.”

“… Thanks. Listen, all I ask is for one chance. I want to get to know my– our daughter. If not for me, do it for her.”

“How can I be sure you won’t leave after you get bored? I’d rather have her not know her father than having her suffer if he runs away again.”

Sasuke glanced at the little girl in your arms, looking for a sign that she understood who she was, but it seemed like she didn’t.

“I won’t. I swear on my mother’s grave that I won’t.”

His words shocked you. You knew how important his mother was to him. For him to swear on her grave was a huge deal. You looked into his eyes, looking for a sign that he was lying, but you found none.

You sighed in defeat. “Alright. You can spend the evening with us if you want. We’ll see how serious you are about this.”

You never saw Sasuke smile so brightly before in his life, and you had to admit… it did warm up your heart a little bit.

2x18 Awake, Arise, or Be Forever Fallen

WARNING: This review contains spoilers


Omg. Boiiiiii did Harry killed it. Magnus and his doubts were so real. Honestly I’m praying that he won’t take The Queen’s offer. Luke’s right this is stupid and dangerous. But aside that… I’m happy to see this very human side of Magnus. With second thoughts. Thinking. Being helpful. Being confused. God. More of this please.

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I need to say this right freaking now. They DIDN’T brake up. Nah. Nu-uh. Stop.Okay? Okay. So I’m glad we have this clear. So focusing on the flashbacks. Holy shit. That was gooooooooooooooooooooood! They fixed 2x07, gave us the flashback from 1x06 and that morning scene. OMG they are getting better and better. Even THE HARD TALK was… Really good. Healthy. I have cried but I also enjoyed this. Call me a masochist… (Btw if you wanna see my theory about Malec click here) Btw… I have almost forgot how annoying Alec was in s1… Character development guys, you’re doing it right…

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3. Alec

I feel you dude. Geez he is such a great leader, brother and lover. He has his flwas, he has made mistakes but he is learning from them and it’s great. I love how they somehow comapred Alec from s1 and the one from s2. I love how he was worried about Max, comforted Izzy, how he didn’t blame her and that he said to Magnus that he has no right to ask him for help his FIRST. And that he really was willing to fight for him. Go, Alec!

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4. Sebastian

Haha!! A 12-year-old outsmarted you bitch! And Clary too! How does it feel, sweetie? Go back to Edom, really, I don’t need you here. But God. He was scary af and he is a master of his game. Too bad that he haden’t check this box (for him, not for our mains ofc), I wonder what he’s up to now. I mean he doesn’t know about the Lake, does he?

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5. Luke

YES!, Yes! Yes. FINALLY! I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS FOR SO LONG!!! They finally have showed him as a pack leader! A strong one who knows what he should do and how to do this. The man who gets what he wants. The man who cares. Who thinks about his pack. A FREAKING ALPHA. God, that fight with Russel and that he decided to spare him and even make him go back to his pack were AMAZING. Alpha Luke my friends. He will protect you. He knows bettter than you what is good for you. Listen to him.

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Yes, Go, girl! I’m proud of you and I can finally say it. She figured out who Jonathan is. She made the plan. She discovered what the Mortal Mirror is. She did it.! She fought Sebastian. She was finally making responsible decisions. Omg. I can’t belive it! I feel SO blessed! Keep it up, please, please, please!

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WHO HAS HURT MY PRECIOUS RAY OF SUNSHINE?! LET ME AT HIM! I WILL KILL HIM WITH MY 5ft3′ BODY! Oh girl you deserve so much better. I’m glad that we are learing more about her and her past. She deserves to be happy. To smile. And besides how she was willing to help Bat was really touching. I love her so much

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8. Saia

I ship it. I really do. They are cute together and I so, so hope that it will last long enough and IF they breake up they remain friends. Simon is listening to Maia, he wants to help her and wooooow. And the kisss was so sweet. ^^

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9. Simon

Even though he hasn’t done much in this episode I enyoed his apperences. Really. Smiling and being serious when Maia needed him. Make him smile more. Make him work with Downwolders more. It makes really good things to him.

