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They’re back! After a load of request I’m finally getting these two back in stock. Right now you can pre-order them and within 2-3 weeks they’ll be ready to ship! I only ordered a limited quantity (Because its expensive), but if this pre-order sells out, I’ll make a new pre-order that will go for two weeks and order a shipment that will ship out to you in 2-3 weeks after the pre-order ends! I most likely will add a little bonus as well for both shipments (I’ll post what it is when I decide and get it done).

You can pre-order them here for $12 USD each or 2 for $20 USD

Thank you so much again!

Sharing Stage/2.5D Content

So there are some things I want to go over about sharing, reposting, and general distribution of content.  And while I’m going to talk specifically about Engeki Haikyuu, some of the more general stuff can be applied to most Japanese stage plays, musicals, and general theater.  

I wanted to make this post because I’m seeing a lot of frustration in fandom from both content providers and fans and followers butting heads on this issue.  First off, we have to acknowledge that there is an undeniable precedent that’s existed in fandom that makes fans feel entitled to all the content all the time, for free.  And there is knowledge of the industry that content providers have that I think we’re not communicating frequently enough to help fans understand our positions on these issues.

It’s lengthy, but please take some time to look under the Read More and read about this issue.  

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Hello everyone! I recently finished high school (just about 3 weeks ago, actually) and I figured I’d make a list of things for those of you just entering, or even just looking for some advice in general. :^) Some bg info is that I went to a 4-year, public high school in California, so some of these tips may not apply, depending on where you are in the world.

- Let friendships happen. There’s no need to actively look for friends or be super against meeting new people in high school; it all happens pretty naturally. Be open minded and you’ll meet some people you never thought you’d ever know! :^)

- Join clubs that you’re interested in. If you join a boring club you have no real interest in, chances are it’ll look pretty bland on college apps (if you so choose to include it). My advice is to join a couple clubs and dedicate yourself to them so that your involvement can actually mean something. That being said, you can also try to join an academic club like NHS or CSF (California only) that will add some shine to your grades if/when you do well.

- Learn how to study. This might sound like a no-brainer, but I need to emphasize this! I truthfully never really studied(!!!) until my sophomore year of high school (same time I started my studyblr!), which is pretty crazy. Before then, I was privileged enough to pass every honors class I took with A’s, but once I got to high school, I was scrambling to get my life together simply because I didn’t know how to study. Freshman year was that sort of rude awakening that I NEEDED. I realized that life wasn’t always going to be that easy for me, so learning how to study for high school is a crucial piece of advice.

- Get a planner. Doesn’t have to be fancy. My school sells pre-made planners for $5 every year, so the initiation to become organized wasn’t that hard. But for some of you who need a little something to stay on track, get yourself a notebook where you can write down your daily assignments and USE. IT! Memory isn’t foolproof, unfortunately, so a planner can really save your life in the long run. Plus, you can chart out how long you have/need to study for your next exam.

- School food sucks. I don’t need to say this twice. Learn how to pack a lunch, buy granola bars in bulk, and carry a water bottle everywhere to save yourself from that midday hunger. A pack of chips in the vending machine isn’t worth $1, and you have more options if you shop outside of school, anyway.

- Deal with teachers. More often than none, you are going to have a teacher you won’t like. However, rather than complain about how bad they are at teaching, find a way to study yourself so that your grade can stay above water, no matter who your teacher might be. And if you find a good teacher, then great! Become friends with them. You’ll find that many teachers are really unique and willing to get to know their students on a friendly level. If you do well in their class, too, they’ll probably even be willing to write those dreaded letters of rec in your senior year!

- Don’t rush into dating. I’m sorry I just had to say: there are so many more fish in the sea that is OUTSIDE high school, so there should be no reason for you to want to rush and find a bf/gf. But if you do, then be smart about it!

- Your locker is a base. Only sometimes hungry? Got allergies? Need a makeup retouch throughout the day? Stash your PopTarts (yeah I did that; bought a few boxes and kept them there throughout the year), tissues, and cosmetics in your locker so that you can always have some backup support. Your future self will thank you.

- About standardized tests….Yeah, I know, I hate them too. You can talk to your counselor about when/if to take them when the time comes around. However, when I say that, I mean that if you plan on taking the SAT junior year, start prepping the summer after sophomore year. There is really no reason for you to start preparation in your freshman year, because chances are, you won’t understand anything yet!

