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Former Employment

Summary: Professor Stilinski is definitely not expecting to see his favorite porn star among the students of his Human Sexuality class.

Notes: Inspired by this ask. I don’t do power imbalance, so nothing happens until Derek is out of Stiles’ class. Also, while there are mentions of porn, there is no actual smut in this. Sorry. (On AO3)

@nogitsunelichen and @cobrilee – this is probably not what you had in mind, but I wrote it!

When Stiles pushes open the doors to the lecture hall, it’s completely empty. He blinks down at his watch in surprise, and realizes he made the walk across campus faster than he realized. There’s always an adjustment period at the beginning of every semester, where he figures out where his classrooms are and how long it’ll take to get there.

Well, he might as well utilize this time, then. He sits at the desk at the front of the room, and gets back to writing his proposal for a class on the influence of society on gender.

He gradually hears students come in as he works, but he keeps focused, because he knows he has at least another ten minutes before class starts.

But when he hears a student ask, “Hey, are you the professor?” he has to look up, and he begins to wish he’d done it a lot sooner.

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Healing: Energy Systems

This is a post on how to actually go through an energy system and remove/deal with blockages/anomalies. For information on how to actually read energy systems, refer to this article.

This isn’t a strict guideline of course, you are free to edit the method as you see fit. This is just a recommendation based on my own methods, with an explanation as to why I do each part.

Note that this should NOT replace going to the doctor/psychiatrist if you have an actual physical issue/mental. Doctor/psychiatrist first, magic second.

Pre-Requisite/Related Info:

Onto How to Actually do the Healing: 

1. Obtain permission to read and heal the person’s energy system. Permission is obviously very important because of consent. It also gives a person a chance to set their wards and other protections to allow you through.

2. Gather information on your patient’s energy; what energies they do and don’t work well with. The quickest way is to just ask them, most people know what energies they do or don’t mesh well with. This is important to know as some people react badly to certain energies, while on the contrary, energies they do work well with can ease the healing process even more. If your recipient doesn’t know what energies work well with them, you may have to do a general reading of their energy and/or use your intuition.

3. If you’re going to have something to help supplement your energy, get it now. “Supplements” are things that help to provide energy, so you’re not using too much of your own, or for the purpose of providing the element of the supplement. Some examples would be candles for fire energy, a charged bowl of water, etc. You can do a healing without a supplement but they do help, for both reasons listed.

4. If this is a distance healing, cleanse and ward your “connection”. This means cleansing your phone/laptop if using those, and/or cleansing the chat you’re using to talk (such as Tumblr IM, Discord. Usually just uploading a cleansing gif or two works wonders.) This can prevent gunk in the connection from interfering with the reading and healing. Not a strict requirement but it does help. Warding is necessary to prevent parasites and/or negative energy from coming back and sticking to you.  

5. Cleanse them or ask them to do a cleansing of themselves. Have them cleanse their environment (if distance), and cleanse the environment you will be performing the healing in as well.  This will help clean out any “interference” with the reading and make it easier to read their energy. It can also help to loosen blockages/anomalies a bit. This also isn’t a strict requirement BUT I do find it to be very helpful.

6.  Read the energy system. If distance, having a map is very very helpful. Additionally for distance, I recommend sending the actual energy through your communication device (phone/laptop/whatever) but using the map to “aim” the energy (and of course you will be using the map to read the energy system as well.) Details on how to make and use an energy map are available in this post.

7. Gently accustom the receiver’s energy system to your energy, or whatever energies you will be using. This is to prevent “startling” or “shocking” the energy system; to make sure your energies do not hit it too hard, and so that a person’s subconscious magical defenses don’t activate. I accustom the receiver by slowly sending a small amount of energy to each point, beginning with the Heart Point, moving down, then getting the points above the heart point.  

8. When you find a blockage/anomaly, figure out what you need to do to heal it. These are just a few examples; what blockages/anomalies you see and the methods to heal them are not limited to these few; also these are short summaries; for more detailed information, refer to this post. And of course, you can also communicate with points to help ease the healing process.

    • Rocks: Remove them, slowly and gently.  If the rock simply reforms, there may be an additional cause inside the point or in another part of the energy system. 
    • Leakage/Cracks in the point: Seal them up.
    • Toxic/Negative energy: Slowly remove it while adding in beneficial energy to replace the loss.
    • Blocked/closed valves” to points. Why is it blocked or closed? Are the valves calloused shut? Or are they blocked by something? Or are they shut with no apparent cause?
    • Shrunken energy point/point too small: Slowly add in energy to stretch and open up the point. Also check for blocked entrances that flow into these points. *
    • Point too large: This is usually because energy is not exiting correctly, the point is producing too much energy, or both. *
    • Calloused point: This is usually accompanied by a layer of negative energy. Remove the negative energy while “washing” the point; gently scrub and massage away the callous. If the callous simply reforms, there may be an additional cause inside the point or in another part of the energy system.
    • Parasites: Remove them from the body, then capture and kill it. Be EXTREMELY cautious as the parasite could just jump into your energy system instead; have your wards and other protections up.
    • *Tip for all of these: Always check if there is something else in the system that is causing the blockage/anomaly.  

9. Finish up. Methods may differ, but I like to close with an all-over healing and full body cleansing. Let your recipient know that you are finished with the healing.

10. Cleanse yourself. You want to make sure you didn’t pick up any of the recipient’s negative energy.

*Remember that energy systems are very relative- determining if something is unhealthy is based on strange, noticeable differences. For example, if someone has gigantic points in general, and their hand points are super large as well- then those hand points are probably healthy. However, if the hand points were small while the rest of the system has rather large points, then those points are highly likely unhealthy.

This is not an end-all-be-all guide; this merely contains suggestions based on my experience and my own method. Remember, this should not replace going to the doctor/psychiatrist if you have an actual physical issue or mental issue.  

I hope this helps and inspires some of you to learn advanced healing work! And remember, you have to practice, practice, practice, to git gud. 

Medical School—A Not-So-Quick Walkthrough

Hey humans! Aunt Scripty here. This post is a submission by Brittany, whose Tumblr handle I surprisingly don’t know. This post came through the Submissions Box. If you’re interested, I encourage people to submit articles to appear on the blog! [though it may behoove us both if you message me first, as I have a few posts in-progress and I don’t want us to duplicate efforts]

Anyway, give Brittany some props! This is an awesome post, and I’m CRAZY thankful she wrote in! And now, Brittany, take it away!

Disclaimer: This applies to the American medical system only, and may be biased by the author’s experiences.  Also note that this is the process for becoming an MD, not a DO (both MDs and DOs are fully licensed physicians, but DOs have a stronger focus on the musculoskeletal system and their schooling is slightly different).

Disclaimer Part 2: I swear, this was SUPPOSED to be a brief post.  Oops.

The quick and dirty:

—4 years of undergrad

—4 years of medical school, 2 in the classroom and 2 clinical

—3-5 years of residency depending on what they specialize in.  Can be longer if they add subspecialties or fellowships.

The in-depth description:

Getting in (Premed student)

Acceptance to medical school is hard enough to start with.  There’s an estimate that 75% of applicants are qualified, but only 50% get in.  Your character doesn’t need to major in biology or pre-med, but there are pre-requisites: two semesters each of biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, calculus, and physics, plus a couple biology electives, and I think psych and statistics have been added on since I graduated, but don’t quote me on that.  That’s pretty much 2/3 of a science major right there, so you can see why a lot of people just end up with that.  During spring of junior year, they’ll take a giant standardized test called the MCAT that covers all of those topics and is notoriously difficult.

Along with the classroom work, they’ll have to get clinical experience—most commonly volunteering, shadowing, or working as a medical scribe, but you can get creative—and usually do a little research of some kind.  Med school is hard and being a doctor is harder; they want to know that you’ve got an idea of what you’re getting into.  If your character does all that right, they interview with medical schools during the fall of senior year, and hopefully get accepted!