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10. Izzy

Poor girl. Really. She must feel awful. But she doesn’t deserve this! She didn’t know! And OMG all of the Lightwood family were GOLD. And I’m so glad that literally no one blamed her. So she shouldn’t do this either. And boy she’s gonna kick Sebastian’s ass. I know this. She’s so angry.

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11. JACE

Hm.. There wasn’t very much of him to write about him… But I really liked him being worried about Max and his struggles and willing to take Sebastian on his own. Really. Hope I would get to write about him more next week.

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12. Ollie

Girl. REALLY? I thought Raphael has fixed it! Stop spying on Luke! You’re gonna get yourself killed! AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON’T DRAG YOUR GIRLFREIND INTO THIS!

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13. The Seelie Queen

Uhm.. Your royal Highness? With all respect… SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP. You’re gonna start a war, can’t you see this! Listen to Luke and shut up! Btw… HOW DARE YOU CALL MAGNUS’S LOVE FOR ALEC A CRUSH! BITCH BE PREAPRED ‘CAUSE YOU DON’T KNOW THE DAY OR AN HOUR WHEN I COME AFTER YOU!

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14. Bat

Awww… Poor him :( He is so scared but… He’s in good hands. He’s gonna be fine, right? RIIIIIIHT? Under Luke’s and Maia’s wing he’d be safe…

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15. Max

Yaaay! the didn’t kill him! So me and my bro were right! Life for life!

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How I LOVED this episode! it was even better than 2x13! And I thought they won’t beat this in the SAME season! Fuck. ANYONE who will say that neither Harry, Matt and Will can play gonna get killed by me. Really. Don’t you have eyes people?! They were all AMAZING. I want more,more, more!!!! And I think I’m gonna do the crazy thing and give this episode 6 out of 6. Really. Good job guys. Keep it up!

P.S. I’m 100% sure that Matt just gave the writers some of his fav malec fanfications and made them to use those fanfictions. No one will convince me otherwise, not even Matt himself!

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Step Up/Dance AU bc I’m sucker for those

  • Andrew, Aaron and Nicky are leaving together after Tilda died and the Hemmicks kicked Nicky out for being gay
  • Andrew is a sight when he dances, the dancefloor an only place where he feels something.
  • All three work in Eden’s Twilight and when they are not working they’re partying there

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I Can’t Hate You (Bobby x Reader)

P.S this was requested by an anon. I hope you like this and it’s pretty intense so preapre yourselfs. Enjoy!


You met Bobby through mutual friends. One day your friend called you to come with her for dinner with her man and some other guys, since you had nothing to do you went with her. You wore your hair in a ponytail, with bold make up and cat eyeliner, whiel you chose to wear your loose light blue jean coloured dress with a pair of heels. When Bobby saw you he was intrigued, you were different, not just because of your foreign looks, but your personality. You were strong, you had an amazing aura, everybody could feel your presence, he got to see that when the guys touched a triggering subject which got you mad. After turning them down with sharp comments you got silent, but your silence was loud, everyone could feel how mad you were, the whole table got silent awkward as you checked your phone to distract yourself. He wasn’t used to meeting girls like you, you were a leader, he liked that.

The most suprising about you was when you got in a relationship with him. You hated PDA so you never really kissed or hugged him around friends, but behind closed doors you were like a different person. So comforting and sweet, you loved to cuddle and play around with him and showed a ton of affection. Also you were a fighter, you knew how to stand up for yourself and put on a good fight, you never cried or showed sadness when you fought with him, you were completely strong and calm. But of course there is a first time for everything.

