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How do the romanced companions (+Maxson, Glory, and Des???) sleep with the Sole? Like in what position? I'm in desperate need of cuteness :)

Ada will not be in this reaction as I imagine (and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen her do it in the game?) she stays standing up to sleep. Other than that, I hope this was what you were after Nonnie, enjoy <3


‘Liberty Lovers’

Cait liked to be near Sole at night when she slept- she liked the body heat, but she didn’t particularly like touching at night- she much rather preferred to be an arm’s width apart. Sole didn’t particularly mind not touching at night- some nights got rather humid, and they found that if they fell asleep touching, then they’d end up all sweaty and gross by morning.

Usually they’d end up at the opposite ends of the bed, not touching but close enough to know that the other was there for each other.


‘The Tangle’

Curie and Sole usually ended up going to bed at different times- Sole was often up strategizing ways to make the Commonwealth more safe and Curie was usually up researching different medical things.

When they woke up in the morning they would usually end up a tangled mess in bed- arms wrapped around one another, legs tangled together and foreheads just touching as they slept, the duvet thrown carelessly over the top of the pair.


‘Big Spoon’

Danse and Sole’s relationship was based around Danse protecting Sole- when out travelling within the commonwealth, when in battle, when in one of the safest settlements within the Commonwealth, just having some down time.

So for Danse to be the big spoon was to be expected- even in sleep, (only when they were in a safe place, if not they would take turns to be on watch) Danse wanted to protect Sole, to make sure that they were safe, no matter the circumstances.


‘Little Spoon’

Deacon was a man of many faces- he’d been women, men, raiders, gunners, one time he even became a supermutant (and he got away with it, they were so stupid). He was strong; yet weak. He knew all; yet knew nothing at all. He always felt like he needed to be strong for everyone else.

Yet when it came to being with Sole, he always knew that they were being strong for one another- Sole needed him as much as he needed them. As for Deacon being the small spoon- it made him feel safe, feeling the warmth of Sole behind him.


‘Leg hugger’

Gage and Sole didn’t particularly want the world of raiders knowing that they were together- in the beginning, they used to sleep in separate beds, until slowly, their relationship slowly started getting more and more intimate.

The usually end up with Sole sprawled over the top of him, their legs tangled up in a big mess across the bottom of the bed. One time when one of the gang’s leaders came up to speak to Sole, Gage and Sole ended up with strange looks- it was from that moment that they agreed that they wouldn’t keep hiding.


‘The tangle’

It wasn’t very often that Sole and Hancock went to bed- or woke up in bed together. They had very busy lives outside of their relationship, and they often spent days or weeks apart- they got used to sleeping without each other as much as they got used to sleeping together.

When they did end up sleeping together, they often slept in a big heap of bodies, not being able to figure out which finger belonged to which body.


‘Space Hogger’

MacCready was a space hogger. Sole had managed to get a double bed together, with a lot of help from Sturges and welding two beds together, and scavenging a nice looking double bed from a pre-war house they came across. Sole would be curled up on the very edge whilst MacCready had arms and legs lying everywhere.

It was sweet- the way that Sole’s head would find itself cradled into the nook of MacCready’s arm.


‘The Nuzzle’

Nick didn’t like lying down to ‘sleep’. He didn’t need to sleep, and he thought that it was mildly pointless for him to even consider sleeping. But he knew that Sole liked sleeping- not as much as they had pre-war times, since they’d spent over 200 years sleeping, but it helped them feel more alive, especially when they’d had a particularly hard day.  

When Nick laid down next to Sole at night, Nick would just lie still, and let Sole curl themselves up against his body, the blanket they used thrown up over their heads, keeping in the warmth, a stark contrast against Nick’s cool metallic body.

Old Longfellow:

‘The leg hug’

Longfellow was used to being alone. He’d never taken another lover after Hannah, and he’d gotten used to sleeping alone. So when Sole came into his life, and became something more than friends, he knew he’d have to start getting used to sleeping with another body beside him.

Although the Island’s fog brought a chill to the air, when they slept together, they usually ended up with tangled legs, the blanket thrown over their feet, but their upper halves far away from each other- too hot to possibly think of touching.


‘Back Kissers’

Piper’s bed in her small Diamond City home was only small- but her and Sole were perfectly able to lay down back to back in it, and not roll over and fall out the bed (although they might have once, when Nat played a prank on the pair).

They usually slept back to back, with the lower parts of their backs and bottoms pressing against one another, reassuring the other that they had their back, in sleep and during times when they needed it the most.


‘Little Spoon’

Preston had spent such a long time of his life trying to be the bigger man and protect people. He’d protected people when the Minutemen moved into Quincy. He’d tried to protect his people when the gunners had come in and slaughtered the minutemen. He’d protected people as they’d travelled, trying to find safety.

When he was with Sole, he felt like he no longer had to put up the front, and he knew that Sole would be the one to protect him- that’s how he ended up as the little spoon, curled up in front of Sole.


‘The Nuzzle’

X6 doesn’t sleep. He didn’t need it, so he didn’t do it. Sleeping made him feel uncomfortable more than anything else. He never slept, even once he got into a relationship with Sole.

Sole would beg him to at least lie in the bed beside Sole, and slowly, as their relationship grew more intimate, X6 would slowly begin to lay next to Sole, allowing them to rest their head upon his chest or shoulder. He preferred not to, however, since he always ended up with with aching joints from lying in one position for so long- he was more used to moving that staying still.


‘Lovers Knot’

Maxson never knew love growing up. He witnessed it in his mother and father when he was a baby- maybe, he couldn’t quite remember. He’d witnessed it in a few people within the ranks of the Brotherhood. He didn’t know what it felt like until he fell in love with Sole.

When Sole and Maxson ended up sharing a bed together, they would end up curled up in each other’s arms, before rolling away once sleep overtook, proving their relationship provided the pair independence despite being together.


‘Liberty Lover’

Railroad HQ was small, too small to have bedframes in, meaning that everyone ended up on a single mattress on the floor, pushed up against the wall. Most nights the agents had to share the mattresses, and that was how Sole and Desdemona ended up together- they’d ended up sharing the same bedroll one night.

When they went to sleep at night, Desdemona and Sole would usually end up in bed, back to back but not quite touching. They found they were most comfortable that way- they didn’t want the whole world knowing about their relationship, but they were close enough that they could feel the body heat from one another.

Bonus! Glory:

‘Bed Hogger’

Glory was the biggest bed hogger there was. Although she was a synth, for some reason she needed sleep to survive- must have been something wired wrong. She might not have needed a full eight hours like normal humans, but she did need a few hours each night. When Sole and Glory ended up in the same bedroll or mattress, Sole usually ended up sleeping on the cold hard ground.

Not only did Glory hog the majority of the bed, but she also kicked quite a bit- Sole often woke up with bruises covering their shins and sometimes even the knees.

733 words, Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

Brooklyn, 1940

Steve Rogers had been eying a 35mm Kodak in the store window for months. He’d never said anything about it though, because he knew times were tough and there was NO WAY he could scrape up 17 whole dollars for it.
But Steve didn’t need to say anything because Bucky saw every lingering gaze each time they walked passed that window and he swore to himself that he’d get it for him no matter how he had to do it.
Over the next few months, Bucky worked tons of overtime at the factory and any other odd job he could find. Didn’t matter what it was. If he didn’t know how to do it, he’d learn. Any sort of car repair, any and all house/apartment fixes, shoe shining.
He even pawned a few things he probably wouldn’t miss too much.
As Steve’s birthday neared, Bucky had finally scraped and saved enough to buy the camera, and even had enough left over to buy a couple new paint brushes and a new pad of paper.
“What’s this Buck?” Steve said tentatively, eyeing the package on the table in their kitchen on the morning of July 4, 1941.
“Thought we didn’t have the money for any birthday presents this year.” Steve questioned with an arched brow.
“Just open it.” Bucky coaxed, with a soft but eager smile. He held the paper and brushes behind his back to reveal after the camera.
Steve eyed him suspiciously for a moment more before stepping up to the table and examining the brown paper wrapped cube.
He carefully pulled on the tape holding the paper flaps one by one until the paper fell open, revealing the boxed camera inside.

Steve immediately froze. His mouth slowly dropped open as he blinked and stared at it.
It couldn’t possibly be… maybe it’s just the box and there’s something else inside it.

“W-,” Steve’s voice was hoarse so he cleared his throat and began again. “What’s inside?” He whispered, with a tentative look back up at Bucky, who was gazing at him expectantly.
“Open it up and see.” Bucky said with a laugh.
Steve’s nimble fingers slipped under the top flap and lifted slowly, like he was scared something was gonna come out and bite him.
As he saw that it truly was the camera sitting in the box, he felt tears prickling at his eyes.
There’s no way…
“Buck…” Started Steve, but his throat was too tight to speak further, so he just looked up at him with glistening eyes.
“Happy birthday Stevie.” Bucky said as he placed the pad of paper and two brushes on the table as well.
Steve threw his small frame against Bucky’s in the tightest hug he could manage. As he stumbled back a couple steps, Bucky wrapped his arms around Steve and held onto him.
“How?” Steves small voice was muffled against Bucky’s chest.
“Don’t worry about it.” Was all Bucky said.
Steve would press more about it later, but right now he was too eager to try it out.

After finally letting go, Steve immediately went to the table to position the film inside the camera, pushing aside the paper and brushes for later in his excitement.
He’d apparently been researching everything about this camera long before now and was already well aware of how it worked.
He scrambled out the door, down the stairs and skidded to a stop outside their apartment building dragging Bucky behind him all the way.
Steve walked out and stood several feet away from Bucky and brought the camera up to look through the view finder at him.
“Come on Stevie.. what are you doin with that thing? You don’t need no pictures of me.” He grumbled.
Steve ignored him and continued fiddling with the knobs and switches until he had it where he wanted it and looked up eagerly at Bucky.
Bucky sighed and let his arms drop by his sides in defeat.
“Fine… so whaddya want me to do.” Bucky conceded.
“Just stand there and stay still.” Steve answered as he looked through the view finder and squared up his shot.
“That’s it? I feel like an idiot.” Bucky flatly uttered.
“Well that’s a coincidence, cause you look like an idiot too.” Steve teased, as he snapped the picture.

