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Hey guys, it’s Taylor. I have a scrunchie on me… Welcome to the DIRECTV Pre-Party for Super Saturday Night. I’m gonna, I don’t know if you know this. I’m gonna be playing a show later. I hope they told you that. Serious information oversight if they didn’t. But, I’m getting ready right now, probably. Just, over there or over there. Somewhere very close to here. And, I just wanted to say thank you so much for coming. I really hope you like the show. I haven’t done one in a while. I hope it’s decent. But, I’m gonna try hard, and that’s the point about… football… and… singing. I’m gonna stop… Bye! Have fun!
—  Taylor’s pre show party message for her Super Saturday Night concert

Pre show paws and claws.

Hey party people, I probably won’t be posting many other Ghost doodles on here if that’s what you followed me for… Instead they will be posted on my Ghost blog that you can find here and perhaps the ones that I like more will be reblogged on this blog. Anyways, if you want to yell about this band with me find me and my doodles over there. <3 <3 <3

Ok but seriously Taylor tried to make this show really special. Like the pre party show had cute little names for the food. HOW CUTE IS THAT? I love her and how special she tries to make every single thing she does.

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Top Three Favorite Ben Platt Moments and Why?

right so, i’m not gonna do moments, per se, but more like Iconic ben platt things in no specific order. 

1. the 71st annual tony awards. like, in general.

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we got this glorious reaction, we got ben’s magnificently beautiful speech with that Iconic™ quote, and we got ben looking DAMN FINE in that blue tux. also he wore the lucky cufflinks that beanie feldstein gave him on his 16th birthday!!!! not to mention that the man won!!! he did that!!!!!

2. waving through a window

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i just love the the entire damn song. his anxious tics, the awkward pacing across the stage, the little twirl here. also like, ben has so much dedication to his role?? and it’s his favourite song to perform because he loves to see the audience’s reaction to it (he said that in an interview somewhere)????? amazing. 10/10.

3. the pre-show dressing room dance parties

(rip the gif didn’t work so here’s a still image) mostly thanks to olivia puckett’s instagram story, we get beautiful shots like this one. look at him go. that little smile? amazing. someone from the cast mentioned in an interview that there are certain cast members who attend every dance party and from what i can tell ben is one of them.


Hello! I’m Cesar Reyes Pinguino, but you can just call me Pengee if you’d like. It’s time for Indy Pop-Con! Not only did Brian pick up a badge right after work but we also walked over to an event center near a stadium for a pre-show party. There wasn’t much going on but it was a nice time to relax and start meeting new people, especially for Brian after he pushed carts outside for a few hours. The real fun begins tomorrow afternoon!

EXO-M as Boyfriends

Hello!! Thanks so much for your request, and thanks, I love my theme too, haha! This is my first request so I hope it’s okay! I kind of got carried away, soo I’m doing it in it in two seperate posts, as EXO-M and EXO-K

Hope you enjoy, and if you want any of the points made into a full one-shot or imagine, just ask!!

Disclaimer: none of these gifs are mine.

~ Moon


Chen (Jongdae):

  •  Chen would be quite stubborn and competitive, betting that he could hit and hold a higher note than you, even though you’re a girl, insisting that he can cook the rice to perfection and doesn’t need your help, even playful pillow fights/water fights become a war. In the end, though, Chen usually resorts to team work, resulting in duets, delicious rice, and poor D.O drenched in water, vowing revenge on the two of you.
  • He would play with your hair a lot, and in return you would play with his. This usually ended up with your hair braided on one side, and backcombed on the other, and his hair slick with gel and combed into perfect, symmetrical curtains, which was quickly messed up as he rolled around the floor laughing when you looked in the mirror at your own hair.
  • Chen would rely on you for a lot, especially after a long day/week. He would stumble in, greeting you with a kiss on the cheek, then dropping onto the couch, only rising when you announce that dinner is ready. Its even worse when he’s sick, every few minutes you can hear a raspy voice calling for you from the bedroom. He’s very grateful for everything that you do for him though, repaying in hugs, kisses, and….other things…

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  • Expect a LOT of selcas. A LOT. Usually when you’re both looking your best, pre-award shows and parties etc, but his favourite selcas of the two of you are the ones where you have both just woken up, or are about to go to sleep, both without makeup and looking completely natural. Although he would never share photos of himself online without makeup, he keeps these close to his heart because he thinks you’re gorgeous, makeup or not. He loves the intimacy of these pictures.
  • Every now and then you both have fashion days, parading up and down your make-shift runway of your hallway, showcasing your favourite designer outfits and strutting your stuff. It would usually end in him insisting that you didn’t own enough designer clothes, and planning a shopping trip in the near future to spoil you.
  • You would be in charge of ensuring that Every. Single. Bug. was taken care of, otherwise you would hear screams from the other side of the house, startling you, as Tao sprinted into the room, leaping to hide behind you, his protector, spluttering about a cockroach in the bathroom which was YOUR responsibility. But when you took care of it, you would be rewarded in lots of hugs and kisses!!

