fun facts about FN-2187 & friends

so i’ve been reading rucka’s BEFORE THE AWAKENING which is a pretty entertaining little book written by greg rucka with a bunch of backstory for the new trio and boy howdy let me tell ya:

- finn has a little posse of four friends he hangs out with. FN-2199 is called Nines, FN-2000 is called Zeroes, and FN-2003 is called ‘Slip’. anyway they all train together and are buddies as cadets and stuff

- FN-2003 is called Slip because he’s always slipping behind. eh? eh? GET IT? he’s like the worst. he’s terrible. finn tries to help him. like poor slip is just slow and clumsy and really bad at storm trooper-ing. any given training mission, if someone fucks up or falls behind, it’s liable to be him

- literally everyone else is annoyed at slip but finn just feels bad and tries to help the dude

- also notice how i didn’t mention a nickname for fn-2187

- he does not have one. he’s the only dude in his little squad without at least a cursory numbers-based nickname. i think it mentions offhand that he’s SOMETIMES called ‘eighty seven’ if they really have to shorten his name? but otherwise nah. a veteran trooper is like “lol yup you’re the outsider huh.”

- he’s also the best shot in his squad and was considered SUPER PROMISING, like promising enough that he coulda been promoted to officer based off his record in training/simulation

- he also has extensive first aid training for combat situations just an fyi

- anyway he is always trying to help slip until phasma finally takes him aside and is like “yo you aren’t helping this guy by coddling him. you have to let him succeed or fail on his own” and finn feels really bad about it but goes ahead and does as she says and stops helping his buddy. slip does not really pick up the slack. zeroes and nines are just even MORE annoyed with slip. rip.

- also jakku wasn’t the first time fn-2187 failed to follow orders; his first ‘test’ or whatever was on a group of striking miners the first order was in negotiations with who he failed to help shooting. slip shot the dude he was supposed to shoot for him basically. (phasma noticed)

- like he’s fine with shooting enemy combatants but even in simulation he freaks out over the idea of accidentally hurting civilians sooo

- anyway the trooper who dies on jakku and smears blood across FN-2187′s face is his sorta-buddy Slip** who he tried to help and then was ordered to stop trying to help so like

- yeah


**apparently the visual dictionary says that it’s Nines who dies on Jakku, not Slip????????? which?? just makes me wonder if it’s slip who calls him a traitor later????? lol.. rip …………… in any way that’s very possibly an error on my part; in either case it’s still one of his sorta-pals who dies

also, for the record, the first aid thing is from the TFA novelization, during that scene on the millenium falcon; it’s not actually in BTA. still good.

little pre war america things

okay, let’s face it - fallout 4 did a shit job of showing us exactly what pre war america was like. and a lot of people have come into this series on this game and seem to have gotten the wrong impression of 2077 (understandably!) so settle down, kiddos, i’m gonna give you some of the highlights of pre war america (and feel free to add to the list)

  • so mexico gets hit with some pretty bad earthquakes around 2044. the us starts selling mister handy units there to aid the country, then realizes ‘holy shit, there’s a lotta oil here and we’re running out!’ so they send in the fucking military and drain the country for all it’s worth
  • new plague starts to hit (guess who unleashed that?). people die in droves. quarantine areas are set up but do jack shit cause it keeps spreading and the only thing that stops it is the bomb
  • i mean in denver people burn down half the city when the plague hits because they’re so scared 
  • resource wars start in 2052, smaller countries go bankrupt left and right and the UN throws up it’s hands and says ‘fuck it we’re done’ 
  • there were constant riots, food shortages, bad fucking times
  • canada, along with mexico, gets occupied by the us military and sucked dry. 
  • (so nate, which part of that did you wanna talk about at the veteran’s hall?) 
  • gas prices were around  $7450.99 to $8500.99 so good luck driving anywhere ever
  • the government’s like, you know what would be good? if we put agents in popular media to push propaganda 
  • the country went full totalitarian near the end. 
  • the military would just fucking nab people off the street for dissenting 
  • chinese americans get rounded up and put in concentration camps
  • (nora what was that law degree for?? why did you need that? people weren’t given trials. nora??)
  • it was shit
  • bethesda why didn’t you show or mention any of this 
  • todd. todd answer me. why did you do this 

There’s an area of Seoul which has managed to retain a lot of pre-war/colonial architecture, markedly different from a lot of the cookie-cutter buildings built nowadays: high ceilings, huge, wall-length windows, etc. Because the buildings are so old, they can’t be developed, which means elevators can’t be installed. This, in turn, means that the rent stays low, and it’s becoming the perfect place for artists and designers who can’t afford to be in, say, Hongdae.

We climbed to the top of this one, right in the heart of the city, built in 1937. We drank wine from red cups and enjoyed the cool breeze, a welcome retreat from the normally humid Seoul summer.