Happy Birthday !

Two of my fellow clone lovers just had their birthday recently. I’m working on @shadow-spires giftfic right now, and will post it later, but @fandumbandflummery is all ready and done.

So there, Happy Birthday, lots of good thing, and have another Pre/Bo fic to add to our growing tally. Soon, the Dumpster Ship will take over the world :)

(This is probably terribly AU because haha, what are canon timelines).

Enjoy !

Pre walks through the club’s crowd, used to the loud beat and the press of bodies, making his path to the bar. It is a busy night, as it often is at the Hammerhead. The club isn’t quite respecting the current laws about beverage acquisition, legal age for drinking or even entrance, but that’s part of the whole experience.

Lots of adventurous, young Mandos go there, to blow off some steam.

Pre usually comes before and after he has to go to court with his father. Politics are awful, all honey smiles in front and vibroblades in the back.
He prefers by far the true, bare honesty of a fight.
The Hammerhead is just what he needs before he is dragged to Sundari to parade as the perfect Vizsla Clan’s heir.

He asks for his usual drink, accept the bright yellow alcohol with a nod and a tip, then settles to look at the crowd, searching for interesting sights.
There’s that couple of Zeltron, making a show of themselves on the floor, and a really, dangerous looking blue Twi’lek with large blasters on her hips, that might be worthy pursuits…
A flash of red makes him turn his head.
On the far side of the bar, there’s a human redhead with the fiercest scowl Pre has ever seen arguing with the bartender and waving a menacing finger under his nose, not caring that she looks like a twig and he’s a bulky, tall Besalisk.
Pre smirks and makes his way towards her.

“I’m pretty sure this is the best way to ensure he’ll never hear you ordering anything, my Lady.” Pre smiles next to her ear as she makes a rude gesture to the Besalisk and doesn’t tip him.

He almost get an elbow to the nose for his trouble, as she twirls to face him, and only quick reflexes allows him to grab her wrist before she throws her glass’ content at his face.

Pre raises his eyebrow at her and she humphs, taking back her wrist.

“I would have stayed polite if he had shown me the same courtesy.” she says. “And I’m no Lady.”
“Sure. The pale skin of the ones who never leave the domed cities, smooth hands, no calluses, expensive fragrance… “ Pre lists. “Don’t worry. There’s a lot of not-Lords and not-Ladies at the Hammerhead. No one tells.”

She looks at him with a frown and she is really pretty. The skin-tight, shimmering black top and the blood red skirt are very flattering, but she would probably look just as beautiful in anything, with her looks. Pale skin, red hair, green-gold eyes that burn with an inner fire… She looks vaguely familiar but Pre would have remembered such a striking combination so it’s probably a coincidence.

“Fine,” she relents. “And who are you ? You don’t look like a… no-Lord.”
Pre laughs. He is one, but he won’t be telling her that, now.
“I’m Pre.”
“No clan name for me, Pre ?”
“Just Pre.”
She smirks.
“Very well, Just-Pre. I’m Ge’tal.”
“ ‘Red’ ?” Pre snorts. “That’s subtle.”

They banter back and forth for a while, Pre buys her another drink, she buys the third round. He teases her about paying with such a high credit chip, and calls her Lady again, she makes up wild guesses about his obvious past as a pirate or a thief in retaliation.

Ge’tal is looking at him with heat in her eyes and Pre knows how the night will end.


It’s slightly different than he expected, as Ge’tal is the one to slam him against a wall to kiss the lights out of him, slim hands buried in his hair, legs wrapped around his waist.
She grinds against him and Pre moans against her mouth.

“You like taking charge, my Lady ?” he pants, kissing her neck.
“Stop calling me a Lady.” she growls, tugging at his hair.

Pre’s laugh is a bit strangled as she digs her heels into his back, using her hold on his hair to bring him for another rough, biting kiss, open-mouthed and filthy.

A club’s bathroom is not the most classy of places but, right now, neither of them care.


A club’s bathroom is definitely not the place if you want to be cuddly after a fantastic, thorough bout of intense fucking, but they don’t quite care either.

“Definitely not a Lady.” Pre chuckles against her sweat-damp hair, kissing a red strand stuck to her temple.
“Told you.” Ge’tal smiles, disentangling herself from him, stretching a little.  

She’s even more gorgeous in her rumpled skirt and without her top on, the mark of Pre’s teeth on her shoulder, mirroring the several bites she gave him, on his neck and collarbones.

They use the bathroom sink to wash up a bit before going back to the main room, dancing the rest of the night away.
Ge’tal goes to fetch something as the bar closes and Pre waits for her outside, considering asking her to go home with him for a bit more fun before he has to leave with his father…
But she never exits the club, vanishing into thin air.


Pre is still bummed with Ge’tal’s disappearance when he’s following his father through the large corridors of Sundari, the domed city still as perfectly shiny as ever.
Too much, in his opinion.

Still, personal matters don’t prevent him from bowing politely to the Duke of Mandalore when they come across him, the blond man smiling at them in kindness.

“Ah, Vizsla Aliit’alor, and young Pre as well ! Good day.”
“And to you, Mand’alor.” Pre’s father smiles back. “And to your lovely daughters.”

True enough, there are two young ladies behind the Duke, almost hidden by the man’s sheer presence.
One steps forwards and Pre bows to the future Duchess. He knows Satine, from a few meetings, though he has never met the Duke’s other daughter.

“I don’t think you know my youngest ? Bo-Katan, this is Pre Vizsla, the Vizsla Clan’s heir.”

The Duke’s daughter steps aside from her father’s shadow, which prevented Pre from getting a good look at her…
And he ends up face to face with Ge’tal.

It’s her, though she looks quite different with the headdress and ornate robes of the Mand’alor’s kriffin’ daughter.
They stare at each other in utter surprise for a few moments…
Then Bo-Katan’s smile turns wicked.

“A pleasure to meet you, my Lord.” she grins.

Pre is so fucked.

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Bucky x Reader- Prompt drabbles

Bucky + knives + dirty talk (SMUT)

Under the table at black tie gala (SMUT")

“It’s Christmas, don’t be mad at me.”

“Welcome to fatherhood”

"Stop being so cute”

“How is my wife more badass than me?”

“I’m not buying IKEA furniture again.”

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Reactions to Sole getting injured and waking up with amnesia (Bonus angst points if they remember life before the bombs fell but not afterwards)

((Bonus challenge accepted.))

At first the companions thought it had just been a bad blow to the head. But when Sole woke up, wide-eyed and horrified, they realized the truth.

Cait: She’s a brawler, not a nurse. She doesn’t know what to do or say when Sole wakes up and looks at her as a stranger. By Sole’s Pre-War standards, she’s a mess, a delinquent. Something to be derided. She tries, for a time, despite how much it hurts. Tries to make them remember, make them understand, with kisses made salty from crying and desperate attempts at bringing back their memories. But eventually she gives up, because Cait’s only human, and she can’t keep giving her heart to people who don’t care about her. She leaves Sole to their faction and their doctors, and crawls back to the Combat Zone, to comfort herself with every foul substances she can find. Without Sole, she’s got no one in the world who cares if she lives or dies.

Codsworth: It reminds him of when Sole first came out of the vault. Eyes fresh with tears, looking as scared as anything, ripped from one world and born into another. He welcomes them the same way he did before, pleasant and positive, trying to make the best of an unfortunate situation. He knows how to care for the sick, and while Sole’s memory loss might not count, it couldn’t hurt to give them some soup and tea. As for getting them back out into the world… He’s got no idea how to rehabilitate them. He’s not even all that rehabilitated himself. His programming keeps him stuck in the past, and it’s up to Sole to move forward. But he’s always around to trim the hedges and do the dishes, if they need him.

Curie: She knows the different kinds of amnesia, knows what this means for Sole. She’d tried to do her best at the moment of injury, getting Sole out of the fight and attending to the wound, but there’s only so much you can do for a brain trauma like that. She decides to think of it as… a fair trade. She knew nothing of the world, and Sole gave her a chance to make her way. Now, she has to help Sole, help them adjust to the new world and move past their terrible tragedy. They trade notes; Curie tells them what she remembers of the Old World, and Sole tells her what they remember. Then they practice shooting together, even though Curie’s not all that skilled herself. Now they’re almost equals - strangers in a strange world, just trying to stay good.

Danse: After Sole wakes up, he rushes to fix everything, make it all familiar so they can trust each other again. But cleaning everything in sight doesn’t work, nothing does, nothing can make the Commonwealth resemble what Sole remembers. He doesn’t know what to do. When Sole first came to him, they were already experienced in combat, could already handle themselves. Now, they’re as innocent as a scribe. He can’t treat them like some recruit, they’re… they’re Sole. So he helps them as best he can. He takes them around the Commonwealth, tells them about the Brotherhood, and welcomes them back with concealed smiles and hopeful nods.

Deacon: He tells jokes saying he’s happy they don’t remember. And he should be, really. One less person who knows about the Railroad. One less person who knows who he is. And he tries to let them go, he really does. But he always finds himself following them at a distance, protecting them from threats they’re not aware of, dropping little hints here and there to make sure they stay safe. He wonders if they’ll ever stumble upon the Railroad again. Or if they ever will remember him. Sometimes they’ll spot his sunglasses from across a settlement, and Sole’s face contorts in confusion, trying to remember… But then he’s gone, refusing to let them into his heart again. You only get one chance to know Deacon, but he’ll know and remember Sole for the rest of his life.

Dogmeat: A dog is a dog. Sole might not remember the Commonwealth or the people in it, but it’s hard to turn down a dog sitting so loyally at your feet. Dogmeat doesn’t understand why Sole’s acting different, why they recoil from ghouls and mutants, why they seem so perpetually shocked. But they’re still Sole, so Dogmeat’s happy to wag along at their side.

