Tips You Need to Know on Preparing for Exams (in college)

1. You need to know the format of the exam. Is it multiple choice, essay, open response, oral presentation? It really helps to know the format because you can start from there. 

2. You need to know when the exam will be. Its usually in the syllabus, but if not, as your professor. Write in down in your calendar. Circle it in big, bright colors. If you miss your exam, you are doomed! Know as you are studying throughout the weeks and count down to the exam so you know how much time to spend studying. 

3. You need to know where the exam will be. Is it going to be across campus in a building you have never heard of? If so, you need to go see it for yourself exactly where it is at least the day before, because you will panic when you don’t find it 5 mins before the exam starts because you ‘thought you knew’ where it was, but there was no one in there or you walk in on a psychology class looking stupid as you ask, “I thought this was my Calculus 127 Exam class.” The professor will not care that you got lost. She or he will expect that you know it or at least ask a day before the exam. 

4. You need to know that you have to schedule your study time however you need to. Yes, you, all by yourself, need to go to the library without your mom calling you, and telling you to go make something of the thousands of dollars she is spending on you. You know your schedule. Make time to study, or you will fail. 

5. You need to know not to have an anxiety attack the night before. Did you do everything you were supposed to? Did you space out your studying and spent enough time and effort into it? If the answer is yes, then don’t stay up late worrying, or worse, pulling an all nighter because you think you will learn more information. All nighters are terrible before the test. You are better off going to the gym the night before, shake off some nerves, and sweat it out. 

6. You need to know to eat before the test. Hearing your stomach growl as you are trying to concentrate on passing this class is not going to help you, only put you in a bad mood, which is scientifically proven reduces test scores. So, go eat and be happy. Also, keep a water bottle with you, so you don’t have to go find a water fountain on the other side of the building and save time. Finally, go to the bathroom before the exam starts, that saves some more time :) 

7. You need to know to come prepared for the exam. Do you need certain books? Are you supposed to hand in an essay due before? Bring extra pencils and pens, you’re not in kindergarten anymore. Are you allowed to bring a calculator? Does your teacher let you have some helpful stuff for it, such as class notes, etc?

8. You need to know specifically what will be on the exam and what will not. Sometimes students try to learn everything when the professor told them the specific pages/chapters/lecture slides that will be on the test. Don’t waste your time memorizing or reading things that are never going to be asked of you. 

9. You need to know to go to class review sessions. Students often think this is useless because its only an hour or two, but this is so not true. I had a professor who went over the actual exam in the session and people who came to the session scored As and the ones who didn’t show, maybe because they thought they could study better on their own, scored much lower. Ask specific questions that you need to clear up. But also, if you didn’t go to class all semester and you show up asking, “so what is calculus?”, the professor will not be so amused by you. 

10. You need to know that the first exam actually counts, and is most likely the easiest test out of the whole semester. If you fuck this up, you will need to try so hard to balance it out with a  good grade, however exams get typically harder as the semester goes on.

—  Me
Actually Useful Advice for 0Ls This Summer

Look. You already decided to go to law school and paid up. I can’t stop you from going. So here’s some advice:

1. “Bar Preview” type courses are a waste of money. These companies smell your fear and monetize it. 

2. Spend your summer doing something else. Go outside. Have fun. Travel. Read some novels. Catch some Pokemon. It’s your last hurrah, and agonizing this summer about “preparing” for 1L is a complete waste of your last responsibility-free summer.

3. If you are still too nervous to do nothing related to law school, instead of learning to outline or whatever, actually read some cases. There are cases that you WILL absolutely have to read 1L year, so if you read them ahead of time you will feel less lost during the semester. Also, when you’re swamped with readings, realizing that you already read one and can skip it will feel like you found $20 in your pocket. Here’s some: You can find full-length texts of these decisions online for free just by Googling.

Good luck!

Study Tip- 
Perfect small. Focus on one thing and master it. You don’t need to change the world to make a difference. Focus on your interests and likes and go from there. If you like law- read books about a certain kind of law. Start general and think big picture. Then pick the small focus to perfect and really work on that.
To put yourself first, you have to know what to accept and what to let go. Let go of the friends who bring you down, or discourage you from doing things that you love. By doing the things that you love, you will come across those who are on the same path as you, and you can encourage each other to go further and further together. That is a real friendship. I promise you, the day will come if you keep frying. Just don’t give up. ❤

pnwbby  asked:

Best schools for pre law or poli sci? Thanks for all the tips love this blog!!


Second, here are the top ranked schools for political science according to USA Today:

Princeton University

Columbia University 

Georgetown University

Harvard University

Yale University

Washington University in St. Louis

George Washington University

Villanova University

New York University

University of Notre Dame

As far as pre law goes, check out this link. 

In a nutshell: the article stresses that unlike medicine, law does not have hardcore pre-set requirements so you should really just go to any school for pre law that you can get kickass grades in.That article is a real eye-opener and should help you a lot. It also provides some helpful major tips and advice. 

Hope this helps!