pre season 3

  • season 1 me: wow I love lee
  • season 2 me: wow I really shouldn't get attached to these characters but I still love luke
  • pre-season 3 me: wow I will not get attached to anyone whatsoever
  • season 3 me: fuckin javi am I right

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6 and/or 28 Starco

6) things you said under the stars and in the grass 28) things you said but not out loud

“What’s your favorite star?”

He twists his neck to look at her, her hair tickling his cheek as a fans out around her. Her eyes are caught between the the constellations that shine above them, fascinated.

“Mine’s Sirius, just ‘cus it’s so bright and it’s the first one you see when everything goes dark,” she answers, before he can conjugate a response. “Plus, I like that it helps form a dog in the sky. I love dogs.”

He hums looking back up at the winter constellations and finding the one she points to, twinkling now and then but shining ever brighter. It truly outshines all the rest.

“I guess -” he hesitates, thinking, because what other star is there to love above the one that lies next to him? “I guess Polaris is my favorite.”

“The North Star?” She snorts. “C'mon Marco, you’re more original than that.”

“I guess I’m not,” he chuckles. “It’s like…that one star is the center of the sky, and no matter the season or the day, while the other stars come and go, Polaris is always there. It’s constant. And all the other stars move around it, like it’s some sort of beacon.”

He hears her rustle against the grass beside him, turning on her side and folding her elbows, watching him from above with curious blue eyes.

“It helps you find your way home, too,” she says quietly.

He meets her gaze, soft and simple yet holding back, looking as if there’s more to say but no way for her to say it. He wants her to, and he wants the words to spill from his own lips too because she is all of the stars - bright and unyielding and constant and home.

Instead, he smiles gently her way. “Yeah. Yeah, it does.”


Woke up after a glorious 9 hours of sleep and am currently eating my protein oatmeal and drinking some cold brew :) I go back to school for XC pre-season in about 3 weeks and cannot believe how fast the summer has gone. I got a new car yesterday, it’s like a cherry red and my mom and I agreed on naming her Katniss :) I am so, so excited about it although it is my full financial responsibility now and is definitely more expensive but this is being an adult now at it’s finest 

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Alright, here’s today’s fic from my collection of one shots, written during the hiatus between 3x10 and 3x11. It’s always been one of my favorties, so I hope you all enjoy!



Jemma took deep breaths, struggling to imagine that she was breathing out her anxiety and breathing in calm, like May had told her to. It didn’t help.

In fact, her anxiety only seemed to skyrocket when she heard familiar voices, dulled by the glass separating her from them.

“I don’t know why we’re even – are you taking me to dinner?” The voice she’d had memorized for years had gone up a few octaves at the end, and Jemma pressed a hand to her mouth to hide her sudden grin.

“Not that you aren’t very pretty, mate, but I just don’t think you’re my type, yeah?”

Then, the door to the restaurant opened, and Fitz froze just inside as he caught sight of her, his hand falling away from the door and causing it nearly smack an irritated Hunter in the face.

“I got him here, Simmons, but don’t think you don’t owe me after having to listen to his constant complaining on the way here,” Hunter told her.

“Of course,” Jemma agreed, giving Hunter a grateful smile and a playful salute. Hunter rolled his eyes good-naturedly, returning the salute before leaving, heading back for the SUV they’d arrived in. Turning back to Fitz, who seemed to be staring at her in a mix of confusion and a longing he was clearly trying to hide, she cleared her throat and murmured, “Hello Fitz.”

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I tried to do a 8-year old (in this case 5) or younger Yugo, we never got to see this in the legit series. thank you very much to @cookths for motivating me to have enough trust in my ability to draw this, I will do some more (I’ll attempt to draw him without the hat) later when I can draw him without his hat as a5-year-old properly.

So…it’s pretty much canon that Sana and Even met pre season 3.

Think about it. Her brother is friends with Mikael who was friends with Even and they all seem to have been in the same year at Bakka so they were probably all friendly to each other; so the idea that they went over to Elias’ and Sana was there isn’t that far fetched.

I’d always had a feeling she helped Even meet Isak but now I’m almost completely sure she did!