Hancock: For the first time in a long time, Hancock wishes he wasn’t a ghoul. There’s a terrible sting of rejection as Sole recoils from him. He’s a ghoul. By some people’s standards, he’s a walking corpse. And abomination. And with those people, he can just tell them to fuck off. But Sole’s not those people. Sole’s a friend, even if they don’t remember it, and you don’t abandon friends. Even if he worries Sole will reject him and refuse to see the merit in who he is and what he’s done now. But Hancock’s a good man, and he’ll at least offer. Caps, protection, whatever Sole needs, they ask and he’s willing to pay up. And even if Sole can’t look past his appearance, well… It was a good time while it lasted. At least he’s got the memories.

Nick Valentine: He understands them all too well. He too experienced the feeling of being in one world one moment, then a new one the next. And Sole at least got to keep their body. He’s stuck with… this. So he knows what to say to Sole, how to welcome them back while keeping them stable. Diamond City’s not a bad place, not too different from the small towns of old. Even if in the Commonwealth it’s considered a ‘big city.’ Nick looks out for them, tells them what they need to know, keeps Piper from being too nosy and helps them find work until they can get settled and find their purpose again. As he’s fond of saying, there’s enough darkness in the world, he’s not about to let one of the good ones go.

MacCready: Whoa. That’s got to suck. The closest he got to a feeling like that was when he left Little Lamplight, and even that didn’t surprise him too much. The world sucked, just like he always knew it did. But to come from such a… perfect world, into this one? He fixes it the way he always does, with a bottle of liquor as he talks crap. He doesn’t lie to them. They’re one of the few people in his life to really gave a damn about him, so he might as well return the favor. He tells them just how awful the world is, all the shit he’s seen, about Duncan and Lucy and everything else. But he also tells them what they accomplished, before the injury. About what they believed, and what they taught him. He might be a bastard, but that doesn’t mean Sole can’t have hope. 

Piper: Pity’s the first thing to strike her. She feels like it’s her fault, for a while, blames herself for not being strong enough, fast enough. She’s always felt like a liability to Sole, just that dorky reporter who gets into more trouble than she’s worth. She swears to herself she owes it to Sole to help them, refusing to leave their care to the doctors. So she makes herself useful and tries to get to know the… Old Sole. She asks them questions about the Old World. For everything Piper writes down in her notebook, Sole asks a question about the New World. They trade stories and trivia, Piper’s enthusiasm and wit helping to ease Sole into their new life. The worlds aren’t so different, after all. Pre-War’s just a little cleaner and less dangerous.

Preston: He’s disappointed, sure, to see Sole taken from him and so very hurt. But he wants to show them that the Commonwealth isn’t so bad. Maybe if they see the hope and goodness here, they won’t be so shocked by the transition. He walks them around the castle, a warm and comforting contrast to their fear and uncertainty. He shows them the gardens, the soldiers, the beautiful view, and promises it isn’t so bad, not really. Preston remembers meeting Sole for the first time, not long after they came out of the vault, and figures it isn’t so different the second time. Sole promised to help him and the Commonwealth before, surely they’ll do it again. They’re still the same person, after all, even if the memories might not be the same. 

Strong: He stares blankly as Sole recoils from him, shocked and frightened by his appearance. He’s disappointed that they’ve lost what they were, that they don’t remember. He had respect for them at one point, felt almost attached to them, but at the end of the day, Sole is a human, so it was to be expected. Sole is weak, and they were hurt, and now Strong must move on. Must find the milk of human kindness, must find out what secrets the human world is hiding from him. The human will just have to heal on their own.

X6-88: Pre-War. The time period is foreign to him. He’s a creature entirely of the New World. To him, his world began and will end with the Institute. And though he knows Sole isn’t useful any more, even though he knows he ought to return to Father and and move on, he sits down next to Sole and listens. He doesn’t tell them what he is, just says he’s a friend. He learns about all the struggles of the past, of the clothes and people and inequalities. Of how his skin color might have once cast him out, of how blood and fire wrecked the world. It feels so strange to hear that from a human voice, rather than reading it on some terminal where it’s described so clinically. He wonders if Father would be angry at him for wondering.

I wonder if they’re ever going to acknowledge and explore mother.grandmother and child relationships in Star Wars beyond the nano efforts they already did with Lyra, Shmi, or even Leia (Ben/Kylo is half Organa, not just Solo, after all). Specifially, I’m talking about Padme’s legacy here and her blood ties to the Skywalker clan. Kylo Ren has, after all, a legacy not only that of his darksider grandpa in his darkest times, but also his grandma’s, who wasn’t just known for having a scandalous affair (headcanon) with a Jedi wunderkind and a certain Dark Lord, but also for being a fierce diplomat, senator, and governor. And if Darth Vader could become associated with Leia and Luke as their parent, why not Padme is? (I haven’t read Bloodline, but heard that it explores Vader’s shadow in Leia’s life. The (masculine) Shadow game is strong with the wars in the stars.)

On a side note, I wonder if Episode 8 is going to look a little deeper (or plainly look at it at all) at the mother-child relationship between Leia and her son. If Lucasfilm wants to breathe in fresh air into the saga and keep it going for the next few decades, isn’t it time to look at familial relationships from a female perspective for a change?

The Asiatic Station - Destroyer USS Edsall

  • Manila
  • China (The Great Wall)
  • Singapore
  • Shanghai
  • Indochina
  • Japan (Fujisan - Mount Fuji)
  • Chefoo (Nowadays Yantai, China)
  • Hong Kong (The Peak)

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I'm cracking up about that one anon going off over the shoe bows. I was just imagining Hancock learning how to sew 'cause he doesn't trust anyone else to mend his coat. They might ruin his Signature Look when his back is turned. If he were to get teased about "becoming an old lady", he'd be like: "well I am pushin' some high numbers, but don't make the mistake of thinking I'll be slowin' down any time soon." Gender roles can stay in Pre-War times, where they belong, thank you very much.

hancock will stab anyone that belittles the female gender with a sewing needle

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I've been distraught over the fact that the companions don't react when you give them your husband's/wife's ring and I need to fill this hole in my soul. Please do a reaction.

Sorry for the long wait on this Nonnie, I hope you Enjoy <3

Since the day that Sole woke up in the cryo pods, they’d held on to their spouse’s wedding ring- they figured that if they needed to gather together a few caps, they could sell the pair, however Sole didn’t really want to sell them, as it was the last thing that they had to remember their dead spouse.  


Some nights, Cait watched as Sole twisted their wedding ring around their ring finger, clearly reminiscing on the times they spent before the war with their spouse.

On very few occasions (usually when Sole was sniffing, close to crying), Sole would tell Cait stories of their marriage. Of the first time that they’d walked across the bridge into Sanctuary, whilst pushing Shaun’s stroller, and Nate had leaned over and accidentally fallen into the river;  of their wedding day, and how nervous they both were and how drunk they’d both been at the evening party; of the night that Nora had given birth to Shaun, and Nate had passed out because of the blood and screaming, and the look on both their faces when they both held their newborn son for the first time.

It made Cait’s heart swell when Sole told her stories of their marriage- both for the fact that the stories were usually both cute and the fact that Sole trusted Cait enough to confide their past in her.

However, most nights were usually spent twisting the ring on their finger, or touching the ring that sat on a chain around their neck. Most nights, Cait would leave them to their own thoughts, preferring to find a nice quiet corner of a room to settle herself down in, although this night, Cait chose to stay.

When Sole told Cait their stories, it usually started with Sole being completely silent, before the story began. Tonight was no different.

Cait sat on the floor in front of Sole as they began talking. The story tonight was finding out that Sole and their Spouse were going to be having a baby. They’d both been in complete shock- their wedding had only been a few weeks prior, and they were hoping to have had time to settle down with each other as a married couple before they brought a child into the cruelness that was the world. Sole told Cait that they’d initially thought of different options (including adoption), however Nora had a miscarriage scare, and then they decided that the life they jointly made was far too precious to give away to someone else. They’d been given Codsworth as a joint wedding/baby shower gift from one of their bosses- Sole couldn’t remember which one- and they’d been entirely grateful for the gift.

By this point, the ring that was around Sole’s neck was now in their hand, being rolled between thumb and fingers.

Shaun had decided to come earlier than his due date- Nora was always early to things, and Nate was always late. Nate had been out with friends on a last night of freedom before the baby arrived, and Nora had to get one of her neighbours to drive her to the hospital. He’d arrived just in time to watch their son come into the world, and then passed out straight on the floor.

Tears were gathered in Sole’s eyes as they asked for Cait’s hand, dropping the other ring into the centre of her hand. Sole tenderly told Cait that they could hold onto the ring until the day that they died, but putting it to good use would be so much better. Sole wanted Cait to have the ring, so they could show the world a symbol of their unity and love, and Cait was more than happy to wear it.

It felt a little weird, wearing the ring that once belonged to someone who was now locked in a freezer in a vault, but she couldn’t be happier as it showed their love for one another.


Sole helped everyone that they came across, no matter if they were human, synth, ghoul or even super mutant. Unless, they were shooting at them, then Sole preferred to shoot first and ask questions later.

Curie loved travelling with Sole- especially when Sole was telling stories of pre-war times. Often when they travelled throughout the Commonwealth, Sole would tell Curie stories of Sole travelling in the same location before the bombs dropped.

Sole told Curie of how they went shopping just a week before the bombs dropped in the Super Duper Mart whilst they were in the middle of clearing out the ghouls there; or when they were clearing out Medford Memorial Hospital of the mutants there Sole told her of how Nora had gone there to give birth to Shaun, even though they were due to be giving birth Kendall Hospital; or when Sole and their partner and their parents went to Fallon’s Department Store to buy clothes for when Shaun was born, finding cute little clothes that Shaun would never get to wear as he got older.

Some of the stories that Sole told Curie broke her heart. It wasn’t fair that Sole got their baby taken away and he had grown up to be an old man, the leader of the enemy. Curie would always be there to offer an ear or a shoulder whenever Sole needed one, and because of that they ended up becoming closer that Sole was with their other companions.

