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Sole and companions stumble across an adult shop and Sole attempts to convince them to model the lingerie for them as well as give them a strip tease.

Cait: Does exactly as she is told. Cait doesn’t hesitate, even when some ferals amble down the stairs.

Codsworth: Is very confused as to why Sole would want him to partake in such activities. He tells them it wouldn’t even work if he tried, and he continues to float around, avoiding eye contact with some of the items in the shop.

Curie: She’s excited to model some clothing for Sole. Pre-War fashion was just so elegant! Curie doesn’t really know what a ‘strip tease’ is, but when Sole explained she happily obliged - For testing purposes.

Paladin Danse: His temperature rises substantially and he flushes bright red. He scolds sole and tells them that they should not even be thinking of these kinds of things whilst they are on duty. He secretly wouldn’t mind trying it later however.

Deacon: Definitely wants to model the lingerie. He puts it on and strikes a few sexy poses, whilst joking the whole time. But when Sole asks for a strip tease he simply replies ‘Maybe later’.

Dogmeat: Is confused. Barks and tears at the lingerie, ripping it to shreds quickly.

Hancock: Like Cait, he’s straight into it, no fuss. He’s certainly skilled, Sole would give him that.

MacCready: He freezes in his place when he hears Sole’s request. Half of him wants to, for a laugh but then the other half is screaming at him not to, ever, ever do it. He stutters and looks at Sole. ‘U-Uh are you serious? No way.:’

Preston Garvey: Blushes and pulls his hat down further over his face. He tells Sole that he’d much rather not, as they had things to be getting on with. 

Piper: “Ew, Blue, stop being a perv…”

Nick Valentine: Nick frowns. He tells Sole that he’s just a mess of metal and wires, that he wasn’t pretty to look at. When Sole insists again, he shakes his head and declines.


X6-88: He looks over to Sole and stares. “No” he utters, before turning and searching the place for some valuables.


Fallout 4 trash bin doodle dump! A disgusting amount of this–okay, like 100%–is my OTP(s) and sketches in relation to an AU plot-baby @lady-of-rohan and I have and talk about pretty constantly, flip floppin’ from fluff to angst like there’s no tomorrow. I’m going to keep coming back to this like a goddamn drug! Comments/descriptions included in each pic. 

Fallout 4 Headcannons

Just compiled a list for fun of things I’ve either seen and liked, or I think would fit myself, plus some stuff I’ve put in my fanfics. There are TONS more of great headcannons that are equally as amazing and valid, this is just for fun. Yes I also did rearrange some things in game (ie. MacCready left handed) but they were little so shhh. Took major liberties with Strong. Non specification of culture/gender/sexuality/etc just means I haven’t decided or don’t care. I tried not to include many things that are already canon or everyone knows about.


·         Fell in love with Jackson – Pygmalion


·        Trans

·         Irish

·         Hairy

·         Totally plays on playgrounds when no one is looking

·         Smacks your ass to show she likes what she sees

·         Hates kids – never wants them

·         Pregnancy fear

·         Likes to climb trees

·         Getting dirty or hurt is all proof that you did some awesome shit

·        Really good at rapping

·        Cannot read/illiterate


·         British

·         Tries on assaultron blade attachments when no one is looking

·         OCD about the specific order of things

·         He is the Alfred to Sole’s Batman


·         French

·         Ambidextrous

·         Speaks 4 languages

·         Sometimes forgets tact in favor of scientific opinion

·         Trivia fountain. Would win bingo night

·         Always reading

·         Huge worrywart. Always thinks that if something can go wrong, it will.

·         Carries around a special med kit just for Sole

·         Not just science nerd but also HISTORY nerd!

·         Likes bugs/reptiles (after poison glands removed!)


·         Latino/Italian

·         Has PTSD

·         Likes butts

·         Sleeps naked (he gets too hot)

·         Won’t admit he likes the subtle fragrance of flowers

·         Returns to his room on the Prydwen to conceal random boners (too obvi in BoS suit)

·         Feels inadequate/awkward without his power armor

·         Falls in “pull your pigtails” kind of like with someone

·         Lifts weights while Sole is away. Works out a lot.