- Talk to your counselor. Your counselor is there to help you decide on what classes to take or what career to pursue. It’s their job to help you! Personally, my counselor was a cranky old lady (sorry) who was often impatient, but she did still listen to what I had to say, and she helped sort out my classes. Also remember that they’re there if you need a mental health hotline, or if you just need to talk out your stress.

- Don’t procrastinate. Easy to say, much harder to do. But if you use your planner and spread out your work little by little, it’s much less painful than to do a five page essay in the wee hours of the morning it’s due. Same goes for college apps! For example, the UC essays are due at the end of November, but you should get started on them at the beginning/mid of October, because you’ll want to do a LOT of proofreading. That being said…

- Get friends and teachers to help you. Friends offer another mind, and teachers can help you with the nitty-gritty of things. Sometimes, teachers won’t have time to help your bigger assignments like essays, but you can still ask them for tips and advice here and there. Trust me, it really helps when you know what exactly you’re supposed to be doing.

- Take note of the syllabuses. It’ll save your life when the semester is coming to an end and you can check back to see what counts as an A in the class, or how much that next test/final will affect your grade. Every teacher is different, after all, so extra credit can’t save you all the time. You’ll also want to make sure you have a means to contact your teachers, whether it be e-mail or phone so you can ask them questions when school is out for the day.

- Use your summers wisely. If you can, take a preparation class for that math class you really need help in, or that writing class you know you’re going to have trouble with. The summer before junior year is a great time to take an SAT/ACT preparation class as well. If you plan on taking a subject you’re a little less knowledgeable in, previewing the subject content is also a great way to make sure you won’t regret not changing your schedule sooner.

- Accept high school for what it is. High school isn’t like the movies. It’s not drowning in drama like you think it might be, and the lockers (at least in my school) were not nearly big enough to shove a person in. Don’t be too disappointed when the school dances aren’t as glamorous as they’re made out to seem. But do enjoy yourself. You’re here for four years, so you might as well! Go out with your friends on weekends. Treat yourself to some ice cream after school on a Wednesday if you did really well on that test you were fearing. Because even though everyone says so–and it really doesn’t seem like it when you enter–high school will be done in a flash.

I could include so much more, but there really isn’t enough time. Thanks for reading, and feel free to ask me any other questions! :^)

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So maybe I could have Tony who finally decides to try and trust someone and so he tells Rhodey (at MIT) about his past, what had really hurt him (not having any friends, people laughing at him, Howard not caring about him at all) and how he feels because of it. He's the most vulnerable he has ever been while saying all this to Rhodey, but he decides that he has to trust someone eventually and he doesn't think Rhodey will ever use it against him.

It is so hard to figure out whether to call him Jim or Rhodey I want to die. I’m going with Jim this time, because it’s from his point of view, mostly. Not sure if this turned out exactly how you meant, but I hope it’s okay anyway! Watch out for under the cut!

You can also find this on Ao3 here.

Jim came back from break to find Tony sitting on his bed, carefully changing the strut on his helper-robot. It looked like the arm had been bent. He grimaced. What had Tony been trying to do that the ‘bot was bent like that? He was kind of glad it was the robot and not Tony, even if Tony did need to fix it now.

“Hey, man,” he greeted, smiling, and walked over to clap a hand on his shoulder. His smile dropped when the boy flinched. He removed his hand immediately. “Hey, you okay?”

“’m fine,” Tony mumbled, shrugging his shoulders, and kept his head down toward the robot. “How was your break? How’s your mom?”

Jim narrowed his eyes and circled around to look at his face. He ground his teeth when the younger boy turned his head to avoid his gaze. “You wanna look at me?”

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Can Animal Companions, horses in particular, have access to magical horseshoes to make then gallop faster, are there any rules stopping me from making custom magic items for other possible slots? Like Magic collars for wolves & dogs could act like rings & amulets. Magic caparisons for horses could act like magic cloaks... That sort of thing...?

There aren’t any Rules specifically for Giving Animals and Animal Companions Magic Items. 

But from what I’ve heard you can certainly craft Armor and Clothing specifically for them.

(Unless you can find someone who sells pre-made armor for wolves, bears, eagles and such…)

The closest I could find for a “Rule set” was Pathfinder, which should at least give you some Guidelines…

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hi i just got an email inviting me to show my work at a con but i've never even been to one before and i'm very nervous and i admire you a lot and do you have any advice? sorry i'm rambling but you're cool and i'm half afraid and also excited and you seem to have con related things handled, please help

I’m assuming you’ll be selling stuff too? Not quite sure what sort of convention you’re attending, so I’ll just give some general survival tips :P Hope these help and that you have a fun time!