They spent considerably more time together that Sole did with anyone else, with Sole preferring the company of the soft spoken synth that they’d come to care deeply for than their more outspoken friends.

Sole began telling Curie more stories, until one day, they ended up in the Lonely Chapel. Sole told Curie that this was where they married- they’d both turned up drunk after drinking the whole day before hand (and continuing well on into the night), and had both practically slurred their wedding vows to one another.  Sole told Curie of the significance of wedding (and engagement) rings, before they reached down for Curie’s hands and dragged her up to the remains of the alter. Reaching into their pocket- the safest place for their spouse’s ring- Sole pulled the ring out and lifted Curie’s left hand, placing the ring on her finger (but not before asking if she would accept the ring from them).

With tears in her eyes, Curie brought the ring up to her eye level to look at. It was a plain and simple silver wedding band with few marks and scratches on it (Sole’s own ring hand more scratches on it). As they left the Chapel, Curie felt as if her left hand was weighed down, however she couldn’t be happier.


The day that Danse met Sole, his eyes had instantly been drawn to their finger, where their wedding ring had sat, and he briefly noticed the matching ring on a string around their neck. It was a tactical error to wear thing’s around your neck in a place such as the Commonwealth- any number of enemies could be able to reach up for the string and pull, which could end up ending Sole’s life (just like what one of the ghouls had done whilst they were fighting alongside him when they first met). However, his eyes hadn’t settled on their hand and neck just because of how dangerous it was- he felt disappointment bubble up in his stomach at the sight that they’d been claimed by someone else.

Sole joined up with the Brotherhood- they had taken a lot of persuading- and it wasn’t long before the Prydwen was in the Commonwealth and Elder Maxson had put Sole and Danse together for different missions, meaning they were travelling together all the time.

They grew closer and began to tell each other more about themselves- Danse told Sole about Cutler and Sole started to tell Danse about their pre-war life and their life with their spouse and son.

It was one night when they holed up in an abandoned factory after clearing it out whilst also waiting out a radstorm that Sole held out their hand to give Sole their spouses ring. Their relationship had changed and they’d grown closer, and Sole had told them that it was the next step for them as a couple.

Sole told Danse about how it would have gone in pre-war times- big dresses, suit and ties, flowers, cake and a party. But they told him that they obviously couldn’t do it in the Commonwealth, so instead they’ll just have to settle for the old warehouse, and a few whispered words to one another.

Danse felt happiness beyond belief- he hadn’t expected to find someone who he could be truly happy with, someone he really wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He wished that he could give them the pre-war wedding, however it would be somewhat impossible (sure, you could find clean suits here and there) to create something as good as what Sole’s first wedding would have been like. He placed the ring on his finger (with some help from Sole as to what finger it went on- wedding rings were uncommon in the Commonwealth), and never took it off.    


Deacon was a wary person; he had to be, especially in the Commonwealth, and especially with the Institute breathing down his neck 24/7. So everyone that had known the Railroad’s best agent had been confused when they found out that he trusted Sole almost instantly.

Deacon grew attached to Sole as he watched them emerge from Vault 111- and the attachment only grew as he snuck (it was very bad sneaking, the Vault’s elevator was incredibly loud) down into the vault and found out what had happened down there- the previous times he’d tried he’d been unable to, since you needed to open it from the inside rather than the outside.

When Sole joined up with the Railroad, the pair became inseparable- they spent every waking moment (and moments asleep- there wasn’t too many spare bedroll’s in HQ) together, and everyone noticed.

Together, Sole and Deacon went down to the glowing sea and found Virgil, killed a courser and built the teleportation device into the Institute. They did everything together, so when Tinker told them that only one person could use the device, everyone wondered what the pair would do.

Along with Desdemona, Sole agreed that they would teleport to the Institute in the morning rather than straight away, meaning that Sole could get a good night of sleep- or at least a little rest, no doubt they’d be tossing and turning all night.

Deacon joined Sole in the room they’d been sharing and it was that night that Sole handed Deacon the ring. At first they told him that the only reason they were giving it to him was for safekeeping- but they both knew that it was a deeper reason than that. Sole loved Deacon, and knew that Deacon would spend the time that Sole would be in the Institute worrying, and he needed something that showed that Sole loved him and would be coming back for him.

He promised them that he’d keep it safe, and he put it on his ring finger- just for safe keeping, he told them.

Deacon watched as Sole stepped on the teleporter; Deacon watched as Sole disappeared into nothingness in a flash of blue; Deacon watched as the teleporter exploded.

Deacon begged Desdemona if he could stay, however Des made him walk back to HQ with them. He sat around HQ- at nights he lay tossing and turning on the bedroll he shared with them- twisting the ring that Sole gave them. His emotions ran high when he watched Des cross the room and scribble out Sole’s name from the board (he just wrote it back up, leading to an endless cycle of Des crossing out and Deacon writing it back). Glory tried to talk some sense into him. It didn’t work.

The moment that he noticed them stumbling down the stairs to HQ, he was by their side in a second, bringing them into a kiss. Sole took his left hand in theirs, and softly ran their finger over his ring, before bringing him back into another kiss.


Hancock had different nicknames that he liked to call Sole- no matter the name, they’d always end up with a light (or dark depending on the nickname) blush spreading across their cheeks. He found it cute.

Sole and Hancock had gotten off to a bit of a rocky start; Sole had been terrified of Hancock after he stabbed Finn as soon as they’d stepped through the door to Goodneighbour. Sole had stepped cautiously around Goodneighbour, trying their hardest to avoid Hancock’s gaze, which seemed intent in following their every step.

Then Sole just had to stumble down Bobbi’s alleyway and accept the digging job from the old trouble making ghoul. Hancock had been tempted to intercept Sole and tell them what Bobbi actually had planned, however he decided to just let the scene play out. He sent Fahrenheit out to his storage warehouse- just incase Bobbi had somehow managed to better Sole, and then sat and waited until Sole came to the Old Statehouse.

Fahrenheit came back before Sole did, telling him stories of how Sole had completely lost it with Bobbi after finding out it was Hancock’s warehouse and had filled the old ghouls body with lead before she could even lift her gun to defend herself. Fahrenheit was angry that Sole hadn’t been in to talk to Hancock, but Hancock had shrugged it off- so long as they came and spoke to him, he didn’t mind when they came.

The second that Sole walked into the Old Statehouse, Hancock pulled a bottle of some old alcohol out, offering them the glass as soon as they walked into the room. They sat there talking all the way into early hours, with Sole telling Hancock that they were a little frightened of him when he’d stabbed Finn- after all, the only ghoul’s that Sole had seen previously to the point where feral ones: ones that wanted to kill them and/or eat them.

After they made confessions to each other- with Hancock repeatedly telling Sole that he hadn’t meant to make them scared of him, and that their admission of that made him feel really guilty- they’d started travelling together throughout the Commonwealth. Their travelling caused them to be in enclosed spaces a lot, which meant that they had a lot of time to spend talking together. They became closer over their mutual dislike of Hancock’s older brother, and soon the pair were inseparable. It was after they cleared out a raider den not too far from Diamond City when they’d sat together huddled in a bedroll- they’d lost their second bedroll and had to share the one- that Sole reached their hand down and given Hancock their spouse’s wedding ring. They told him that they couldn’t think of anyone else to give it too, and their spouse would have liked him and wanted him to have the ring. He’d taken the ring with happiness, and would wear it with pride, happy to show off to the world that he was  happy with Sole- even after their rocky start.


MacCready had been married once before- however neither him or Lucy had an engagement (Lucy had been the one that proposed to MacCready, since he took a long time to admit to her that he felt something for them). Of course they both knew of the pre-war traditions of gifting rings to the one that you loved and married, however buying just one ring (let alone two) in the Capitol was a costly thing- and at the time they got married, they needed to start saving all their caps, as Lucy had already found out that she was pregnant with Duncan.

MacCready knew of the pre-war traditions, however when he first spotted the ring on Sole’s ring finger he’d initially asked them what it meant and who it was from. He listened intently as Sole told him about about their spouse, and the day that they first both got their rings- their wedding day.

Sole told MacCready about their wedding day- the big dresses, the suits, the wedding cake and alcohol, and the massive party that had lasted a whole night. Sole had told MacCready of the happiness that they had felt the moment that they had been declared married; but MacCready already knew of the happiness of having that one special other, and the sadness and loneliness and heartbreak of losing one too.

When Sole had shown MacCready the matching ring, Sole had practically seen the dollar signs in his eyes- that man was all about the caps. But Sole had told him that they weren’t going to be selling them, and they’d pretty much been able to hear his heart breaking.

The rings had stayed on his mind whilst the pair travelled- just as much as Duncan had been on his mind. There was a moment (and he was disgusted to admit it) that MacCready had considered stealing the rings and making off back to the Capitol, knowing he could get a few caps for the pair and maybe he’ll be able to buy Duncan’s cure somewhere else. He’d thought about it, then he’d realised that he cared too much for Sole- especially since they were going to help him get the cure for his ill son.

It was after they’d both heard back from Duncan that Sole had given MacCready the other ring. They told him that he was something special to them, and that in the world that they lived in, they needed something positive to get by each day- and fortunately they’d found that little something positive in him. He felt both in love but very guilty- he’d seriously considered stealing the ring and yet they were going to willingly give it to him. He wore the ring with pleasure, happy that his promise of being a better man was finally coming true.


From what little Nick could remember from his pre-war life, he remembers the day that Sole and their spouse got married- Sole’s father worked in the same station that Nick worked at, and he remembers the day clearly.

Something- or everything- had gone wrong, and Sole’s father had to leave work early and go and sort everything out. Nick briefly remembers offering his help, but Sole’s father had denied the offered help. The next time Nick had seen him, he’d showed Nick the pictures of the wedding, and eventually a picture of the two rings given by each of the two newly weds.

