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Part 1 I need to rant 😤 we may all know Facebook is a treasure trove of mommy wars, but I read something that really ticked me off. This mother of soon to be 3 called a single mom a tramp bc she felt since she was married and all her children were from the same man that she was better than her. I myself have only had sex with my husband but I am so mad at this chick for saying this! She's not a tramp, she got pregnant while in a relationship she truly thought would last. Her daughter is well

off. The mother doesn’t have transportation or lives in the best apartments but that child is not missing out on anything. I tip my hat off to single mothers bc I myself struggle even though I’m a married woman. I hate seeing the ugliness between mothers.

Preach 🙌🏽

Seriously though, it’s 2015, people need to get over this weird Nuclear Family Superiority Complex. The way you’re doin’ shit is just one of many ways to do shit. -Q

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When I was more into the faith, I thought I would wait until marriage to KISS my bf. Like, "you may kiss the bride" would be our 1st. Now we are 5 yrs into our relationship and we've changed a lot, we have sex & are agnostic. But I just wanna say, you're cool for sticking to your guns about your faith but also not condemning everyone who does differently. I hate hearing ppl preach hate, so though you talk abt your faith a lot, it's v pleasant! As it should be! Thanks for being so loving. 💜 you!

thank you

i don’t think that any person or relationship is so perfect that they have to preach to, judge, or condemn other people and what they do. i can only do what works for me and my spirit. my decision not to have sex doesn’t mean that my relationship will last forever or that we’re the perfect couple. but that’s not why i’m not having sex. i am abstaining for me, not as a means to some other end. i can only focus on me and what i do in my relationship, and kind of share what i’ve been through. but i don’t have all the answers, so i don’t pretend that i do :)

“If you feed your dog a vegetarian diet I will personally come and…”

lol fuck off, yeah don’t feed your pets vegan diets it is a bad move, agreed. HOWEVER how exactly are you going to have this self-righteous anger about animal welfare then continue eating meat? So you’ll kill me if a harm a dog but pigs? cows? chickens? They can be tortured and killed…right.

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ooc// your post about the formatting though.. PREACH.

out. i hope you don’t mind me posting this publicly! i just need to touch on a few more points.

never will you hear about me telling someone that i won’t write with them because they format their posts. quite frankly, i used to be one of those people that formatted my replies, and honestly i just quit because it was too taxing on me ( i have this whole thing with alignment and it gives me anxiety; i just couldn’t do it ). i’ve thought about doing it again just so i would be acknowledged by writers that do format their text nice and pretty, but then i thought, why bother? formatting my text doesn’t make me any better of a writer — it’s just an aesthetic.

which is why i want people who don’t format their replies to know this: you are not any less of a good writer because your text isn’t broken up into squares with some capitalized, bolded, italicized, struck through, or subscripted ( etc ) words.

and i want people who do format their replies/text/etc to know that it’s okay for you to do it if that’s what makes you feel comfortable. if that’s what you think looks nice on your blog, go for it! but please do not ever outright refuse to write with someone who doesn’t just because you think their writing is any less ‘quality’. it makes people feel bad. as writers, feeling bad about your prose is never fun — esp. if writing is your pastime/favourite hobby.

i’ll reiterate: there are so many good writers that don’t format, and so many that do! you just have to give them a chance. uwu

thank you for the message, though! i’m glad i’m not the only one who thinks this.

Omg, you guys doubled the followers since last time TuT thanks so much 💜 gosh I get so happy looking at this XD

Alright, I just wanted to bring something up.

In reference to the general inactivity when it comes to scenarios and all, I do apologize. I’m sincerely very sorry because our personal lives are just very hectic right now and between crying, ripping out hair, and just trying to play t cool, we’ve really been trying to get those scenarios out to you guys.

I can ASSURE YOU that after May 19th, there WILL BE a boost in posts and more writing coming your way! That’s when things should start settling down.

And also, we MAY have a little surprise for all you guys out there so stay tuned, lovelies! 💜

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To the anon defending flashing: regardless if you think boobs are/are not sexual objects that doesn't give you the pass to HARASS ME BY SHOWING THEM WHEN I DIDN'T FUCKING ASK. If I want to see your boobs by all means you'll be aware if I'm willing to see them, but do not flash me because it's fucking rude.

Hey now, we have a winner! Haha seriously though, preach.


“I know your name is Victor Von Doom, you’re… forty-five years old - surely not - and even though you preach idea of change and a better future… you’re most certainly hiding something inside your head which isn’t so changed as your words.”

“Would you like me to continue?”

“I meant by reputation.” It was hardly fair to look into his head — he felt more than a little vulnerable by having someone be privy to his inner thoughts. “Self-improvement is a continuous work in progress.” That’s as much as he wanted to say on the matter. “I figured I should talk to you now that I’m an honorary mutant.”

We woke, but others need to be too.

I’ve actually been writing a lot of lengthy/educational posts, but have been posting them to Facebook. I realized that speaking out on Tumblr about various issues has kinda been like preaching to the choir, though I always have appreciated the support and understanding. Most of people that follow me and people that I follow are pretty woke and aware of social issues that I care about, and this community has taught me so much, but I feel like people in our everyday lives need this kind of information too. We always talk about how people outside black/PoC/SJ conscious Tumblr seem to be unaware and I wanted to help change that, at least in my own social circles. I’ve been posting a lot more of my socially critical thoughts on FB and speaking to people in my life, which allows me to reach people who normally don’t get the kind of info we get here, and start important conversations that need to be had outside this “safe” bubble. Start talking to your friends and family about the important things you discuss here. If you’re up for it, help educate those around you. I’m gonna try to post more of my thoughts here though because I feel like my blog is losing much of my voice and personality. ok, see you soon :)

Thou Shalt Love Thyself

Before reading the rest, y'all should know that this post is about my struggle, and not a judgement on anyone else.

Western standards of beauty are particularly insidious because they teach you to sacrifice your love of self for a glimmer of false hope that one day you will attain that perfectly coiffed, flawlessly painted, desirably fit, strategically photoshopped image of yourself.

Even though we know these standards are both physically impossible and ridiculous, we still perpetuate them with our staged and filtered selfies. We still suck it in when we catch our reflection on any mirrored surface. We still contour our too-wide noses and protrusive double chins. We still try to appear as able-bodied as possible in public. Even though we preach body love and disability solidarity…we are still guilty of secretly loathing our bodies for time to time.

It is a daily fucking struggle y'all; one that can be monitored on a minute to minute basis like a ball game on ESPN. It can feel like if we don’t provide positive reinforcement for ourselves, and each other it can consume us like an insatiable tornado.

So thank you to Dagan VanDemark (#TFFED), Gloria Moyocoyotzin, Virgie Tovar, Ki'tay Davidson, and everyone else who has given me the tools I need to survive. I hope I can use my life to be an envoy for #bodylove and #disabiltysolidarity too.