Year 1 (MS1)

Your first year is classroom based.  You get daily lectures on very complicated medical topics, with relatively little patient interaction this year.  Schools will include more practical classes as well, including a cadaver dissection, pathology (where you train to look at cells and understand what a healthy vs. diseased one looks like; some schools are old school and have people still work with slides and microscopes, others like mine do it virtually), and standardized patient encounters (where they hire actors to come in and work with us so we can practice histories and physical exams and basically get a baseline on things like “what does a normal lung sounds like?”).

Patient interaction varies from school to school, but generally is pretty low.  You can shadow a certain specialty you’re interested in, volunteer in free clinics, join different clubs/interest groups, or do various electives that will focus on teaching certain aspects of patient care (nutrition, medical Spanish, global health, etc.), but you have to go look for them.  If I hadn’t done any of that, I would have seen maybe… two patients a month?  Most students will branch out with those other opportunities, though.

Year 2 (MS2)

Similar to MS1 in that you’re still on classroom duty, still not seeing many patients.  Typically you learn more sensitive physical exams this year (urological, gynecologic, breast, etc.), and you’re finished with the cadaver dissection, but things are otherwise the same.  At the end of your character’s MS2 year, they’ll take their first board exam, called STEP 1.  You can take it one time only unless you fail.  Low scores or a fail are really frowned on, and can limit the specialty your character goes into, so you can imagine the pressure.

Year 3 (MS3)

Yay!  Your character’s now ready to be let loose on the clinic/hospital!

Boo!  This year kicks. your. ass.

This year is all about making your character feel like an idiot putting what your character’s been studying for two years into action.  The schedule is broken up into rotations, which are periods of 4-8 weeks where students focus on a specific specialty each time.  These courses are: pediatrics, family medicine, psychiatry, ob/gyn, neurology (usually), emergency (sometimes), surgery, and internal medicine.  Difficulty varies by rotation, with surgery and ob/gyn being the worst (12 hour days with only one day off a week, max; surgery adds in occasional 24 hour shifts too, just to spice things up).  Occasionally you’ll land on a nice one, like psychiatry, with 10 hour days and free weekends.

On a more day-to-day level, third years are usually part of a small medical team that cares for a set of patients.  The team consists of an attending (fully licensed physician), residents (physicians who are training in their particular specialty), and medical students (MS3s and MS4s both).  MS3s will usually get a small subset of hospital patients they care for every day—take their histories, do their physical exams, list what you think they have, and suggest treatments/tests—but because you’re not licensed, you basically take all that to the attending/resident who hears you out and then says ‘yea’ or ‘nay.’  As the year progresses, hopefully you hear more ‘yeas’ and fewer ‘nays.’

At the end of this year/the beginning of 4th year, there’s another board exam called STEP 2.  Half is your typical multiple choice test, with a numeric score—much like STEP 1—while half is a pass/fail practical where you work with standardized patients.

Year 4 (MS4)

Hopefully by now your character has figured out what they want to specialize in.  I can go over specialties in another post if anyone’s curious, but the biggest ones are basically the same as the ones listed as core rotations during the MS3 year.  There’s a giant application/interview process that takes up the lion’s share of the summer/fall/winter for interviews with residency.  At the end of the process, everyone ranks the residencies they interviewed with from most to least favorite, and at the same time the residencies rank their interviewees from most to least.  The whole thing goes into a giant computer algorithm to give as many people as possible as high a choice as possible, and then on the same day of the year, at the same time, MS4s across the country take a deep breath and open envelopes saying where they ‘matched.’

In addition, with those pesky core rotations out of the way, the character has time to take electives that may or may not be applicable to their future specialty—me, I’m going for emergency medicine, so I’m doing several rotations in EM as well as EMS, but I’m also doing a two week course forensics because it sounds awesome.

Otherwise, 4th year is widely known as the ‘take a breath’ year.  People get married or have babies during this time, travel, and generally start to act like human beings again.  There’s space in your schedule that’s off—it’s generally intended for interviews or studying for STEP 2 if you’re taking it late, but people will use it for anything.


Not going to give too much detail about it, seeing as how your character is technically a doctor at this point, but residency is basically 3-5 years where your character trains in a specialty—yes, they’re physicians, but they don’t know everything about their particular field and need trained.  You’re in this weird limbo between student and employee; you make a salary (although a very low one considering the number of hours) and can prescribe medication, perform procedures, etc., but an attending is responsible for you, you still attend a weekly lecture, and you can’t practice independently.  To give you an idea of how hard these years are, they recently had to limit things like “don’t make residents work more than 36 hours in a row,” and “don’t put the doctor who graduated med school a month ago in charge of an entire floor of ICU patients for a night with no backup.”  Incredibly, some of the old-school attendings think said changes are a bad idea and will produce doctors who are “weak.”

Also, you thought your character was done with standardized tests?  You sweet summer child.  STEP 3 has to be finished before you can complete residency, and is usually done during intern year.  The good side of this is, you’re in a residency now, so as long as you pass, no one cares about the score.

Random notes:

—This is a sample timeline, following your ‘traditional’ student.  It’s becoming more and more common for people to take a couple of years off after undergrad and apply for medical school after that.  If you want a chance for your character to gain some non-medical life experience (travel, other skill sets, becoming a parent, etc.), this is a good chance for them to do it!

—I’ve been asked by a writer I know in RL how young someone could potentially become a doctor.  I think she wanted to put in a prodigy kind of person.  The problem with that is that medical schools don’t just look for smarts, they look for maturity—imagine having someone who looks like they can’t drink yet tell you you’ve got a terminal disease, and you can see why.  That said, there are a couple of accelerated programs, where I’ve seen people graduate undergrad a year early and go straight into medical school, or where they condense medical school into three whirlwind years because the person’s on track for a specific primary care residency.  So if most people graduate medical school at age 26-27, you could have someone out at 25 or maybe 24, but probably no younger.  And remember, they’ll still need residency training from there.

—Not gonna lie, medical school is incredibly difficult.  That said, I think the best students/doctors are the ones who maintain an outside interest or two, so don’t feel like your character can only have medical skills (*cough*Grey'sAnatomy*cough*) .  Give them a few side interests to maintain their spirit.

—I can give more detail about any and all of these if anyone asks; these are supposed to help you understand what your character has had to go through to be a doctor, not be a full detail spiel.  I can also do ‘day in the lifes’ if someone’s writing a med student character and wants an accurate description, but let’s be real: most people want to write the master, not the pupil.

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Loved how Jamie gave claire the medical book in the Boston story. Can we maybe see her starting to look at which one she wants to go to? Does she have her sights set on Harvard??

Flood my Mornings: The First Step 

Notes from Mod Bonnie:

  • This story takes place in an AU in which Jamie travels through the stones two years after Culloden and finds Claire and his child in 1950 Boston.
  • Previous installment:  Samhain (Jamie stumbles upon a new community)

November, 1950 


“Jamie?” I called urgently across the evening-shadowed house, rustling the pages on the rolltop. “Jamie? Did you move my essay?”

Ah yes, My Essay: 

Why should you be admitted to Harvard University’s Program for Correspondent Students?

Well, you see, honorable gentlemen of the admissions committee, my applications for medical school a few years hence—even if not at Ivy League institutions— will need to look as goddamned impressive as can possibly be mustered, since they will almost certainly be reviewed by a panel of elderly male fuddy-duddies like yourselves. 

Thus, having Harvard University on my CV (even if it’s only for these pre-requisite courses), will only serve to impress said fuddy-duddies, and as a female with a spotty-at-best record in formal education, I need all the bloody help I can get. 

The almost-final draft of my personal statement had been more subtle, but it was God’s honest truth. 