  • Some conventions supply tablecloths, though most don’t. Bring one just in case. You’ll want the front of your table to be covered so you can hide whatever supplies and extras you have, instead of crowding your display space.
  • Business cards. ‘Nough said.
  • A charging block for your phone is a good thing to invest in.
  • Bring scissors, tape, zip ties, and paper/pencils. You never know when they’ll come in handy and trust me when I say, they always do. Plus, you’ll have down time and having something to occupy your hands staves off boredom. You can also keep track of sells and write down commission info.
  • I’d suggest a banner but I’ve yet to actually make one in the five years I’ve been doing this sooooo
  • You’re gonna need water and snacks. Unless you’re sharing your space or have a helper, chances are you’re not gonna have time to leave your table. If you get to know the artist next to you, you can always ask them to keep an eye on things while you grab something to bring back.  I don’t suggest this during a busy day however, because they’re not gonna have the time.
  • Wire grids are A+!  I’ve never used pvc pipe and probably never will, too much hassle for me.  But when displaying your art, you want it to be at eye level or higher. The grids allow you to build up and binder clips fit around the wires, that way you can pin art in place without damage. Grid hooks are a good investment if you’re selling pre-packaged things.
  • If you are selling, make sure you have plenty of small bills on hand.  Lots of ones and fives. Maybe some quarters.  The square reader is also super helpful and easy to use, it allows for credit card payments. Which means more sells.
  • If you’re selling buttons, stickers, or charms be sure to buy small baggies for them. It’s a courteous gesture for the customer and makes them harder to lose.  Walmart and most art supply stores, have clear bags of various sizes.

Sheith “Love You to the Moon” Charm

♡ They got married in space ♡
 ☆  2.5 inches double-sided clear acrylic
 ☆  Stars are translucent (see additional images for sample)
 ☆  Comes with a keychain ring and star attachments (see additional images for sample)

You can order here:

*Currently only have a limited stock of these.  We only bought enough supplies to accommodate 20 charms.  We’ll open pre-orders if these sell out.

[Update 6/04] Stock sold out, so we have opened pre-orders!  Thank you so much to everyone who has ordered so far! ; o ; <3

A non-attachments version of the charm is available in limited quantity.  Extra stock of Sheith Piggyback charms are also up!

Reblogs and RTs are greatly appreciated! <3

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aint no way ww opening with just 65 million. i think they purposely lowballin it so they can call it a huge success when it opens bigger

‘Wonder Woman’ pre-sale tickets are selling way faster than ‘Doctor Strange’ and that movie opened with $85million. 20 days before release ‘Wonder Woman’ has sold 222,000 tickets. ‘Doctor Strange’ hadn’t sold that many until 10 days before release. ‘Wonder Woman’ is going to open way bigger than that prediction. I’d say anywhere from $80-$100million. 


Techstone Science Store

I made this for my Scientist / Collector Sim so that she could have a place to make and sell her items. Many are from her trips to Sixam and things she found around the Sim Nation. She has also placed some of her inventions up for sell to fund further research.

The showroom comes with pre-tagged, ready to sell items. Additional sellable collection items are in the basement if you wish to place them for sell also.

On the ground floor, there is a lab for the creation of science equipment, and serums*. Outdoor plants have been added to assist in serum making. The larger, more secret, lab is in the basement. This is where the more interesting things are held for study.

Please be aware that some of the science equipment are only usable by a Scientist, but most of the others can be used by any Sim. 


  • No CC
  • Lot size: 20 x 15
  • Cost: $ 105,267
  • Lot location in my game: Nookstone, Oasis Springs
  • Lot type: Retail
  • Lot trait(s): Science Lair / Great Soil


  • I have all expansion, stuff and game packs.
  • Enable the “bb.moveobjects” cheat before placing the lot.
  • Remember to lock the ground floor break room and lab area doors so that the customers cannot enter.

Game play information:

  • The Invention Constructor and the Chemistry Lab can only be used by a Scientist.*
  • The serums in the lab are all untested but can still be sold. They are not currently tagged for sale.
  • There are sellable collection items in the basement if you wish to sell them. And remember, they can be cloned if you need more of them.
  • You can turn on the Hover Lamp and the Portable Galaxy Lightshow, which are by the front door. They are not tagged for sell.
  • The plants are to help your Scientist create serums with the Chemistry Lab. Many are considered to be “perfect”. (FYI - I did not have room to add the apple and plantain trees. You will need to gather them separately for certain serums.)


