pre valentine's day card


Valentine Cards World Leaders Version

might be nsfw, might be not

Cards to give to your special someone this Hearts’ Day!~


Pres. Duterte (Philippines)

Pres. Putin (Russia)

Chm. Kim (North Korea)

PM Trudeau (Canada)

Pres. Trump (United States of America)


So I’m kind of doing stupid/slightly canonical Valentine’s Day cards.

And let’s start with the Beta Kids!

KatoLilly did the Jade sprite!  The others are canon!

Dear god how did I get that many Dave ones

Alpha Kids|Post-Scratch trolls|Pre-Scratch Trolls|Music based cards


And now the Post-Scratch trolls!

And you get some animated ones!

I did a blush-y Eridan mainly because he isn’t COMPLETELY negative .o.  He’d just act weird when he’s trying to tell someone how he feels about them.

Why was Sollux hard to write gdi.

Beta kids|Alpha kids|Pre-Scratch Trolls|Music based cards