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It’s really important for older desi girls to support young and naive desi girls, even the girls with hairy arms and upper lips, the ones with unkempt monobrows and visible happy trails, girls who get nervous talking to strangers, the ones who aren’t fashion savvy in an eastern or western sense, girls who wear clothes too big or too small, girls who aren’t good at STEM fields, girls who can’t dance bhangra or garba, whose makeup is all wrong, who use Fair & Lovely because they’ve internalized a lot of shit, girls who use haldi and chandan for the same reason, girls who eat rice with their hands, girl who don’t do extracurriculars, girls with thick accents, ALL OF THEM.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether the things they’re doing are for political statements, or because their families are restrictive, or because they want to. We have to support our younger desi sisters even when they’re not conforming to the “tumblr aesthetic” or when they’re not socially conscious. We are the ones who have to teach them.

I know there’s a lot of pressure on us to have the ultimate “cool” squad of desi girls so non-desi folks can’t say shit about us and at least we fit in somewhere. But more often then not, this leaves young and vulnerable girls who feel/look unattractive or awkward too intimidated to approach us and they get left out.

So support young desi girls. Give them a positive role model who understands them. It’s a scary and isolating world. Be there for them.


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But oh well, here’s two low quality photos atleast, it’s something right? :^)


Prompt: 5 “I’m going to take care of you, okay?” and 43 “I am not losing you again!”

Prompt List

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Aaron x Reader

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As the ambulance screeches to a halt outside of the local hospital Aaron is rushed in on the gurney with a gash on his forehead and a bullet wound in his left shoulder. Y/N got the call about an injured officer coming in and then she got a call from Morgan saying who the injured office was and her heart immediately dropped. She called B/F/N to ask her to pick up Jack at school and take him for ice cream. Y/N is already stood at the door when they bust open revealing Aaron slipping in and out of consciousness.

“Y/N?” Aaron abruptly waking up seeing his wife walking beside him as hes bleeding out on a gurney.

“Hey Aaron. I’m going to take care of you, okay?” Y/N says attempting to reassure Aaron, his eyes closing and opening as he’s slipping in and out of consciousness. As they swing his gurney into a private room while all the E.R nurses and doctors rush around taking control knowing that this current situation is hard on Y/N. 

“Y/N… I’m sorry… I’m sor-" 

"Aaron, it’s fine. Listen to me it’s not that bad you’re going to be okay.” Y/N holds Aaron’s hand trying to squeeze his hand to keep him awake. Y/N won’t tell Aaron that right now she’s terrified right now but because of how drowsy he is he can’t profile her and tell how she’s feeling. As Y/N stares at the bleeding shoulder she points out that there’s a piece of shrapnel in his shoulder. Just as she looks back to Aaron he screams from the pain of a nurse trying to take out the shrapnel piece. Y/N looks at the nurse and gives her a reassuring smile knowing she was sorry.

“This is all my fault, where’s Jack?” Aaron says now being fully awake due to the pain. 

“It’s okay he’s with B/F/N. He got ice cream.” Y/N is on the brink of tears seeing the amount of blood all over Aaron. The sudden realisation of the dangerous situation this could become has sunk in but Y/N trys to play off that she’s okay. 

“You need to take care of Jack. He already lost Hayley if he looses me you need to be there for him, he’ll push you away at first but you need to comfort him. Nightmares, tantrums and all.” Aaron is almost crying at this point, he knows the extremely dangerous situation he’s gotten himself into.

“I’m not loosing you again!” Y/N cries more to herself than to Aaron but at this point in time he’s more aware of her emotional pain than his physical pain. Y/N almost lost Aaron  once, it wasn’t because of death, but he pushed her away when Hayley died.  Y/N had known Aaron since pre-school and she’d admired his love for Hayely and when Hayley died she’d never seen him more broken. Their love story was the most cliche of falling in love with your best friend after a tragic accident but she loved him and right now she was the most terrified she’d ever been. 

“HI!” A pre-school Aaron yells to the new girl in his pre-school. The girl looks slightly taken back by the shock of a new person talking to her but she immediately warms up to the kind-eyed boy in front of her.
“Hi! I’m Y/N! I’m new.” She says hiding her giggle as she shakes hands with the boy.
“I’m Aaron! And duhhhh, I would’ve seen you before.” He says rolling his eyes, an attitude move he got from his dad. Y/N giggled at Aarons eye roll and his eyes light up as he hears her laugh.


