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i-am-a-lost-girl16 said:Hi Love! I am a huge fan of your writing both on here and your Quotev account! I’m new to Tumblr and I was hoping to make a request! I went through your master list and I didn’t see that anyone had already requested this one but if it has been requested please let me know and I apologize in advance! I was wondering if you could do Being the preachers daughter and dating Dallas Winston would include…?

A/N: Heya, lovely! Thank you very much, I’m glad that you enjoy my writing on here and on Quotev! :) I’m really pleased that you requested this one, sweetie! I’ve finally freaking written it and I hope that you enjoy it! Sorry for the massive wait! I hope that you enjoy this, nevertheless, and thank you for your request! - Admin Kat 💟

Being the Preacher’s Daughter and Dating Dallas Winston Would Include:

- Your dad definitely disapproving of the relationship.

- Like forreal, your dad would be prepared with a freaking shotgun!

- No joke, shot gun EVERYWHERE!

- Dallas purposely pissing off your father.

- “Hey Mr. (Y/L/N), that was quite a… uh… great service you made there, but I’d like to thank you and your wife for the pair of your’s indecent act that brought your daughter into this-” Dallas would attempt state.

- “Get out of here! You and your foul mouth…” your father would holler.

- “Who’s gonna make me?” he would challenge.

- “I’ll call the police! You ought to be more respectful in a place such as this and to others!

- “Go right on ahead! Like I give a shit how I talk to other’s.

- Sneaking out all of the time.

- “Sh…. Dallas! I shouldn’t even be here.” you’d hiss at him whilst clutching his arm.

- “What? Does your dad have super powers or some shit? You’re on the other side of town, for crying out loud!

- ‘Baby I Don’t Care’ by Elvis Presley describing your relationship.

- Your dad constantly trying to stop you from seeing Dally.

- “He’s nothing but a no good hoodlum, sweetie! He’s just a bad influence that you don’t need in your life!” your dad would argue. “He’s been in jail multiple times, and the first time I tried helping him he used some pretty indecent language, - language that even your friend Sodapop Curtis wouldn’t use!

- “And I don’t care about that at all, dad! He makes me happy! Besides, not everyone’s life is cut out to be like ours!

- Dallas constantly teasing you.

- Like forreal, he teases you to the ends of the earth.

- “Sup, goodie-twoshoes?

- “You think your dad would allow you to do that, doll face?

- “Quit worryin’! You’re getting grey hairs.

- “Nice skirt, can I see what’s underneath it, tuts?

- Literally, the damn cops being called every two seconds!

- Dallas sneaking in through your bedroom window.

- “Dallas! What are you doing here?

- “What? The front and back doors were locked, doll.”

- “That’s because my dad doesn’t want wise crackin’ hoods like you to get in here.

- “Well that’s too bad, I already found another way in.” he’d wink.

- Probably becoming a rebel.

- You and Dallas never really always seeing eye to eye all of the time, which results in many arguments.

- “You and your family are nothin’ but a bunch of prissy prudes, anyway! Go on, get outta here! I don’t need your damn enlightenment or charity.

- “We never gave you damn enlightenment or charity, you idiot! All I did was try to help you because I care! My dad was right about you! You aren’t nothin’ but a no good hood!

- “And? Better to me honest about who I am! Is that the best you’ve got?

- Dallas trying to make it up to you.

- “C’mon, baby! You know I didn’t mean it!

- “Really? You sure about that?

- “Well I mean I guess so!

- “Go to hell, Winston!

- Probably being sent off to a distant relatives because the whole issue has gotten too out of hand.

- “You stay the hell away from my daughter, you!

- “How about you make me? I also didn’t know you were allowed to swear like that, Mr (Y/L/N).

- “Shut your smart Alec mouth!

- “Why? Who’s gonna make me? You? I’d like to see you try.

- Dallas teaching you how to be bad, how to have fun and how to be wild!

- “You shut your mouth or I swear to God that I’ll make you!

- “Say that again, I didn’t quite here you.” but he definitely heard your dad.

- “Talk to her or touch her again and I’ll be goin’ to jail for battery and assault!

- Dallas taking you to beer blasts.

- Make out sessions in the T-Bird.

- “Wait!

- “What now?

- “I don’t know if-

- “What? You think I’ll hurt you?

- Since it’s probable that you’ll be sent away, you would always be on his mind, and even the gang would be able to tell.

- Dallas teaching you how to lie.

- Your dad crashing your dates.

- “We’re going home!”

- “No, you are! What on earth do you think you’re doing, dad?

- “Saving you from making a mistake!

- “The only mistake made here is you coming here to change my mind!

- “Your dad’s nuts!

- “You’re nuts!

- “Shut up!

- “Make me!

- Dallas teaching you how to talk and act dirty.

- Dallas teaching you how to fight and stand up for yourself.

- Dallas constantly making you a blushing mess.

- Dallas always telling you dirty jokes.

- You surprising Dally by not always proving to be as innocent as he thought you were.

