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First Meeting (Jonerys)

As it says in the title, a quick oneshot on how Jon and Dany’s first meeting may go down. Please note that this is set in the universe of my other oneshots so there are some subtle differences between book/show canon-Sansa is Queen in the North, Margaery is still alive. 

Sorry it’s so late-this has been written for a couple of days but I didn’t get around to editing it because my schedule has been insanely busy. But I’m back in town in a few days now so hopefully things should slow down a bit. 

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Take It All Back

Part Six

Summary: As the couple overcomes their problem, big news comes for Journey and Jensen. 
Pairing: Jensen x OFC (Journey)
Word Count: 1640
Warnings: Implied sexy times, pregnancy. 


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Welcome Home (A Sergio Ramos NSWF/NC17 fanfic)

Disclaimer: This is just a work of fiction, nothing is true. I don’t mean to disrespect or offend anybody. I’m not making any money out of this. Please don’t sue me.

WARNING!! THIS IS PROBABLY THE SMUTTIEST NASTIEST DIRTIEST FIC I HAVE EVER WRITTEN. It started as a prompt for a dom!Sergio fic with a daddy kink. Since It’s already so naughty I just decided to go big and not go home.

NSFW stands for Not Safe For Work. This fic is to be read in your own time, with a wall behind you. It’s really not for public reading.

If you still want to read… i hope you enjoy.

Welcome Home (A Sergio Ramos NSWF/NC17 fanfic)

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  • PK Subban on ice: scores goals, defends, celebrates goals, dives sometimes, actually plays the game of hockey
  • John Scott on ice: can only score goals three on three when no one is trying and his linemates are two of the best players in the world, defense??????, never had a goal to celebrate, gives players concussions with massive hits, goes after non-fighters a lot smaller than him in pre-season games, isn't even that good of a fighter just big,

Female hockey players who have participated with NHL team activities as of 2014

“I want to grow the sport and this is a step in doing that.” - Hilary Knight

“Ultimately, it is about the sport of hockey. It’s not about men’s hockey and women’s hockey. If we can build the sport in any way and if that helps ten little girls to play hockey, then it’s paid off.” - Jon Copper, Tampa Bay Lightning coach

Knight, St.Pierre, Szabados, Reddon and Schleper were invited to attend a team practice. Rheaume played two pre-season games for the Lightning after being signed as a free agent for the 92/93 and 93/94 seasons.

Now that he’s spent a few weeks at Jack’s apartment, Bittle is learning that living with Jack is a lot like living with a cat.

  • He has to be in whichever room Bitty is in. Even if they aren’t talking, just peacefully doing their own work, Jack makes a point of being in Bittle’s peripheral vision all the time.
  • Unlike a cat, Jack will actually wait until Bittle is done his video editing before joining him on the couch or wherever and getting right in his personal space. Mostly he rests his head on Bitty’s lap and smiles happily when Bitty absently starts petting his hair, eyes still glued to his phone.
  • Very picky eater. Does not respond well to changed foods.
  • “I’m out of protein powder.” “Jack I just bought some yesterday, you’re looking right at it.” “No this isn’t…. it can’t be this.” 
  • When he’s in a bad mood he dodges physical affection. After a frustrating pre-season game he slept on the couch which kind of sucked for bittle, who thought he’d done something wrong.
  • Is up at 530 most mornings and usually wakes Bittle up with him.
  • “Do you have to move around on the bed so much when you wake up?” “Sorry bits. Hey since you’re up wanna go for a run with me?”
Hockey (or, what even is my life)


So one of the things getting me through…*waves hands at everything*…is hockey. I am suddenly A Hockey Person. I have never gone fangirl about any Sportsball-related activity in my life. I don’t know what happened. No, wait, I do, I know exactly what happened. Here’s what happened.

  1. Hey, I should read this hockey webcomic my friends all like.
  2. Wow, I really like this hockey webcomic. Hello, new fandom!
  3. *months pass*
  4. Hmm, a lot of my CP fandom friends are also into real hockey. Nah, I’m not interested in real hockey.
  5. *more months pass*
  6. Ngozi: Jack sounds like Kris Letang (who is also French-Canadian)
  7. *goes to look up videos of Kris Letang so I can hear what Jack sounds like and it’s super sexy*
  8. Wow, Kris Letang is super attractive.
  9. Okay there are more videos.
  10. Wow, a lot of these hockey players are super attractive.
  11. *watches more videos*
  12. Hockey is exciting.
  13. *more videos*
  14. Hockey is HARD. How are any of these guys doing any of this? THEY’RE ON FREAKING ICE SKATES.
  15. *competence kink kicks in hard*
  16. Hey, my city has an NHL team. Hmmmmm.
  17. *goes to pre-season game in home city*
  18. Wow, that was really fun.
  19. *watches cute compilation video of Sidney Crosby*
  20. Wow, Sidney Crosby is really attractive.
  21. That cannot be his actual butt, can it? Shit, it is.
  22. Wow, Sidney Crosby is really really really good at hockey.
  23. Wow, Sidney Crosby is an awkward nerd and I love him.
  24. See above, re: competence kink
  25. *fangirl brain kicks in and Serious Research begins*
  26. *purchases cable NHL package so I can watch out-of-region games*
  27. *memorizes the Penguins’ roster*
  28. *is suddenly able to talk about plus/minus and slashing penalties and powerplays*
  29. *buys tickets to go with a friend to a Penguins home game in Pittsburgh after Thanksgiving*
  30. *looks around*
  31. Shit.
  32. *gives in and accepts that I am now A Hockey Person.*

