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What was your inspiration for Pathogen?

Design wise: there were these Lego “Build Your Own Dinosaur” kits when I was a pre-teen, and Pathogen’s earliest design came from me fucking around with one and making a nonsense creature.

Backstory-wise, he’s basically a Resident Evil monster turned into a kaiju.  His original name was “Omega Virus DG” in a pretty blatant ripoff of homage to the T Virus and G Virus from Resident Evil.

It was Omega Virus DG because it was a combination of the Omega Virus D (which made dinosaurs into giants, hence D for dinosaur) and Omega Virus G (which made ghouls, hence the G for ghoul).  This was back when Tyrantis and pals were actual dinosaurs turned into kaiju by a genetically engineered virus instead of fictional retrosaurs made into kaiju by a fictional radioactive mineral.  Man, my writing sure was silly and nonsensical when I was younger!

Things To Do After Top Surgery

- Sleep shirtless

- Go for a run with no shirt on

- Grow chest hair

- Go to the beach only in board shorts

- Buy more douchey shirts

- Skinny dipping??

- Mow lawns with my guns out as well as my amazing pecks

- Get rid of these damn tan lines

- Actually go outside to tan

- Get a massage from a girl without feeling even more stressed

- Lay in front of a fan on a hot day in nothing but boxers

- Show off my six pack that I have yet to form

- Work out my upper body even more

- Just put a shirt on in the morning and go

- Shirtless selfies

- Be dysphoria free

- Feel comfortable in my own skin

Limbo (Derek/Stiles)

frostniskare “I bet I can make you scream my name.” Sterek

This is your fic prize for winning second place in my birthday giveaway! I really hope you enjoy where the muse took the prompt, as I’m sure it’s not in the direction you had in mind. Hopefully, you’ll like it anyway! For those who read my “Just Like Me” series, this fic could be considered a prequel in that verse. However, you do not need to have read that series to enjoy this! Fic #42 in my 2017 Prompt Challenge

 Limbo. Derek/Stiles. Teen. Also on AO3.

Stiles and his team are on an undercover stakeout that’s not going too well. Derek’s using his powers for good, but Stiles knows it’s not the right moment for their relationship to change. 

“I bet I can make you scream my name.” The words are accompanied by the thick stench of whiskey and good old-fashioned bad breath.

“Yeah, see, I’m not really feeling it so I’m gonna have to decline that bet.” Stiles scans the club looking for the potential suspect, trying to ignore the old pervert attempting to pick him up. He’s not interested, and he made it clear, so the guy should leave soon.

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For those of you who are awake and give a damn about other people, listen up. I don’t do this often, actually this is the first time I’ve done something like this, but this was too close to home for me to stay silent.

At 10:30pm GMT a coward walked into the lobby of Manchester Arena as the Ariana Grande concert that had just finished and set off a bomb into the crowd of pre-teens, teens, and waiting parents, killing 19 (as of writing this), and injuring over 50 more. 

Yes, currently the police here are treating this as a terrorist attack, but we have no other information besides it was a bomb, and a second device was safely detonated after the arena was cleared. 

Please, for the love of the survivors, don’t make this political, and don’t spread any unconfirmed news that may be spread around. This has affected a lot of kids that were out for their first concert, this has effected a performer no older than me.

For the love of the gods, pray for those who are hurt, pray for the families that are still missing loved ones, those who are in the Manchester area continue offering your help, but please remember these were kids, they were innocent of anything that affects us this badly.



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The Quiet Moments

Description: Cuddling. Lots of it.

Review: What the fuuuuuuck. This is so?????? Oh my god?? This is definitely the fic you want to read if you want a feel-good fic with so much cuddling and touching your chest physically aches with it. I almost died. So soft. 

Rating: Teen


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Can someone please prevent the 12 year old twins from SM! What a mess tbh them liking Eleanor pics, sometimes Larry, sometimes danielle....I'm just? I don't care if they know what's going on but this is so unnecessary! Louis, dan, please do something honestly!

If what two pre-teens are doing on social media is upsetting you so much, here’s a wild concept - stop following them on social media. You’re the one who is obsessing over what they’re liking on Instagram, and I hate to break it to you, sweets, but those likes are probably happening for people like you - people who are following their every move and getting worked up about it, either out of excitement for Elounor’s reunion, or out of distress. Calm down and leave them alone. Social media activity is so insignificant in the grand scheme of things and it’s constantly used to send a message (and often a bullshit message at that), so if it’s bothering you, step away from their accounts and devote your time and attention to something else. They are TWELVE YEARS OLD and I’m beyond tired of getting messages bitching about them.

On the Bus

Title: On the Bus
Author: frogy
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Warnings: None Apply
Completed: Yes
Word count: 718
Summary: "Aww, look at you two snuggling,“ Ransom says, voice low in the quiet of the bus, leaning across the aisle to where Jack and Bitty are sitting. Or well, where Jack is sitting, arm wrapped around a sleeping Bitty.
"Shut up, don’t wake him,” Jack says in a pitched whisper, turning away from where he’s glaring out the window to glare across the bus.
“But you’re so cute like that.”
Jack glares harder.

Most memorable line: “I thought it was blackmail.”
“Same thing.”

rhymesofblue  asked:

Don't know if you're still taking prompts (the ones you've posted are so good and cute!) but if you are, maybe vengeful - or just super powerful - Stiles and curious Peter? :)

The sky is a medley of color– black then blue then red with a hint of green somewhere muddled in the middle– and the smell of rain is heavy in the air.  Peter isn’t sure if it’s coming or going.  

Around him, the trees jut up in dark silhouettes, towering over them as he paces forward slow.  Even from this distance, not far but far enough to be safe, he can see the tremble of Stiles’ shoulders.  Can smell the blood still clinging to his skin, still wet under his nails, still matting his clothes.  

“What are you doing here, Peter?” he asks, voice dull and quiet, barely audible over the growing wind.

“Looking for you,” Peter confesses and stops, feet planted in the wet soil, in the scatter of leaves, when he hears Stiles’ bitter laugh catch in his throat.  

“You shouldn’t be.  I’m dangerous.  Didn’t you hear?” 

Peter’s jaw goes tight; his teeth ache.  “If you didn’t want to be found, you wouldn’t have let me.” 

Stiles’ eyes, when he looks over his shoulder at him, are electric.  Twin pinpricks of light, some mottling of viridian and gold, something dangerous and keen.  

The fines hairs at the back of Peter’s neck stand on end; the ones along his arms prickle.  He huffs out a short breath, like it was knocked out of him by a simple look. 

“Am I right?” 

Stiles’ smile is twisted and small.  “You’re not wrong.” 

Peter nods once.  Stiles’ eyes don’t leave him. 

“I can help,” he finally says.  “Whatever pain you’re feeling, whatever grief or guilt, whatever rage… it doesn’t matter.  Not to me.” 

Stiles blinks, once, nice and slow.  The tight line of his shoulders goes easy; Peter’s heart settles even though he hadn’t realized just how hard it was pounding.  

“Alright,” Stiles says.  “You can help.”