This lot can be found in the Gallery under my Origin ID: erisema or via: #simgurl


Thanks for your patience! @bnha-fashion-zine is now accepting pre-orders for physical books! You can check them out here!

Pre-ordering is the only way to secure yourself a zine if you are looking to purchase! So if pre-orders sell out we more than likely will not be restocking!

Reblogs Appreciated!

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A Head Full of Dreams Tour in Manila 2017

My love for Coldplay may not be as strong as the others, but I am certain when I say that I have never felt so much love for a band when I started listening to them. It was during my elementary days when I discovered Coldplay. I don’t remember the specific song that made me fall in love with them but I do know that it wasn’t as deep as it is today. High school came and this is where I dived into their world and listened to all their albums. They were—are my companion. The significant moments in my life, you bet Coldplay was there! I was either listening to their songs out of sheer joy or some sort of friend to cry on. I found a weird kind of comfort and bond with them. Coldplay is my home.

I made a little pact with myself: if Coldplay ever went to my home country, I’ll watch them live.

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check out these vintage garms available to buy now on my depop: @JLVINTAGE_ 💫

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me and my girlfriend have made this depop shop selling pre loved vintage clothes that we have hand picked! we are saving up to be able to move out together, as we currently live in different countries. if you check it out or even give us a follow it would be really appreciated 👼🏼🌙

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Out of the big three Dutch supermarkets I work at the yellow one, meat department specifically. An older guy comes in asking about what meatballs are better to put in a soup (we sell both pre-cooked and fresh). I don't know (bc I don't make my own soups) and proceed to list their qualities. Not satisfied he asks my coworker, who doesn't know either. He then calls us spoiled and walks off. He was the one asking, either he doesn't know too or he wanted to act high and mighty. Fuck him either way.

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~Admin Saeran





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(Photo by @myfairpixel)This is the last week my MASAYUME Japan Sketchbook will be available. I am so grateful to everyone who supported me in my dream to go to Japan and all of the support I received afterwards with the book has been amazing! I’m selling pre-orders of the last run on my store until the very end of November. 🇯🇵🌿 Thank you so much everyone! 💖💕

Siiiiiiigh okay.

I don’t like airing my drama here. I try to keep this blog as drama-free as possible and keep my personal stuff out, but life keeps kicking me when I’m down.

Remember how I was only taking donations until February? Yeah, about that.

If you want details, I will give them, but suffice it to say I have a lot of unpaid bills for various reasons (okay, most of them are for ONE reason, but as much as I still need to vent, this is not the place) and now I have even more after a phone conversation I had today.

Basically, I need money. I know, so does everyone. So I don’t want you to donate and get nothing in return. 

Here’s my commissions page with information on donations, and what you need to donate in order to get a Pokemon commission from me.

I’m also going to be selling pre-owned copies of Pokemon Moon on eBay soon, once I have the two games I already have ready to go. So if you want to do that instead, that information is in the link as well. 

Thanks and if you could boost this instead of the old post, I would appreciate it!

Soon To Be Service Dog by soontobeservicedog
Browse unique items from soontobeservicedog on Etsy, a global marketplace of handmade, vintage and creative goods.

Hello! My name is Blake and I’m a trans boy with ADHD, generalized anxiety, and PTSD and I just received my note for a psychiatric service dog and I’m very excited! The only problem is that getting a service dog is very expensive.

Because of my anxiety I can’t be alone in public without going into a panic attack, which means until I have a SD I can’t get a job. So for now I decided to open an Etsy shop where I’ll be selling paracord dog collars to help earn money for the dog.

I’m currently selling pre-made collars but will eventually have build your owns and made to order collars.

I don’t know how much the dog will end up being in total. I know I will be owner training, but I don’t know if I’m going to try to get a professional trainers’ help or not. I also don’t know how much the dog itself will be yet, how much vet bills will be, or the exact gear I need. All I know right now is it will be AT LEAST a few thousand dollars.

At this point it looks like if I don’t get a service dog now my life will already be thrown off more than it has. I can’t drive because of anxiety, and even if I could I can’t go anywhere on my own. And like I already said I can’t get a job because of this. The dog will take 12-24 months to train so I won’t be able to do any of those things until then.

Even if you don’t have a dog to buy a collar for, please help spread the word.

If you want to stay updated with me and my SD journey follow me on my SD tumblr, @soontobeservicedog