·         Afraid of spiders


·         Non-binary - Demiboy

·         Loves roleplay

·         Insomnia/irregular sleep patterns

·         Nightmares

·         Has a tattoo on his right butt cheek that he doesn’t remove no matter how much he changes his body

·         Doesn’t even know why he lies anymore

·         Halloween is his favorite holiday

·         Frequently depressed

·         Knows everyone at the Atoms Cats Garage

·         Loves it when Sole laughs at his jokes


·         Barks at nothing

·         Has traveled across the United States

·         Immortal


·         Pansexual

·         ADD - Fiddles with things a lot. Cannot stop. Knife is his favorite

·         Can’t cook for his life

·         Has fantasized about doing Sole in a Pulowski Preservation shelter during a radstorm on numerous occasions

·         Will wear anything Sole gives him and will cut you for making fun of him

·         Covers up mirrors/doesn’t like them (doesn’t want to look at his own face)

·         Will not go to Diamond City with Sole – McDonough

·         Drugs help him escape

·         Literally does not see how much he has done for people

·         Incredibly harsh on himself


·         Left handed

·         Likes: video games, comic books, anime

·         Gets excited when he hears about McDonalds. Pretends there’s an ‘a’ in the middle

·         Being called ‘Bobby’ is his Kryptonite

·         Competes with Sole’s high scores for their pip boy games

·         Babysitter for Shaun when Sole is away

·         Eventually brings Duncan to live at Sanctuary with them

·         Fooling around/touching one another turns him on

·         Kind of likes it when Sole takes his hat

·         Worries a lot – nervous

·         Self-conscious about his fluffy hair


Nick Valentine

·         Coffee addict

·         No dick Nick

·         But his metal hand does for some amazing manual stimulation

·         Knows ballroom dances

·         Refuses to go easy on you in card games. You need to earn the win.

·         Finding the Mysterious Stranger is on his bucket list

·         Pre-war Nick was a devout Catholic who prayed every night

·         Knows that his glowing eyes do things to Sole. Loves it.

·         No longer has the capacity for addiction but continues to smoke because Pre-war Nick did

·         Old fashioned is his favorite alcoholic beverage

·         The Godfather is his favorite movie


·         Jewish

·         Self-conscious about her weight

·         Great with kids

·         Loves “do not enter” or “do not push” signs. Rather, she loves ignoring them.

·         Baseball is her favorite sport

·         Has collected erotica throughout the commonwealth and reads them at night.

·         Always chewing bubblegum

·         Very flexible – stretches every morning

·         Jogs for exercise

·         Afraid of clowns

·         Loves photography. Always takes pictures of her and Sole, flowers, the sky, etc


·         Stress related anxiety

·         Vegetarian

·         Always has clean nails

·         Really good at art – sculptures (wood/metals/etc)

·         NEVER lies

·         Rule follower to the very last drop

·         First one to suggest they build a school in Sanctuary for all the kids

·         Organizes everyone’s schedules around Sanctuary

·         Very concerned about health and nutrition


·         South American – Argentinian

·         Speaks Spanish -> barely knows English

·         Wrestler

·         Was a college student when he was abducted for experimentation of the FEV

·         Also 200+ years old


·         Likes cats

·         Perfect at everything he attempts/Perfectionist

·         Plays strip poker – takes off no clothes

·         Doesn’t hate classical radio, especially when brutally murdering things

·         Is a dick to everyone but Sole

·         Special profound knowledge about armor/weapons, their parts, and how they work

·         Can fix anything

·         Fear of heights

·         The only courser that dreams

·         Was dispatched to the Wastelands to kill Harkness

·         Hates dirt/uncleanliness


·         Doesn’t always think the choices he’s made were the right ones

·         Drinks himself to sleep frequently/alcohol problem

·         Children are scared of him (scar/beard)

·         Self-conscious about his age


·         Went through many depressive phases throughout his life

·         Didn’t tell anyone that synth Shaun was a test to see if Mother/Father cared about him

·         Has a Dr. Volkert come see him secretly in his chambers to consult him about his cancer


·         Loves animals

·         Had a husband who died

·         Miscarried once and doesn’t want to try ever again

·         Workaholic


·         Obsessed with guns. Collects them

·         Cuts her own hair

·         Was the first to bring makeup into the RR. Showed it to Desdemona, who started wearing it as well


Posing in an (old) monoplane was all the rage in Paris before the war [France, pre-WW1] by Kees Kort

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />Another preserved picture taken by the anonymous Paris photographer during the pre-war period. Oviously it was a good business as lots of people wanted to pose in one of the 'new' aeroplanes.



Have a bunch of space cowboy doodles. I apologize beforehand for icky colors.

My Human Wander is basically what you get when you put Jack McBrayer in all his chinless glory, Wander’s hairy spoon design, a dash of The Two Man Gentleman Band’s pre war inspired fashion, and The Man with No Name’s poncho into a blender and vomited onto a canvas. 