So yeah. Bless all of you who stick with me during the ebbs and flows of my fangirl life. I’m trying to to flood the dash too much.

Many things about hockey were surprising to me when I started finding out about it. As always happens with me, I’ve done a fairly deep dive into the subject over the last couple of months. 

Anybody have hockey questions? The askbox is open.


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U (coming home) and holsom for the prompt thing you reblogged ?

Okay so this kinda stopped being a mini fic or even being anything more than very loosely based on the prompt im so sorry. But have Ransom being the one comforting a stressed Holster for once:

The thing is, Holster thinks he’s the stealthiest motherfucker on the planet. He’s convinced of this fact, despite all evidence to the contrary; namely, that he’s a 6”4, 200 pound professional athlete who’d once woken up the entire Haus by falling up both flights of stairs coming back from the library. He was completely sober at the time.

Point is, words like ’stealthy’ or ‘quiet’, just don’t apply to Holster. Which is why watching him attempt to sneak in at six in the morning after getting back from an away game was one of the most ridiculous things Ransom has witnessed all week. He isn’t entirely certain he’s not having a caffeine-fuelled hallucination.

“Bro.” He checks, from the couch, where he’s surrounded by his laptop, books, and half-drunk cups of coffee.

Holster freezes in the act of placing his bag on the floor and blinks at Ransom in the dim morning light. “Um.” Then, his eyes narrowing, “have you been up all night?”

“Test on Friday.” Ransom shrugs.

He doesn’t mention the game.

Holster sighs and lets his bag fall to the floor with a dull thud. He crosses the room, giving Ransom the time to put his laptop and the important pieces of paper on the floor, before crawling right into Ransom’s lap. A book digs its spiny corner into Ransom’s thigh in the process. He leans back, taking Holster with him until they’re both horizontal and Holster’s head is tucked under his chin. Holster wraps his arms around Ransom’s waist and clings on. He lets Holster take what he needs and smooths a gentle palm down his spine.

The tension leaves Holster’s body in a rush, followed by a long exhale against Ransom’s neck.

“I just- I need to do better.”

Ransom cups the back of Holster’s neck. “Hey, that’s my line.”

It works, and Holster snorts with laughter. The grip he has on Ransom’s shirt eases, and he presses his palms against Ransom’s waist.

“You will do, babe.” He says, pressing a kiss into Holster’s hair.

“I know this is my first season, but I need to prove myself. And I- I can’t-“

“Yes, you can.” Ransom interrupts.


“But nothing. They put you on the roster for a reason. They picked you out of the other camp prospects for a reason. You won all your pre-season games for a reason. You’ve had an unlucky couple of games since then, but that’s not your fault. Fuck, it’s not because of you that Richter shot wide on a goddamn empty net, is it?”

He feels a smile press into his shoulder. “No.”

“Exactly. You’re a fucking fantastic hockey player, okay? Don’t doubt that for a second.”

Holster lifts his head and looks down at him. The sun isn’t quite up yet, and Holster’s eyes are mostly in shadow, but Ransom doesn’t need to be able to see his face to picture the look of dumb affection there.

“You’re kind of the best boyfriend ever, have I told you that lately?”

“You texted me those exact words three times yesterday.” Ransom answers, splaying his hand in the small of Holster’s back.

“Just making sure you know.” Holster says, and Ransom can hear the smile in his voice.

Holster leans down to kiss him, there, on their couch, with a revision card digging into Ransom’s ear, and the early dawn light creeping across the floor. Ransom sighs into it, the stress and worry bleeding out of him at the comforting press of Holster’s weight. He pulls Holster closer to him, kisses him back, and welcomes him home.

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So I am very intrigued by Jamie Benn in still pictures but I might want to venture into the video realm...would you kindly direct me to some that aren't too cringe worthy (like so many hockey player videos are)? I figured as the resident Jamie Benn expert you would know :)

Nonny, bless you for assuming that Jamie Benn has videos that aren’t cringe-worthy. He’s hopelessly awkward in front of the camera, bless his little heart. He’s gotten better over the years, for sure, but yeeesh. 

