A little bit more regarding the cruel and unsatisfying end to the Defiore storyline…

Sam Catlin had this to say - “I’m a huge fan of Tom Brooke, and Anatol as well. It was very hard to kill off DeBlanc last year. And then Fiore was just as difficult a decision we made. We had a plan for him. The reason why we loved the idea of him being on his own was this idea of him as Starman, experiencing the Earth and its pleasures and temptations and disappointments. He would be the ultimate immigrant, in a lot of ways. We were going to have that story play out over many episodes. But then as we started talking about other elements of the season and other stories we wanted to tell and other stories we were going to bring forward that we haven’t even done yet, it felt like we were shortchanging some of those other stories. So we decided to make it a little bit of a one-act play or a short story, and try to condense it into one episode. In Preacher, you can die, but it doesn’t mean it’s the last we’ve seen of you. We all love Tom so much as a performer, and even more as a person. So we have some plans. We have some plans to resurrect, if not his character, then his persona at some point down the road.” [x]

It was very obvious to me and many others that Deblanc was a demon and I believe that plan changed. This interview alone should give a great deal of credence to that, along with all the stray observations and clues scattered across season 1. In my head, Defiore were Genesis’ biological parents and are still out there somewhere, waiting to be reunited with their eldritch horror child from the void (and I will write fic to that effect - that is my only accepted canon even in stuff not centered on them). 

I think Catlin and co. just did it for convenience’s sake, judging by the above quote. I think they just felt they couldn’t juggle it all and it was hugely insensitive. I think they had no idea about the implications of what that were doing and this is like…typical straight men writing mistake #1. Watching Talking Preacher and hearing Seth say Deblanc was Fiore’s “friend” instead of calling him his partner or something? I mean even though it’s confirmed that was bad. At least Dom had the good sense to refer to Deblanc as the love of Fiore’s life. I feel like some of these men still have trouble talking about same sex relationships.

It hit very close to home for many people, including my cousin I run my Preacher podcast with - @hermouthslipped/ @celestialtraitors. When ships I’m invested in are destroyed like this, I just get disappointed and occasionally super-pissed and either drop the show/book/whatever (and fic the shit out of what I wanted instead) and/or just put my feelings aside to wait and see if it’s still worth it bc my investment has always been in the happiness of the characters and the meaning I attribute to their relationship but it’s never connected to something larger and deeply personal - like a resonance with a relationship in my life and/or my sexuality. 

For those of you for whom this is consequently deeply painful - I know this isn’t a comfort, but I think it’s REALLY obvious they had different plans initially and that there was a version of this where they were both alive and well. I think Deblanc was a demon and they at least considered keeping him alive - it’s interesting how Sam brought up Anatol bc that means they definitely thought of scenarios where both were still alive. Also in Tom’s recent Q & A he mentioned that Fiore was an architect - that was legit his occupation. So Deblanc saying he was a serial killer to get into hell (even if that wasn’t his actual occupation)…he was a demon. He was thinking of what would make sense in hell probably whereas Fiore just innocently answered with what he really was (also Fiore often seemed incapable of lying whereas Deblanc was able to and did so often…there are a lot of clues but we’d be here all day if I went into them). I will always just have a different canon running in my head for them and will write out some of it myself, and it is a comfort in a way knowing it was considered. I’m pissed it’s not what we got and I’m appalled that they didn’t think how this could hurt people. They could’ve just left him at the casino…but I think they thought this would be more meaningful or something - but the thing is that’s just not the case with gay characters bc it’s almost all that ever happens to them, and they didn’t give that consideration due weight. And they should’ve called them partners/boyfriends/whatever like…that at least??? This is especially rich coming from Seth Rogen who plays with borderline romantic male friendships in his stuff all the time. Why did he need to no homo AN ACTUAL ROMANCE? We get it Seth boys can be friends…they can also be boyfriends. Just call Defiore what it is - at least call them partners! This is gal pal level silly. 

This show is better than the comics in every way in terms of how it handles social issues (like having a black woman with agency and her own storyline be a protagonist and the center of a love triangle and be seen as desirable and badass? you never see that), so there’s no excuse that “ofc it was this way look at the source material.” That’s a terrible cop-out and I hate seeing it in the tags and seeing people try to police people’s feelings about this. I expect my media to reflect the responsibilities it takes on. In making Defiore quite obviously gay they took on a responsibility, like it or not. Don’t go in the tag and tell people not to be upset - just fucking block people if it bothers you? I can’t stand how people on this website are so remarkably blind to the critiques that should be leveled at the media they consume. This is my favorite show but like hell do I think this was a good decision. And thinking so doesn’t make me disloyal or a bad fan - it just makes me a responsible consumer of media.