Everyone’s a feminist until it comes to Taylor Swift. I’ve seen more friends who I considered feminists saying, ‘Look at this slut bitch.’ about Taylor and it’s absolutely hard as hell to watch. Feminism is about holding all women up and not judging them for their relationship choices. George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio spent years screwing/dating anything with boobs and we’re like, 'OMG, LOVE them.’ But with Taylor, or any woman who dates frequently, they’re sluts and whores. It’s ridiculous. If they say they’re together and happy, then leave it alone. We don’t know these people, we don’t know what makes them happy.
—  Katie Mech
We make a vow to submit our life to Christ but then spend 99 percent of our time excluding him from our awareness. We make him Lord over our life in theory, but we do not make him Lord over most of the moments that make up our life. For Jesus to be our Lord, he must be Lord over our actual life - the one we live moment-by-moment. The only relevant question is, Are we surrendering our life to Christ as Lord right now? Is this a moment in which we are aware of, and surrendered to, Christ’s Lordship? Is this a moment over which God reigns as King? Are we, in this moment, living within the Kingdom of God?
—  Greg Boyd,

I’ve been seeing some comments on my previous posts pointing out that I’m overweight, therefore unhealthy and undeserving of confidence or respect. Let’s set the record real straight. You can’t look at someone and KNOW their health. You can’t. There are people of all sizes who deal with diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure. Until you are a doctor and have test results in your hand, you DONT know anyone’s health, anyone’s past or the intricacies of anyone’s body. Assumption isn’t fact. Also, a clean bill of health isn’t a requirement for being loved. If it was, there are many friends and family members of yours you would, by the nature of your own mindset, need to shame because UNHEALTHY means UNLOVEABLE. Many of the people pointing fingers drink, smoke, eat processed foods, use chemicals on their skin, hair and in their homes. You all have the possibility and the probability of dealing with health issues at some point in your life due to lifestyle decisions or genetics, usually a mix of the both.
Don’t pretend to care about the health of stranger that you know NOTHING about. It’s disingenuous and shameful. Focus on finding love for yourself so you can share that love with other people. Kindness begets kindness.

Wherever you are in your journey with your body, it’s important that you love that body. No weight guarantees your healthiness. No size guarantees your happiness.


—  Meghan Tonjes
As a black actor, I can just tell you that I saw the potential [in the role of Aaron Burr] to turn what is expected of us so often on its head. We’re oftentimes asked to stop the show, or to make ‘em laugh, but we’re very rarely asked for vulnerability, very rarely asked for complication. And here was a role where [I] got to do ‘Room Where It Happens’ and [I got] to do ‘Dear Theodosia.’ You just don’t find parts like that. You don’t.
—  Leslie Odom, Jr.