- “Well, who knew the preachers daughter had a sexually explicit mind.” he’d state deriding-ly.

- “She’s about to have violent one’s if you carry on.

“Is that a threat of a promise? People go to jail for that, you know.”

- “Yeah, and?

- “Help! Help! Officer!” he’d yell and laugh when you smack his chest, only for you to get heavily embarrassed.

- “Shut up you idiot!

- “Who you callin’ an idiot?

- “You.

- Dallas always being extra flirty.

- Your family trying to set you up with good boys.

- “He’s a prude…” you’d mutter idly.

- “Watch your mouth, young missy! He is a kind, smart and handsome boy! He’s far better than that bum you hang around with!” your mum would yell with every drip of acerbic and vile venom that she possibly could put into that sentence.

- Dallas picking you up from school.

- “Dal? What’re you doin’ here?” you’d exclaim in astonishment.

- “Picking up my girl from school. What does it look like? I ain’t turnin’ myself in, that’s for sure.

- Having a good girl - bad boy relationship.

- Never being able to change Dallas Winston: He’s stuck in his ways, so either you take it whole or you leave it all.

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Caffeine Challenge # 14

She rode out to the prairie. 

Preacher had told her once when she was younger that it was what they called a “between place.” They had a lot of them where he was from, carved out of the world like gopher holes and you learned a few rules that no one talked much about. Don’t eat anything, don’t drink anything, don’t look back.

Her folk, the ones that Mrs. Butcher had plucked her from used to go out there at certain times, used to meet something there. The folk of the John’s Hope settlement distinctly did not, but she’d overheard them talking about it one night when Chippie’s Saloon was mostly cleared out for the night except for the old folk. They’d had to pass through it on their way in, and the ones who were old enough, or awake enough to say anything about it only shook their heads. 

But everyone knew about Bailey Johnson, Preacher’s daughter. She’d only been a little thing when they were traveling through, not much more than 12 or so. She’d wandered out to look for wild flowers and she came back hand in hand with something else, no one would say what. But everyone knew what happened after. “Blood on the tall-grass, how-many bull-ets did! It! take!”

It was the kind of thing only children whispered about, passed it down like play songs and clapping games. Children are ruthless, they’ll laugh and sing about anything without a never no mind to what they’re really saying. 

The other children of the settlement hadn’t liked her much, but they taught her the songs.

Preacher let her help out making the candles for church. Taught her to shoot bottles off a fence.

“You think he your Pa, Ruth?” Mrs. Butcher would say, her big hands tearing the feathers from the chickens in her lap. She hadn’t said anything, hadn’t said anything when Mrs. Butcher laughed loud and travel hard at her. Her name wasn’t Ruth. She didn’t know what her name was, but she wasn’t no Ruth. 

Almost wasn’t worth it to say as much anymore. 

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A lot of my other friends who watch a bit more than casual were still counting Holly out, and I just told them that she has a way better shot than anyone is giving her credit for. Mind you, I didn’t think she would KO Ronda, but I thought she could keep distance and take a decision, but that it also might be over the moment it went to the ground. But she proved that she is super game and she showed why people wanted her in the UFC. Still, the Ronda effect is weird.

 The flakey fans who backed ronda as an empowered female icon wanted to see a “tough” champion but one who wasn’t in any real danger. They wanted a video game Laura Croft type who could dish it out but wouldn’t be on the receiving end.I hope that Ronda or Holly is able to convert these types of followers to fans that actually appreciate tough female competitors who can get their ass wooped as Holly has in the past and Ronda did just last night.

as a fan of the sport and of Rousey, Rousey’s loss was an awesome fight to watch - someone dominant getting their ass handed to them by someone who is doing a good job. This wasn’t Weidman getting a “lucky punch” on Silva; this was someone who made a plan and executed it. 

 Root for all the women in MMA or just fuck off with your ignorant motives.  


<< … What I do understand is that a man does what he does ‘cause he wants something for himself.

What do you want? >>

                                                                                                                     << I had her. I had her, and I lost her. >>


“Keila’s head tilted to one side, a tiny little triumphant smile tugging at her lips. ‘Why? Are you blind that you don’t think she’d be excellent dating material?’

The only response Marceline could even deign that with, was spluttering, 'But… I’m not gay!’”


A little bit of coloring practice based on Chapter 38 of Pray for the Preacher’s Daughter, the fantastic Bubbline AU fic by Relic.

Headcanon: After that conversation, Marceline has to work extra hard to not hear the words “excellent dating material” every time she sees Bonnibel.


Lollll that last reblog reminded me of how different my memory of being led to the “computer room” in a friend’s house was. I think I was 15 and went to my friend’s house to study for high school exams. She had the typical desktop with the huge black leather chair and everything, which was super cool at the time since I did not own a computer but instead of studying or watching YouTube rap battles or even charlie the unicorn, she introduced me to porn sites against my will…

Maybe that’s what started my descent into what I am today 😞