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I don’t know what’s not to love about this video:

-The Pre-Hamilton Lin Manuel Miranda singing a song that’s far out of his range.
-The Pre WWII setting of the musical. (Any other situation, I would hate this)
-That orchestra though.
-The singers leading him into the song and their perfect pitch.
-The hum of the VHS camera.
-The idea that simply putting someone in white clothing is the same as them being Jesus.
-Why did they cast him as Jesus and not Judas?

I just love this video, and nothing will convince me not to. Maybe one day I’ll release my full cover of “Agony”, from Into The Woods.


Vintage Japanese Kimono With Cranes by Vintage Japan-esque

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />A woman standing in a beautiful kimono featuring a design with cranes in flight. Photo embossed with &quot;Aoyama Studio. Aoyama, Tokyo&quot;. This picture is from an old (pre-WWII) Japanese photo album that I am scanning and posting.

anonymous asked:

How's Russia Jewish? Why did you decide to make the personification of Russia, a nation advocating Russian Orthodox, russification of minorities and Pan-Slavism throughout its history, represent a cultural and religious minority?

short answer: because i can?

longer answer:

well for starters, he’s an alternative/2P representation, which i’ve always believed exist to represent the minorities of their nations as opposed to the 1P nations, which are usually geared towards a majority representation. 

pre WWII, the ussr had a huge jewish population. in early 1941, there were 5.4 million jews living in the USSR. theres even a jewish autonomous oblast in russia today, although admittedly the jewish population there has declined because of the creation of the modern state of israel.

also. im jewish and theres like no jewish characters lol theres no harm in making characters minorities

Lynn’s Giant Steve/Bucky Reclist (part 2)

Continuing from part one and my Steve/Bucky/Sam list. Made for @luciferyl but available for all! 

Containing: Absolutely NO unhappy endings, some angst, some plot, and lots of fluff. Not containing: overwhelming angst, many fics set pre-WWII

Sections: General, Modern AUs

* = over 10,000 words 

$ = over 50,000 words

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today i had the opportunity of spending some time with misha. between photo ops, autographs and m&g, i spent the entire day seeing him and I already miss him a lot.
he is as awesome as you’ve heard: a smart and considerate man, with an extensive knowledge on way too many things (we talked about trump and hitler, and he gave a spot on analysis of how different pre wwii germany and modern usa are - i’m a big history geek, so it felt like heaven)
he is also a man of extreme emotional sensitivity. but the thing i loved the most is how passionate he is when it comes to his work. 
in our m&g, he talked a lot about his job. things we all have probably already heard, but hearing them again while being in a room with him was… great.
i was brave enough to ask him what was his favorite part of this, and his answer can be summarized as: us. he loves the conventions, loves meeting us, being on stage and entertaining us. being able to do gishwhes and random acts, being constantly challenged.  
i have rarely met such a positive person, who literally glows always - despite being terribly tired after 4 days of convention. 
being able to talk to him and discuss stuff like politics, work, his life, and just being in the same room with such an inspirational person was something i’ll always treasure. he wants us to do what we love, even if it means making sacrifices, he wants us to take risks.
i definitely understand why people are drawn to him. he’s witty and alert, but also sweet and patient. his presence is addicting. 

PS. he couldn’t stop repeating that “destiel is the best thing since sliced bread" (i think somebody said that during his panel, he definitely was amused at it and said it with a huge smile) 

My life with Inferior Fe

This is a real difficult post for me to write because I never think about how I live with my emotions. I prefer not to think about my emotions in general, since I tend to make mistakes when I try to define them while I’m still feeling them.

I’ll start with what Inf-Fe is NOT, when it comes to my life.

- I don’t tend to troll or bully people in order to get reactions. There is this common idea that INTPs are natural trolls, but this is simply not true about me. My humor is mostly very innocuous and naive. I kind of like black humor, but the black humor I like is basically the variety you find in pre-WWII movies: fast, clean, no repulsive visuals. I have no idea why this is the case. It may be that my experience with bullies and public humiliation beat the trolling out of me, but I don’t remember any period in my life when I appreciated it.

- I don’t think the majority of people are highly illogical or difficult to understand. I usually understand why people do things, even when I don’t agree with what they do.