Bobby had a lot in his plate. The group, his solo career, an image to uphold, sometimes it just gets too much. Bobby was a very chill boyfriend, he never really had an attitude, but when he did boy was it a strong one. You tried to call him to congratulate him for the m/v, but he didn’t pick up, so you called again, but he hanged up on you. That was weird, he has never done that, you tried to brush it off, thinking that he will call back eventually, but he didn’t. The whole day passed and he did not call or texted, although he had time to post on insta, which made you extremely mad, why was he ignoring you? You waited patiently for him to call back, it had been 2 days before you officially had enough. So you got off from work and went straight to his house. You knocked on the door and waited for him to open. Which he did, 20 minutes after, before he could even speak you walked in.

“Why have you been ignoring me?”

You asked him. Crossing your hands over your chest, tapping your foot against the well polished floor. He closed the door, he was extremely calm, it made you want to puch him straight in the nose.

“I was busy”

“busy doing what? choosing an instagram filter? I saw the posts Jiwon”

Using his real name meant only one thing. Danger, he should have already start digging a whole. Instead all he did was scoff and roll his eyes. What the hell? You are supposed to be mad, not him. You raised your eyebrow, waiting for him to explain.

“This is what you’ve been doing? Stalking me? That’s sad”

What? Was he really going down that rabbithole? He wants to play then you would show him. What he said did not really hit home, it  was still an insult though.

“Stalking? That’s what you want to call me wanting to know if you are alive?”

“I clearly am. At least did you like the pictures?”

He was arrogant. He didn’t even apologize for completely pushing you out of his life. Your anger was mixed with sadness, he had never talked to you this way.

“Is that all you have to say? I wanted to congratulate you”

“A text would be enough. I got shit to do, I can’t really keep up with your boring life”

His insults got stronger. He really did try to hurt you, it was not cool and definetely not acceptable.

“How dare you say such things? I was the one that helped you through everything”

“Well instead of helping me you could have taken the time to help yourself. Those two days you were playing detective you could have gone to the gym or work on your skin, or maybe work on becoming something better in your work place.”

Wow. You were shocked at what he said, it was like a punch straight to your heart. You were not skinny, you didn’t have perfect skin, you had a normal job, those were your biggest insecurities in the relationship. Bobby for you was perfect in every way, now he was putting you down in the worst way. You stared at him, until you saw his face going from angry to soft, that is when you felt the hot tears that streamed down your cheeks. You tried to wipe them off as you sniffled.


“Stay away from me!”

You yelled at him. It was the first time he saw you cry, it scared him, he really went too far. You got your bag you had thrown to the ground and run for the door.

“Baby please”

“Don’t you ever speak about me that way again. Actually don’t ever speak to me again”

You said meaning every word. He hurt you bad, you both knew that, leaving you two sad and upset. As soon as he saw you drive off he punched the doorframe, cussing loudly. How could he be so stupid? He let the stress get to him so much he couldn’t think straight. Until he saw your chin shake and the tears run down your beatifull face that was full of hurt, you looked so vunerable and broken at the time, it made him want to hug you, but he couldn’t cause he was the one that hurt you. He had to make this right, but how, what could make you forgive me. Was there such thing?


When you got to your apartment you threw yourself to your bed, finally able to let the sobs control you and cry all you want. Hearing the man that you love say such hurtfull things was the worst experience, you didn’t wish it to anyone. It was a stab in the heart, you hated him right now. You helped him, you’ve been there for him, you loved him for who he was, you have accepted him flaws and all. But no, that was not enough anymore. You heard your phone ringing, you got up and walked to your purse. Bobby’s picutre was on your screen, you threw the phone to the ground, breaking it. He was done for you, nothing could change what he said


It’s been a week since the incident. You have supposedly been doing fine, you went out with friends, you were working, you have people supporting you. But inside you were screaming, even when you were dressed to impress, make up done perfectly, not a hair out of place, you felt ugly. His words ringing in your head, you had tried to go to the gym more ofte, visited different spa’s for your skin and body, but the scar was deeper. You didn’t want to be good enough, you wanted to prove him wrong, that you were indeed beautiful. That’s what you thought, in reality you wanted to prove it to yourself.