I’d been working incessantly on the damned thing for weeks, sleeping little and poorly from the stress. I’d downed more coffee than I’d previously have deemed safe for human beings, and was looking and feeling decidedly the worse for wear for it all. 

Meanwhile, my sainted husband had tirelessly picked up my slack with the house and with Bree night after night as I hunched over the desk, scribbling and scratching out. This last week, in particular, he’d given me more than enough space, bless him, speaking softly, keeping Bree out of my hair, giving kisses, but not initiating sex, nor even the casual touches that were so much a part of our daily rhythm with one another. I knew he meant well by it—to allow me to focus my non-hospital- and non-sleep-hours upon the task at hand… but LORD, another part of me wished that he would just hoist me out of my chair, throw me onto the ground, and give me an hour’s rough relief from my own mind and Harvard blasted University! I didn’t hold it against him, of course, and it would be over soon, in any case, but his walking on eggshells around me was its own breed of stress. 

‘Stress’—such a tiny word for so much inner turmoil. It wasn’t just the essay in front of me or the way my gut had felt all tied in knots for the past week; it was the entire trajectory of which this was only the first step: the prerequisite courses, the MCATs, applications, interviews, medical school, internship, residency, fellowship—the next decade or more of my life! So much would hinge on every single decision I made from here on out. I couldn’t afford any mistakes, starting with this bloody essay. 

I had put the entire packet together last night in the Manila envelope: application, references, ESSAY. Stamps, on. Addresses, penned. Seal…well…left UN-sealed, because I wasn’t bloody ready. And good thing, too, for I’d spent my entire shift that day replaying the words in my mind, every phrase sounding wretched, every choice of words trite or cliché or childish, and screaming for another revision. I’d rushed home, called a ‘hello, darling,’ to Jamie, who was tucking Bree in for the night, and then gone directly to the rolltop, still in my coat and hat, to read it through again and exorcise this demon. Except my packet wasn’t there.

“Jamie??” I called again, louder, my anxiety mounting. I hissed at two sudden papercuts as I rummaged frantically again through the stack. “Darling? Did Penelope say anything about moving my—”

“Sassenach, keep your voice down, for God’s sake—” Jamie whispered loudly as he came around the living room door, looking harried. “Brianna’s only just gotten to sleep, lass!”

I lowered my voice but not my urgency, and I barely even looked up. “The envelope with my application and personal statement? Have you seen it? I swear, it was right on top of the stack with the blue folder here on the desk.”

“Oh, aye, I sent it in.”

“What?” I laughed weakly, still rummaging. “Ha-ha, very funny.”

“I did,” he said simply, “I mailed it in.” 

I froze. And STARED at him. “What?” 

“It was complete. The deadline was coming up in a few days; so,” he shrugged, ACTUALLY shrugged, “I mailed it in for ye.”

“It was NOT complete.”

The words came out low and lethal, and I could see Jamie’s shirt-too-tight-shrug that indicated he heard the danger in them. “Ye packed it all in the mailing envelope, no? It was ready to be submitted.”

“Yes, but I wasn’t ready to send it yet!”

He made a small sound of carefully-controlled exasperation. “Claire, mo chridhe, how should I have known th–”

“You should have asked! You should have called me at work to ASK!” I threw up my hands. “Not just assumed that I was ready to have it sent off without my permission!” 

He squirmed perceptibly but wasn’t giving in. “Lass, you’ve been slaving over that essay for weeks. You’ve barely slept—You put it in the envelope, wi’ the address and stamps and everything. I read it again last night after ye went to bed and it was perfect.”

“It wasn’t

The truth was that despite my obsessing over it, it HAD probably been as bloody close to perfect as I could get it. I’d double-checked and triple-checked and quadruple-checked; revised and wordsmithed it to within an inch of its life. But I’d wanted to wait ‘til the very last moment to send it in, to feel absolutely certain it was as good as I could make it; and having that control so unexpectedly pulled out from beneath me—

“—Even if it had been, Jamie, you still had no—NO—bloody right—”

He ran his hands back through his hair. “Sassenach, come now, it’s no’ as though—”

“Jamie, this isn’t a recipe I’m sending to a Ladies’ Magazine!” I didn’t know what to do with my hands but they gestured wildly in my livid rage and tears. “This is—was—Harvard!”

“I ken it IS Harvard,” he said pointedly, putting his hands firmly on my shoulders “—and I ken you’re going to be ACCEPTED there when they read your—”

“And what the hell would YOU know about it?” I snapped, perceiving only the hurt flashing across his face before I was down the hallway and into the bathroom, locking the door. I yanked the shower handle and sunk down against the tub, letting the water mask the sounds of my weeping. 

A few minutes later, Jamie was knocking softly on the door. 


His voice was quiet, and, I thought, abashed.  “Claire…? May I come in?”

I covered my mouth so he couldn’t hear me. I felt tears trickling over my hand but I wouldn’t open my eyes. It’s not the end of the world, Beauchamp. 

Another knock.

A long silence. 

“Lass….I’m sorry…” 

He was leaning against the door, I thought. 

“It was…an impulsive thing I did— I—” he sighed miserably. “—I thought better of it throughout the day, but…Christ, i’m sorry…It was foolish. I was wrong to do it…” 

A long silence. 

A long…long silence. 

“I’m truly…truly sorry, Claire.” 

I took a deep breath. 

Then another. 

Once more. 

It would be alright. I hadn’t been ready, but the essay was fine. Jamie regretted what he’d done. It would be alright. 

But I was too spent and too upset to consider opening the door. 


He HAD been wrong to do it—knew not ten minutes after the post had gone that he’d made a grave error in judgement. But the essay had been perfect, BRILLIANT, and Claire had been so plagued by self-doubt over it. It was as if she had placed her entire sense of her own worth upon success in this single endeavor, this single writing. He’d simply wished her to feel as if she had finally accomplished the thing, after such a harrowing period these last few weeks. 

But she was completely right: what he wished her to feel was irrelevant, and he had betrayed her trust. She was well within her rights not to be ready to forgive him. 

He waited more than an hour, until long after he’d heard her enter the bedroom; giving her the space she apparently wanted. At last, though, he entered the darkened room. 

She was already in bed with her back turned to him. Asleep? He couldn’t tell—but even if she were awake, he didn’t expect her to speak until morning. He deserved her fury for at least that long.

He undressed and slipped quietly under the covers, taking care not to jostle her. Without really thinking about it, he mirrored her posture, coming to rest on his side, facing away from her. 

He listened to the clock tick and tried to let it lull him to sleep. 

One minute. 




“Can’t you at least bring yourself to have sex with me?”  Sharp. Wide awake. Dangerous. 

Startled, he blurted, bewildered. “Bring myself—?” 

He felt her bolt upright beside him, her hands slamming onto the bedspread. Her voice was still laced with anger, but desperate, forbye, and hurting. “Jamie, you haven’t touched me in a week! I need to—to feel close to

“You’ve never wished me to have ye during your courses before, Sassenach,” he said, scrubbing his hand over his face as he rolled onto his back. “Do ye really want to that badly tonight?” His ‘especially when you’re not too keen on me at the moment, in any case,’ was implied. He would serve her, of course, if she wished it, but–

“I’m not on my goddamned ‘courses,’ you absolute bastard!”

Jamie opened his mouth to fire back.

—but then, she gasped— 

—a tiny sound, barely more than a sharp breath, really, but so deeply unlike Claire that—

He was on his knees beside her in an instant.  She was kneeling on the mattress, too, clad in only her underclothes, both hands clapped over her mouth.  “Oh, God,” she croaked between her fingers, her eyes wide and wide and wider.

Mo ghraidh—?” He grappled for her face, pushing back the wildness of her hair to hold her between his hands. “Mo chridhe —?  you're—?”

