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👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 because this rant was a long time coming…people like to call me ‘hypocritical’ when I post things like this because I run a blog about Sophia. But the thing is, I do it out of respect & admiration. I try to keep in mind that she is a person. And although I have had the privilege of meeting her, I know that I don’t truly know her…I also ALWAYS try to keep respect for her privacy number one. I post things that are made public by her or her friends. Things posted on private sites or things she does not want to share, I don’t hunt for & will refuse to post of reblog out of respect for her. I think people get lost in her image & the fantasy of her life that they forget that her life is real. She’s a real person with a real job, a real family, friends, dogs, etc. Please try to keep that in mind when you’re tweeting or discussing or judging her life…also I have to say I love the fact that she followed up a rant about haters with a statement to defend people in need 🙌🏽

Lydia and Stiles are like Ross and Rachel. They deny the chemistry and the feelings they have for each other but everybody knows that in the end, they’re the ones who will always end up together.

By my mother, who watched the first five episodes of season 2, the last three episodes of season 3 and all of season four. Don’t you dare tell me that she doesn’t care about him.

*she also said that Malia is almost exactly like Emily but that’s none of my business*

Grey’s Anatomy 11x18 “When I Grow Up” SPOILERS FOR THIS EPISODE

When I grow up what a great episode I definitely shed a tear or two, who i’m I kidding I was a freaking mess I cried like a baby. I really loved this episode the story of cops that happened to be brothers, how it unraveled was heartbreaking and the ending was beautiful yet sad. Callie I have a feeling we will be seeing more of officer Dan Pruitt, good for you! Derek and Meredith seem really happy, so happy it was pretty weird at time I guess with the season we’ve been having i’m just not used to it but good for MerDer i’m all for it, the happier the better.I loved how they incorporated the kids field trip. Finally, with Derek being back he has a lot to prove especially to his sister that he’s not the same man that wants to take her job that relationship is going to take time but they made a lot of progress in this episode.

Here is my recap:

-First, Meredith is talking to Maggie about Derek coming home permanently. Meredith is very happy, she tells Maggie “I have everything I’ve ever wanted”

-Webber is receiving a group of kids that are at the hospital for a school field trip. While Amelia is talking to the kids Derek shows up and says “I work for her (Amelia)”. Amelia has yet to approve Derek’s return.

-Amelia doesn’t believe Derek isn’t after her job. She doesn’t know if this can work but while she decides she’s going to have fun busting his chops.

-Ben and Jackson are meeting the kids. Jackson says “together we are the Plastics Posse” An embarrassed Ben responds “he calls us that but I do not” (Ohh Ben you remind so much of resident Jackson don’t worry the name will grow on you it grew on Jackson).

-Stephanie meets one of the chaperon for the kids and they get flirty. April is in the E.R explaining what Trauma is until she gets interrupted by a police officer that walks in with an emergency.

-All of the doctors are getting called to treat the incoming police officers including Dr. Webber so he leaves Stephanie in charge of the kids. One of the cops Pete has multiple gunshot wounds, the officer that brought Pete in explains they were at a bank robbery the thieves panicked and started firing shots at everyone, several cops were injured. 

-Webber, Pierce and Hunt are treating Pete, Callie was doing a consult on him but she’s not needed there as she’s leaving she notices the officer that brought Pete in is injured he got shot in the leg and needs treatment.

-Grey and Kepner are treating another officer also with multiple gunshot wounds. Hunt comes in to inform him that their patient Brett also happens to be the brother of the patient he’s treating with Webber and Pierce. Hunt doesn’t want his mother to loose two sons.

- Callie is treating officer Dan Pruitt gun shot wound to the leg, it looks bad and Callie is surprised by his resistance. Bailey and Ben receive another patient also with multiple gunshot wounds,Dan tells Callie he’s a suspect in the bank robbery.

-Robbins, Karev and Stephanie are showing the babies to the kids. Arizona makes the mistake of mentioning the “w” word so of course one of the kids asks “what’s a womb?” and Robbins get herself in an awkward situation, Karev seems to be enjoying watching her squirm.

-Pete is talking to his mom it’s really sad, then he starts crashing. Maggie is trying to save him and she does it but when Amelia comes in to check on him she tells them Pete is brain dead. Owen informs his mom and she’s devastated.

-Bailey and Ben are treating one of the suspects he has a bullet lodged near his spine, when Callie comes in asking for information to give Dan she’s surprised when she realizes he’s just a kid. Bailey answers “Tell him (Dan) he’s still alive, for now”

-Owen asks Derek if he’s okay with operating an aneurysm. Derek answers it’s fine he hasn’t operated in months and he’s excited. Derek seems just as happy as Meredith.