“C'mon Aaron let’s gooo.” A teenaged Y/N whines as she sits on the floor of teenaged Aarons bedroom while he’s in the en-suite bathroom.
“Y/N, how many time do I have to say I don’t want to go to this dance. I could be studying right now.” Aaron moans as he tries to fix his tie in the mirror.
“I know you could be but you’re my best friend I need you at this dance to stop me from getting into a fight with someone.” Y/N says giggiling while fixing her dress. Aaron walks back into the room fully in a suit and tie that matched Y/N’s beautiful dress.
“Well duhhhh, you’re always getting in fights.” Aaron says rolling his eyes at Y/N. She starts laughing, as she always does, at his eye roll and as usual Aarons eyes light up at the sound of his best friend truly laughing.


An adult Aaron sits on his sofa. After cases and once Jack is in bed he didn’t really know what to after Hayley’s funeral. Y/N lets herself in as she usually does and sits next to Aaron not even saying a word. She didn’t have too, her company alone was enough for Aaron so he didn’t feel so lonely. However this was one time she needed to say something.
“I love you.” Y/N blurts out. Aaron is, at first, taken aback at what Y/N said but his heart also skips a beat at the sentence he feels complete hearing. He looks into Y/N’s eyes and something about him feels whole.
“Duhhh.” He says rolling his eyes at the beautiful female he’s truly loved all his life. Y/N laughs at the eye roll before Aaron speaks again, “I love you too.”

“Y'know while we were growing up, the thing I loved most about you is whenever you would laugh, and I mean belly laugh. It was always when I would say ‘duhhhh’ and roll my eyes at you. I never knew why you laughed so hard but it always made my eyes go wide and my heart beat faster.” Aaron says now, almost confessing his feelings all over again. As sweet as this is it almost terrifies Y/N. Like he’s given up and he’s finding time to tell her quirky things he loves about her.

“I have no idea why I love it so much, I guess it’s just the way you say it, but you can tell me more when you get out of here. You’re not confessing your love like they’re sins on your deathbed because you’re not about to die, Aaron. Like I said, I’m not loosing you.” Y/N says now completely calm. Or as calm as she can pretend to be.

“Okay.. You won’t loose me. I’m right here, forever and always.” Aaron says turning to hold her hand with both of his hands, no matter how much it hurts him. She needs reassurance and that’s as much as he can give her. In this moment it’s just Y/N and Aaron trying to get through a difficult situation. They’ve been through tough times but they’ll be more but right now there’s some weird serenity surrounding the two lovers.


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Another reason I teach pre-school: one of my girls was helping me get some paint and as her little 3 year old self was following me, she mumbled something and then said, “I love you”. I turned to her immediately and almost started crying, and asked her what she said, again. She looked at me and smiled and said, “I love you!” I hugged her and kissed her little head and told her mom the story when she picked her up and her mom said, “she doesn’t just say that, ms. Allie. She must really love you.”

And this is why I work with children. Unconditional love.

last bit of tbirds high school AU stuff i had just kickin’ about. a proper image of their heights all together, just in case you wanted to see the actual outfits and not just silhouettes.

i just want to design whole wardrobes for all the characters but that would absolutely kill my hands. take what they’re wearing in this set as their sort of. general fashion styles.

Whenever I feel really horrible about my appearance, I shut my bedroom door, turn on a Beyoncé song, dance until I LITERALLY CAN’T BREATHE, and collapse on my bed. By that time, every if temporarily, I have forgotten that I hate certain things about me because I was too busy not giving a care with Queen B.
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when i was in pre-school i had a year long debate with a boy in my class because he kept saying that the pink power ranger was a boy because a girl couldnt be a power ranger and i argued so much with him and i would ask my parents to watch the power rangers with me just so i could build up a repertoire of information to use against him. i was a hardcore pre-schooler. also i just realized i was a feminist at age four. cool.


Kim Kyungmin: 19 Years (20 in Korean Age 13th March 1994)  Winner of the me2day Search for After School’s 9th Member in 2010 (along with Ara). Featured in “Funky Man” (After School Vol. 1 – Virgin) Specialty: Dance.