“Oh—God!” she said again, eyes brimming and hyper-focused upon nothing, her mouth gaping open and shut,  “—I didn’t—I was so busy, I hadn’t been—No—” she moaned softly as he lifted her and gathered her, cradled her to him. Her body was rigid, pushing back, and her head shaking violently back and forth. “No,” she wept, “no, no, it’s—Jamie, it’s too soon.“ He could see her eyes sparkling with life through her tears, even as she tried to resist the truth. “We can’t—can’t know for certain—not yet.”

Six days, Claire—” he gasped, his free hand roaming up her back to cup her cheek, hard. “One day—two days, maybe, but—SIX?”  

She lowered her fingers tentatively to graze the natural curve of her belly. Jamie watched in a trance as her palm slowly came to lay flat against her skin.  “Oh, God,” she whispered, swaying on her knees and leaning her forehead against his shoulder as her arms came around him. “Jamie…Jamie…” 

He held her and rocked her (THEM!) and kissed her, crying, laughing—but then remembered—

“I'm—truly sorry about the application, mo nighean donn,” he choked out, feeling the guilt seize this moment of joy. “It was your task—your choice—It wasna my place at all to—”

Forgiven,” she whispered, putting her fingers to his lips and shaking her head. “Forgiven…. And I’m sorry, too….for what I said—I didn’t mean—”

He kissed her, and she kissed him, and there was nothing except her arms; her fingers cupping the back of his head; the taste of her tears and his; her lips; her sweet voice, breaking. “Jamie...Jamie, I’m so—happy—” 

He couldn’t say a word. He could only nod his head slowly over and over again, completely overcome, his shoulders shaking. His heart felt ready to burst as he watched his wife, her face shining, go softly to her back and reach up for him. “Come to me?

And he came to her, made love to her—the only woman he’d ever had; the only one he would ever have in his lifetime.

And as he lay awake long after, holding her, cupping the bairn that slept within her, he prayed; but unlike the night more than two years ago when he’d held Brianna in this same fashion, heart breaking from despair and fear and the looming specter of death, his prayer this night was hopeful and strong.

Lord…that this child will be safe.

[next chapter: Eggs]

Cardiovascular Palpitations Pt. 2 (ft. Jeongguk) [M]

→ fluff, smut, angst, really fuckign fluffy smut 10k
→ friends with benefits au, doctors au ft Taehyung
part 1 | part 2 | story talk

Yay! This was super cute but I’m seriously so glad its over lol I didn’t edit so its not my best work but it’s officially the longest thing I’ve ever written so I hope you like it! Let me know what you think, and I’ll be uploading a story talk and drabbles about this au soon! 

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Se Perspectives on Ne

SUBMITTED by truthaliar 

Se perspectives on Ne

I saw the recent posts on ENFPs and ESFPs, and thought I’d offer some Se-perspectives.

I’m an ISFP 7w8—though occasionally I entertain Se-dom.  I have a lot of xNFP friends from working in theatre, coffee shops, and wildlife hospitals. Somehow, we’re drawn to each other. I think it’s because I help my friends accomplish their ideas, and they in turn give me new ideas to try to accomplish. It’s kind of a symbiotic relationship.

I thought I’d give an example of two INFPs and two ENFPs, the way I see them, and the way they differ from each other within their personality type.

What does Se look like?

I work as a barista and a wildlife technician—more or less a field biologist with vet tech skills that works to rehabilitate and release injured wild animals—and want to go to veterinary school to study conservation medicine. I have a singular focus that is slightly dampened by a strong “I’m bored” streak. I’m halfway done with my Master’s now through sheer force of will. My entire university career has been a tug of war between Se—maybe I can just skip school for a week drive to the coast and go surfing instead of studying—and Ni/Te—let’s take all of the vet school pre-requisites this semester so I can try to get in without taking a gap year.

I didn’t think I had a mind for biology—though now, at 25, I’m a year shy of graduating with my M.S. in integrated wildlife biology. I’m utterly Fi-driven. In my spare time I play soccer, rock climb, surf in the summer, and play ice hockey in the winter. I still play guitar, but I don’t really like performing for an audience. Also, as a kid I’d occasionally pick fights or intervene in them. I was–and still am–more rough around the edges than I was ‘proper’. [Also, I’m not all that into fashion. T-shirt & jeans > fancy clothes.]

Additionally, High Se is not necessarily external objective precision. Applied, it is more like constant motion. I’m very restless all of the time. Routine is a foreign concept to me. When I want to do things, I do things. I move from place to place and figure it out as I go. I’m a time-management nightmare. I’m so disorganized with things. But when I commit to something, I’m all in. I sometimes spontaneously make really important life altering decisions. And it’s the spontaneity or opportunism of the choices that I’ve made that I use to define Se. I don’t think twice. Life happens. You have to move with it.

How does that compare to NFPs?

My INFP cousin is obsessed with ice hockey. It could even look Ni. He literally chose his school based on whether or not he’d be able to play hockey his freshman year. But he doesn’t want to be a professional hockey player. No, he wants to be a film maker—or a masseuse. But he’s studying engineering design. And he certainly doesn’t use Se. He’s more content to sleep all day and stay up all night on his phone. He doesn’t engage in his environment unless other people encourage him to.

His Ne-Si constantly interact; he’s often entirely stuck in his head with possibly thousands of ideas – but he needs somebody to push him to actually do something. He’s not a healthy INFP, and often needs guidance in decision making to an extreme degree (consulting the youngest [ESTP] and I for advice on what to wear to family dinners; what to do with his life) and occasionally seems discouraged that both the youngest and myself appear to have direction—while he still falters.

In contrast…

My INFP friend, who currently works in urban farming, also wavers. She’s definitely the healthiest INFP I know—and possibly the most stereotypical. After she finished undergrad, she went into environmental education. And then she went into being a barista. And then she tried fisheries science. She really wants to do biology, but her Fi-Si seem to be interacting in a way that makes her pause before jumping into graduate school. Like me, she’s afraid of being stuck in an office all day—but is afraid that somehow, specialization in a field will backfire and entrap her. There are a lot of possibilities for her to explore and she has told me she wants to try and explore all of them before committing to a Master’s program. Like me, she seems to be on the social cusp of introversion and extroversion; but she regards herself as more chatty, and me as more skeptical and hesitant—and almost distrusting—with strangers. Despite her outward warmth I don’t believe she uses Fe; she’s particularly focused on herself and interests—she just can’t decide on which one to pursue.


I tell them apart from the INFPs by their tertiary-Te. Damn. The collective strength of their tertiary-Te is also why I back away from categorizing myself as an ESFP. Whatever they have – I don’t have it.

The actress eventually wants to move to NYC to pursue her dreams, but first is working on paying off her student loans and getting herself established. She loves word play, and is probably hands down the most talkative person I know. If you don’t interrupt her, she will just keep talking. Sometimes about herself. Sometimes about the similarities between Monty Python, something from four years ago, and Hamilton. And she’ll keep going. Textbook.

In contrast…

My friend the vet tech is not really like this. We worked together most recently and underwent similar scrutiny at our job. I loved what I did, but Fi came first for me. And when my job security started to feel threatened—I spontaneously resigned. [I’m still a wildlife tech, just not there.] My friend didn’t leave that job until she was removed from it. I think through her dom-Ne—she was very perceptive of ways that things could still work out, as well as other opportunities. She fought to keep it. It didn’t work.

She is onto other things now, but again, she doesn’t have Ni. She’s not exactly actively pursuing one way to change this. She’s interested in macabre sort of arts, and is interested in the external world—to a degree. She cannot imagine going back to school because it’s not the kind of learning she likes. Our interests overlap again in psychedelic culture and music.

To add to the picture – I find this stuff interesting, but writing this was boring. It took me hours. I took a break in between to go get coffee; then I learned my puppy had jumped out a window and put a hole in the screen to chase after me and had to collect him from my neighbors house. Day in the life.

