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completely random, but i hope that at some point, we get to see cass rocking a fanny pack. i’m imagining a black one w/ hearts on it which he could store like at least 4 blood packets in– @ amc wardrobe stylist, let cass wear a fanny pack pls 

Dixie Carter of “Designing Women” fame.

Christianity in America is the only industry that is 100% free from regulations and 100% tax-free. Easy money! Sell God on Sunday morning TV. When your brand of Christianity gets diluted in the market because there are more and more preachers trying to get in on your action, you have to differentiate the product. Mix in a little populist extremism and watch the ratings spike. Rinse and repeat. Look at the rise of the “Christian” right. That’s why so many useless topics make it into public discourse. Whether or not Johnny says the pledge, or prays in class, or whether a mother can breastfeed in public, what two consenting adults do in their private time… please. Preachers just need talking points to keep their brand image alive. Keep those tax-free donations rolling in. Salvation awaits!!!

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idk what’s with these two and lighting their hands on fire  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Samifer is an evil non-con, unhealthy, rape ship...

I have finally seen the error of my ways. All those haters who write one line posts declaring Samifer as non-con and a rape ship without any canonical evidence to back up their claims whatsoever have shown me why I have been so wrong in shipping this.

I now feel it is my duty to ‘correct’ all other misguided Samifer shippers by looking at all the canon evidence of why we were sick for ever considering this ship. Please join me in educating ourselves in not shipping something so horrible and unhealthy. Let’s begin, children…

I mean, for a start, Lucifer tricked Sam into being his vessel!

…Oh no, wait, that was Gadreel… Erm, let’s try again….

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More Spoilers For Season 2 of Preacher!!

sooooooo my friend sent me this??? and honestly i’m shook
fair warning, the cast kinda spoiled some stuff for the rest of the season (on accident) and now i’m 99% sure i know who God is now but it was a very entertaining interview, nevertheless!!

this time last night I was actually talking to someone about how I didn’t think Tulip would be demonized for giving Brewski to Cassidy so he could stay alive and yet…here we are. 

it’s amazing to me that people think any of the alternative methods they’ve proposed would work. it’s actually super-difficult to steal blood from a blood bank - they made it look far easier than it actually is on the episode Cassidy did it. And think about this for a moment - look how much blood Cassidy had to steal in that episode just to heal his neck. his entire body is toast right now. imagine how much blood he’d need under the circumstances. 

furthermore…there are actual, living people who also need blood from that blood bank…to live. amazing, I know. so that’s kind of an ethical issue.

people proposing that tulip steal a cow - um, Quincannon is a possessive, highly thorough businessman who I doubt leaves his cattle open to theft while he’s storming the church. do you really think the entire QM&P staff is out at All Saints’ Congregational? that that’s his entire staff? yeah right. how the fuck is tulip going to transport a cow, even if she does manage to steal one? how is she going to get it into the back room of her uncle’s house? that’s not happening. and cassidy’s so fucked up he’s practically immobile right now so he’ll be staying in that room until he gets better.

@ the people suggesting she murder a living human being…who do you think is despicable enough for tulip to straight up murder who lives within a 5-mile radius? also is murder just not a big deal for yall? last time I checked, it was kind of a big deal, but maybe that’s just me

there aren’t just random livestock all over west texas either, ready to be stolen. it’s kind of a barren place and Cassidy needs food ASAP. Tulip adopted one of the stray dogs that would likely be put down, gave it a few perfect hours of happiness, then let Cassidy eat it so he could live. That dog was almost bigger than she was - Tulip picked it so Cassidy could get better quickly. “Goddamn you, Jesse Custer,” she says as she does it. because Jesse abandoned and condemned all of his friends last episode and this entire situation is completely his fault. period. tulip took cassidy’s broken body to her house and tried to give a sweet old dog his last best day on earth (and broke her heart in the process) so that cassidy could survive. she’s helping him in his feral state as best she can. 

why did no one complain when cassidy killed that cow? they’re sweet, gentle animals. but they’re not dogs so no one gives a shit, and cassidy can do no wrong, right? cassidy would eat pretty much any animal in the desperate state he’s in; he won’t differentiate. 

and re: cassidy - that part of him’s always there; he just hides it very well under layers of charm and self-deception. also he’s on the verge of death and cassidy is all about survival, so…if you think he’s just the “loveable sloppy roommate”…I need to remind you that yes, he is that, but only in addition to being the desperate, legitimately fucking terrifying monster of an addict and a lonely immortal who’s managed to wander the earth for a century without making a single lasting connection. this isn’t just comic canon - the signs are there on the show that such is also the case in the TV version. don’t pretend that Cassidy wouldn’t eat a dog to save his life because he absolutely would.

the writers wrote the scenario this way to a) show how sad and fucked up and desperate cassidy’s existence is sometimes and b) to show how tulip only did this because there was no other way to help him, and it deeply hurt her. but she had the kindness to love on that dog and make herself vulnerable just to give the dog a good time. her actions were utterly selfless.


also @ the ppl always comparing tv!cassidy to comic!cassidy… in the latest “taking preacher” interview, cassidy was described as a “tragic hero” so if y’all still think comic and tv cass are one in the same… well buddy, you’ve got a storm coming. in NO way was comic!cassidy a tragic hero– it’s obvious from this alone that we’re basically dealing with two different characters. the only characteristics they share are purely physical at this point imo

Yosemite Falls 2006 01 BW – Yosemite National Park, CA, April 2006

The good book says “Time and chance happen to us all.”

That would be Ecclesiastes’ take on things.

 “The Preacher,” ignored to the point of being discarded by those seeing the hand of providence everywhere.

I say providence isn’t above working through time and chance.

Our most reasoned logic, and our most well thought-out motives, fail to unveil the mysteries of the whys and wherefores of our life.

There is more to us–to all of it–than meets the eye.

We don’t know half of all there is to know.

It is enough to know what we must do—and to feel it more than think it—even if we are quite unable to defend, explain, justify and excuse our actions.

Too much thinking ruins a good night’s rest.

We know where we are loved, and where we are not—where we belong, and where we have no business being.

It’s enough that we know that, without having to explain it, or try to make sense of it.

Shelton Kopp said, “Some things can be experienced, but not understood. Understood, but not explained.”

All important things fall into that category.

Lao Tzu said, “Do the work that is yours to do, and step back. The key to serenity.”

To say more would be to repeat myself.

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I was banging the preachers son at one point and boy was he a kinky son of a bitch, so one sunday he had me sit through an entire service with a vibrator in him up by his father controling the damn thing, just staring at me. i came so hard but because i was in church i screamed "OH GOD PRAISE JESUS" and the pastor thought i had the holy spirit in me.

Hahhahahhaha this is the best thing ever