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John C. Lilly - Cogito ECCO Aum, from E.C.C.O (1994)

Keyboard: Spice Barons (Kim Cascone, Don Falcone, Paul Neyrinck)
Producer: Cascone

One problem in human existence is the tendency to repeat — repeat feeling, thinking, action again and again and again — the same kind of looping cycle. It is as if one is controlled by a set of loops of tape. On these tapes are recorded what one says on one track, what one feels on another track, what one does on a third track. These are endless loops and one tends to repeat these again and again and again. We will illustrate by using repeating words, repeating sentences and repeating ideas how one can get involved in such repetitional processes and what sort of traps, blind alleys, evasions, hindrances and refusals can develop in the face of such externally forced repetition.

One evening after an injection of K[etamine], Lilly sat watching TV when an alien representative of ECCO appeared and–with some advanced form of psychic surgery–bloodlessly removed John’s penis, nonchalantly handing it over to him. “They’ve cut off my penis,” Dr. Lilly exclaimed. His wife Toni came to the rescue and pointed out to John that his penis was still intact. Upon closer examination of his member, John saw that the ET’s had replaced his normal human penis with a mechanical version that could become voluntary erect when he wanted it to. An hour later, after the effects of the K wore off, John Lilly found his normal human penis in place of the mechanical one, exactly where it had always been.

If you missed it this was the guest mix i did for sasil’s 100th episode special. Pretty damn proud of this mix, showcasing all the styles that can be intertwined within the trance theme, so from 128-140, enjoy. 

01. Stadiumx & Taylr Renee - Howl At The Moon (Steezmonks’ Orchestral Edit)
02. Ilan Bluestone - Big Ben (Original Mix)
03. Klauss Goulart - Absolute Chaos (Original Mix)
04. Aerofeel5 - Postion (Original Mix)
05. Max Linen, Prok & Fitch - Man With Soul (Original Mix)
06. Todd Terry, CLS - Can You Feel It (Prok & Fitch Remix)
07. Arty - Zara (Original Mix) 
08. Solarstone -Twisted Wing feat Julie Scott (Dave Horne Remix)
09. EDU & Kristoffer Ljungberg - Around the Sun (Original Mix)
10. LTN - In Between (Original Mix)
11. Darren Porter & Ferry Tayle - Neptune´s Return (Original Mix)
12. Mbase - Holding On (Original Mix)
13. Orbital - Halycon On & On (Dezza Bootleg Remix 2012)
14. Journeyman - In The Dark feat. Vikter Duplaix (Original Mix)
15. Sergy Casttle - Intro Medium (Original Mix)
16. Black & White vs Major7 - Black 7 (Coming Soon Remix)
17. Berg - Wizdom (RE-Edit) 
18. Ace Ventura & Freedom Fighters - The Encounter (Original Mix) 
19. Veracocha - Carte Blanche (Sneijder Remix) 
20. VELA - Mesmerize (Original Mix) 
21. TMA - Eat Sleep Rave Repeat (Ben Nicky 140 Headfuck) 
22. Aly & Fila - Mother Nature (Bryan Kearney Remix) 
23. Dart Rayne & Yura Moonlight with Sarah Lynn - Silhouette (Allen & Envy Remix)
24. John Dopping vs. Bryan Kearney vs. Jase Thrillwall - Cognitive Raid (MVK Mash)
25. Paul van Dyk feat. Austin Leeds -Verano (PvD’s Berlin Mix)
26. Photographer - Night Lights (Original Mix) 
27. John Newall - Trancelate (Orignal Mix) 
28. Gareth Emery feat. Bo Bruce - U (Bryan Kearney Remix) 
29. Blue Tente - The Lost Angel (Photographer Remix) 
30. Brian Flinn & Osireion - Ionosphere (Allen Watts Remix) 
31. Trance Arts & Collin James - Somnium (Original Mix) 
32. Darren Porter - Terraforming (Original Mix)


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