I think Ne and Se can really complement each other. I love that my closest friends have these visions; we build each other up. Their Si is different than Se and they often help me consider important realities that I may not have though of before–something I think is not often said enough about Ne-users. Many of the people I’ve mentioned think I’m a bit reckless and spontaneous, and certainly opportunistic – but they confide in me and we get along great. So if you’re trying to tell the difference:

- High-Ne wanders, and may be restricted by lower-Si in committing to a certain job, career path, or approach
- Se also wanders – but less with words and more in action. When it finds what it likes, it doesn’t really quit.
- Tert-Si users will be more atuned to certain details than Se-dom and aux users
- Both Se and Ne can be interested in different artsy subjects and excel at them – and both can get bored easily
- Se may present itself as more skeptical than Ne in certain situations because it is ‘reading’
- Don’t bother using level of socialness or party attendance records to define Ne or Se… I find parties boring. Some of my high-Ne friends love them.

I’ve been seeing posts from friends that there are people saying that philinda came out of nowhere. I find that shit hilarious. and to make it a bit funnier, some also said that Melinda Qiaolian May opening up to Phillip J. Coulson is out of character. Interesting.

So, here’s me shoving philinda down your throat because apparently that’s what season 4 does. I will not even be going to put ‘read more’ to this to shove it further. deeper. Until you gag.


  • Them..

Before we actually start, just so you know, Phil Coulson and Melinda May had been in each other’s history. That’s a fact.

We first saw Philinda back in season 1 during the Pilot episode. Melinda had been briefed about the group that Phil had been assembling. Words like these had been exchanged:

“and you don’t need me”
“I do, cause we’ll be running ourselves, making the ops, making the calls…”

Words that somehow showed that they already knew each other back in the day. What they were to each other wasn’t clear for us then. Phil was also reassuring Melinda that they will not have a combat op but technically, it was inevitable because by next episode, they encountered one, in which Phil Coulson specifically visited Melinda in the cockpit to apologized because it wasn’t supposed to be that. And so, we found out that she wasn’t just a pilot considering Grant Ward knew her—heard of her, whatever. She’s a Legend. Even the Fitzsimmons heard things about her. (see: Season 1 Episode 2) It was something odd because why would a freaking legend be in administration? Turns out, Phil Coulson knew the story but well not all of it. (See: Season 1 Episode 9) Boundaries and all. (see: Season 2 Episode 20).

Phil described her as always quiet, warm, fearless in the different way, getting in trouble, pulling pranks, thought rules are made to broken. (See: Season 1 Episode 9) We’ve seen those traits back in Melinda episode on season 2 and in The Man Behind SHIELD episode in our current season, season 4.  In which by the way, they’re basically a huge part of each other there.

In Melinda episode, we’ve seen that Philinda were already partners there. Melinda was married to Andrew, and they were partners. Phil was there when Melinda walked out of that building that scarred her. Phil was there to tell her to let the girl go. Melinda there was all smiley, she’s different from the Melinda that we’ve seen in past episodes. The Melinda in this was playful and impatient. She still is but it’s more obvious.

In Man Behind SHIELD episode, we’ve seen snippets of their relationship before Bahrain and before their respective relationships. Melinda even teased Phil about their first undercover job where they were married couple. In which it seems as though, this particular undercover is Sausalito that they talked about back in 2x04, where Melinda said she just took the dance pre-requisite to graduate and Phil said she wasn’t thrilled when they were assigned in Sausalito.

And then, Bahrain happened. Phil died and he was resurrected so now we are watching this damn show and you obviously meet your favs, in my case, those dumb idiots called Phil Coulson and Melinda May.

Season 1 Episode 17: Turn Turn Turn. This episode is one of the most pivotal moments for the fandom. While patching her up—in which apparently, he’s the only one who can patch her up (see S01E13) – in the episode was where the lines that are carved in every philinda fans head came from. 

“You mean a lot to me. A lot.” 

Let’s talk about “I didn’t do it for Fury, I did it for you, to protect you, I— “line first. Fury may have ordered her to do what has to be done because Fury knew that they’re inseparable. Fury trusted Melinda for Phil’s safety but he also trusted her to make the right call and he knew that Melinda will always have his back. However, Melinda didn’t go back to field because Fury asked him to but because she wanted to. Maybe there’s guilt since she’s supposed to be part of Avengers initiative (see Melinda Episode S02E17) but Bahrain happened, she wasn’t there to protect him and he died. But noticed the “I—“part there and how she stopped and changed it to “You mean a lot to me.” and to even emphasized the point she repeated “a lot” If that doesn’t tell you something then I don’t know what to say really. And to help you more, Phil did say on season 4 this line: “Her name is Melinda May and she means everything to me.”·         

  • “An open Melinda to Phil is OOC” 

FZZT Philinda End Scene, Melinda asked Phil a simple question before she said a line that engraved on every Philinda Shipper. She asked him this:               

 “Do you know how long it has taken me?” Phil nodded. 

That scene was just a small scene compared to the big “The point of these things is to remind us that… There is no going back, there's only moving forward. You feel different because you are different.” But that one scene actually show that Melinda had always been opened to Phil, in terms of feelings. Phil is her constant. We found out in Bahrain how things got shitty. And shitty is an understatement.  If you’re going to point out another type of openness? Have you watched the episode where she called him “rusty?” or that part where she actually smirked when she said she wanted the solitude? They even had a conversation in which Phil is the only one speaking while she’s doing tai-chi… like it’s the most normal thing to do for them. How open exactly are you talking about? I mean, Melinda had always been like that to Phil. Her LMD however, had no chill. 😉  

You see, they are also each other’s driving force. Not to mention, they didn’t know each other in the framework but they immediately trust each other.

What they have is loyalty, trust, friendship and deeper understanding of each other. There are signs all over the place that points out that they have something for each other. Have you seen May’s face when she thought Phil’s gone? Have you watched the sigh of relief every fucking time she figured out that he’s not dead? Where were you when Phil said “it’s like you never left?”, “i lost my right hand too?” or that moment when he prioritized her than the president? It’s been there all along. Out of nowhere? yeah right…

And really, no matter what points I say in this, in which, I basically missed probably more than half of it… but yeah, It’ll be hard to notice their subtlety back in season 1, 2, and 3 especially when you’re too focused on something else and not them. Only this time they were given this huge amount of acknowledgement because they are both finally healing. And just like what the writers and exec prod said, they’re finally giving this two a chance because it seemed like they sidelined them a lot.. that alone is already a point that Philinda had always been there. Melinda May and Phil Coulson already had something way before season 4. So if you do not know Melinda May or Phil Coulson or Philinda.. then, just rewatch the damn show. Have a good day! 

ps.. to those who were saying that Melinda May has no feelings and all that other non-emotion ice queen crap.. this is from season 1 episode 1: (the woman shows her emotions to people who are worthy of it.)

itszero2hero  asked:

Thank you so much for Elsewhere University. What is the application process like? How would it compare to internationally competitive campuses? Would there be implied pre requisites for each potential student and how would things like campus visits go? Would anyone know when they apply? Or would those naturally inclined to succeed or succumb to that environment be somehow enthralled to attend?

In pretty much every regard, Elsewhere University’s application process is identical to similar universities on it’s level - a step or two below, for example, an US Ivy League school, but still a prestigious institution with a long history of surprisingly successful people. Possibly the only regard in which it stands out is that in the brochure given to potential applicants, there is a page devoted to Elsewhere University’s ‘unique culture’, which details some of the more common time-honoured traditions you’re likely to encounter and are encouraged to be part of.

Diamonds coupled using quantum physics

Atomic defects in diamonds can be used as quantum memories. Researchers at TU Wien for the first time have succeeded in coupling the defects in various diamonds using quantum physics.