-Amelia checks on the suspect with the bullet lodged in his spine she recommends they leave it. Bailey removed his liver and he’s going to need a transplant, Amelia is upset this kid is going to get a transplant, she doesn’t think he deserves it. Bailey says “he’s a patient we don’t pay attention to the backstory”, Amelia doesn’t agree.

-Kepner and Grey are operating on Brett, he starts crashing and they have no idea what it is, they think it’s a neuro problem but they don’t know for sure. Later Amelia confirms their suspicions, Brett is brain dead. Mrs.Gibson lost both of her sons!

-Bailey couldn’t find a liver for the 15 year old kid, he’s a part of the foster system and he’s on his own. Bailey is going to try everything she can to save him.

-Meredith has to go ask Mrs. Gibson for her permission to retrieve her sons organs. Bailey tells Meredith that she should ask Mrs.Gibson for a direct donation for her patient. Meredith tells Bailey she’s crazy, she’s not going to ask the mother to donate her son’s organ to his killer.

-The kids are leaving but apparently the chaperons lost one of the kids (btw, worst chaperons ever ALL OF THEM!), Julie is missing.

-Meredith talks to Mrs. Gibson about organ donation.Bailey walks in and asks her for a direct donation for her patient, Mrs. Gibson finds out she’s talking about one of her son’s killers and she’s outraged she says “he can got to hell”. Meredith is pissed at Bailey because she screwed a lot of patients out of a chance.

-Stephanie, Jo and the police are looking for Julie all over the hospital. Stephanie seems to be a little distracted by the chaperon/ teacher Jo says “you’re hot for teacher, let it happen”

-Meredith informs Dan both of his officers are dead, Dan asks about the kid he believes this is the moment he can save him and it’s what Brett would have wanted so he asks his mom to approve the direct donation.

-Amelia asks Meredith if she believes Derek just wants to work for her, Meredith believes him. Meredith says “ I think he realizes what makes him happy and he’s choosing it and that makes me happy”

-Bailey removes Brett’s liver. Meredith is retrieving Pete’s organs and Kepner is performing the kid’s liver transplant.All the organs that are harvested get transported in police vehicles and here’s where the tissues came in handy.

-Derek finds Julie in the gallery. Julie is curious about what happened to Pete Derek explains he’s a donor and he’s going to save many lives. Julie says “I wanna do that” Derek replies “What be a donor?” Julie says “No the doctor, I wanna do what she’s doing” Derek says “That’s my wife.. she’s really great”

-Meredith and Bailey inform Mrs. Gibson her son’s saved 37 lives and a 100 people got a second chance because of them! Bailey thanks Mrs. Gibson!

-Dan Pruitt is getting released from the hospital he thanks Callie and he asks her on a date. Callie doesn’t say yes but she doesn’t say no she will see Dan in 10 days.

-Stephanie asks Nick aka the chaperon/teacher on a date, he’s surprised but he agrees that’s when Stephanie realizes NICK IS 17 AND IN HIGH SCHOOL! Jo probably laughed as hard I did poor Stephanie.

-Aww Jackson is closing Pete and Brett, April asked him to do it and he wants to make look good for their mom. Jackson says “This is totally something Sloan would have done”. Jackson remembers Mark and he tells April he wants to pass it on to someone the way he did for him. April hugs him she gets him.

-Derek wants to know if Amelia is okay, Amelia says she’s happy for him. Derek went to visit his mom and she told him “Derek take a good look at your life if it’s not working shut up and fix it”. PREACH IT MAMA SHEPHERD!

-Derek says “I’m watching my kid grow up in a computer. I don’t wanna miss my family, I don’t want to miss another second. I want to coach soccer, go to ballet recitals. I don’t need to change the world, clipping aneurysms, stopping bleeds that’s the fun that’s changing the world, when did that stop being enough. Saving someones life that’s more than enough”

-Finally, Amelia tells Derek she’s glad that he’s back, she also says “I think I’m falling in love with Owen Hunt and I’m really afraid that it’s gonna destroy me” Derek replies “Wouldn’t be love if it didn't”

Can’t wait for the next episode

amindlessphilosopher  asked:

I like how that anon is on "Oliver's side." I'm not sure what that means because I'm pretty sure Oliver is on Felicity's side - always. He woke up and saw that she told Barry and got angry face for awhile and then forgave her since he realized she only did it to save his damn life. And betray his trust? If someone does that to you, you don't trust them again. At least not right away. And I don't think Oliver has ever not trusted Felicity. I'd say he trusts her more than anyone else in his life.


Oliver got mad about Felicity telling Barry his secret, and turned right around and got pissed that she wasn’t around to rely on, basically that he needed her and wouldn’t last a day without her. Don’t forget about the fact that Felciity told him about Moira’s scheming ass and he loved her all the more for it. 

Wifey ain’t gotta worry about Hubby feeling betrayed at all. BLESS.