well diddle my dough and launch me into the sun while i sing the theme to cory in the house for my 3000 follower milestone i did a speedpaint thingie because fuck it

thanks yall for bein super cool and actually thinking that my art is halfway decent B)

lemme know if you wanna see more speedpaints (which if you do future ones will probably not be as long as this one but yea)


“Some legends are told
Some turn to dust or to gold
But you will remember me
Remember me for centuries
And just one mistake
Is all it will take.
We’ll go down in history
Remember me for centuries”

have some bad beings taken form a lyricstuck i’ll never finish

  • Me when i started reading homestuck: there are so many characters!! And theres so much fanart of even more characters!! All of these versions that I haven't met yet how will I keep track of them all???
  • Me now: ahh yes, that's some beautiful art of bloodswap!godtier!trickster!catstuck!Feferi. Very nice. Very nice.

Damara Megido is the handmaid without a master.

Rufioh Nitram is the Summoner without a cause for rebellion.

Mituna Captor is the Psiioniic without psionics or sound mind.

Kankri Vantas is the Signless that crusades for peace where there is no violence.

Meulin Leijon is the Disciple who cannot listen.

Porrim Maryam is the Dolorosa with nobody to save.

Latula Pyrope is Redglare who cannot sniff out a trail.

Aranea Serket is Mindfang with nobody to follow her.

Kurloz Makara is the Highblood who cannot spread his word as law.

Cronus Ampora is Dualscar with no G'lobgylb to feed.

Meenah Peixes is the Condesce with nobody to rule.