When Nick was rescued by Sole, he’d momentarily been stuck in a moment- he stared at them, feeling de-ja-vu over them. He’d thought to himself that surely it was not them- they’d be long dead by now. As he thought it, his eyes drifted down to the ring on their finger (briefly noticing the ring on a string around his neck), and then he’d realised that it was the same person. He was sure that they recognised him as well.

He listened intently when Sole told their story of what had happened to their child Shaun and their partner (the very same one that they’d married all those years ago and their father showed him all the pictures). He’d followed them to ends of the Commonwealth, killing Kellogg and then heading down in the glowing sea to find the escaped Institute scientist, before following them back out to kill a courser.

Sole had noticed that Nick was going above and beyond what he’d promised; at first they’d put it down to him just being a nice guy, then Sole started to remember snippets of the detective Nick Valentine that their father used to work with before the war. Sole remembered her father talking about the man when he’d offered to come down and help when everything had gone wrong. Then Sole started to realise that it was the same man- just a different body.

The boundaries of their relationship began changing and adapting, and soon they were closer than any of Sole’s other friends and companions.

It was the night that Sole came back from the Institute that they gave him their spouse’s ring- somehow it had fitted on his finger like it was supposed to have been their the whole time. They sat down with him and told him that they remembered him from his previous life, and that he was- and still is- a great man, and that Sole couldn’t imagine giving the ring to anyone else. It made Nick incredibly happy to know that Sole liked- no loved- him in such ways.


When Piper had first saw the rings that had once belonged to Sole and their spouse, she had initially thought that they were entering Diamond City to sell them- they would, after all, be worth a few caps, and who doesn’t need caps nowadays in the Commonwealth.

But then they spouted off some story of how they came from a vault and were just looking for their son who’d been kidnapped, and then Piper knew there was more to this strange vault dweller than meets the eye.

In exchange for an interview, Piper offered her services to Sole, knowing that they were going to have to go and find Nick Valentine, his last known location being with the trigger happy triggermen.

Sole was stealthy, always keeping to the shadows as they moved throughout the Commonwealth; Piper was loud and obnoxious, more noticeable than the tin-can Paladin, clunking around in his power armour. However, they managed to make it to Park Street Station with minimal injuries. It hadn’t taken long to make it through the vault, and soon they were on their way back to Diamond City, bunkering down in an abandoned flat whilst they wait for the sun to go back down. It was in there that Sole told Piper the true meaning of the two rings that never left their person.

As time went on, Piper and Sole became closer; when something was on their mind they only ended up talking to each other about it. Soon, the pair became inseparable, and both Sole and Piper shared intimate details of their past lives with one another.

What had started out as friendship quickly became a relationship, and everyone was happy for them- mostly happy for Piper, who was finally showing signs of slowing and settling down.

They travelled across the Commonwealth caring for Settlements for Garvey, and it was when they were at their lighthouse settlement that Sole had given Piper their spouse’s ring. It was a little big on Piper’s fingers- before the war, nobody had to fight for their food, so everyone usually had more meat on their bones- however the ring eventually stayed on the finger, happy with the new home instead of on a string around a neck.

Piper wore the gold band with happiness; it showed people that she belonged to Sole, and Sole belonged to her (even though that fact didn’t stop many people flirting with Sole).


Sole usually drifted in and out of Sanctuary, off out to help out the various numbers of Minutemen settlements that they’d managed to established in their short three months in the Commonwealth. They usually went out travelling with the dog, however sometimes- usually when they travelled down south, as it was considerably more dangerous, especially for the dog who went running towards trouble without a second thought.  

On some occasions, usually when they were going out to set up a new settlement- Preston accompanied Sole for the trip. It made him understand why Sole was always away for so long when they went away to build a new settlement- they built everything from scratch.

They managed to clear the settlement from the mirelurks that had been lurking in the location and both jointly decided to settle down for the night and then start construction the next morning in daylight.

Sole handed Preston their joint pack that was filled with mines, and he heading around the perimeter and placed the mines down, just incase they missed any pesky mirelurks anywhere. In the time that Preston was away setting up some defence, Sole had managed to set up a small fire and pulled out a couple of plates with some crispy squirrel bits and some chopped and mashed tato. They sat down to their meals, before they put the small fire out and settled down in their bedrolls opposite each other.

The next morning, Sole and Preston began clearing away various pieces of debris that littered the new settlement, before using various pieces of wood to erect a few new walls around the shell of a pre-war house. They worked their way through the day, until the walls had been built and the room inside had a few small beds pushed up against various walls.

At some point throughout the day Sole had unzipped their vault suit because of the heat, and the ring that had settled under their clothes had gotten in their way by swinging around whilst they were trying to work. Instead of taking it off the chain  that settled around their neck, they decided to take it off and give it to Preston to look after. He went to put it in his pocket, however Sole told him to wear it instead. He slipped it on his finger, and for the rest of the day until they settled down for the night it was on his mind.

That night, they sat down and Preston asked them why they gave him the ring to wear instead of just to keep safe. Sole told him that it was because they liked him more than just a friendship and that they wanted to go somewhere further in their relationship. Preston agreed- he hadn’t thought that they’d felt the same way as he did, but he was more than happy that they did and he couldn’t wait for the future- hopefully it was now a future with him and Sole together in a proper relationship.


Father had X6 watching Sole from the moment that they stepped out of the vault- X6 was Father’s most trusted courser, and although it wasn’t a coursers normal work, Father wanted someone trusted to look after their parent.

He’d followed them through much of the Commonwealth, reporting their every step to Father: when they met the Minutemen; when they met the Brotherhood; when they made their way through the vault to get back the synth detective. He watched them throughout their time in the Commonwealth- especially at night time when Sole hunkered down in a old abandoned building. He’d watch, usually from the roof of a building opposite, as they settled themselves down for the night- part of their usual routine was to sit there and twist the ring around their finger, usually bringing the second ring to join it on the same finger, before they twist the pair together at the same time, clearly lost in thought. They’d spend most their nights like this, before they’d wake up and go about their day like normal, as if they hadn’t been reminiscing about old times.

After he watched Sole walked out of the memory den, he watched as they repeated something over and over on their lips. It looked like they were muttering his designation code. But he couldn’t be too sure.

He continued to watch Sole as they made their way through the Commonwealth- watching at night as they toyed with the rings that sat on their finger. He watched up until the very last moment- the second that Sole stepped onto the teleportation and disappeared straight into the Institute. X6 relayed into the Institute and waited to talk to Father before heading back out to do his usual duties, waiting for Sole to meet him for the first time.

When Sole first spotted him, he watched as they raised his gun up to his face, before lowering their gun with their eyebrows creased. Sole sat there and told X6 that they remembered his face from when he had taken Shaun from Kellogg- for the first time in his life, X6 felt something- he felt shame.

It took a while for Sole to feel comfortable and trust X6, but after a while the pair became close. They worked a lot of missions for Father together- usually reclaiming escaped synths, but X6 was there beside Sole as they took down both the Brotherhood and the Railroad. After both of the Institute’s enemies were taken out (Sole told everyone within the Institute that the Minutemen were not to be attacked), and Father was dead, X6 and Sole became closer than ever before.

That was when Sole gave X6 the ring- but not their spouses ring, their own ring. He’d taken the ring with gratitude- he was more than happy to wear the ring with pride- it had significant meaning to both of them after all.   


Sole and Maxson had been in a relationship for three months when they both decided that they wanted to get married to one another. Whilst they both wanted to wait until the Commonwealth was free of all the danger from the Institute, they also wanted to get married as soon as possible.

So, around all their other duties they started planning the wedding, only introducing a few other senior members into the planning. They’d decided that they’d have a very small ceremony and then once the threat of the Institute was gone then they’d have a larger party with everyone within the Brotherhood invited.

They’d planned the ceremony for a quiet day, when the skies were- somewhat- clear of rads, with the actual ceremony being held in the Command centre. They hadn’t planned on wearing any fancy clothing- they’d wait for the bigger celebration for that. Instead they both somewhat dressed down in their flight suits, and the ceremony was held by Kells. They both made up vows- something that Elder Maxson hadn’t heard of in the Commonwealth- each promising one another that they’d love them until the day they died- the vows were a little similar to those said when first joining the Brotherhood.

Before Kells announced them a married couple, Sole held up their finger and pulled out the rings that usually settled around their neck. They quickly passed Maxson one, before reaching for his hand and setting the ring on his finger. Maxson returned the favour- however it wasn’t that usual for people in the Commonwealth to have wedding rings, as not many items of jewelry survived the nuclear fallout- happy to have a physical item that tied the newly married couple together.

After they married Maxson became overly protective of Sole, especially in the fight with the Institute, but it wasn’t the protectiveness that gave away the fact they secretly married. It was the glistening rings on their fingers.


Des had never really thought that she’d find someone to settle down with and be married too- there had been one person, and he had been the reason that she joined up with the Railroad.

Des loved Sole’s stories. Sole would usually tell them to Deacon- who would badger them until they sat by his side and told stories- and the rest of HQ, including Des would listen in intensely. There were many great stories of traditions that didn’t happen anymore; fourth of July; Thanksgiving; Christmas. Those stories, and the reasons behind the tradition, were fascinating stories, but Sole’s personal stories of their personal lives were far more interesting to Des.

One of her favourites was the story of Sole and their spouse’s wedding rings. The jewelers had gotten the sizing wrong on both of the rings, and they’d both ended up with rings that were far too big for them- Sole and their spouse hadn’t realised until the day of the wedding when they’d exchanged their rings.

Everyone usually went to bed- or their evening post’s- after Sole’s stories. Sole, went to Desdemona’s bedroll- the bedroll that they’d ‘secretly’ been sharing for the last several months.

The next morning, at the crack of dawn- not that they could tell, being underground and all- Des woke up with a heavy feeling on her hand. She freaked out- she once woke up with a mole rat gnawing away on her hand- accidentally ending up punching Sole in the face before Sole managed to calm her down.

They explained to her that they thought it might be a nice surprise, and that they wanted to spend every day waking up beside her- so long as they don’t wake up to a punch again. Des nodded, accepting the ring- which fitted perfectly- happy to finally spend the rest of her life with someone that she actually liked in return.