Bobby was well aware from what was going on. Now he was the one lurking on your instagram posts, seeing you in tight clothes, sweating like crazy to the gym, group pictures with friends. It killed him to see you moving on with your life. He tried everything, sending flowers, calling you, messaging you, everything he possibly could. But now he had one more card up his sleeve, he drove to your place, thankfully your car was there which meant you were too. He took a deep breath and got out of his car and to your door, he had one chance and he better make it a good one. He knocked on your door, you thinking it was your girlfriend you opened the door, already dolled up and ready to go. But it was not your friend, it was your EX boyfriend. As soon as you laid eyes on him your face became harsher

“Go away. You’re not wanted here”

You said. Your voice colder than any ice, but he had to push through. He looked at you straight in your eyes

“Can I come in”


You replied instantly. He did this, he can’t come back now.

“Please princess”

You felt the pain in your chest when you heard what he called you. He used to call you that cause you were kinda ‘spoiled’ and picky about your stuff, also you loved to dress up and all that stuff so he called you princess to tease you or make you talk to him when you gave him the silent treatment. You know you should just close the door in his face, instead you moved to the side, your heels clicking at the floor. He walked in at the familiar apartment while you closed the door, taking a deep breath to control yourself.

“You look nice”

“Really? One week ago I was fat and had ugly skin though”

You fired back. Making him look down in shame, he deserved that, that’s why he didn’t say anything. He walked with you to the living room and sat down

“I wanted to apologize for what I said. I shouldn’t have said those harsh words, but I unfortunately can’t take them back. I let stress get to me and I hurt you, I made you feel bad about yourself, that’s not what boyfriends do. But please darling, you know I love you more than any other, please forgive me, I promise I will never ever hurt you again. I need you princess, i’m begging you”

You could see the tears in his eyes. You could feel his pain, but you could also feel yours, your lips became dry, so did your throat.

“Why should I do that? You already hurt me once, you showed what you were capable of. As soon as something got too much you turned to me. ME! the person that was your biggest fan, all I wanted was to congratulate you. You fucked up my life so… bad… i can’t”

You couldn’t talk anymore. Sobs were heard instead of words. you covered your face with your hands as you broke down. You couldn’t be strong anymore. He instantly wrapped his arms around you and let you cry it out, he hated himself. He looked at what he caused, he broke you, the strong woman he met was now crying

“What’s worse is that… I can’t hate you. I tried so hard but I can’t, why Jiwon?”

You questioned. He bit his lip, trying to control his tears, he didn’t deserve to cry, he had no place to act hurt, he caused this, he has to fix it. He took your face in his hands as you tried to calm down and control your sobs.

“I love you. That’s all I can say, please tell me to leave. Please tell me we are over. Tell you never want to see me again. Cause if you don’t I will keep trying. Say the words and i’ll be gone”

He was honest. You could see it in his eyes, you opened your mouth to say something but you couldn’t. You looked in his eyes and you saw how hurt he was, the tears that just waited to be released, the way he bit his lip so hard it would bleed.

“Please hug me”

You whimpered. He obeyed, hugging your broke form, he rubbed your back as he let you cry all you wanted

“Don’t leave. I want you here”

“Then i’ll stay. As long as you want me to”

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[preapre for the most unreadable things in all of earth's history] mhmhmhm prep for daddy-o's thicc diccc he gon' fucc u gud 'n u gonna give The Good Succ™ slip that dick right there mhmhmhm

i have transcended

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[For the thread we discussed] The world was close to war, every kingdom preapred to wipe the others off the map. They were being mulipulated, why was a mystery. Then, a strange figure was seen atop beacon tower by Pryyha.

It seemed Remnant was holding it’s breath, on edge for something huge to occur. Major political figures in each of the Kingdoms where being swept aside, news reports growing dimmer and mlre vague by the hour as new, more secretive, administerations took over. Fear was palatable, with more and more hubters being requested daily. Something had to give. It seemed like Remnant was of the brink of war, all ot would take was one spark.

