pre roman iron age


This prehistoric pre-Roman megalith is notable in several respects; the detail and scope is remarkable but also of note is the central female aristocratic figure for whom the stone is a memorial or marker. The scene in the middle of the stone depicts a hunt. It is clear from the scale of the work that the woman was of high status and importance. The National Museum of Scotland, 24.2.17.


Grave Orbs were made throughout Scandinavia from the Pre-Roman Iron Age until the Vendel era to put on the tombs of the deceased.
The Grave Orb could have been selected for its round shape or shaped by hand. They were then put in the centre of a burial site. Stone circles like the ones at Trullhalsar had a central stone. They were of ritual or symbolic significance.
Some grave orbs are engraved with ornaments.

Source: own photos