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As a neonatal intensive care nurse, Lauren Bloomstein had been taking care of other people’s babies for years. Finally, at 33, she was expecting one of her own. The prospect of becoming a mother made her giddy, her husband Larry recalled recently— “the happiest and most alive I’d ever seen her.”

Other than some nausea in her first trimester, the pregnancy went smoothly. Lauren was “tired in the beginning, achy in the end,” said Jackie Ennis, her best friend since high school, who talked to her at least once a day. “She gained what she’s supposed to. She looked great, she felt good, she worked as much as she could” — at least three 12-hour shifts a week until late into her ninth month. Larry, a doctor, helped monitor her blood pressure at home, and all was normal.

On her days off she got organized, picking out strollers and car seats, stocking up on diapers and onesies. After one last pre-baby vacation to the Caribbean, she and Larry went hunting for their forever home, settling on a brick colonial with black shutters and a big yard in Moorestown, N.J., not far from his new job as an orthopedic trauma surgeon in Camden. Lauren wanted the baby’s gender to be a surprise, so when she set up the nursery she left the walls unpainted — she figured she’d have plenty of time to choose colors later. Despite all she knew about what could go wrong, she seemed untroubled by the normal expectant-mom anxieties. Her only real worry was going into labor prematurely. “You have to stay in there at least until 32 weeks,” she would tell her belly. “I see how the babies do before 32. Just don’t come out too soon.”

When she reached 39 weeks and six days — Friday, Sept. 30, 2011 — Larry and Lauren drove to Monmouth Medical Center in Long Branch, the hospital where the two of them had met in 2004 and where she’d spent virtually her entire career. If anyone would watch out for her and her baby, Lauren figured, it would be the doctors and nurses she worked with on a daily basis. She was especially fond of her obstetrician/gynecologist, who had trained as a resident at Monmouth at the same time as Larry. Lauren wasn’t having contractions, but she and the ob/gyn agreed to schedule an induction of labor — he was on call that weekend and would be sure to handle the delivery himself.

Inductions often go slowly, and Lauren’s labor stretched well into the next day. Ennis talked to her on the phone several times: “She said she was feeling okay, she was just really uncomfortable.” At one point, Lauren was overcome by a sudden, sharp pain in her back near her kidneys or liver, but the nurses bumped up her epidural and the stabbing stopped.

Inductions have been associated with higher cesarean-section rates, but Lauren progressed well enough to deliver vaginally. On Saturday, Oct. 1, at 6:49 p.m., 23 hours after she checked into the hospital, Hailey Anne Bloomstein was born, weighing 5 pounds, 12 ounces. Larry and Lauren’s family had been camped out in the waiting room; now they swarmed into the delivery area to ooh and aah, marveling at how Lauren seemed to glow.

Larry floated around on his own cloud of euphoria, phone camera in hand. In one 35-second video, Lauren holds their daughter on her chest, stroking her cheek with a practiced touch. Hailey is bundled in hospital-issued pastels and flannel, unusually alert for a newborn; she studies her mother’s face as if trying to make sense of a mystery that will never be solved. The delivery room staff bustles in the background in the low-key way of people who believe everything has gone exactly as it’s supposed to.

Then Lauren looks directly at the camera, her eyes brimming.

Twenty hours later, she was dead.

Focus On Infants During Childbirth Leaves U.S. Moms In Danger

With only less than a month until I head to the Bahamas, I wanna set a few goals for the coming weeks!

• no eating out (and put any money I otherwise would have spent eating out into my savings acct)
• no weighing myself - already a goal I set for the remainder of the month but still wanted to reiterate it
• go to the gym/pool for at least an hour 4 days a week & try to aim for at least half of the days to work on training for the 5K
• no alcohol (with the exception of this coming Sunday because I already have plans to go out)
• 8 hours a sleep a night
• drink 3 bottles of water a day

so i leave for a 2 week vacation in china in less than a week and a half and i have a stupid amount of stuff to do in lab so lemme just rant about them during lunch:

  • 3 western blots
  • a 4-day cell viability assay
  • determine and send samples to UCSF for uCT analyses
  • an entire manuscript draft ha ha yaayy
  • a NIH progress report for my training grant
  • a one-hour presentation for the endocrinology department meeting
  • edit my undergrad’s 30 pg thesis (which i’m halfway through)

at least in china i’ll be essentially off the grid bc almost every single website i use is banned there (gmail, dropbox, mendeley, etc etc)

last time I sent you something, I had like 600 pictures of Ryan or something. Now I have over 1,000, and I’m sure many are cursed but some might be blessed. I’m kinda thinking this is cursed though

— yeah this is cursed. it’s also sorta blessed though, hard to tell. I wonder who kissed his cheek.

I’m in the zone where I’m having difficulty finishing anything so I’m writing it here. Somehow telling Tumblr I’m going to do it makes me do it. I don’t know why either.
To do:
-Clean desk
-Find gift card for manicure
-Make pre-vacation appointment for leg wax
-Look for last-minute hotel deal for Friday night
-Clean bathroom
-Ten minute tidy first floor
-Call my mother
-Don’t forget to hydrate!

Greatest Creation

A/N: you know those awesome head massager things like a handle with a bunch of wires with little ball/beads on the end and it feels amazing on your head???!? here’s Dean and Cas messing around with one because they rock.