Diamonds with minute flaws could play a crucial role in the future of quantum technology. For some time now, researchers at TU Wien have been studying the quantum properties of such diamonds, but only now have they succeeded in coupling the specific defects in two such diamonds with one another. This is an important prerequisite for the development of new applications, such as highly sensitive sensors and switches for quantum computers. The results of the research will now be published in the journal ‘Physical Review Letters’.

In search of a suitable quantum system

“Unfortunately, quantum states are very fragile and decay very quickly”, explains Johannes Majer, head of the hybrid quantum research group, based at the Institute of Atomic and Subatomic Physics at TU Wien. For this reason, in-depth research is being carried out with the aim of finding quantum systems that can be used for technical applications. Even though there are some promising candidates with particular advantages, up until now there has been no system that fulfils all of the requirements simultaneously.

“Diamonds with very specific defects are one potential candidate for making quantum computers a reality”, says Johannes Majer. A pure diamond is made up solely of carbon atoms. In some diamonds, however, there can be points where there is a nitrogen atom instead of a carbon atom and neighbouring this, within the atomic structure of the diamond, there is an anomaly where there is no atom at all – this is referred to as a ‘vacancy’. This defect, consisting of the nitrogen atom and vacancy, forms a quantum system with a very long-lasting state, making diamonds with these particular flaws ideally suited to quantum experiments.

It all depends on the coupling

One important pre-requisite for many quantum technological applications is indeed the ability to couple such quantum systems together, which up until now has scarcely been possible for diamond systems. “The interaction between two such nitrogen-vacancy defects is extremely weak and only has a reach of around 10 nanometres”, says Majer.

However, this feat has now been achieved; albeit with the help of a superconducting quantum chip that produces microwave radiation. For a number of years now, the team at TU Wien has been investigating how diamonds can be manipulated with the help of microwaves: “billions of nitrogen-vacancy defects in diamonds are coupled collectively with a microwave field”, says Majer. “In this way, the quantum state of the diamonds can be manipulated and read out.”

Now, the team has succeeded in taking the next step: they were able to couple two different diamonds, one at each end of the chip, thus producing an interaction between the two diamonds. “This interaction is mediated by the microwave resonator in the chip in between; here, the resonator plays a similar role to that of a data bus in a regular computer”, says Johannes Majer.

The coupling between the two diamonds can be switched on and off selectively: “the two diamonds are rotated against each other at a certain angle”, reports Thomas Astner, the lead author of the current work. “Additionally, a magnetic field is applied, with the direction playing a decisive role: if both diamonds are aligned at the same angle within the magnetic field, then they can be coupled using quantum physics. With other magnetic field directions, it is possible to investigate the individual diamonds without coupling”. The first steps in the experiment were taken by Noomi Peterschofsky as part of her undergraduate thesis. Thomas Astner and Stefan Nevlacsil subsequently succeeded in demonstrating the coupling of the diamonds in an experiment as part of their Master’s thesis.

Coherent Coupling of Remote Spin Ensembles via a Cavity Bus
T. Astner, S. Nevlacsil, N. Peterschofsky, A. Angerer, S. Rotter, S. Putz, J. Schmiedmayer, and J. MajerPhys. Rev. Lett. 118, 140502 – Published 5 April 2017

TU Wien

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Awesome blog! I was reading your "Working in the game industry" FAQs and had a related question: from previous posts, it sounds like you started in the industry as a programmer and eventually transitioned to design. I'm currently working as a programmer, and while I like programming alright, I find design is what I really want to do. How does one go about making that transition from programming to design?

Pre-requisite: Be willing to take a pay cut.

Easy mode: Get hired as a programmer (working directly with designers to absorb relevant skills, preferably), ship the project, then apply internally when a design position opens up later.  

Normal mode: Design and build your own game in your free time, reference it when applying for entry level designer positions. 

Hard mode: Apply directly for design position with little to no experience.

Extra Credit: Find a company hiring for a technical designer or scripter role which lets you leverage your programming background.

Got a burning question you want answered?

College Level Art Student wanders into the back areas of the Museum at one point, looking for a defunct exhibit because it was just there last Friday and they were drawing that particular corner for their mid-term examine and now it’s just gone, how dare they. CLAS finds more than what they bargained for, ends up not eaten and instead drafted into the evil plan because A) If too many people go missing at the museum, it attracts attention and B) You ate my last security guard Bular, I need a new one, complains Nomura and C) there are benefits to not having to hide things from museum security. 

So CLAS finds themselves in a job as the new nightshift security guard, gets stuck alone in a museum with nothing but Bular and some goblins for company a couple of nights. CLAS ends up befriending the goblins by feeding them the stubs of old charcoal pencils, gives them all nicknames like Frogger and Chicken Legs. CLAS brings in their art projects to work on because there’s lots of spare time and come on, they’re stuck in an art museum with nothing to do for a large amount of time why not get some assignments done? Bular finds this annoying at first - he didn’t get to eat them and he’s mad at their very presence to begin with and what are they doing? Why is it drawing that column? Why is it sitting at this odd angle sketching the underside of that statue? Is that a doodle of him? It’s inaccurate, his teeth are much more menacing than that.

And CLAS draws fucking everything, which worries Strickler because what if someone finds the sketchbook - to which CLAS just laughs and says it’s all for the character concept design class - GRA3002, three credit pre-requisite for for 3D character animation. CLAS also gives nicknames to everyone else because they are an Art Student - existence is pain, fear of death has no meaning to them, and the stench of charcoal mixed with chalk will forever stain their soul. Strickler’s nicknames are invariably different disgusting shades of green. Nomura is just Magenta, with occasional references to Blue’s Clues that both changelings wish they didn’t understand. Bular is publicly referred to as his name, but privately referred to as ‘Him Big’ or ‘Boss Rock Man’.

CLAS is fairly certain that they are going to die at some point in the near future and when threats are being thrown about will occasionally declare that, hey, waiting to die is stressful so just get on with it already or else leave them alone to finish this fucking painting because it’s due in six hours and worth half their grade, for fuck’s sake. CLAS at one point enlists the goblins to steal things for them such as a skeleton from the medical lab on campus (ostensibly for drawing purposes, but they end up naming it Fredrickson and dressing it up in a top hat and taped on bowtie plus monocle combo). Strickler’s visits end up being an endless guessing game of ‘what has the human done now?’

Nomura is somewhat afraid of how quickly the human managed to befriend the goblins. How did they do that? How? When asked, CLAS simply and somewhat terrifyingly declares themselves to be ‘the goblin whisperer’. Puts on sunglasses in perfect sync with Frogger. Both of them walk out the room backwards with starbucks coffee cups, doing the ‘i’m watching you gesture’.

CLAS makes a shit ton of art history references, puns, and jokes that both make the changelings snicker, though secretly Strickler’s just disgusted by it. How dare you make a renaissance sculpture pun in my general direction, how dare you. Bular’s just amused that CLAS has provided a source of endless frustration for the changelings, settling into ‘if you’re making them annoyed, you’re fine by me’ mode of operation.

Day Ten

-A man hands me a wad of cash. Drugs fall out from between the bills. It was a single dose pack of ibuprofen, but regardless, I believe I was just involved in a drug deal.

-I knocked my glasses behind the register and, while retrieving them, found dozens of lost stickers. I hit the mother lode.

-A little girl ran around the front of the store shouting “Mama Mia!” I cannot tell if her life has been heavily influenced by ABBA or Mario. Either way, she made me proud.

-A man walked away with his bag, left the store, returned to my register, informed me that he did not need the bag, removed his items, gave me the bag, and left again. 

-I look down. I look back up. A man appeared silently, wearing what can only be described as black cargo scrubs. Who is he.

-Cargo scrubs man purchases lighters, toilet paper, knives, a trash can, and a rug. I want to follow him to find out more, but realistically, I will be seeing him in the news after whatever he is planning. 

-A girl tried to purchase a shirt, but the tag had fallen off. She went to get another shirt that I could scan to get the price. She brings back a tag. I assume she had found the tag that had fallen off. I assumed wrong. She had torn the tag off of another shirt, thus beginning the cycle anew. 

