I have had tumblr for almost a decade. I was 15 when I first made one, and didn’t know what I was doing. My blogs have grown up with me. I have over 20,000 followers. And since I have had this account for so many years, I had it under an email that doesn’t exist anymore. Keep in mind, I didn’t even choose to delete this email, why would a person do such a thing? This email is so old it belonged to a company that was bought and doesn’t exist anymore. Quest, the domain name was It’s weird I know, of course I should have updated this when I had the chance but I didn’t.
And now, apparently Tumblr was hacked and because of this, they are forcing me to change my password. On desktop it won’t allow me to log in without resetting this password. Trouble is, the second I press “reset”, it will be gone forever to an email that doesn’t exist.
Thank god my mobile version is still logged in but I am terrified of losing this amazing thing I built. I love my blogs so much. I can’t start from scratch. I can’t abandon them because of this ridiculous mistake of Yahoo’s. I am livid actually. Why would they not give me an option, say, to update my email before this happened? Especially since it happened only to older blogs (pre2013) which means obviously a ton of those people may not have access to their email anymore.
I just wanted to vent and cry and say goodbye in case I don’t get another chance to.