preach tbh

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I absolutely love your art Zedrin, do you have any advice for someone in Highschool and trying to learn?

draw often

like, religiously

learn that, while it can be fine to spend hours on a single piece, it’s just as important to spend a shorter amount of time on many individual piece instead. Quantity is just as important as quality, as quantity gives you speed.

I preach speed a lot tbh.

also watch this video

Steve bringing home a puppy after a mission because i couldn’t just leave the little guy there all alone Buck look at these eyes and Bucky can’t exactly say no to double the puppy dog eyes he’s always wanted a puppy other than Steve anyways

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tbh one of my biggest beefs w national dems is how they just... let Wendy Davis sink TBH. I will never forgive that abandonment. She deserved so much & dems let her down :(

Sis…. .. you’re preaching to the choir tbh I was so frustrated at just how little help we got. And whenever Wendy dared ask for money, Dems from blue states pitched a FIT because “they won’t win anyway, it’s wasted resources” like…. that election really had me feeling some type of way about blue state democrats like honestly with the way people from this state working on that campaign were spoken to by blue state Dems….. y’all can all go kick rocks… in all honesty… to be honest…..

Like I said before, Wendy Davis is who really pulled me deep into the world of politics, and her campaign was the first time I’d watched a campaign from start to finish, and was the first time I’d ever attended any political events (I went to her campaign announcement, a rally in Houston, and a few forums/dinners) and honestly??? I did not appreciate the way we were treated by the DNC or by people from other states. We were dead ass spat on and had people from Washington and other places come in and try to tell us how to run things down here. It left a bad taste in my mouth and it’s not one I’ll soon forget about tbh.

I know that at the end of the day it’s not all up to the DNC and the state party has to do their part, but imo, they did that? I really felt like the DNC fell down on the job and although I don’t think Wendy would’ve won, she probably would’ve come a lot closer than she did. We got killed out there.

The fact that there is a thing happening that is being referred to as the “ace/aro discourse” is honestly annoying me, like it’s not a discourse, it’s asexuals and aromantics wanting to be acknowledged as human and allowed in the community where we belong, like… what…