-I offered a girl an orange sticker. She politely asked for the yellow one instead. I told her she could have both. I have never seen such unadulterated joy in this world.

-A boy in his mid-teens came through my line, attempting to purchase an emergency contraceptive. He found out he did not have enough cash on hand. He left the store, returned with a stack of quarters, and was able to complete the transaction. I am glad he had a plan b.

-I handed a baby a sticker. Filled with determination, the baby attempted to place the sticker directly on their mother’s nose. The mother pointed out the paper had not been removed and peeled it off for the child. The baby then looked intently at the sticker, intently at their mother’s nose, and resumed their earlier endeavors. They were successful.

-An old man handed me $30 for a $26 purchase, saying “That’s out of $100.” I have him his $4 change. He asked me where the rest of his change was, since he “paid with $100″. I still do not know whether this was an attempt at a joke or an attempt at a scan, but I respect him for shrugging it off either way and walking away silently.

-A separate old man purchased pantyhose, a toilet brush, nail polish, and Minions wrapping paper. Happy birthday to some poor, unfortunate soul out there.

-A woman’s purchase rang up at just above $20. She pulled out a stack of cash and counted off $45 of it. She then put it back in her purse and paid with her card. I respect her style.

-This is the latest shift I have had. Target after dark is a very different experience. The silence echoes. The lights glow and fade. The customers all seem dead inside. The transformation is both sudden and gradual. I am mystified.

-I overhear a burly man on the phone as he is buying chips and drinks. “It’s the $11,000 one in the back of the room,” he tells his accomplice. “We’re going to need to retrieve it.” I am left with the obvious assumption that he is on the requisite pre-jewel heist snack run. 

-I gave a baby the first sticker they had ever seen in their life. I feel so honored to have introduced this happiness into their life.

-Coworker Anthony, after talking with me about these stories, begins using it as a conversation piece with customers at his lane. I overhear that a few have read my posts before. Anxiety sets in. I begin to question whether my posts going viral is for the best.

-A woman waits through my line, and approaches me, telling me she has no items but only a question. I assume this is because guest services is abandoned at this point. Once more, I prove the axiom of assuming and asses. “Are you Tom? Grennell? With the posts?” I quietly admit it. “I just wanted to say that you’re hilarious, I love your posts, and you should keep writing!” This woman has approached me just to compliment me. I am now certain these posts have been a good thing. I am now elated, flattered, and only slightly anxious. Thank you for waiting next to loud girls on FaceTime for this purpose, ma’am.

-An eerie voice echoes over the loudspeaker, counting down the last fifteen minutes before the store closes. When the ten-minute warning airs, a loud humming surrounds the store. I can only assume a UFO was making a landing. It is the only way to explain so much about this store.

Advice for incoming college freshmen

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts like these lately, and I thought I’d contribute based on my own experience:

Go to your college’s first-year orientation. These events are usually free and offer a campus tour, ice breakers, music, free food and/or shirts, and sessions explaining the roles of your college’s services and how they’re there to help you. Orientation is great because you get to go out and really walk through the campus and talk to people that go there, whether they commute or dorm. You won’t need to feel awkward because there will be tons of incoming freshmen that are in the same boat as you, new to the college experience.

Make your schedule accordingly. Make sure that when you register for classes, you qualify to take them. Some classes require pre-requisites before you are able to take them. Sometimes freshmen are allowed to take upper-level classes, but you often need permission to do so. And make sure that the classes you take fulfill your degree requirements/gen-eds.

• With this being said, try not to have any long gaps between classes. They might seem like a good idea, but unless you know you’ll really be able to focus and get work done, don’t do it. Gaps make it really easy to get lazy and not want to do anything for the rest of the day.

AVOID 8AM CLASSES. Whether you dorm or commute, it will be too hard to function so early in the morning. Only take an 8am if you really need to (ex. all of the other lecture/lab sections were closed and you need to fulfill a requirement). Just cause you did it in high school, doesn’t mean you’ll be able to do it in college.

• If you are trying to register for a class and it is already filled, but you really want to take it, ask for special permission. In some colleges, you are required to ask a certain professor or head of a department for a special permission number that will allow you to gain entry in the class.

Avoid 3hr-long classes (unless it’s something like a science lab). These are usually lectures that meet once a week, and feel like a drag when you show up.

Don’t buy all of your books from your college bookstore. As the Tumblr community has spread around different places to find your books, it is evident that college textbooks are overpriced. Try to find an e-book version, buy from someone who has already taken the class, or download free PDFs.

Do your reading. Whether or not you’re taking a basic 100-level course or users from ratemyprofessors said that the class was easy, you will need to do your reading. It will help you keep up and overall get a better grade.

Take notes. There is a lot of information to take in, a lot to study, and not that much time. Write shortened notes that you’ll be able to understand, and rewrite/type them later to study from.

Get help early. If you find yourself struggling in any of your classes in the beginning of the semester, don’t be afraid to ask questions. This goes for professors, teaching assistants, and peers. If your college offers tutoring services, go! It’s part of your tuition. You might as well put it to use. A little extra push never hurt anybody.

Stay organized. Invest in a planner. You will be given a syllabus during “syllabus week,” but that doesn’t mean you won’t lose track of time. A planner will help you see important due dates in a clear, laid-out way.

Invest in a laptop or a tablet that you can work with. You will need certain programs like Microsoft Office to get through college. You should also be able to check online for new assignments that are posted on your school’s server (ex. blackboard) and check your school email for any important updates/notices.

Prioritize. Find a way to balance sleep, class, work, eating, exercising, and having a social life. It’s college. You need to stay alive for it to have a real experience.

Go to the library. The library is a great place to settle down and really get work/studying done. This quiet environment really encourages productivity.

Exercise and eat healthy. The “freshman 15” is a real thing. Sometimes it ends up as the “freshman 30.” Don’t let it happen. College campuses offer a variety of food to eat and it makes it hard for students to have self-control. Living a healthy lifestyle will give you better results physically and academically. You don’t have to be strict with every meal or lift 250lbs in every gym session. Everybody’s body is different, everyone’s ideal body image is different. Do your best to feel healthy, have glowing skin, and bring a better you. Being healthy does keep your heart and brain happy, and sooner or later it’ll show through your mood and mentality.

• If you commute, try to pack meals and bring them to school. Not that many professors care if you eat during their lectures, just make sure that you do your work and pay attention while you do it. Bringing food from home not only keeps your stomach happy throughout the day, but your wallet as well.

Talk to advisors. They’ll help you with the classes you’re taking and guide you towards declaring your major, as well as help you figure out if you’re in the right direction.

• If your college offers health services like checkups, immunizations, and counseling, don’t be afraid to go. It may seem like a grown-up decision (it kind of is, college is that transition from teenager to adult), but don’t be afraid to get help. Sometimes it gets hard and you can’t just talk to a friend or a parent. They are there to help you, I promise.

Look for job opportunities. College is a great way to start building your resume. Often times you’ll be faced with an internship. Whether or not it is paid, it is experience, and it is appreciated. Try to find a job on-campus or nearby, and have a work schedule that you can balance with school. Sometimes jobs through the university will be offered just because you have a high GPA, or you did outstanding in a specific course. It is a lot of commitment, but it pays off.

Don’t waste your money on Starbucks. Going to Starbucks for a grande coffee everyday is seriously one of the quickest ways to go broke and have nothing in your pocket. Those $5 that you spend daily do add up. Avoid going to Starbucks for a coffee unless you are really desperate. Otherwise, bring hot coffee/tea from home to keep you alert throughout the day. You’ll save so much money and be happy that you did. Because college is expensive.

