pre worn

Day 8: Thrift Shop

Nico had come to the conclusion that Piper McLean was the hardest person to shop for. Something thrifty and hipster, but not too hipster, but nothing too lumberjack, and nothing corporate.

That didn’t seem too unreasonable before he had spent half a day in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Reyna looked more stressed out that he had ever seen her, and he had seen her in battle. At this point, he was pretty sure that she would prefer a war over another guy with a long beard.

“What about just a gift card?” Reyna suggested. 

“That’s not personal enough,” 

“What if we make a donation somewhere in her name?” 

“That could work, but her name showing up somewhere might get paparazzi attention, since she hasn’t been seen in month.” 

Reyna groaned, and walked into another thrift store. They combed through racks of pre-worn clothing, searching for something in Piper’s size, before analyzing if it would be the one.

“We just need the perfect funny and ironic tee shirt.” Reyna complained. Nico kept pulling though the racks, before laughing. “What terrible thing did you find?”

Nico, still laughing, pulled a black tee shirt off the rack. The front of it said: “My boyfriend is an angel.”

“Oh my god the back has wings!” Nico said, still laughing. He flipped it around to show a small, intricate pair of screen-printed wings.

“Nico,” Reyna said, picking up the shirt in awe, “I think we’ve found it.”

“She is either going to love it, or kill us.” Nico said as they walked to the register.

When Piper opened her gift on Christmas, she laughed at the shirt, instantly pulling off her own shirt, not caring about being indecent, and pulled it on. “What a perfect shirt for the girlfriend of the flying golden boy!”

Nico and Reyna smiled, as Jason punted, looking at the wings on the back.

Observation made between Mutsuki and Haise/Kaneki

-I made a connection when it came to Haise’s/Kaneki’s and Mutsuki’s masks made by Uta.

-First off, Kuroneki (pre-aogiri) had worn a medical eyepatch over his left eye(the eye he had no control over at that time.) He also was frightened about the idea of being a ghoul so he did his best to conceal that physical aspect(his eye)

-A similarity Kuroneki shared with Mutsuki was that same fear of becoming a ghoul. Mutsuki also wore a medical eyepatch that eventually changed to a leather one (given by Haise.) He also feared utilizing his kagune in the beginning, same as Kuroneki.

-When Uta created their “ghoul” masks. He made an effort to cover up their “human” eye and therefore revealed their ghoul eye. This could have a simple explanation that when they’re in the ghoul world, they simply cannot reveal they’re one-eyed ghouls or once were human. The masks were also made for camouflage when in the wards with the appearance of a ghoul. However, the similarities between Kaneki’s/Haise’s and Mutsuki’s “ghoul” masks are nearly identical in some factors.

-They both cover their “human” eye and both Kuroneki and Mutsuki shared similar feelings about becoming a ghoul. Uta also makes the same commentary he had said to Kaneki when he was taking measurements for Mutsuki’s mask.

-in upcoming chapters I think we’re going to see a lot of parallels between Mutsuki and Kuroneki. Ishida is very symbolic in his writing and I’m curious to what might happen considering both Kuroneki and Mutsuki had shared similar feelings about the “ghoul” world.

(Also in chapter 43 of re, from what I could see, Mutsuki’s outfit kind of looks like Shironeki’s)