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maybe no one is talking about it bc every time we see those pre war clips of Lexa with lusty eyes and heaving chest we need some alone time.

too tru tho

Random things about Six/Arcade:

Six and Arcade have these randomly cloying cute domestic couple moments. At first it was slightly embarrassing for Arcade, but he got used to them quickly. He’s come to really treasure them. Who cares if they’re cheesy and pre-war sitcom like.

Arcade is taller than Six, but Six doesn’t mind as Arcade is great to lean against.

Arcade still finds it eerie how quickly Six can shift in mood and change the atmosphere of a situation or conversation. Arcade considers it a talent and there’s something special about his presence.

Six really does listening to Arcade, and sometimes he’ll just ask Arcade a question to keep talking. It’s not just about the content, by something about the rhyme and pattern in his voice. This is why sometimes Six asks the weirdest or just terrible questions.

Six knows asking Arcade if they can ‘play doctor’ will not end will so he’s never asked, but he has asked Arcade once about boners and power armor.

Six told Yes Man to call Arcade ‘Dad’ after Six once joked about Arcade accepting all his robot army. Or maybe it wasn’t a joke. Arcade isn’t sure.

Six takes Arcade to the Big Empty a few times. At first Arcade thought he’d love the place, but after his first visit, he couldn’t help but find the place creepy and a clear indicator as to why the Great War happened. He still asks Six for any tech that can help people.

Arcade can repair his own power armor, but Six insists he doesn’t mind doing it. Arcade lets him because. You know. Reasons.

The only mail Six delivers these days are letters to Arcade once in a while. Arcade wouldn’t describe them as love letters, but he can tell Six puts a lot of thought into them even if they are brief.

Six has a bad habit of flirting way too much while Arcade sutures his wounds. Six says it’s because he gets bored just sitting and waiting, but it’s a mixture of that and them finally having time down together. Arcade knows Six could stitch up his own wounds, but it’s become a habit and a little tradition of theirs.

Post Never Say Navarro, Six becomes Elder of Arroyo and they spend a few months out of the year in Modoc managing the slaughterhouse Six inherited from his uncle. Six still has that scary helmet of Frank Horrigan hanging in the Elder’s house.

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I'm sorry, I literally just thought of this. Preston calls all the food they grow by their proper pre-war name because he found a book with the information while looking for flower books. Everyone often is confused, what the heck is a tomato?

Dude why are you apologizing, this is a blessing of an ask tbh It makes Sole feel right at home but makes trading a bit more difficult I imagine

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bucky's Thiqueness™ in your latest stucky (and scruff, and chest hair) is all giving me so much life. (HE'S GOT STEVE'S DOGTAGS IN HIS MOUTH THE LITTLE MINX) I love it so much <33

HAHAHA THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Omg thiccc bucky is my fav to draw rn!! Stay toon cuz there is more pre war stucky to come

Two requests for Maxson from @halcyonsynthesis and @samaxsonvevo

  • What they smell like: sweat, leather, oil, whiskey
  • How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc): on his stomach, curled around a pillow on a very strict military schedule
  • What music they enjoy: he hates to admit it but he really does enjoy diamond city radio
  • How much time they spend getting ready every morning: nothing more than what’s necessary
  • Their favorite thing to collect: pre-war comic books
  • Left or right-handed: right
  • Religion (if any): just the tenants of the Brotherhood
  • Favorite sport: he’s read up a ton on pre-war boxing
  • Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling (museums, local food, sightseeing, etc): the wasteland doesn’t leave much for tourism lmao
  • Favorite kind of weather: clear & cool, also snow
  • A weird/obscure fear they have: it’s not obscure but, failure
  • The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail: High Striker

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When trading, he tries to make sure to use the normal terms they use, but he sometimes uses the pre-war terms and not notice. He only notices when the person he is trading with stares at him in confusion. He gets embarrassed and apologizes profusely.

this is some wholesome content right here

“Keep draggin’ me out on your everyday errands like this and I’m gonna’ start to think you actually just enjoy my company or somethin’.”

“Well, you’re not wrong to assume as much.”

“Heh… ‘sthat so?”


I honestly don’t know. Just felt like drawing them pre-war again after re-reading the first chapter of @youreusingcoconuts ‘ The Irradiative Man for the umpteenth fudgin’ time because it’s just so great ♥ So go read it if you haven’t ♥