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pre-show ritual - l.h.

note: this is based on a lil pre-show ritual luke has that he talked about at the montreal soundcheck and i thought it was hella cute so why not write about it (✿◠‿◠)

Sitting on the table next to the large bowl Luke has his face shoved in, you watched the steam rise, causing the hair above his ears to curl. He cleared his throat, muffled by the bowl, and he gave you a subtle thumbs up, signaling for you to cover the back of his head with a towel. 

The pre-show ritual was starting a little earlier than normal, since your boyfriend had woken up with a sore throat and a fever to boot. Luke was never one to complain when he was sick, just simply kept to himself with an unusually zipped lip, but you could tell he was really struggling today, and with the show starting in a couple hours, you suggested he boil the kettle a little earlier than normal so he could fit in an extra long steam session and still have time to enjoy a large mug of tea before he hit the stage to win the hearts of the thousands of fans that had sold out the venue. 

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hahahahahaha omg Andy & Alex at the end of this is classic.


Pre Show Rituals (Part 2). Calgary, AB.

onebigfangirlworld  asked:

Does your theatre group have any weird rituals you guys do together on on opening night?? My theatre group has everyone take a bite of raw corn on the cob for good luck

Not really? I mean Mike and I’s sass pictures are a post-show ritual, but neither Maggie’s Little Theater or MTO have pre-show rituals. 

And raw corn?!?!?!? That sounds painful.


A little pre show practice backstage, a ritual @travisbarker has been doing since he has played in Blink 182. Blink 182, San Diego, Calif. Video By O. @blink182

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