Look around for scholarships and grants. Sometimes whatever amount of financial aid you’re given through the FAFSA and your college isn’t enough. It’s okay to apply for scholarships (that usually require an essay) throughout the year. Sometimes keeping your grades up throughout college adds to the financial aid you’re given as well. Paying less for college tuition is the goal.

Take advantage of your student discounts. A lot of places offer 15% off retail purchases with student ID. Sometimes you can get lucky and get a discount off of your food, too.

Go to free/discounted events that your school is hosting. You deserve to have some fun.

Make friends! This is a given. But you’ll be able to enjoy college more with people you like. Talk to people in your classes, check out the clubs, organizations, frats and sororities and see what kind of group is right for you.

There will be alcohol, and there will be drugs. It’s college. It’s inevitable. Be careful and know your tolerance levels. Always go to parties with a friend or a few, and make sure someone reliable and (preferably) sober will be able to take care of you and take you home/get you help if something happens to you. Better safe than sorry.

Put yourself out there and HAVE FUN. What’s a college experience without it?

But overall, college is what YOU make it. Happy college and good luck!

See Past It//Josh Dun

Note: This is something near and dear to my heart that I’ve been thinking of doing for a while—but just got the guts to do today. After a pretty deep talk with my coworker about it.

And No this isn’t real, Josh doesn’t actually suffer from this.


               If there was one thing Josh hated about himself more than anything—it was what he couldn’t control. The way his eyes would blink hard, looking like he was fatigued, or suffering from dry eyes (which coupled as his favorite excuse for what was going on), the way he would unconsciously clear his throat, or scrunch his nose up like he smelled a foul odor.

               He hated himself, because it just started. No pre-requisites to warn him, nobody to explain what this was, or that he was in fact a normal teenager, despite what was going on. Nobody in his family did the same things as he did—they never complained of actions they didn’t mean to do. They never had sore muscles from involuntary movements. They would tell him “just stop, that’s annoying”. That’s what everyone would say. Stop, it’s annoying.

               Except, nobody stopped to think how annoyed Josh must’ve gotten by it. How tired his eyes got from the firm blink after blink—or how sore his throat would get on days when it would act up. He had a lot of soreness, and he hated it. He hated losing control to his own body. Which was a constant battle—if he was overtired. You bet it would cluster up into a storm. If he was sick—oh that throat is going to get it! If he was anxious—kiss your eye muscles goodbye because they’re about to be so sore. It felt like every little stressor in his life was enunciated by these uncontrolled movements—god how he wished them away.

               “It’s like, I go into any public place—and when people stare and whisper, or laugh I know it’s about me. Because I’m the one who’s doing all these weird things. If one thing goes away, another comes up.” Josh confessed one night, to a boy he barely knew. The two were over the edge intoxicated (which didn’t help the movements Josh found himself unconsciously doing)—which led to drunken confessions. “I just wish I was normal. I never asked for this, I never did anything to cause this.” He sighed, taking a long drink of the alcohol in his hand. Wishing to find relaxation from all the strain his facial muscles were put through day after day.

               “That doesn’t change anything though dude, you’re still sick.” The younger male slurred, putting an arm around his newfound friend. “If anyone tries to mess with you, I’ll defend you so much.” And from that moment on, he kept his word.

               The time Josh went for a haircut—and cleared his throat, one too many times to be exact. He had no idea why the hairdresser jumped back—covering her mouth like he was the plague.

               “What’s wrong?” Josh asked, worried that something he may have said (or his silence) offended the woman, even before the haircut began.

               “Are you sick?!” She snapped, using her scarf to keep her mouth hidden from the boy in front of her. “Whatever you have I don’t need—I’m pregnant.” Josh opened his mouth to explain, to tell her it was involuntary—or make up some lame excuse like he always did.

               “Actually—he has involuntary tics like that. And I have an involuntary need to stay away from people like you.” Tyler stepped in, keeping true to his word that he gave Josh months ago. “C’mon Josh. Let’s go somewhere else.” Tyler shot a look to his friend—who looked on the verge of tears.

               They barely made it to Tyler’s car before Josh had tears running down his face. Mumbling his dreams of being normal, just wanting to stay out of people’s radar when he walked up town. Not get questioned on “why do you do that all the time?”

               It took a good 3-4 years for Josh to accept who he was, accept that it wasn’t a disease he was plagued with, rather than a slight inconvenience. Though, it gave him much more reason to be different from anyone in a group—and through the whole journey Tyler stood by his side. Taking him out of situations where he felt pinpointed and degraded for the things he couldn’t control.


               End of story note: If you don’t quite realize what this was about—I don’t blame you. Hell I wouldn’t know what muscle touretts was myself if I wasn’t plagued with the damn thing. So in short—I have tics, like the ones mentioned above. I blink my eyes hard, I clear my throat and sometimes when a Tourette’s storm hits, I scrunch my nose up (God I hate the storms—its everything all at once and makes you feel like you’re honest to god drowning). I’ve been like this for a good 3-4 years (2013 or 2014, I can’t remember. Maybe even earlier I don’t know), and for most of those I lied through my teeth about what was wrong because I was ashamed of admitting I was screwed up.

               So to anyone (followers or anyone who sees this), you’re not alone. I have it, I can name at least 3 other people that have it (I’ve never personally met them, but in my healthcare career I’ve had people bring it up, then tell me a story of someone close to them who has the same thing). It sucks, and if you’re like me there’s really nothing you can do about it besides suck it up and live with it.

               If you know someone who has this, be patient. If you think it’s annoying at times, imagine living with it 24/7, no breaks—just periods of better and worse. It’s not something you’d wish upon your worst enemy, and any support for people like me—well we love to know we aren’t being singled out in a group.

               If you’ve read this far, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me get this off my chest—and taking the time to open your mind (and maybe even educate yourself to get the word out) about this. Because like I said, when it came on I was terrified and felt beyond alone.

               Thanks guys!

               Yours truly,

               Sam (justtwentyonewriters)

Got a job at an assisted living home as an RA. I’ll be taking my CNA test on June 8th which means I’ll be one step closer to my future dream of becoming an RN and working somewhere within pediatrics. This job has good pay and a lot of nursing experience. I’ll graduate on June 9th at my ceremony and next fall I’m starting my nursing pre-requisites. I’m proud of myself xx @taylorswift (just a lil update)

Hello Again, New Johnlock WIP Fan Fic Writers 🏳️‍🌈💌🖋️

The response to my initial offer to signal boost for new writers has been robust. Ever since my offer, I’ve been spending time checking out fics now more than ever so that I know what I’m saying about each fic whenever I rec. I promised to be one guaranteed reader when I’m tagged, and so I read.

Now I’d like to add to fandom’s newest content creators to TAG ME 👩🏻‍💻 when your WIPs are COMPLETE. 📑✍🏻 

Many readers prefer to engage with fic only when it is complete. If you are a new writer who has no solid record of actually finishing things, and you write a WIP, your readership narrows down considerably. I myself have learned the sad way not to start a fic that would only leave me hanging in the years to come. I realize now that because of my offer to read and signal boost new writers, I will soon end up with abandoned works again, which will make me disappointed and sighing at another wasted talent, but it is what it is.

Now, there are fellow fans who would not touch a WIP with a 10-foot pole but would dive headlong into a complete work. Some of my followers would not even reblog a fic rec if it is a WIP (even if it is for later reference), let alone spend a longer time actually reading it.

So here’s the deal: Whether you have tagged me and / or I’ve recced your WIP in the past or not, tag me again once your fic is complete so that I can help you reach more readers - readers who would not otherwise have touched your fic while it was not guaranteed whole or who may not have come across my previous fic boosts.

You know the drill: Having interacted with me prior to tagging is not a pre-requisite. Seasoned writers are also welcome to tag me. Quality output is optional. #ConsultingEastWind #Johnlock fan fiction

Here’s to a thriving fandom in the darkest of hours. 🍾 

Let’s do this. 🥂