Nacseo heart is hurt
credits: eng trans @bontheblock
video from : msbunnyloveless YT channel

anonymous asked:

What are your top 10 favourite kpop songs...

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so glad someone asked em this x]

although i have so many favourites these are probably my top 10. 

(ni.c Taeyang - eyes nose lips) xx

1) Loco - Hold me tight (this song is perfect make sure you read the eng lyrics)

2) Giriboy - Take care of you 

3) Taeil (of block b) - Inspiring (this song always makes me so emotional)

4) Taeyang - wedding dress (one of my first kpop songs back in 09)

5) AKMU - little star (their vocals are AMAZING)

6) Song Mino ft zico [pre-debut] - What do i do (love this song)

7) MyName - Day by Day (new favourite) 

8) JooyoungXhyorin - Erase ( jooyoung is beautiful) 

9) BTS - i need u (also new favourite) 

10) Got7 - Forever young (song was on repeat last summer)