Kim Sooyi / Sohee:  Made her appearance through 17tv teaser with Son JuYeon. She was one of the backup dancer from nuest’s “Hello” and in Kym Bum Zu “Game Over” MV. She did cameo in some doramas too! 

Naeun: Made her appearance in Kym Bym Zu “Game Over” MV with Kim Sohee! Age unknown.

Park JungHyeon: 15 Years (16 in Korean Age 14 November 1999), made cameo in After School’s Bang MV, Orange Caramel AING~ and Love Letter MV and performances!

Kim Minkang:Official winner of the 2011 Happy Pledis audition.Age unknown

Jie Qiong Zhou/Pinky: She’s chinese. 15 Years (16 Years in Korean Age)

Oh HyeYoung: Age Unknown. Here’s a video of her dancing:

Kang YeBin: Age Unknowk, she has good vocals. 

Son Juyeon: Age Unknown, won 2011 happy pledis audition with Minkang and made her appearance in 17tv teaser with Kim Sohee.

The last girl i didn’t know her name yet, was actually Naeun, sorry. ^^’  she was in Seventeen TV with Pinky, Kang Yebin and Kim Sohee dancing “Call Me Maybe” Here’s the video:

There’s more Pledis Female trainees / Pre school girls but we don’t have any photos yet, we have a performance of pledis girls dancing Mannequin:

Naeun, Junghyeon, Yebin and Pinky are in that video, the other 3 girls we don’t know the names yet! 

What CN needs to do in a few years is Reboot PPG again, but make it the total opposite of the 2016 version.

Like the movie Kick-Ass with 3 Hit GIrls who kill people and monsters. Miss Bellum and Sedusa show up and show their tits and stuff. That be only way to reboot PowerPuff Girls properly without it being toned down nerf pre school shit.

CONVERGENT - Chapter 6 (MagCon/Divergent Cross Over)

(previous chapters)

You huffed as you exited the training room along with the other initiates, walking in a soldier like pace as you followed the left, right, left, right pattern of their footsteps. The vibrations of the heavy footsteps bounced off the walls and made your bones rake from excitement. 

“I’m getting major Dauntless vibes.” Johnson’s voice was breathy in joy as he walked with you. 

“Calm yourself, Abnegation.” you rolled your eyes, a small smile on your lips. 

“Aren’t you? I mean, I truly feel like a Dauntless.” Aaron piped up from your other side. You chuckled in agreement as you entered the already busy hall-like cafeteria. A grin broke out on your face as you followed your fellow transfers to the long line to wait for food. 

You realized that you were standing right behind Tris, Mahogany and Christina. You hoped that they were too busy chatting to notice your existence. You were trying so hard to avoid Shawn and they were a part of last night’s occurrence. 

Much to your dismay, it only took them two minutes for them to realize that you were standing behind them.

“(y/n)! Great to see you again!” Tris gave you a hug and Christina followed suit, Mahogany only smiling at you since she’s been with you in the training room all day. You decided you like Tris and Christina’s bubbly friendliness. It was refreshing amongst the other pierced, tattooed and hair-dyed Dauntless. 

“You too.” you returned the big smile. You noticed that your friends had started a new conversation without you. You frowned a little. Your emergency exit just disappeared. 

“So, how are you and Shawn going?” Christina wriggled her eyebrows suggestively. 

“It isn’t really going…” you trailed off awkwardly.

“I’ll say,” Mahogany scoffed. “They were ignoring each other the whole day. It was cute how they were trying hard not to stare at each other.” 

Tris and Christina giggled like school girls. You bit your lip as you panicked, wanting the conversation to already.

“What happened?” Christina asked. 

“Let’s just say boys who are able to be extremely sweet have the capability to be extremely harsh too.” you hinted, not feeling completely comfortable with discussing this. 

“You can say that again,” Tris rolled her eyes. “It runs in the family.” she gestured over to Four who was across the hall, engaging Jacob and Brent in an energetic conversation as you saw how wildly his arms flailed when he talked. 

“Ah.” you nodded.

“We should talk later, you know. I’m sure you need some girly heart-to-heart action since you’re always surrounded by boys.” Tris glanced at the other transfers behind you as she picked up the tray, offering it out to the cooks so they can put food on them.

“Yeah, that’d be great.” your eyes lit up a little, wanting to take a break from boys. “Wait but,” you frowned. “I’ve got training today.”

