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so this semester I’m doing pre-production for my short film and I’m having TROUBLE deciding between three different ideas. Help me choose?? The short will have to be 60-90 sec and I’m probably not going to do dialogue

Idea 1: Underestimated intern at a paleontological dig is cataloguing a nest of fossilized eggs when one unexpectedly hatches. She has to get her oblivious supervisor’s attention while trying to keep the little gremlin baby dinosaur from running off and wreaking havoc.

Idea 2: Bigfoot is a severe agoraphobe and hates having her picture taken, but secretly dreams of being a famous model. A crafty cryptozoologist figures this out and schemes to lure her to a fake “photoshoot” so he can finally get quality proof of Bigfoot. She shows up, but in heavy disguise…

Idea 3: Tiny alien accidentally crashes in the New Mexico desert next to the highway, miles away from the nearest town. To get his ship up and running, he has to get a ride to town. When he fails at hitchhiking, he approaches the rough, seedy biker bar across the street and gets more than he bargained for. One of the bikers is an alien conspiracy theorist who tricks the alien into taking him back to his ship.

These are rough concept sketches - whichever one I choose will be developed over the course of this semester


new cube boy group PENTAGON profile pics

from top left: yan an, yeo changgyu, yang hongseok, lee hwitaek, jo jinho, kang hyunggu, kim hyojung, ko shinwon, jung wooseok, adachi yuto

more info about them here

Compromised - Ch 1

An Ending

Summary: The 6 years after Zurich, told from Jack’s perspective. AKA somebody wanted him and Gabe dead, and as far as he knows, they half succeeded. Now Jack won’t stop until he gets to the bottom of it.

Rating: M, blood, gore, psychological trauma, broken bones, head injuries, blind: 76 stuff as well  because it’s my favorite headcanon.

Notes: I posted this a while (a WHILE a while) ago on AO3 and… I was really nervous posting here because it was my first fic for reaper76 and it’s not even heavily such! So now I’m posting it, and I’ll post the later chapters in the following week. This piece is meant to be a companion to Decayed; both can be read separately but are more fulfilling together.

AO3 Link

The hardest part was coming to.

He took a gasp of life-giving breath and immediately regretted such a survivalist decision. Pain lanced through him like lightning, everything seizing. His body panicked, shaking with unrelenting convulsions. His ears ran, his face felt wet and hot, and his whole chest refused to cooperate with the frantic messages his brain was sending it. Panic rushed the adrenaline quickly through his veins, opening every nerve ending until finally, wretchedly, he coughed in the air his body was fighting so hard for.

It was released in an agony-filled scream, a tortured reminder to his ringing ears that his body still had the fight to stay alive.

He was dying. This had to be what dying felt like, sitting on the precipice but with no way of swinging all the way over. Or perhaps he had swung across, flinging himself into the fires of the hell that awaited him. With his grinding teeth and gnashing bones on top of the dark, sweltering, smoke filled air, he might as well already be there.

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Fine art black & White Photographer with over 200 awards in excellence as a photographer, cinematographer, editor, and director. I studied the Zone System in film and continue on today with digital although, I had to update the system for digital photography and myself.

I also like to create surreal images in Photoshop. I pre-visualize the idea, take the photos and then, manipulate them in Photoshop.


Godzilla vs Kong pre-visuals leaked!


fan characters for something with an established style and ‘look’ will be easier to design and will cost less than pure ‘you could theoretically draw anything’ ocs! (unless you pile on details)

characters with some kind of pre-existing visual reference may cost less!

(minimum price is still $50 though)

Important: SFW only and absolutely no fetishes- I will not include your character in a diaper, a close-up on their feet, etc. No.

Like what you see but don’t need a ref sheet? General price sheet is here!


More screens from Empty Horizons, the most romantic otome VN around~

I’ve been fiddling around with the transitions and some panning effects, trying to make everything look just so. I also edited some of the sprites a little. All the BGs are in place, and the GUI is 80% done. I just need one more sprite alt  and a couple of CGs (and maybe some cute extras).
The VN has been proofed and re-proofed numerous times, but I keep reorganising wording and finding spelling errors, so I’ll keep on doing that.

I won’t post any more screenies until it’s time to make actual promo assets… Which might not be too far off in the future. Um, maybe.


visuals overload *tears of joy&madness*

Coming soon-ish 

pre-apocalyptic visual novel starring Peter and his viewpoints, in this novel it will take place during the events of LILY, Lily is not yet a comic, but the events taking place will not be mentioned in atonement day, they will however be vital to the story line of Lily

Peter will be going through his usual routines as a Dad, however, this takes place a week before the apocalypse, some weird things have been happening and things have been stressful..

get ready for DAD SIMULATOR 


Here’s a throwback post for this Thursday; reaching into the Halo 4 archives.
Thought I’d see if there’s any appreciation for FX pre-visualization instead of more concrete concepts. I’m often asked to conceptualize very abstract concepts, ideas that don’t necessarily have concrete precedents: in this case “Slipspace”.

Would love to hear your thoughts! Do they make you feel as though you’re travelling between space and time? :)