And the reason why middle Wander is suddenly left handed is because I’m so used to drawing Muppets playing instruments left handed and now I’m stuck with drawing left handed instruments on default. Feel free to laugh at me.

I realised something

There is absolutely no reason for there to be a railsign on the shelter overlooking the vault - aside from it being a sign for the player, of course. If that is the case then this entire post is rendered moot … . but I’m going to write it anyway.

Let’s think about this - Deacon is working alone on the Wanderer project. Only Desdemona knows what he’s doing and she might not even have the specifics (compartmentalising), and the areas around the vault are some of the least dangerous and most removed from the main conflict with the Institute and synths. Who is the sign for? Who is going to be there aside from Deacon? If anything he would want people to stay away from the vault, to not draw any attention to it. It needs to be kept secret or his entire plan will be compromised.

So he put it there for — himself.

I don’t know how to feel about this, because so far there seems to be a lot of evidence pointing towards Deacon putting so much hope on the Survivor, and while I don’t think he’s naive enough to put all his eggs in one basket (so to speak) I do think he has gotten really invested in the idea of them.

I’m going to link back to the post where this idea started and grab a quote from it

…. that Deacon has been so invested in the Wanderer Project, so focused on finding the SS and seemingly investing so much hope in them that he actually feels that he knows them - to an extent. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that he feels he genuinely knows or understands them, he knows better than that. He knows people, and he knows that learning facts and details about them is incomparable to actually meeting them and getting to know them. But this, combined with excitement or anticipation at his plan finally coming together could explain the way he acts towards the Survivor when they first meet.

How much has he built up the idea of the Survivor? What are they to him at this point - before he had even met them?

He is very rarely caught off guard; the only times that are standing out to me are if the Survivor says they don’t have a problem with the Institute (to which he concedes that they probably don’t have much in common, but leaves the offer to join if they change their mind wide open), and when the Brotherhood attacks HQ. Though, with the Brotherhood it seems more that he was expecting it to happen eventually and is frustrated with himself for not being there “I leave HQ for a second and that’s when the Brotherhood attacks.” This would tie in with his belief that the Railroad is running on borrowed time.

But focusing on his reactions to the SS specifically; the way he acts and speaks to them - I’d almost say it seems rehearsed at times. Not in the sense that it’s an entire act but that he’s had a lot of time to think about the type of person they would be, how they would view the New World and find their place in it. Like he’s thought up all these different possibilities and the probabilities and potential reasoning behind them, as well as his own reactions to them - he has all these different scenarios stored in his brain and when something happens he pulls out the most appropriate one.

To expand on this - and I’m going to tag @seethedivide​ and @solas-you-nerd​ here because we’ve discussed this. All of the companions in 4 seem to view the SS in a very different way in comparison to previous companions. The majority of them know that the Survivor is pre-war regardless of whether or not you choose to tell anyone, and it shows in how they treat them and their decisions. Something like Piper offering her help “I’ll come with you. Watch your back while you get used to life above ground.” this is before she knows they are pre-war, however. But it’s mostly shown through all of the companions having words of caution to each other when being swapped out, most of which amount to keeping the Survivor safe. They view the Survivor as different and so out of place in the New World. Because even a random settler can show some understanding of what the world used to be like if pressed; they’re surrounded by constant reminders of it, how could they not know? But the Survivor has the mindset of someone who was raised to be respectful and trusting, to adhere to societal norms; the companions are hinted to be aware of this and may feel slightly protective of them. They aren’t like other travellers who may have heard stories of people being replaced by synthetic copies and skeletal robots wandering around the Commonwealth, or grew up in a world where shooting someone is a perfectly reasonable response to theft. They have absolutely nothing to go on and I think this really should have been explored more in the game.

Deacon is no exception to this perception of the Survivor. I think it’s very telling that he chooses to make the first in-depth conversation you can have with him as a follower about synths, and it’s also telling that he has his ‘recall code’ already written down - he imagined and rehearsed this conversation beforehand based on what he knows about the SS. In fact, all of his conversations and a decent amount of his dialogue can be boiled down to him anticipating the type of person the Survivor would be and trying to help them survive not only as an agent in the Railroad, but as a wastelander in general.  Because he does know what the Old World was like - to the extent that anyone living in it’s remains with only ruined books and old holotapes and terminal entries can. He has learned about what people were like back then and how society was, thus he can form a reasonable foundation for the type of person the SS will be. Him placing so much hope and building up the idea of the Survivor to the extent that he puts a sign for ‘ally’ on a place that only he goes to, that only he will understand, could be a result of this - he has the expectation that they will be more reasonable than the average wastelander, he even has dialogue about them being more ‘honorable’. Therefore they might be more likely, in his eyes, to see the Railroad as the better choice for taking down the Institute; at least from the options available.