“Nah, don’t sweat it. We’re only training for half of the day.” Mahogany dismissed, lifting up her tray. “I was gonna tell you earlier but Bart wants to put extra torture to the initiate’s mentality.”

“Awesome. Meet us at The Pit after lunch.” Christina grinned as they walked away with their trays of Dauntless food. You waved goodbye at them.

“So, girly heart-to-heart action, eh?” Matt wriggled his eyebrows once the girls were out of earshot. You pushed him playfully.


You walked a little slower than the usual Dauntless pace, the huge piece of chocolate cake that you downed quickly so you could meet the girls made your stomach stir uncomfortably when you tried to move faster. You groaned a little as you told your stomach to digest the fucking cake already. 

“(y/n)! Here!” you immediately heard Christina’s oddly low, giddy voice holler. You looked up to see that they were above The Pit instead, by the tattoo parlor. Oh dear. 

You waved in greeting as you took the stairs that lead to a bridge above The Pit, near the chasm. It was like walking into a small cave. How Dauntless. 

You grinned a little, excitement catching up to you. Here you were, (y/n), in a tattoo parlor with the most legendary Dauntless leaders. Just two weeks ago you were in Amity, in a red dress, farming and gathering around that stupid giant oak tree. 

“Okay, so, I don’t know about you but I totally think Christina should get a tattoo.” Tris was being her friendly self as she laced her arms with yours. Christina hummed in response. 

“Tori! Pass me a book!” she called out to a lady with pointy creaseless eyes like Carter’s, dreadlocks that looked like her hair grew out of it and white streaks in her slightly frizzed hair. You remembered that she was the lady who did your aptitude test. She didn’t say much to you so you kind of just battled in your head on whether or not you should say hi, then chose to just ignore her. Tori whirled a binder like book at Christina which she quickly caught. 

Christina lead you guys to a small table with chairs where she laid the book down, looking through artistic designs. 

“So, what’s the deal with you and Shawn?” Christina raised an eyebrow coyly. 

“To be honest,” you paused in frustration. “I don’t even know.” 

“Wait, okay, so what was his asshole move?” Christina asked, not looking up from the book that she was flipping through.

“Chris!” Tris’s eyes widened, horrified, as she slapped Christina’s arm.

“Nah, it’s fine. I’m used to swearing.” you waved Tris off. 

“What faction were you from?” Christina’s eyebrows creased a little. 

Before you could answer, an unfamiliar voice interrupted. “Amity.” 

The three of you turned around to see that it was the lady, Tori, who answered. “I still work during Choosing Days, yano.” Tori answered the confused looks Tris and Christina were giving. 

Tori and Tris exchanged an odd knowing look and you felt as if you were back in your red Amity dress, near the farms as you watched Dauntless soldiers guard the fence. You felt so close, yet so far. So excluded. 

“Yeah, I kinda see it. Made sense how you always look presentable, Amity wear a lot of neutral pink make up.” Christina kind of just spoke aloud her thoughts. 

“What faction were you guys in?” you wanted to get the attention off of you. Maybe you could be an Abnegation after all.



You weren’t really shocked about Christina being a Candor but you didn’t particularly pin Tris as an Abnegation. “Didn’t expect that from you, Tris.” you chuckled a little.

“Yeah, I’ve kind of adapted to the different factions. We had a wide spread of transfers during our initiation.” Tris sounded a little monotone, as if she had recited that line millions of times before. 

“Ah.” you nodded a little. 

“Anyways,” Christina interrupted. “Enough about old factions, let’s talk about you and Shawn.” 

You groaned, rubbing your face exasperatedly. 

“Wait, what happened again?”

“So I was walking into the training room all normal and stuff, right?” you started and Christina and Tris immediately leaned in to listen better. They were like the pre-school Amity girls that used to gossip around the Lotus park near your old house. Gossiping was frowned upon by Amities but you found it amusing when you opened your windows after a day of school to hear the goody-goody girls trash talking about “that new girl and her pink ribbons”. 

“And then?” Christina could barely contain her excitement. 

“I was all playful and what not, cause you know, I thought we were friends now or whatever people who offer showers in each other’s lofts and eat dinner together are called.” your wittiness made the two older girls giggle. “And I was all like ‘hey there, Dauntless’. ‘Cause I mean, that’s flirty and playful without being flirty and playful, right?” your questions were rhetorical, of course.