EDIT: you know, this thing. vv

Cas did not recognize the strange object that Dean pulled out of his bag, a huge grin on his face.

“What is that?”

“A head massager.” Dean hurried up next to him.

“I didn’t realize you could massage your head.” He blinked.

Dean ordered, “Sit.”

Cas obliged, taking a seat on the edge of the bed.

“Close your eyes.” Cas had no reason not to trust him, though the grin on Dean’s face made Cas a bit nervous. He closed them after a moment of internal debate.

Something slid gently across his scalp, combing through the hair. Ten, maybe twelve little balls attached to longer wires moved up and down, circling his head and giving him chills down his back. His mouth even dropped open a bit.

“Like that?” Dean smirked.

“This is the greatest innovation of man.” Castiel replied, his toes curling. The feeling this invention created was like a physical dose of bliss.

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Text post: updates and things

mood: annual pre-birthday existential crisis*
*my birthday is three sundays from now on the 7th of May**
**insert Justin Timberlake photo with wide grin saying you know what he’s about to say

1. I’m waitlisted for a few physical therapy schools. I’ve got a plan if grad school doesn’t work out, but that plan has the possibility of my girlfriend freezing into a popsicle in Seattle, Washington. It would be a great start for us and it places us close to my niece, the smol and adorkable @threshcadet, which would make the uncle in me very, very happy. 

2. In two months time I will be boarding a plane (through United airlines, naturally) to see the girlfriend @sleepingwiththesunrise for a few weeks. I’m very excited to see my love again. We have a multi-beach vacation-within-a-vacation/pre-honeymoon trip booked. I will consume much spaghetti and rice from the McDonald’s in the Philippines. Their KFCs have unlimited gravy dispensers. What even. Expect more “mushy shit” (as worded by @kforkellyy) photos and videos of us. 

3. My parents are changing. And not in the best of ways. I guess it’s a thing that comes with growing up to see your parents lose sight of the love they had at first concerning family relationships. Their judgments and sentiments about my brother’s marital issues only reflect their selfish thoughts and untrue beliefs about their oldest son. I was right to accept that I am not defined by my parent’s thoughts of me. My youth years’ anxieties and fears make more and more sense these days. 

4. It’s my birthday in a few weeks. I haven’t done anything with friends for my birthday in a few years because I’ve realized they don’t really care much to make my birthday a birthday like any of theirs. Is that petty? Probably. But I see no other way around it. I haven’t participated in birthday outings since a few years ago when I came back from a friend’s birthday and during the middle of the night my aunt fell and broke her jaw. This year, the one person I want to spend my birthday with is an ocean away. She asked me what I wanted us to do, and I said our usual Skype and movie date will be perfect. Any time I get to see her face is perfect, really. 

Feel free to comment your kind thoughts, kiddos. 

New Sterek fic (domestic af)

I Live Here, Old Man by totallyrandom

Fandoms: Teen Wolf (TV)

No Archive Warnings Apply

Tags: Derek Hale/Stiles StilinskiSheriff Stilinskibackground PackPre-SlashDomestic FluffPack DynamicsI’m Bad At TaggingSummer VacationDerek Hale CooksSlow Build Derek Hale/Stiles StilinskiCollege Student StilesTrans Stiles Stilinskithis isn’t about being trans thoughDomestic af


Stiles swoops into the living room of Derek’s new house. “… Uh … What … Um, where the hell is everybody?”

“Beach weekend up the coast,” Derek says. “Scott didn’t tell you?”

“ … Maybe? Finals, you know. I wasn’t even planning to come home ’til next week but then I helped my folklore TA out of a situation yesterday and they told me I didn’t have to finish my final project after all. It was so beneath me anyway. Ugh, I had to take three showers afterward, though, so I’m not sure it was worth it. I mean, it was soooooo Arzt.” He shivers. “Don’t ask. … Anyway… So why are you here?”

“I live here.”

Series: Part 1 of I Live Here; Part 4 of Stiles is Trans, Dude


We interrupt this pre-vacation summary series to bring you some pick-up-artist advice from Shoemaker.

Watch and learn..

“Hey guys! Guess what? I just made some outrageous new shoes. Total chick magnets for sure. You know the girlies check the size of your feet. Well, these things are loooong. I think I’ll go out to the Jaded People’s Night Market and test how these “cockroach killers” pull. You got to have the cool shoes. And a cool shoe shine. And I’ve got all that.”

It was a great morning run today!! I usually don’t get out in the mornings but since my wife is traveling and I’m still a bit sore to cross train at 9 rounds I decided to get out go for a invigorating run this morning! I had a pretty good pace!! It was a bit cold this morning at 50° but it was nice to not have to run in the heat. My hands were cold the entire time… I don’t know why but I can wear a sleeveless shirt and shorts and not feel a thing but my hands will get cold. Guess I should find some gloves eventhough that will look a bit weird!

It was just nice seeing the world wake up during a run. I will probably start doing these runs a lot more as summer progresses. I felt great today. Still sore in my upper body which hurts a bit when moving but overall I started feeling like I did pre-race and vacation. I can’t wait to start adding more miles so I can get ready for the Garden of the Gods 10 mile. I’m going to give myself a few more days to recover and keep around this mileage and then I will start slowly adding on again.

I really like starting my day off with a run!!