In my state approved History book, we were reading about pre-civil war times (and it seemed really sympathetic to slaveowners), and there was a question that was “If you were a slaveowner and your kids asked you why you owned slaves, what would you tell them?”

It just stuns me that that question was even allowed to be taught

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A very tin foil-y thought just hit me. It seems like everyone thinks Ven is either from pre-War time or sees this time in sleep, but... what if it is both? Personally, I've been thinking about Ven being in Luxu's box ever since I saw BC, and it suddenly occured to me that if he is, then in theory he can time travel to any time in between being put there and getting out of there. What if he was born pre-War, but experiences this time from the future?

……if Ven’s in that box I’m going to have a lethal grudge against all involved parties

ANYWAY, that’s an interesting thought; it would fulfill the requirement of needing to exist in the time that you wanted to jump back to. The only thing is that your heart has to abandon your body in order to time travel back, and while Ven’s heart is currently separate from his body, it’s still locked inside Sora, so that should (keyword: should, you never know in this series) prevent it from going anywhere.

But then there’s the possibility, as I mentioned prior, that Ven’s first coma (after Vanitas was taken from him) is when he goes back to KHUX somehow, which would explain his younger appearance… But again, in terms of literal time travel, he would have had to abandon his body, and the only way we know how to do that is as Apprentice Xehanort did, which was Keyblading himself to remove his heart and produce the Robed Figure, who then traveled back in time. And it seems as though Ven never went missing in the LoD during the time he was asleep; not to mention that even Xehanort didn’t know about time travel until he was Apprentice Xehanort, so it’s not common knowledge, which would call into question how Ven would know how to execute it (even if the MoM knew and told him, that seems kind of roundabout to send him to the future just to have him travel back…?). And if he did know, Ven still shouldn’t have had the power to remove even his own heart since he A) wasn’t at the master level at that time and B) almost certainly lacked the kind of will needed to do so (the same that Xehanort said Terra lacked) since he was so light-driven and, in Xehanort’s words, “frail” and “benign” during his apprenticeship.


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Companions+the others reactions to accidently shooting Sole (non fatally) because Sole stepped in the way of their shot?

It’s been a bad week for me this week, so sorry for the lack of activity. I hope this isn’t too bad and is what you were after Nonnie, Enjoy <3


Cait didn’t really like using guns- she preferred something a little more up close and personal, a baseball bat or her fists for example. They were easier to control, whereas a gun could be unpredictable, especially for someone who was drunk or high the best of the time.

Sole and Cait were travelling down from Sunshine Tidings to Somerville Place when they got ambushed by a group of gunners that had come down to the newly cleared out Mass Pike Interchange.

The gunners were firing away with their energy weapons before Sole and Cait even knew they were there. Sole had their fun raised before Cait did, and was firing at the small group of gunners- Cait quickly raised her own gun, joining in the fight.

It didn’t take very long for both the gunners to be shot down and everything to go wrong. It took minutes for Cait and Sole to take out the gunners. Whilst Cait was firing her gun in the general direction she’d last seen a gunner run, the bullet flew straight into Sole’s shoulder.

Cait nearly ran over to help them but remembered that there were still fighting, so raised her gun and fired in the direction of the final gunner. It took more shots than usual, but soon Cait was running over to Sole’s side.

After Sole’s eyes stopped scanning- Sole never stopped looking for threats, even asleep- they allowed Cait to take their hand away from the bullet wound on their shoulder. Cait reached into their shared pack that she carried and pulled out a stimpak, jabbing it straight into their should without a warning.

Cait watched as the skin around the bullet wound started healing, leaving a faint mark in its place. Once the wound was healed (with a small argument over whether or not Sole needed a second stim), Cait released the breath she hadn’t realised she’d been holding.

“Why did you have to get in the way Sole?” Cait started, before continuing without allowing Sole to answer. “That is why I hate guns. I hate ‘em. I don’t like using them. Sole, I swear, next time you step in front of one of my bullets I’m just gonna let it kill ya, I swear.”


Curie didn’t like carrying a weapon- she was more than a lover than a fighter. She was ultimately a medic, preferring to save people’s lives than take them. However, trouble seems to follow Sole around like a bad smell, so anyone that travelled with them needed to know how to use a gun.

Curie needed to know how to use a gun.

Sole had MacCready show Curie how to properly shoot a gun. She wasn’t very good at it, but she was okay enough to know how (and when) to raise the gun and shoot at the bad guys.

Sole and Curie were sat in the food hall when they heard the sirens that sounded when there was danger nearby started. At first Sole ignored them- settlers seemed to set them off all the time, even if it were only a couple of bloatflies- but once they heard the screams of various settlers and the tale-tale signs of a number of radscorpions making their way through the settlement.

Sole was up and out of the door within seconds, gun raised ready to attack. Clumsily, Curie stood and followed behind Sole, gun also raised directly in front of her. Sole ran down to where the four radscorpions were attacking both the settlers and the turrets that had been set up for defence.

As soon as Sole could see the radscorpions, they began firing towards them, trying to get their attentions away from the settlers and on to them. Curie ran behind, and as soon as the over-sized scorpions changed their direction she began firing at them.

Curie wasn’t paying full attention at where her gun was aimed, and it didn’t take long before a bullet had found a target- just not the right target that she was aiming for. Curie’s bullet lodged itself into Sole’s forearm, causing them to yell out in pain.

With the turrets, the settlers, a handful of Sole’s other friends and companions (all who were considerably better with a gun) and Sole themselves, the radscorpions were soon dealt with (and taken away by a settler to get the meat off the bodies).

Curie ran straight over to Sole and began apologising, dragging them in the direction of the medical room to deal with the bullet wound- having to get the bullet out with a pair of tweezers before the wound could heal.  


Danse prided himself of being a very precise soldier. He rarely- more like never- missed anything that he ever aimed at. He was a good soldier and he knew it.

Sole was good. Not on par with Danse, but they were good. They knew their muzzle from their trigger, and that was a good start.

Danse liked travelling with Sole. They both had a lot to teach one another: Sole knew a lot about keeping quiet whilst doing missions (something that was hard for Danse, considering the fact he practically lived in his power armour) and Danse could teach a lot to Sole about guns and the brotherhood ideals.

He enjoyed travelling with Sole. They were a good fighter and they knew how to follow his orders. They worked well as a team, and could usually tell how the other was going to react to a situation- one time they were travelling somewhere near Goodneighbour and a bullet ricocheted off Danse’s power armour, and within seconds Sole had found where the raider had been hiding and together they took him out.

They worked well together as a team, which is why what happened on one particular day had Danse stumped.

They’d been sent out on a simple recon mission by Elder Maxson. It hadn’t been flagged as an high risk zone- infact, it had been marked as a location that was clear from enemies. Sole had been the one that had pushed open the heavy doors to the old hospital.

They both took cautious steps inside- they were both always cautious- and once inside Sole held their hand out to stop Danse in his tracks. They heard the clanking of a protection marching somewhere in the building, so the pair both raised their guns and continued on.  

Pushing open another door, the pair were both met with the heat of a fire and the protectron. The robot didn’t turn on them as they entered the room, but the pair kept their guns raised. They headed through the building and ended up going up the stairs and into a elevator. The elevator took them to a new floor, one that took them both by surprise. A raider camp, set up on rickety stairways and hollowed out walls stood in front of them, completely empty of raiders. They headed downwards, heading down flights of stairs until they reached a wall, the very bottom of the facility only reachable by jumping down. Danse went first, power armour supporting his jump, and as soon as the floor stopped shaking from his landing, it began shaking from the roar of the deathclaw that emerged from one of the rooms.

Danse yelled up to Sole to stay where they were, but Sole didn’t listen, soon joining Danse on the lowest floor fighting the Deathclaw (that seemed to be glowing?). Rounds of fusion cells flew from Danse’s gun, very few missing it’s target. The Deathclaw got madder and madder at being hit by bullets, and soon was running towards Danse. Whilst trying to move away he lost control, and a couple of rounds ended up burning Sole on their uncovered arm. From afar, Sole loaded and reloaded their own gun, and between the two of them they ended up downing the giant mutated lizard.

As soon as the Deathclaw body hit the ground, Danse ran over to Sole, moving them to sit down on the floor and pulled out a bottle of purified water, splashing the lukewarm liquid onto Sole’s burnt arm.

Whilst apologising, Danse pulled a stim from his pack and injected it into Sole’s arm, watching as the skin on Sole’s arm began to heal and repair itself.


Deacon had no idea how Sole had managed to survive as long as they did. Don’t get him wrong, when he says that he always has been and always will be in their corner. Ever since he watched them stumble their way out their little vault and down to their old home, he’s been in their corner.

But Sole doesn’t do themselves any favours.

They were certainly from pre-war times, with a heavy reluctance to kill anything (one time they nearly got their arm bitten off by a mongrel dog because they couldn’t find it in their heart to kill a poor ‘innocent’ animal) and an incredible innocence for anything and everything within the Commonwealth.

They constantly talked about ‘cleaning’ and ‘disinfecting’ everything that they came across, as if it were something of uttermost importance- they frequently talked about missing ‘anti-bacterial hand gels’, whatever that was. They were clumsy as fuck, constantly tripping and falling on absolutely nothing, leading to Deacon constantly having to catch them before they hit the floor and hurt themselves.

And by god, they were absolutely terrible with a gun- well, with any weapon to be honest. Absolutely terrible. There was the one time, the first time that he’d been with them and they met the tourist on the bridge by Lexington when a few ghouls came up from under a bus. They hadn’t even put any ammo in the magazine, and ended up bashing the ghoul in the head with the gun until the ghoul was dead. Deacon had second thoughts about going in a getting the prototype- what if there was a courser inside? There would have been no way they’d both survive.

Deacon usually ended up being some sort of protector for Sole- sure, it boosted his ego, being the ‘big strong man’ and taking out all the bad guys.