Edit: I remembered some dialogue that can support Deacon’s perception of the Survivor. From his second affinity conversation: “I don’t know if it’s your good old fashion Pre-War values or you just won the genetic lottery, but anyone that has you in their corner has an advantage.”

So, it’s not that he thinks he actually understands the Survivor, but more that he has spent so much time building up this image of all the different things they could be in his head with what he knows about the Old World. Because I do think his interest in the Old World is genuine, but the fact that nearly every second line of his involves some allusion or outright statement of his knowledge about it might not be. He could be doing it in an attempt to endear himself to the Survivor or because they’re probably the only person in a long time (maybe ever) that would care or even understand what he’s talking about.

He’s had a lot of time to think about them and envision and prepare for all the possibilities for the type of person they could be, and as a result (and because of how the Survivor is written as predetermined for the most part) he never really seems fazed by anything they say.

I’m trying to reconcile this person that is so focused on teaching the Survivor to be cautious and practical, with the person that is obviously dedicated to the Wanderer project and is so hopeful about it that he’s willing to risk them turning out to be nothing like he thought and hurting the Railroad as a result.

This might just be me projecting, because that is actually what my brain is like when presented with an idea or scenario most of the time - firing off in hundreds of different directions with all these different possibilities and their probabilities and trying to explore all of them all at once. And I have found that I have other similarities with Deacon’s character, so - yeah, possibly projecting here.

This got away from me, and I’m still not sure if I’ve gotten the point I wanted to make across. But if anyone has anything to add (or subtract) feel free.

silver spoon

inspired by this

Danse watches Madelyn get ready in the morning from his spot on the edge of the bed. Unlike him she is a late riser, joking that she has no reason to get up as long as he is still there with her. He doesn’t mind waiting for her to catch up to the day—there is no reason for them to rush, not anymore.

Her routine is similar enough each time they stay in Diamond City that Danse practically has her movements memorized. Everything from how long it takes her to do her hair and makeup to the dilemma of which color dress to wear, when she always chooses the blue one. The little things that used to annoy him when they first started travelling together is now something he looks forward to each morning, if only to fall more in love with her and every little thing she does.

She approaches the bed last, sitting down next to him with a small smile as she grabs one last item from the nightstand—a small silver spoon she wears around her wrist. It is something he’s seen her wear as long as he’s known her and yet he isn’t sure why. For all he knows, it is some sort of pre-war fashion he isn’t familiar with. Yet, the way she fidgets with it in tense situations and cherishes it more than a sack of caps makes him think otherwise.

“Why do you wear that?” he asks. He feels foolish for waiting so long to ask. Madelyn seems surprised by his question, her fingers running over the metal in thought.

“Almost everything was destroyed when the bombs fell, at least in my home,” she starts with a forlorn tone. “There wasn’t much of anything left. Raiders probably gutted everything of value, taking everything they could carry.”

“I’m sorry,” Danse interrupts. He knows that Sanctuary wasn’t always the thriving settlement it is today. He can only imagine the destruction Madelyn had to walk through.

Madelyn shrugs a little. “Compared to the Glowing Sea, I suppose it could be worse.”

She fiddles with the spoon again, so much so that Danse has to cover her hand with his to bring her back to the present. He threads their fingers together and offers a supportive smile, one she copies.

“This was the only thing I found that wasn’t complete scrap or destroyed,” as she talks he uses his other hand to twist the spoon around her wrist to see the intricate details on the handle. “It might look simple but it’s a lot more than that.”

“I can see that,” Danse remarks.

“It was Shaun’s baby spoon,” Madelyn explains. Danse is mildly confused about the distinction and she smirks at his raised eyebrows. “It’s tradition for when a baby is born. A keepsake of sorts. Old world nonsense.”

“That doesn’t sound like nonsense to me,” Danse replies. He understands now why it means so much to her and why she’s gone through so much effort to keep it safe.

Madelyn leans against him, resting her head against his shoulder. “It was the first thing I took to the craft table, fashioning it into this bracelet so I could always keep it with me.”

Danse is thankful that she shared this with him. Regardless of their relationship, there is so much about her, about her past he doesn’t know about. He kisses the top of her head and can feel nothing but content and warmth as she snuggles close.

“Do you know what else I like to keep close?” she asks and Danse catches her teasing tone immediately. Madelyn tips her head back to look at him.

“What’s that?” he asks, chuckling softly as she kisses the corner of his mouth.