preacher tom


Around Russell Elliot // Breath and Sound Tom Goss ft Matt Alber // #ThisCouldBeUs Doug Locke // Falling For You Lyon Hart // Unsteady X Ambassadors // Son of a Preacher Man Tom Goss // Don’t Wait Joey Graceffa // First Time He Kissed a Boy Kadie Elder // The Love You Have in You Asbjørn // Start Again Ryan Dolan // Calling Me Aquilo // Secret Huntington // Time Steve Grand // All-American Boy Steve Grand // Young Love Eli Lieb // Touch Me KAZAKY // Him Geo Louis // Close to You Yehonathan

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so you’re saying this Genesis is some sort of… angel demon baby?

if by “baby,” you mean the most powerful entity ever known, the singular force that could shift the balance of power and threaten all of creation, then yeah, it’s a baby.