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Xiumin (Minseok):

  • Ultimate Netflix and Chill sessions where you two don’t even settle on a film to watch before Xiumin starts to play with your hair, quickly beginning a heated make-out session as he hovers above you. After a while, you erupt in giggles, confusing him as he jumps back, only to notice you pointing at the screen with the Netflix menu. He chuckles, “Maybe we should restrain ourselves and actually choose something to watch first, jagi”, you agreed.
  • Playful wrestling and contests where Xiumin would go easy on you, letting you win. Until you got cocky. Then he would let his ego take over, he would get rougher with you, until he had you pinned to the ground, giggling underneath him, begging for mercy. Then things would usually take a turn…
  • You being the Primary Taste Tester for Xiumin’s barista skills, waking up in the morning to the smell of freshly ground coffee, and Xiumin calling you from the kitchen. You’ve tasted every type of coffee under the sun, and you can’t help but think of him when you pass a coffee shop on the street.

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  • You both share a lot of facial products and like to have pamper days every now and then where you wear face and hair masks together.
  • Kris would often teach you little sayings or phrases in English/Cantonese/Mandarin/Korean (depending on your own native language). He enjoyed sharing his knowledge with you, enjoying teaching you “I love you” in several languages.
  • You would have to bully Kris into eating a lot of foods which he refuses, claiming its not his “style”, but he would be thankful when you introduce him to a variety of delicious foods which he would have never tried due to his stubborn attitude.
  • Kris would insist that he doesn’t like cuddling, yet you would often wake up in the middle of the night to his arms tight around your waist, his head buried in your neck, and smile to yourself.

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Lay (Yixing):

  • A lot of “Netflix and chill” which is really just you and Lay watching films together, inevitably falling asleep and waking up 2 hours later when the credits roll, legs and arms entangled together, too comfy to move to the bedroom.
  • Lay would enjoy playing guitar for you, you would close your eyes on the bed/couch and lie back as he strummed the guitar quietly. He would range between popular, upbeat songs, and his own slow, sad songs, until you convinced him to sing something happier. He would serenade you in Korean, often switching to Chinese, and sometimes dropping English phrases in. Lay would wait until your eyes started to droop and finally close, before strumming loudly and singing to jolt you awake, chuckling when you playfully hit him on the arm.
  • You would often get texts from the other members informing you that Lay, as per usual, forgot his phone, keys or other belongings at the apartment, and needed you to take them to him at work. On arrival, you would usually find out that this was a trap planned by Lay, because he misses you so much during the day, as well as the fact that the other members complained that they never get to see you, as they all ran towards you when you entered the training room, Lay always reaching you first and pulling you into a hug.

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  • Dating Luhan would include him buying you lots of matching hats, especially animal themed ones, to match his own. It would then include him begging you to wear them in public, as a sign of love between the two of you, but really because he thinks you look adorable in a fluffy panda hat.
  • You would love watching Luhan playing basketball and soccer, attending matches regularly, and cheering for him, even if he got embarrassed. You REALLY liked how he looked afterwards, sweaty and full of adrenaline…damn does that boy looks good in shorts.
  • Dates would be his time to shine as the man in the relationship, from taking you to the Fair and winning you teddies and plushies, to taking you hiking/rock climbing to show his strength. He lets this slip for you though, when he pouts and asks you if he can keep the wolf plushie he won for himself, or when he prepares an entire picnic for the two of you to eat during a break in the hike. You loved that he let his guard down around you.

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Please read this if you get the chance to scroll by this post. My name is Crystal and I lost my son in a car accident on June 1st 2013. I have been in a deep depression, have PTSD, and anxiety ever since. I even had to request the Military to release me, and am no longer in the Military. I just really would love if you knew how much you have helped me in my grieving process and how much your music has helped me learn how to smile again. For some reason I survived the accident and I am still trying to figure out why God decided to spare my life and not my sons, but as I continue to find my place in this world, your positivity, spirit, independence, and endurance in the industry inspires me so much to follow my own dreams. I am also 25, I was born a few weeks before you, and I am also the same height as you, and I have always been insecure about it, you have also helped me with my self-esteem. I just would love for you to know about how much of an impact that you make in peoples lives, even through the most unthinkable tragedies. I wanted to commit suicide for so long and my urge has lessened greatly after allowing myself to just marinate in your music and words. I am going to see you live for the first time on June 2nd (2 year anniversary of my sons death) and it has given me something to look forward to. I am so excited and haven’t been able to use the word excited since before Jaxon’s passing. I would appreciate anyone who reads this to re-blog so that Taylor sees it. She doesn’t follow me :( - I would be forever appreciative, as I would be so happy to know that she has aided in saving my life and spirit.

I love you Taylor, please stay sweet and genuine and funny and cute.

Love, Crystal Kelley <3

  • Taylor: *Sang This Love and AYHTDWS at first night in Shanghai. *
  • Taylor: *Had loft89 at second night. *
  • Taylor: *Attend to Toyota's pre show party.*
  • China swifties: *Died*
  • Taylor: *Flies back to LA and wearing her own merchandise cloth which only sells in China*
  • Taylor: *Left a pair of trousers on the plane*
  • China swifties: *purchased all the authentic merchandise and trousers in the shops*

‘ARDY’s Pre Show Party’ Exclusive Clip


Ghost Town: APMAs Pre-Show Boat Party

Check out coverage from Ghost Town’s performance aboard the Goodtime III for the official APMAa pre-show boat party and an exclusive interview with APTV.