Like the way the air feels before a storm, it was suffocating. Even the brightest and cheeriest of Beacon’s students was feeling the effects.

Unable to take much more, Pyrrha walked outside, trying to leave the encroahing darkness behind, but to no avail, when something atop Beacon Tower moved.

This could be the spark that sets the kibgdons aflame with the fires of war. Not thinkibg to phone her teammates first, the Mistrali opened the door to the Tower and started to climb stairs, reaching the top in a matter of minutes.

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NSFW yandere Jeff headcannons?

Here’s to the best psycho~

-is rough. Very rough. That’s why he loves you because he knows you can take it

-will bottom to a girl though. Knowing you’re stronger for a little bit or that you have control makes him weak and at your peck And caw

- very into fearplay so be preapred for some Intense shit

-can go for a few rounds. Has high stamina and isn’t above making you have forced orgasms

- loves feeling your thighs clench around his forearm when he fingers you, telling you “That’s right, cum for me, cum on my fingers like a good bitch”

-edging is his calling. He can make you BEG for it

-likes to pick you up when having sex so he can thrust in and watch your body bounce in his arms. Wall sex is also a favorite

-cut up any meat with a knife or show anger and defiance and he’s hard as stone

-whispers in your ear about how good of a girl you’ve been when he’s gently fucking you and rubs your clit until you cum

-loves all the noises and faces you make, hates it when you hide them. He’ll go rougher just to hear/see you in bliss

Afternoon Picnic | Stella + Nate

Ever since Stella had left SHIELD, it seemed like a lot of her time was spent without Nate. They were used to being apart so they were hardly the couple to be attached to each other at all times, but sometimes between her studying and designing, and his work, finding time for just the both of them was sometimes rare. Which was why Stella wanted to make an effort to have some time with Nate away from everything else that was a distraction back at home. 

When she had gotten home from her day out talking with some other designers, Stella decided to prepare a few things so herself and Nate could maybe take Sammy out down to the beach and have a picnic with the sunset. After texting Nate and making sure he was planning on coming home around the time she needed him to, Stella preapred some things to eat and went to find where she had put the picnic basket and rug.

I finally finished Twi and Flutters yesterday night, and decided to wait until next day to post these, because it takes some time to write description.

Once on my birthday my host mom from first family took me in bird park. And you know what? I wanted to stay there. Because theRE’RE SO MANY PARROTS AAAA yes I love birds. I always wanted to have yellow and blue macaw buuut I think that’s not gonna ever happen, haha.

While I was on Amazon trip, me and other people were fishing piranhas but we didn’t get any :(, we saw reAL FUCKING ANACONDA AAAA it has so smooth skin, I wanted to pet it over and over, I also lifted it and it was so heavy, I thought I’m gonna die; we took pictures of sloth with tiny baby. AND. Guides, in the dark, at night, somehow, cought for us baby alligator first, then bigger one. They have smooth skin too. Also, I learned alligators smell like a fish. Because. I actually smelled it. And it smells like the actual fish. Dammit I didn’t expect that.

That’s true Brazil has a lot of animals, but also remember: there’re a lot of spiders, really really tiny aunts, and big aunts, centipendses, once I even got a slug in my room AND the most scary thing FLYING GIANT COCKROACHES so if you’re scaried of insects and spiders as hell - don’t go to Brazil, especially when it’s summer ;)

I mean, I hate cockroaches, but I do love spiders and insects, so I was fine every time I saw a tiny spider.

Also, I’ve noticed that a lot of people have dogs, mostly small ones. And seems like they don’t even train their dogs not to bark on everything that moves: in the middle of the night, if one dog starts barking, every other dog starts barking too. I guess when I get back to home, I’ll finally can take a rest from all those noises.

I’m going to release full resolution soon, I just need some time to preapre everything and make sure everything works.


Closer than the Front Row: Chanel

WWD visits Karl Lagerfeld in his studio as he preapres for Chanel’s spring show with model Gisele Bündchen.

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