But Deacon needed Sole to learn how to shoot in a straight line. Because there was only so many times that he could dodge a bullet before he took one to teach Sole a lesson.

The lessons only helped a little, and Deacon decided that it would probably have been better to just teach Sole to run and hide from any danger rather than put themselves in more danger.

With a little training on how to properly shoot a gun, Sole and Deacon were sent out on a mission for Desdemona. They’d chosen to travel at night- better to avoid danger- and Deacon kept Sole close, always keeping an eye on them.

They managed to walk for two hours before they saw a glowing ahead of them. Sole had abruptly stopped, causing Deacon to stumble straight into their back. Ahead, a small group of super mutants, dumbly pacing in circles whilst skinning what looked to be mole rat. Deacon and Sole would have walked around, however Sole had to choose that moment to fall over and draw attention to them, causing a fire fight to start.

Deacon had no time to place himself in front of Sole, which resulted in Sole ending up with a bullet burying itself into the fleshiest part of Sole’s thigh.

Deacon made quick work of the remaining super mutants, before falling to sole’s side whilst pulling their joint pack to his side. Looking at the wound, Deacon knew he would have to removed the bullet before he could heal it.

Pulling a bottle of vodka from his pack, he poured a little onto a clean(ish) cloth, before disinfecting the wound, before burying his tweezers in to try and get out the bullet. Sole was whimpering, not yet used to the brutal harshness of the wastes, and soon, Deacon was pulling a stim into his hand, and handing the bottle of vodka over to Sole as their wound slowly began to heal and scar over.


Hancock had always been quite good with a gun; sure, he was no match for a power armoured Brotherhood knight, but he could always hold his own in a fight. Sure, he’d had a few occasions where he’d ‘accidentally’ missed his target (when he was younger and him and his brother had been learning how to shoot a gun, there had been a few accidental shots aimed at his brother’s shoulders or thighs).

Hancock had helped alongside Sole since the moment that Sole asked him to join them. There had been a lot of missions done together; from the little ones like helping the robots on the USS Constitution to helping (and saving) Kent, to the biggest mission they did together- taking out the Institute.

They’d joined a group of minutemen that had slowly made their way through that hallways that led deeper underground into the Institute. Hancock fought alongside Sole and the brave group of minutemen as they made their way to the reactor chamber. After ensuring that as many people were out of the building that wanted to leave, Hancock and Sole, along with the rest of the people still alive, relayed out of the building to a place where they could watch the explosion at a safe distance.

After the Institute was gone, there was a strange feeling about the air of the Commonwealth. People were happy, celebrating the removal of the cancer of the Commonwealth, but people were still scared, knowing that the complete removal wouldn’t have happened straight away and people were still on edge.

Hancock had ‘snuck’ into Diamond City a few times since the banishment of ghouls- he was pretty sure that his brother had told the security team to let him slide by a few times- and after the Institute was gone, Sole decided to head there to see Travis.

They headed inside the gate together, walking up the stairs to the old baseball stadium before heading into the settlement, coming to a halt at the bottom of the stairs when they saw Danny on the floor, clutching his side where a bullet wound was slowly bleeding out. Sole threw themselves down onto the floor next to him, pulling a stim out of their pack and stabbing it in Danny’s side, not even asking what had happened first.

Once Sole found out that Mayor McDonough was a synth, they were running up the stairs to the service lift to take them up to the Mayor’s office.

Hancock didn’t particularly like his brother that much, but he would have never had wished that his brother would have been replaced with a synth copy. Upon seeing Hancock, the synth immediately raised their gun to shoot at them both, and with the help of Piper, they made quick work of the synth- not without a bullet from Hancock’s gun finding Sole’s arm instead of the synth.

Sole allowed Piper to get the bullet that was lodged in Sole’s arm out, and whilst Piper was doing it, she was shooting death glares straight at Hancock the whole time.


MacCready was a good shot, hell, he was the best shot. He was all self taught- in a world as harsh around the edges as the Commonwealth, you needed to know how to shoot to live with some sort of safety.

Having Duncan had only increased MacCready’s need to provide safety. He had something to care for- his wife and his little boy. He was heartbroken when Lucy ended up dying, but when Duncan had came down ill, MacCready felt a pain unlike one he’d ever felt before.

Travelling up from the Capitol had been the best thing that MacCready could have done- he wanted to find the cure and help cure his little boy so that he had something to protect.

He had a bad run with the gunners, that was something that he was more than happy to admit, but he knew as soon as he accepted the caps (the 100 caps instead of his normal price of 250) that running with Sole would be good for him- and even good for Duncan as well.

Sole and MacCready were a good team- MacCready was was the sniper, preferring to be up high and out of the way whilst sniping, whereas Sole was a more of a, up close and personal fighter, preferring to take the fight to those they were fighting.

They’d fought many battles together, both small ones like fighting a few raiders and large ones like fighting hoards of synths, and both personal battles, like trying to help Duncan and trying to find Shaun.

It was when they were heading through Med-tec to find the cure for Duncan when things went to shit. Everything was going well- as well as it can be when you are fighting hoards and hoards of ghouls with limited amounts of rad-x and radaway. They got to the final door and opened up the door to the room that the cure was in. Sole ran in and picked the cure up, turning around to hold it up to MacCready- they hadn’t noticed the glowing one move from its space hidden behind a pillar.

MacCready tried to shout for Sole to move- to turn around- but didn’t have time. MacCready raised his gun and fired off three shots in the direction of the glowing one- and Sole- and only two hit its intended mark, the other finding place in the left side of Sole’s chest. Sole dropped to the floor, and MacCready’s blood ran cold- he’d killed them.

He was tempted to let the glowing one end him, but he couldn’t, not when Duncan had his chance at a future. It took a lot more than usual, but soon the glowing one was dead on the floor. MacCready cautiously moved to Sole’s side, dropping down to see if they were truly dead. Luckily for MacCready, he hadn’t killed them, and with a little rest, a radaway, a med-x and a stim, they were on their way to Goodneighbour to get Duncan the cure.

Sole never let MacCready forget that maybe he wasn’t the best shot in the Commonwealth.   


Nick was used to people being cautious and weary of him, with a lifetime of people constantly shunning him and a lot of people turning on him because of who and what he was.

As a synth- an experimental synth, one that was neither here, nor there- people always stared, and he experienced constant whispers, even from people that had come to him to solve cases and help find missing people.

Everyone but Sole. Sole was a person who was incredibly understanding and caring towards Nick, always caring what happened to other people (literally anyone else, they even cared for raiders on some occasions). When Ellie had told them that Nick himself had gone missing, they had instantly jumped at the chance to go and save him.

It was the first time that they had been to another vault that wasn’t the one that they had once come out of. With trusty Dogmeat at their side, they pushed open the doors to Park Street Station and snuck down the broken escalators, firing a single shot into a triggerman that was stood chatting to his ‘friends’. It took a second before everyone realised that someone had snuck through the front doors, and before they could even raise their guns, Dogmeat had run into the room and restrained another man, allowing Sole to shoot before they could at them.

Sole and Dogmeat quickly and precisely made their way through the station, quickly opening the vault door and sniping the two men stood straight in the doorway. They stifled through some boxes, pocketing a couple of stimpaks and some rad-x before moving their way through the vault.

Sole was reluctant to jump down a hatch, but after throwing a mine down and hearing it explode (with a pained cry), they jumped down, before continuing through the vault until they came to the overseer’s office where Nick was imprisoned.

The man stood outside was not much of a problem, and soon Sole and Nick were on their way towards the exit of the vault. They weren’t out of trouble, with a triggerman on every corner trying to kill them both. Nick lead Sole towards the exit, but whilst shooting at the triggermen Sole usually ended up in front of Nick.

Nick had tried to warn Sole to stop doing it, but before he could even call out their name, a bullet from his gun had lodged itself into Sole’s arm. Sole continued soldiering on, accepting a shot of Med-X before facing down Skinny Malone.

Once out of the vault under the Commonwealth night sky, Nick apologised profusely, upset at himself for accidentally harming the person that had come to save him.  


From a young age Piper had to know how to shoot a gun- all children growing up within the Commonwealth needed to know how to shoot straight, and Piper was no different. She needed to know purely for who her parents were, but also when she ended up leaving the ‘comforts’ of her family home, she needed to know to protect her little sister- Nat was only a toddler when they left for Diamond city, and Piper had spent most of Nat’s life completely bringing her up.

The day that Piper and Sole had met outside Piper had run into raiders, gunners, mongrel dogs and a radscorpion or two, and was seriously low on ammo (well, it was more like she had no ammo left). She was arguing with Danny when she saw them walk up towards the entrance of the great green jewel. At first Piper thought Sole was that one raider that managed to get away, but instead of raising their gun to her head, they stood and silently listened to the conversation going on.

Sole was more than happy to help Piper get back inside Diamond City, and they were also more than happy to give Piper the Interview in exchange for Piper’s ‘services’ as a travelling companion.

Sole was good with a gun, if not a little rusty at times (in the interview, Sole told Piper how they had experience with gun’s from pre-war times, but 210 years being frozen had taken a little effect on them). Whenever they ended up needing to use their guns, they usually ended up with no injuries, save a few scratches and scrapes here and there.   

They were heading back to diamond city over the wreck of the USS riptide (the bridge that they’d used many times before without alerting the raiders that lived beneath) when something ended up clattering out of Piper’s pack.

The raiders had opened fire almost immediately, causing Sole to run straight over to the edge of the opening with their gun raised, firing at the raider who clanked around in power armour. Just as Piper fired her own weapon, Sole moved and the bullet that was supposed to meet the raider running up some stairs ended up burying itself in Sole’s shoulder, which also caused Sole to fall straight down into the freezing radiated river below.

With a scream, Piper realised she was facing the rest of the raiders (only two left) on her own. She was unusually methodological with the way that she took out the raiders, and once they were dead she made her way down on to the barge below to see if she could see Sole.

Sole had swum over to the barge by the time that Piper had spotted them, and Piper leaned down to help Sole get out the water. Pulling a stim and a couple of RadAway from the bag, Piper injected Sole before handing them the spare clothes from their bag to get dry.