“I don’t knooww, (y/n),” Tris dragged out her sentence. “Hey there, Dauntless sounds pretty flirty to me.” 

Christina let out a laugh. 

“What?” Tris frowned.

“Your jokes are still so horrible.” Christina shut her eyes tightly, shaking her head in amusement. 

Once a stiff, always a stiff.” you recited the famous saying. you’ve heard it many times during initiation in your old faction. The abnegation were always the ones who took the longest to adapt to different factions. 

The three of you laughed and whatever feeling you had of being excluded vanished. You felt like you belonged. 

“Right, right. Okay, what happened afterwards?” Christina interrupted.

“Uh, right,” you thought for a second, wondering where you had ended the story. “Right! afterwards, he said, and I quote, ‘it’s not my fault you’re too weak’.

Both girls gasped.

In truth, it was still hurtful. You knew you were the only girl transfer, and even if you were looking at all of the initiates, you were still like one of the three girls. You weren’t built to be a soldier, you were built to be a fragile, hard-working Amity but it isn’t like you’re not trying. That’s probably the worst part. Before he came along, you were fighting your battles just as hard as everyone else was. Including the boys.

No.” Tris gasped again.

“I’m still like 60% a Candor and even I think that’s harsh.” Christina shook her head in disapproval. 

“It just angers me so much, you know?” the girls nodded their heads before you could finish. “Just because he gave me a free ticket out of a few days worth of bruises and sore muscles, he just suddenly decided to create this image in his head that I’m weak and fragile. He just judged me like that.” 

“Oh, sweets.” Christina bit her bottom lip, putting her hand on yours in sympathy. 

“Did you do or say anything that may have pissed him off?” Tris asked.

“No, I didn’t do anything. My friends, however…” you trailed off. Tris and Christina gave you a ‘go on’ look. “Like, when we walked back to the dorms, my friends were being all weird and awkward around him and it was really silent and then my friend, Matt, kinda just snapped at him. He was just jealous and it was rude but it wasn’t pissed off worthy, you know? He didn’t seem pissed off after the comment either. Just…awkward.” you finished.

“Hmmm,” Tris hummed idly, trying to think of another suggestion. 

“Maybe he’s Four-ing you.” Christina suggested. 

Four-ing?” Tris’s eyes widened in amusement. 

“Yano, like pushing you to the limit to see how strong you are just like what Four did to Tris when he was our initiation instructor.” Christina shrugged as if it was common sense. 

“Maybe.” Tris hummed, tilting her head in thought. “I don’t know. I genuinely think it was a jerk move.” 

“Once a stiff,” Christina paused for half a second so you could join in.

“Always a stiff.” you finished together.

“Fine, if that’s how it’s gonna be, what’s going on with you and Will, hmm, Christina?” Tris shot back. Christina’s dark complexion made her blushing cheeks stand out.

“Will?” you bit your lip to keep yourself from howling in laughter. “The-Erudite-who-swallowed-every-textbook-known-to-man-Will?” 

Oh, definitely that Will.” Tris’s tone was taunting. She’s definitely a Dauntless now. 

Christina couldn’t keep the grin off of her face as she hid it even if she wanted to.

“I mean, I guess it’s kinda cute.” you shrugged, a teasing smirk on your lips. “The scariest, most bad ass Dauntless with the smartest ex-Erudite.” 

“What a plot.” Tris sighed while dramatically fanning her face with her hand.

“Shut up.” Christina pushed the both of you playfully.

“So, I have a man, Christina has a man, it’s your turn now, (y/n).” Tris decided that today will be the day she teases everyone because everyone teases her. How wonderful. 

You let out a scoff that sounded like a snort. “Even when I’m one of the only girls, boys still don’t like me.” 

“Oh, come on! Shawn totally likes you. He’s just playing. It’d be so cute once you get with Shawn. There’ll be like four girls in the Mendes family.” what is this? Tease (y/n) day?

“Four girls?” you tried to change the subject.

“Mama Mendes, Aaliyah Mendes, who is his sister, technically me, and you.” Tris grinned. 

“He has a little sister?” 

“Yeah, she’s super sweet. I’m pretty sure you’ll meet her during Visiting Day.” Tris smiled a little. 

Visiting Day.

Your stomach stirred uncomfortably and you were sure it wasn’t the amount of chocolate cake you had earlier.