Mount Eerie - Pre-Human Ideas

Wow look at this man! on that grate computer! Phillip elvera is a man who is a single dad who lives in texas and plays on the computer. he had a really big day today

Phillip had to get up reeeeeally early to take his daugter kimberly to a 1st grade. He also had to go to home depot to buy sod for his flower bed and then went to the sub way for a bacon chedder ranch. Then phillip got a NEW shirt from the store, nice! Its yellow so planes can see him he works on the power line with some other men. Phillip is 55 years old and likes hunting with his friend kimya johnson!!!!!!!!!

Phillip used to be in a band called the microscopes but they kicked him out because he was mean. So phil cried went to his evil castle on mount eary amd took the microscope songs and put them on his computer. And he made them funnier.

All in all phillip is a grate loving man who will make you computter songs and give you a hot chocote and take you skiing. he has bown hair and warning, grate cuddler alert!!!!!!!

10/10 stars flannel man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!