Preston knew that he wasn’t the best nor the worst shot in the Commonwealth. He knew the different parts, he knew how to make sure that it was kept in the best of working conditions, he knew how to shoot at the bad guys.

He rarely liked shooting people- he felt that there was a better way of dealing and defusing the situation rather than just shooting someone dead. But sometimes, shooting someone to kill was the only option.

Preston liked travelling with Sole. They worked well together, whether just travelling or whether fighting an enemy. Sole was a good- no, great- general, and that was the reason that Preston told Sole about the castle, and of course, they’d agreed straight away.

He had told them that he’d meet them nearby the castle, but Sole had told him that they would travel down to the castle with him instead. It hadn’t taken them too long to travel from Sanctuary to the Castle, travelling down past Cambridge police station and across the bridge of the Wreck of the USS Riptide and up past Diamond City.

Whilst near Diamond City Sole and Preston decided to stop and stock up on ammo and aid, knowing from previous recon missions that the castle had been taken over by mirelurks. Once stocked up (and with full bellies from the bowls of noodles they had) they headed back out on the road, heading across to the Boston Police rationing site and down towards Milton General Hospital.

Approaching the hospital they were both very cautious- they could see the red flashing of the suiciders mini nuke as soon as they moved over the hill. Sole dropped down onto their stomach and pulled out their sniper rifle, aiming for the mini nuke before firing, watching as the mutant (and a few others near by) went down. Once the mutants were dealt with, they headed for Jamaica plains, stopping for the night before once again heading out.

On the third day after leaving Sanctuary they finally arrived at the small shell of a building that they were meeting the other minutemen. Both Sole and Preston were expecting more people to turn up, but for the time being they would have to deal with the eight people that they had altogether.

They jointly (as a group) decided that going in guns blazing would have to be the best option- and within minutes they had breached the castle, downing numerous amounts of mirelurks and their annoying little hatchlings. Once the mirelurks were gone, they began moving around the building, beginning to destroying the nests. They’d just begun to move into the walls when the ground shook, and the Queen emerged from small body of water and made it’s way into the walls.

Preston was happily firing from a doorway, dodging out of the way when it turned it’s large body to where he was stood. He watched Sole run away and come back with a missile launcher, and watched in shock as one of his rounds from his laser musket hit sole in the side as they ran in front of his doorway. With a pained cry, they threw themselves on the floor and began loading the missile launcher, swear words being muttered under their breath.

Preston’s first thought when the Queen was downed was of where the body was going to go, but then he remembered Sole and dropped to their side, helping them remove the clothing that was in the way of healing the energy weapon burn on their left side.


Part of training to become a courser included being able to shoot a gun properly- that included both energy weapons and ballistic weapons. They had three weapon training facilities within the Institute, all three having a different purpose: energy weapon training, ballistic weapon training, and close contact training.

Being a courser meant that you needed to be an expert in all three different types, and also needed to know how to how to properly use different types of explosives. If any of the potential coursers failed at any of the tests that were given (both planned tests and spontaneous spot tests), their memories would be wiped and they would be placed somewhere else within the institute, usually within cleaning.

Obviously, with all the training and test that you had to go through, X6-88 had passed all his tests, and knew how to properly fire a weapon. Energy weapons were his favourite type of weapon to use; he liked the way that sometimes the body would evaporate into a fine dust.

When he had first met Sole, he had compared them to Father- Father had their nose and hair colour, but that was where the comparisons ended. They both had completely different personalities and personal beliefs, and when Father told Sole that they would be the one that lead the Institute into the future, Sole had been reluctant at first to take on the responsibilities. Finally, when Sole finally accepted the new role, Sole and Father came to blows over the changes that Sole would be making, and Sole had told father that they didn’t want to be stuck underground all the time, and that was how Sole and X6-88 ended up travelling and doing missions together.

As per his job role as a courser, X6 and Sole ended up heading out to reclaimed escaped synths. It was easy work- heading into a place, reading out a couple of words, and heading back to Father to report in on the mission status.

A difficult mission came up and X6-88 and Sole had to team up with two other coursers. They could have done it alone, but recon suggested that Gunners Plaza was teaming with not only gunners, but also a few assultrons as well.

They were teamed with a couple of coursers that neither of them knew too well, and had all jointly made the decision to go in all guns blazing, leaving no room for them to warn those inside. The four of them were relentless, and soon they were pushing open the doors.

X6 found it a little harder to fight in enclosed spaces- when by himself, he didn’t care, but with other people, especially human people like Sole, he needed to be cautious and wary of where he was aiming his gun. Which was exactly what he didn’t do when they entered the last room they needed to clear to get to the synth. Instead of hitting its original target, it ended up landing on Sole and causing the skin on their arm to begin to burn and bubble. It was clearly painful, with Sole crying out in pain with tears rolling down their face. The two other coursers yelled over the sounds of battle for him to relay back to get it looked at by the medics down in the institute, so with a heavy heart and a hand on Sole’s arm, X6 relayed back, feeling bad about the fact that Sole was in this pain because of him.


Maxson was young when he was taught how to fire a gun- he was about three or four, just barely able to walk properly without stumbling, and he was being trained how to fire a deadly weapon.

Sure, the young children abroad the Prydwen didn’t learn to fire weapons till they were between the ages of eight and ten, however it was different for Maxson because he was destined to be the Elder from the moment that he was conceived.  

He rarely was in positions that he got to use his gun- he was far too sheltered, with a whole army of people that would be shot dead before he even got to lift a finger. And on the one hand he was entirely grateful for those dedicated soldiers that he had at his beck and call, but on the other he would much rather be out their fighting for the cause that brought them to the Commonwealth.

Danse was one of Maxson’s best soldiers. Maxson knew that sending Danse to the Commonwealth would get results, and when Danse’s team went dark he was silently devastated. When they finally got word from Danse, Maxson had ordered the Prydwen to head straight to the Commonwealth to begin helping Danse.

He trusted Danse’s judgment, and when Danse told Maxson of the Sole Survivor of Vault 111, he knew that they needed to become part of the Brotherhood- they were out on a warpath to get their infant child back, and that was the type of person that they needed to get behind them.

Sole agreed to become a Knight within the Brotherhood, and when the time came (and with a broken heart Maxson ordered Sole to kill Danse, secretly happy that Sole went against his orders) was promoted to Paladin, Maxson backed them the whole way, providing them with numerous amounts of Brotherhood resources to gain access to the Institute.

Maxson watched from the deck as Liberty Prime left the airport (a small little dot that was clearly Sole following behind), and began to throw nukes at the enemies that were stupid enough to get in it’s way. After an hour of patiently waiting for the time to come, Maxson entered his vertibird and was soon on his way to greet Sole at the Institute’s front door.

Synth after synth appeared, and Maxson stood by Sole’s side as they killed them, the presence of the Elder of the Brotherhood keeping the attentions somewhat away from the giant robot currently burning a hole in the ground.

Together, with twenty soldiers by their side (Kells wanted Maxson to be well defended), they headed down into the underbelly of the enemy. They fought hundreds of synths, a sentry bot and Sole ended up fighting with their own worst nightmare, the thought of leaving their child in a building to die alone when they’ve only just found him again.

It was when they were just about to leave when things went south. The small child had demanded to talk to Sole, and whilst they were talking to the little boy, a synth seeking revenge made its presence known, aiming it’s gun in the general direction of Sole. Not thinking of anything that he’d been taught, Maxson fired, killing the synth but also hitting Sole with a few rounds. The child screamed, and Ingram shouted at Maxson to grab Sole and the child and get in the relay.

On the roof of Mass Fusion, Sole was strong enough to push the button that ended the Institute, before collapsing on the floor in pain. Maxson heaved Sole into his arms before they headed back to the Prydwen, with Maxson administering a stim whilst flying in his vertibird.


Being the leader of the Railroad had hardened Desdemona in more ways than one. Her life had been difficult, with pain, death and anguish at every corner.

She became a member of the Railroad young, and she wasn’t much older when she became the leader of the underground movement. It was dangerous- there were so many people against everything that the Railroad stood for, therefore meaning that it was impossible to let people know that the Railroad truly did exist.  

The attack on the switchboard had hit them hard. Desdemona had chosen that location, and she had chosen it because it seemed like a good location to be in. It was a large location, with winding tunnels and small little hidey holes that could be used as protection. None of them had been expecting the attack, and none of them would have been able to predict it happening- it was just one of those things that had ended up hardening Des as a person.

They’d lost many good agents, both heavies and regular agents- Des remembered as she turned around and watched as a bullet lodged itself into the back of one of Des’s good friend’s heads and they fell to the floor lifeless.

After what happened at the Switchboard, they were desperate. Normally, they wouldn’t have let someone in as quickly as they did with Sole, but with Deacon vouching for them (something that Deacon would not really ever do for anyone else), Des had to trust that Sole wouldn’t end up stabbing them in the back.

Sole was good, listening to orders (even those orders from Carrington, which they obeyed with a little back chat) from Des and usually completing missions pretty quickly. They would stick around HQ for a day or two between missions, before heading out for the next.

And that was the reason why Des was worried. Usually, Sole would be back to HQ, however they hadn’t been back in a whole week, and even Deacon was worried. So when they came running into HQ crying Des’s name, they knew something was wrong.

“DES… DES… Brotherhood…”

Sole didn’t need to say anything- the stomping of the power armour did it for them. Des grabbed her gun, throwing the railway rifle that had been kept for Sole towards them and stood beside Sole, Deacon and Drummer waiting for the attack of the Brotherhood.

The spikes that came out of the railway rifles hurt like a bitch (which was kind of the whole point), and Des would never wish them on anyone she cared for. Which is the reason she felt so bad when a spike pierced Sole’s blue vault suit and buried itself into their skin. After the Brotherhood assaulting the back entrance were dealt with, Sole ripped the spike out of their arm before following Deacon out to help Glory, not before sending Des a look of understanding at the mistaken spike.