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In this one I’m sharing how I do my hot oil/pre poo treatment and how I easily turn it into a deep conditioning treatment when needed. This treatment is great for all hair types and definitely caters to dry, frizzy, or damaged hair. Applying this treatment to your hair routine regularly will give noticeable improvement in hair growth, a healthy scalp, moisturized hair, and length retention. 

Hot Oil Treatments

Hot oil treatments help to manage a dry and flaky scalp very effectively; when I have done them regularly, the flakiness of my scalp has completely disappeared. Doing this treatment also helped prevent breakage especially after doing protective styles for a long time. I simply do the treatment and leave it for a couple of hours and then wash it out- basically a ‘pre-poo’ treatment. I’ve also noticed my hair does not feel as dry and brittle after washes. The oil should be heated either in a (metal) container sat in hot water, or, by using the microwave for about 1 minute. The oil shouldn’t be HOT but quite warm. Start by massaging the oil into the scalp for 5-10minutes. The excess oil should be coated on the rest of the hair, focusing specifically on the ends.

What oils can I use?

You can buy ready-made hot oil treatments; I usually use olive oil but you can pretty much use any natural oil. You can pick oils or mix and match them according to your hairs needs.

Olive oil – helps with dry scalp issues such as dandruff and itching

Argan oil – adds shine and locks in moisture

Sweet almond oil – contains vitamin E & smoothens the cuticle

Jojoba oil – similar to natural ‘oil’ produced by the body. Very light, so ideal for oily hair types. Leaves hair soft and light.

Avocado oil – has a moisturising effect. very good for frizzy and brittle hair


Sometimes it’s hard being a radiotherapy student. It’s hard for multiple of reasons, but for me one of the biggest hurdles is trying to find actual diagrams and illustrations of set-ups to help process and understand them in my head. As an artist- i learn from visualizations and drawing. I’m not a word, a number, or even a doing person. I’m a mixture of all of these, but in 2D. It’s especially hard to visual these set-ups when you’re in academic and have never even seen this set-up in practice before. Why are there no images for this stuff?  So, struggling to remember the process in practice I began to do what I do best - draw. I drew the pre-treatment radiotherapy set-ups, posted a few online and these became a lot more popular than I  had ever expected, proving to me that there is a need out there for this.

So now, I am slowly drawing every major set-up process for both pre-treatment and treatment set-up processes. Additionally I want to draw an A-Z of radiotherapy, drawing diagrams/illustrations for everything including how to do dose calculations, images to help remember basic definitions of things like ‘monitor units’, ect, and how to plan breast treatments, ect.  

I want to try and make radiotherapy processes to be understood by all! Whilst this would obviously benefit students the most, I believe even professionals would like to use it too.

I hope to have it ready in PDF format by next year, 2016.


(at its most aggressive, if left untreated, geostigma can kill you! but in liverpepper cloud’s been taking medication for it since he was a kid so he wont die of it anytime soon! there’s no cure though, so he’s stuck with occasional hopsital trips and living with it. it’s easiest to spot by black, oozing sores on the skin pre-treatment—otherwise, undetectable by other physical means. it’s hereditary though so i imagine people with a family history of it get tested for it.)


The before, during, and afters from my client today! She had blue splat (yuck!) on her hair beforehand, and after hearing horror stories I decided to do a Pre Art treatment before lightening, and then it turned a bunch of pastel colors (totally weird). With nothing more than hearing the words, “I want every single color in my hair,” I used the colors I had that would blend together and created what she said she’s always dreamed of having! I love the career path I’m headed down! :)

exciting news!! i’m doing a giveaway of my very slightly defective topp dogg hoodie!

here’s the story: i ordered this as a lightweight hoodie off of redbubble, and due to a problem with it not receiving enough pre-treatment, the printed design faded slightly after i washed it. redbubble offered to send me a new one, and because everything of theirs is custom printed, there’s no need to return the old one. so i figured i’d give it to another lovely toppklass~


  • unfortunately, as i ordered the hoodie for myself, it’s a size XS. i apologize as i know this really limits the amount of toppklass who would be able to wear it. the XS measurements for this particular hoodie can be found here (choose a design and scroll down a bit to view sizing information)
  • it’s a plain grey hoodie on the front with the big TD logo on the back
  • i know i said it’s ~defective, but as you can see in the photo, it’s still totally recognizable as the TD logo. the fading is most visible on the bottom of the top triangles, and towards the very bottom of the logo


  • you don’t have to be following me, though it would be nice ;)
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if you have any additional questions, feel free to send me a message! good luck!!!

giveaway ends on September 30th at 11:59pm EST

jennahipp Remembering how @msleamichele was so effortlessly #instyle wearing #jennahipp #nails, delicate @jilliandempsey necklace and @switchboutique outfit arriving to @JimmyKimmel. Lea’s pre-show treatment included precious drops of @odacite #WildCarrot for vital glow and @drhauschkausa new #illuminating #foundation formula applied up the fingers and back of hands w/ a foundation brush for targeted hydration with a slight amount of coverage for the cameras. ✨🙌💅📷

msleamichele Jenna you didn’t mention that you picked out this outfit for me!!!! lol I love you so much!!!!! 😘😘😘😘