What I ended up with are the things I go back and watch a lot, because (let it be known), I’m a bit obsessive. :p 

I’m Jamie Benn, and this is my gold medal - It’s a ten second video of him wishing his old minor hockey team good luck in the playoffs. 

#IMVALNICHUSHKIN - The Christmas video with my favorite lineys wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. Notable because Val Nichushkin is adorable and Jamie breaks out into his high pitched breathy ridiculous laugh halfway through. 

Early days - A spot that the tv station in his hometown put together after his first year in the NHL. This is only one part of it, but it’s the part with him laughing about his lack of kitchenware, and is therefore my favorite.

He’s so fast - One of the post pre-season game videos in which Jamie talks about what it’s like to play with his new liney, Tyler Seguin. 

At the ballpark - Tyler and Jamie throw the first pitch for a Rangers game in September. 

Let’s Go Stars - If anything on this list is gonna make you cringe, it’s this. The Stars clinched the playoffs and someone decided it would be a good idea to thrust a mic into Jamie’s hands and have him circle center ice. It’s mercifully short and actually in the grand scheme of things not so bad. I’ve watched it a million times but I’m a glutton for punishment. 

The beanie and the cut on his cheek - Like. I always find Jamie attractive. Even when he’s sporting a Mario ‘stache he’s beautiful to me. But I don’t think I’ve ever found him more attractive than I did in this video. It’s right after he’s been named to the Canadian Olympic roster and he’s proud, happy, and thrilled. 

S'cute - The rather infamous “same side of the table, s'cute!” video. In a move that distresses me greatly when I think of the glory lost to us forever (except that nothing is really gone on the internet, but I don’t know where to look for them) Jamie deleted all of his vines but one boring one of him in the new Stars gear. This one, somehow, survived. 

Bloopers - This is an instagram video of Jamie and his brother attempting to record a video spot for a local tv station. It’s adorable. Jamie laughs ridiculously. I swoon. 

Batting practice - a group of Stars (I know Jordie, Segs, and … Eaks? Dillon?) went to practice one day with the Rangers. I like this video because it’s super obvious that Jamie’s got baseball in his blood. He played baseball in the hockey off season until he was drafted in '07. 

Let’s Prove 'Em Wrong - This is part 2 of a 3 part series done at the beginning of the season. This part is my favorite because this part has Bennie talking about communicating with Segs after the trade and Segs’ “let’s prove 'em wrong” text. (EVEN MORE AMAZING NOW BECAUSE THEY DID.)

If fighting is your thing (it’s not really my favorite thing, but idk man, I just love everything he does, Jamie’s my exception to every rule), he’s got some pretty impressive fights under his belt. Two of his first fights especially. 

Iginla in December of 2010

Kunitz in November of November 2010

Thornton in February 2013

Regehr in December 2013 (this one is especially amazing because it features Seguin trying to come to his aid for about two second before he’s locked down by some other Kings)

Good LORD I’m sorry this is so long, ask and ye shall receive with a vengeance. 

psssst swaps55 you should watch some of these because you said that one time that I could tell you about Jamie Benn and I just feelingsed all over the post. 

Crème Fraîche

pairing: ginny x pansy park(inson)
coffeeshop college student AU 
word count: 856 words
written for: grumpymalfoy
notes: 10 points if you can spot the bring it on reference

When Ginny scheduled all her classes to be in the afternoons so that she could take on all the morning shifts at the campus café, she did not factor in having to deal with Daphne Greengrass.

Daphne waltzes in at eight-fucking-fifteen on the dot every single weekday, blonde hair perfectly coiffed and lips perfectly glossed and skin perfectly unblemished. Ginny will, instinctively, huddle down a little in her oversized apron and fight the urge to rub at her freckles before promptly disintegrating into self-loathing for feeling that way.

She’s Ginny-fucking-Weasley. She plays varsity touch rugby and she’s fabulous.

Daphne then proceeds to order the same drink, every time: a skinny, soy caramel macchiato with a double shot of espresso and extra whip (then why the actual fuck does she want it skinny?), and cute latte art.

For real.

It’s going to be covered by whipped cream anyways and Daphne Greengrass wants cute latte art. At eight-fucking-fifteen in the morning.

Ginny always smiles as brightly as she can without actually throwing up before proceeding to make a non-skinny soy caramel macchiato, single shot, and with only a burst more whip than usual. She leaves out the latte art.

And that’s how she earns $7.60 every morning, like clockwork.

At least, until Pansy Park starts coming in with Daphne. Then she earns $9.30 every morning, like clockwork, in addition to dealing with the cloud of resulting frustration that Pansy wafts in with her like a spritz of Gucci Guilty.

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