- I don’t think emotions are necessarily illogical or unexplainable. They do belong to a different system than logic, but they have causes and consequences like anything else. What is inside people’s heads doesn’t necessarily equate external reality, but it’s true nevertheless. Ditto for the entire “this is due to x and y chemicals inside your brain” argument, since none of us lives as pure spirit there’s no reason to write off something because chemicals are involved.

- I can’t control or manipulate how I feel. Either I find a way to express and relieve the pressure, or I distract myself doing something unrelated. In both cases, the process tends to be slow and annoying, and it fails at least 35% of times, leading to sleepless nights, psychosomatic illness (like skin problems or stomachache), screaming fits and the like.

- I’m not totally unaware of my feelings. I’ve seen inf-Fe depicted as “I’m screaming therefore I must be angry”. This is a gross exaggeration for me. I usually have at least a vague idea of how I feel but tend to get confused about the why or the intensity.

Things that are true about Inf-Fe in my life:

- I’m slow to pick up social mores. Even when I’m sure something is commonly done, I’m slow and insecure when I go about it.

- I’m prone to faux-pas. I bring up the wrong stuff at the wrong time, I say stuff that has offensive implications without realizing until people react badly, I’m often uncertain about the right thing to say or do.

- I’m ambivalent toward people and what I do. I have a hard time motivating myself and I don’t really believe I have any special purpose. My usual state of mind is neutral. I’m only sincerely motivated when I research stuff I’m interested in, and I get really excited then. I can honestly say my strongest emotions depend on a) finding out about stuff b) love c) being right d) finding people who understand me. All the rest is gray-ish, so I have to put active effort to avoid drifting off too far in “I don’t give a fuck”-ness.

- I hate conflict. I see it as pathology, not a normal part of life or relationship. I don’t shy from confrontation on very important matters, but I do the impossible to avoid reaching that situation and frankly I expect the same, which tends to put me at odds with Fi-users. I get angry real fast when I understand people are creating matters of principle or putting their ego center-stage, which is something Fi-users are prone to do. They, in exchange, tend to see me as a doormat without sense of dignity, or as a well-intentioned busybody who won’t leave them alone.

- I can’t comfort people; this is not because I think it’s useless, I simply run out of words or gestures.

- I become conflicted between telling the hard truth and being a friend. Mostly I try to be honest without hurting people, but I often feel like my third way style is not really efficient or useful.

- I usually can’t consult my feelings promptly or decide using exclusively my feelings. The moment I try to access my feelings directly, they elude me and my brain becomes empty.

- Expressing my feelings is generally easier with people with Feeling preference, rather than with other Thinkers. This is partly because I feel uneasy emoting in front of inexpressive people, partly because I feel judged (even when it’s not true), partly because many Thinkers (but not all of them) tend to try dictating how I should feel, which I find nonsensical.

- I tend to enter weird loops where I don’t understand why I feel a certain emotion or I try to judge the appropriateness of what I feel. This was much more frequent when I was a teenager and caused a great deal of stress, especially since other people tended to consider my reactions weird, too.

- There’s a very small number of people I don’t feel embarassed being emotional with, and I have no idea why. It is not how much I know people or even how much I like them. The usual barrier simply isn’t there.

- Touch is a function of intimacy. As a rule, thus, I prefer not to touch or be touched. Hugging me without warning is the equivalent of breaking into a dance in an office (not your office afterhours obv).

- I don’t like being emotionally involved when it comes to controversial topics or socially relevant matters, because I think it clouds my judgement. I hate getting angry on the internet. When I’m uncertain about a topic, I will silently research it or expose myself to different opinions until I reach a solution or I’m not emotional anymore (these two things tend to go together).

Hope it is useful.

The partly complete battleship Tosa being towed from Nagasaki, Japan, 1922.

Tosa, lead ship of the Tosa-class battleships, was one of the many battleships cancelled because of the Washington Naval Treaty which limited naval construction. Her incomplete hull was used to test her armor scheme. From the tests the Type 91 armor-piercing shell was developed, which emphasized on underwater performance. The Type 91 shells were designed to fall short of the target and strike the enemy ship underwater, thus avoiding the more heavily armored above-surface portions of the enemy ship and flooding the enemy ship.

The other ship of the Tosa-class, Kaga, was converted to an aircraft carrier following the destruction of Amagi in 1923, a result of the Great Kanto Earthquake.