pre show commissions


ECCC Pre-Show Commissions Open 

  • 9x12″ ¾ figure, full color watercolor (images above are marker but it’s the closest example I have) - $250.
  • Email your request to
  • If you’re unclear about any part of the process, email anyway and secure a spot, and then I’ll answer your questions and see if we can complete your request.
  • Must pick up at the show.

Emerald City Comicon Pre-show Commission List Opens Jan 29th, 1pm PST.

  • 9x12″ ¾ fig watercolor (image above is marker but it’s the closest example I have) - $250
  • Due to my backlog, I’m only taking on a few requests.
  • Ppl I owe commissions from past cons: I will be emailing shortly to update you.  If you’re attending ECCC, we’ll try and coordinate - thank you for your continued patience!

JL8 #213 by Yale Stewart

Based on characters in DC Comics.

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For those interested, I’m now accepting pre-show commissions for C2E2. I’m not tabling, but I am attending, so if you’d like a commission, please send me a message and we can get that sorted out. 

Commissions start at $150USD for a single character, 9″x12″ pencil and ink.


Commission List OPEN!

HAY guys! for the first time i’ll be opening a list ahead of Thought Bubble. 

I’ll be opening a list of Pre-show commissions for the convention in November.

I’ll only be accepting commissions that can be picked up at show only

B&W 10x15 comic backing board (as exampled above) - £30

B&W/ or Colour A4 (as exampled above)- £40/£50

B&W A3 (Bristol Board smoooooth)(as exampled above)- £70

B&W/ or Colour A3 (watercolour paper)(as exampled above) - £100 

I am open to doing pretty much anything, photo references are welcome!

payment will be accepted via Paypal.

Email at for details and to be added to the list!

Spaces are limited!!!

but please spread the word! 

Middle East Film & Comic Con (MEFCC) pre-show commission: Doctor Doom with infinity gauntlet and Thor’s hammer. (24x33cm)

Info commission:

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Sorry no ALBATROSS update today. Getting everything wrapped for CLOVIS and the CincyComiCon! But here are some new illustrations for a digital download of the first part of the story!

I’m also taking some pre-show commissions, so hit me up if you’re interested! 

Email -